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Member Since 03 Nov 2015
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https://youtu.be/BgTfhUn_3Uk Updated 18 Aug · 0 comments

About Me

HI! I'd like to give a proper introduction. I'm Nicholas Anton Perkins. I'm an Autistic teenager who likes video games a lot. I live in San Clemente, CA. My favorite series are Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. My YouTube channel is called "Perkilator Gaming". I also have a Deviantart account called "herotrainer7", where I used to write fanfictions mainly revolving around SpongeBob.

When I'm not being lazy and going in YouTube, I'm going out and exploring the world. My favorite hobby is to go swimming, mainly for my swim team. I also like to cook for both myself and my family at times, although for the most part I make either cereal or toast (lulz).

My dream is to become a voice actor for various cartoons, anime, and video games. I also want to expand my YouTube channel once I get the proper equipment. I come from Danish descent, from my great grandfather Anton Peter Kjerulff, a Danish inventor.

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Is it wrong if I want the Ducktales reboot to have a crossover with the Big Hero 6 cartoon whenever possible? They're both really good shows, imo.
Aug 16 2018 10:42 PM


62 people having read my “Create a Smash Bros. Event Match!” topic and not ONE reply. I know, it seems selfish, but is it alright if it be moved to the “Video Games and Media” section?
Aug 14 2018 05:31 PM
  • VocaloidLover13's Photo
    Thank you for correcting me xD
    Aug 15 2018 08:06 AM
  • Mystics Apprentice's Photo
    Mystics Apprentice
    The topic isn't exactly befitting for the video game and media section, as it isn't a discussion topic pertaining to a specific media platform. It almost resembles a role-play but it isn't quite there in terms of formatting. I think it would need to stay in Random. Sorry. The views also may have something to do with bots, including Bing, Google, etc. I believe they access topics for their search engines which bumps up your view count, but I'm not 100% certain.
    Aug 15 2018 12:14 PM
  • Perkilator's Photo
    In that case, sorry if it feels like I may have lashed out a bit.
    Aug 15 2018 09:22 PM


Gamexplain’s Derrick is streaming Castlevania for the NES: https://youtu.be/hII5r0tzLWc
Aug 12 2018 09:28 PM


Am I the only one low key hoping for a feature in KH3, update or not, where you can dub your voice into the cutscenes?
Aug 11 2018 08:42 AM
  • Felixx's Photo
    That would be a rather odd feature.
    Aug 11 2018 08:54 AM


Changed my profile pic in memory of Mario's late brother.
Aug 10 2018 02:18 PM


Gangplank Galleon Falchion and Phazon Echoes Two Holy Hunters A haiku to commemorate today’s Direct.
Aug 08 2018 06:31 PM
775 Dandelion

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