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#1968135 Sonic Crystalius Main Theme/Theme of Sonic

Posted by lollygagger19 on 13 December 2017 - 09:06 AM

My theme song for Sonic Crystalius, as well as Sonic's theme: an altered version of Zebrahead's "Down Without a Fight". *ahem*....

You got a bad case of no motivation
Another dose of “we lost control”
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
Bleed battling
Voices calling
Get up
Strike like a cannon ball
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
You’ve got a crap load of no concentration
Another shot of “we lost it all”
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
Asleep you're falling
Wake up
Reach for a ledge to hold
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh

Well, I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
Try to cut me down to size
I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

Bet you got a problem and don't know the answer
Another glitch in the radio
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
Scene scattering
Our skin is crawling
Don’t give up
Eggman’s eyes go to poison glow
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
He’s got a one-way ticket to destruction
Another crime scene in stereo
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
Pressure hammerin'
His clutch ain’t stallin'
The lies
Crammin' it down our throats
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh

But I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
Try to cut me down to size
I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

Try to push me under like I'm coming all teeth and no bite
They try and pull on me
They try and pull on me
I played their stupid game, I won’t hesitate to make my wrongs right
You got no hold on me
You got no hold on me

Well, I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down

I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
Try to cut me down to size
I'm not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

(This half is exclusive to Sonic's Theme ver.)

You might still have some indignation
“You’re not making sense at all”
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
You can’t lose
It’s not over yet
Come on
There’s still a lot to go
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh

Well, I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
Try to cut me down to size
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

Looks like we’ve got ‘em running
The battle is almost done
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
It’s almost over
The tides have turned
That’s it
We’ve finally won
Whoa-oh, Whoa-oh

Cause I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
Tried to cut me down to size
Cause I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

That old egghead came and and tried a petty theft
Why try to fight with me?
Why try to fight with me?
Game’s over bro, you ain’t got any continues left
Y’all just don’t mess with me
Y’all just don’t mess with me

Cause I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight
I’m not going down, not going down, not going down without a fight

What'd you think? Did you like it?

#1967995 Assets for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- have bee...

Posted by lollygagger19 on 11 December 2017 - 07:46 PM

There you go everyone, nothing was in the box.

#1967868 What type of Sonic the Hedgehog game would you like to see happen?

Posted by lollygagger19 on 09 December 2017 - 11:37 AM

I've got several ideas:

1. A spin-off centered around Cream and Balze that takes place during Sonic Forces.
2. A soft Sonic Adventure reboot with cel-shading (see Sonic Crystalius in Creative Media).
3. A spin-off centered around Silver.
4. A remake of Sonic 06.
5. The Greek Sonic Storybook game that we never got (and should be made WITHOUT motion controls).
6. Sonic Advance 4 on modern consoles.
7. Sonic Forces DLC with a true final battle between Super Sonic (ALONE) and a powered-up Infinite.
8. An Amy Rose spin-off.
9. Sonic Riders 4.
10. Classic Sonic DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 with Genesis soundfont in his levels (yes, I'm actually serious).
11. Sonic as a guest fighter in future fighting games.
12. A visual novel detective game starring the Chaotix.

That's all I got.

#1967495 Sonic Crystalius (my Sonic Adventure 3 idea [REVISED])

Posted by lollygagger19 on 03 December 2017 - 01:02 PM

This game takes place seven months after the events of Sonic Forces, with the world rebuilt by the members of the disbanded Resistance. Eggman has created his own gem called the Eclipse Crystal, using the DNA of both Shadow and his prototype. Using the Eclipse Crystal, and the ARK as a base, Eggman creates an army of monsters called the Dark Gems, and plots to recapture the Chaos Emeralds and take over the world once again with an even stronger army than before, along with his subordinate Lord Elegius (pronounced eh-leh-SHEE-us). Sonic and his friends must band together once more and foil his latest scheme, which could be even more dangerous than the Phantom Ruby plan.

Setting: The game takes place in Jade Tropics (based off of San Clemente, California), a beach city with a population of over 103,000 people, neighbored by the always-cold La Forêt D'Hiver. It has an expansive high school called Jade High (represented as the Demi-Snows), a Toywork Castle built over an old wedding venue, a Carnival Boardwalk near the beachfront, an art museum called Oriental Artistry, a Techno Library with robots helping customers, a Nebula Observatory where visitors can gaze at the planets, a daycare called Jack Frost Explorer's Guild, a martial training camp called Pendleton Outpost, an Outdoor Mall with an ocean view, a Market District constantly bustling with people, an Ice Cream Wonderland where kids can enjoy themselves, and a Canyon Altar built by an unknown tribe of people. Eggman has personal bases in the form of the Egg Villa, which fronts as a weapon storage; the Aquatic Freighter, where Eggman sneaks the military weapons he steals: the Sky Fleet, where Eggman's army tranports both itself and the weapons; and the Crystal ARK, Eggman's spacial base.

Levels (in listed order):
1. Jade High
2. Market District
3. Toywork Castle
4. Jack Frost Explorer's Guild
5. Outdoor Mall
6. Aquatic Freighter
7. Pendleton Outpost
8. Ice Cream Wonderland
9. Nebula Observatory
10. Egg Villa
11. Oriental Artistry
12. La Forêt D'Hiver
13. Techno Library
14. Boardwalk Carnival
15. Canyon Altar
16. Sky Fleet
17. Crystal ARK

Boss Levels (in no particular order):
1B. Seashell Stadium (Sonic vs. Lord Elegius [2nd chronological encounter])
1C. Damaged Hallway (Charmy vs. Egg Python [2nd chronological encounter])
2B. Rooftop Rampage (Cream and Shadow vs. Egg Python [1st chronological encounter])
3B. Medieval Clockwork (Team Sonic and Team Dark vs. Egg Bishop)
4B. Wooden Prison (Cream vs. Egg Dandelion)
5B. Shaded Parking (Silver and Vector vs. Lord Elegius [4th chronological encounter])
6B. Arena Above Water (Team Sonic vs. Egg Swordfish)
7B. Desert Raid (Sonic and Espio vs. Egg Vulture)
7C. Research Facility (Rouge vs. 50 Security Androids)
8B. Ghoulish Incinerator (Blaze and Cream vs. Egg Phoenix [1st chronological encounter])
9B. Diabolical Outlook (Team Chaotix vs. Egg Saturn)
10B. Missile Nook (Knuckles and Rouge vs. Egg Stork)
11B. The World Inside (Sonic vs. Lord Elegius [3rd chronological encounter])
12B. Le Lac Gelé (Silver vs. Lord Elegius [1st chronological encounter])
12C. Le Village En Feu (Team Chaotix vs. Egg Phoenix [2nd chronological encounter])
14B. Fissured Pier (Sonic vs. Egg Kraken)
15B. Temple of Trials (Knuckles, Rouge and Omega vs. Temple Guardian)
16B. Thunder Crossing (Sonic and Tails vs. Egg Centipede)
17B. Last Call (Shadow and Team Hope vs. Lord Elegius [5th chronological encounter])
Final Shot (Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Super Espio vs. Kesshō Karasu, the final form of Lord Elegius)

The game separates into three stories: Team Sonic, as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; Team Dark, as Shadow, Rouge, and Omega; Team Hope, as Silver, Cream, and Blaze; and Team Chaotix, as Espio, Charmy, and Vector. Each character in a team is divided into three attributes: Speed, Fly, and Power. Each character has their own levels in their respective stories.

Speed attribute gameplay: the Boost gauge for Sonic is completely omitted, being replaced with an air ripple whenever he goes at a satisfactory speed, along with his signature Light Speed Dash. Shadow has his Chaos gauge, with half of it using Chaos Blast (no Chaos energy can be collected from defeated enemies when using Chaos Blast), and all of it using Chaos Control, which allows Shadow to attack enemies during stopped time, as they will be defeated when time returns to normal. Like Sonic, Shadow will have HIS signature Light Speed Dash. Silver has his Telekinesis gauge, and can also run at similar speeds to Sonic and Shadow; using these two will be helpful in Silver's stages, as they will be filled to the brim with enemies. Epsio has his Wind gauge, which allows him to utilize wind shurikens. At half full, the meter allows him to throw a giant shuriken. At completely full, Espio can unleash a shuriken with a tornado.

Fly attribute gameplay: Tails and Cream share a Flight gauge, which depletes as they continues to fly; this cannot happen when he is simply gliding. Rouge has her Love gauge, which depletes as Rouge sends out hearts to enemies and kisses them to stun them. Charmy has his Sting gauge; he can fire multiple stinger shots at enemies, as well as pollinate flowers with this gauge.

Power attribute gamplay: Knuckles and Blaze share a Mojo gauge, which allows them to perform super attacks, such as a Drill Punch for Knuckles and a Fire Tornado for Blaze. Omega has a Stamina gauge, which depletes when he gets hit with no more rings left. He can break metal crates simply by punching them and safely bypass fire-infested areas, as can Blaze for the latter. Vector has a Gum gauge, which depletes as he uses gum-based moves such as Gum Gatler and Gum Cannon. Vector can pass swamp areas without sinking.

All types of stories share similar level styles. Speed-based levels are the traditional point-A to point-B style with several branching pathways. Fly-based levels are focused more on exploration, with elements required to beat a level that one may not have thought about otherwise. Power-based levels are focused more on combat, with some rooms containing waves of enemies that must be defeated in order to advance (this is less common in Speed and Fly levels). Levels can be played again as a character with a different attribute; for example, Speed levels will have areas only Power characters can access, and Fly levels have areas only Speed characters can access. Occasionally, the player will need to save civilians who are danger, such as being surrounded by Dark Gems or trapped next to a burning door.

What do you guys think?

#1967403 Sonic CD 2 Ideas

Posted by lollygagger19 on 01 December 2017 - 09:24 PM

Sonic CD 2 Ideas

Story: Dr. Eggman has discovered a crystal known as the Temporal Jade, a Master Emerald equivalent to Little Planet's Time Stones that freely sends anything to any point in time. The Doctor plots to use this to go to points in time in both his dimension and a certain other, which have quietly been merged back to what they used to be, and copy their data to use it all as fuel his new betwit-time space station, the Temporal Crown. Sonic and his friends must work together once again to get the Time Stones back, stop the Doctor's scheme, fix the damage he's doing with the Temporal Jade and destroy the Temporal Crown before it can be activated. To do this, they must find and collect the Time Stones, which Dr. Eggman has scattered across his time puzzles to keep his operations working.

Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy (new), Mighty (new), Ray (new)

1. Leaf Storm Zone (Sonic Rush)
2. Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1)
3. Medieval Madness Zone (original)
4. Aqua Lake Zone (Sonic 2 Game Gear)
5. Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2 Genesis)
6. Mirage Road Zone (Sonic Rush)
7. Prehistoric Tropics Zone (original)
8. Toy Kingdom Zone (Sonic Advance 3)
9. Launch Base Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
10. Star Light Zone (Sonic 1)
11. Palmtree Panic Zone (Sonic CD)
12. Hot Crater Zone (Sonic Advance 2)
13. Western Slots Zone (original)
14. Quartz Quadrant Zone (Sonic CD)
15. Water Palace Zone (Sonic Rush)
16. Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
17. Botanic Base Zone (Knuckes' Chaotix)
18. Hidden Base Zone (Sonic Advance)
19. Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1)
20. Future Present Zone (original)
21. Chaos Angel Zone (Sonic Advance 3)
22. Dead Line Zone (Sonic Rush)
23. Temporal Crown Zone (last stage; original)
24. Timeless Abyss Zone (get all Time Stones; original)

#1967236 UMvC3: Tenkai (Sengoku Basara)

Posted by lollygagger19 on 28 November 2017 - 10:09 PM

UMvC3: Tenkai

Voiced by: Vic Mignogna (English), Sho Hayami (Japanese)

Theme: Reaper of Souls; Theme of Tenkai

Intro: Tenkai bows with the scythe in his right hand, then gets into hi signature battle stance.

Outro: Tenkai draws out the scythe in left hand, knocks the camera down with his right foot, and holds the scythe close to it.

Victory: Tenkai is deftly lifting his right scythe.

(General Quotes)

Don't worry; I won't make your death TOO messy.

Do you have any idea about the scythes' abilities?

Hideaki would just run from this, as always.

Win: This is why you shouldn't underestimate me.

Win: Any final prayers?

Win: No tea ceremony can mend this.

Off-Screen: Being a monk doesn't keep me from the souls I've taken.

Off-Screen: In Japan, the pink blossom in a sign of death. It would be rather fitting if they should rest on your grave.

Off-Screen: Just wait, Galactus, because eventually, I WILL defeat you, and I WILL bear the Power Cosmic for my own!

(Vs. Captain America)

Cap (vs. Non-specific villains): Surrender is your only option.

Cap's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Your kind's got no shot. Not while I'm around.

(Vs. Wolverine or X-23)

You have claws....but do you have wit?

Wolverine: Hope those scythes are sharp enough for me to slice your head off.

X-23 (vs. Non-specific villains): I'm the second best at what I do.

Win: I have no interest in people with claws.

Wolvie's win: Lady Death, you're not.

X-23's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Get out of here before I really get mad.

(Vs. Sentinel)

Well, well....this is an interesting machine.

Sentinel: Unknown entity. Proceeding with extreme caution.

Win: Boo-hoo. And I was just having fun with you.

Sentinel's win: Analysis incomplete. Returning with incapacitated target.

Off-Screen: If you were this easy, then it's clear that the technology of this other world is inferior.

Off-Screen (Sentinel): Subject name: Tenkai. Weapon of choice: Two scythes. Real identity: Unknown. Distinguishing characteristics: The ability to leech someone's life with said scythes.

(Vs. Human Torch)

Those flames won't help you when I put them out for good....

Torch: So you're Tenkai....you don't LOOK like a knight.

Win: Now, you WILL tell me how you learned your magic!

Torch's win: If you wanna cut souls with that scythe, take it up with Johnny Blaze.

Off-Screen (Torch): I'd set you up for a blind date with Lady Death, but that'd be too easy. Not to mention it would piss off Thanos by a COSMIC shot.

(Vs. Green Goblin)

You seem crazier than I....

Goblin: Out of the way, boring one!

Win: How sad you are, having to bear two minds.

Goblin's win: Booooooriiiiing!

Off-Screen: Being calm on the exterior does not classify me as what you call "boring". Not to mention, I FAR exceed you in fields of grace.

Off-Screen (Goblin): Why not be crazy and NOT boring? Huh? Huh?

(Vs. Any God character)

I never anticipated to fight a god.

Thor: Thine scythes shall not unnerve me!

Shuma-Gorath: Drop your weapons, reaper. They will not help you.

Blackheart: It appears I'll be taking several souls at once.

Galactus: What soul can you take from the Power Cosmic?

Win: You're a disgrace to gods everywhere.

Thor's win: Art thou with Lady Death herself?

Shuma-Gorath: See? You're a USEFULNESS repear!

Blackheart's win: Now, let's see these scythes of yours in action.

Galactus's win: You should've stuck to fighting in your world, reaper.

Off-Screen (vs. Amaterasu): The sun shines for you no more, goddess. I shall make certain of that....

(Vs. Ghost Rider)

Penance is but laughable in my eyes.

GR: I'll be taking back those souls from you now.

Win: What was that about being a "Spirit of Vengeance"?

GR's win: Penance Stare should make you lay down like a carpet.

Off-Screen: Intriguing....you do not have a soul for me to take. No matter; I may as well end your suffering while I have the chance....

Off-Screen (GR): Wonder what happens when I use my Penance Stare with one of the scythes....no doubt it'd get the job done faster.

(Vs. Dormammu)

Just curious....are YOU what's manipulating Oichi?

Dormammu (vs. Non-specific villains): I have no use for you.

Win: So you're not after all. At least I have my answer from you.

Dormammu's win (vs. Non-specific villains): This planet is mine, and now you will die!

(Vs. Deadpool)

Off-Screen: Why do you poke fun at me for my attire? And who are these "Billy" & "Mandy" you continuously refer to?

(Vs. Phoenix)

Yes....let it all free....

Pheonix: Wipe that smug look off of your face.

Win: Worry not. I won't cause TOO much damage with your Phoenix Force....

Phoenix's win: Leave your scythes to yourself, false monk.

Off-Screen: Your power is telekinesis, yet you rely almost COMPLETELY on the Phoenix Force. Why don't we destroy the enemy together...."Jeannie"?

(Vs. Magneto)

You couldn't hope to control my scythes.

Magneto: You resemble my son....but with longer hair and different clothing.

Win: Looks like YOU'RE now "Welcome to DIE".

Magneto's win: Shame you're not a mutant. You'd make a good addition to my Brotherhood.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

There's more than one way to crush a spider.

Spidey: If it's souls you're looking for, there's a guy named J Jonah I'd like you to meet...

Win: Looks like I have you in MY web, boy.

Spidey's win: Wanna drop those scythes? They're kinda creepy.

Off-Screen (Spidey): I already gave up my marriage to bring back a loved one. Of course, it was because of a devil, not a reaper.

(Vs. Mandarin)

Those are some interesting rings....

Mandarin: Ah, so it's the one they call "Tenkai".

Win: I'll keep these in good shape. I promise.

Mandarin's win: You know, you could serve me useful if we split my rings 50/50.

Off-Screen: You're of Chinese descent? Well then, had I not known about the power you possess, I would've just backed down and left you be.

Off-Screen (Mandarin): I'm rather impressed by your display, Tenkai. Tell me; have you ever had any experience with the arts of Makluan magic?

(Vs. Strider Hiryu)

I'll not lose to a worthless ninja like you!

Hiryu: You have no place here, Tenkai.

Win: Your "machinery" is laughable.

Hiryu's win: Leave, now.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Off-Screen: I care not for your wiles, succubus, despite not being immune to them. What I REALLY wanted was to see what a "Darkstalker" could do....and sadly, you fell HEAVILY short.

(Vs. Wesker)

Why waste your time with artificial power, Albert?

Wesker: Give ME a taste of your power, Tenkai.

Win: True power comes from those who earn it, Albert.

Wesker's win: I could've found you a place in my new world....

Off-Screen: What do you even KNOW about power, anyways? I gained mine by commanding armies, and with ACTUAL leadership.

(Vs. Arthur)

Well, aren't you cute.

Arthur: I will not forsake my duties!

Win: Get out of my face, false knight.

Arthur's win: You have faced a knight and lost!

Off-Screen: Not all those who are knights can call themselves warriors. You've proven that based on that pitiful display of yours.

Off-Screen (Arthur): I have heard the name "Tenkai" before, but it was about magical knights from another realm. Begone, imposter!

(Vs. Ryu)

Konichiwa, fellow warrior.

Win: Your inner darkness needs a bit of control. Want me to "help"?

(Vs. C. Viper)

The viper's bite does not faze me!

Viper: Yeah, this one could be a problem.

Win: Honorless....soulless....just like Oichi.

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: White hair....white clothing....even an expert in the dark arts of magic. We might benefit from each other, Kuja.

X-Factor: Who's first?

One ally down: Small chip to my army.

Two allies down: I'll do it myself!

Light defeat: Ugh....I can't lose....

Heavy defeat: This isn't the eeeeeend!

Time over: Oh well....I'm not without respect.

#1967198 SEGA vs Final Fantasy Roster

Posted by lollygagger19 on 27 November 2017 - 10:57 PM

No Yuffie? Sad. :(

Don't worry, I added her.

#1967176 SEGA vs Final Fantasy Roster

Posted by lollygagger19 on 27 November 2017 - 10:46 AM

I've decided to make up my own roster for SEGA vs. Final Fantasy, which I asked about not too long ago. Keep in mind, some of these choices might not be realistic if there ever was such a game. Anyways....


Sonic the Hedgehog:
-Metal Sonic
-Infinite (Sonic Forces)

Virtua Fighter:


Alex Kidd:
-Alex Kidd



Space Channel 5:

Super Monkey Ball:
-Dr. Bad Boon

Phantasy Star:
-Ethan Webber

Dinosaur King:
-Max Taylor

Samba de Amigo:

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg:
-Billy Hatcher


Hatsune Miku:
-Hatsune Miku
-Rin Kagamine

Skies of Arcadia:

Jet Set Radio:

Golden Axe:

Crazy Taxi:
B. D. Joe


-Jack Cayman

Rhythm Thief:
-Phantom R

The House of the Dead:
-James Taylor

Final Fantasy

-Warrior of Light

-Emperor Palamecia

-Onion Knight
-Cloud of Darkness














Guest characters:
-Neku (The World Ends with You)
-Slime (Dragon Quest)
-Frog (Chrono Trigger)
-Tiz (Bravely Default)
-Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Total roster: 106 characters; 40 SEGA, 66 Final Fantasy. Looks like the FF side alone is MORE than enough to make a whole Dissidia game!

#1966916 UMvC3: Green Goblin

Posted by lollygagger19 on 22 November 2017 - 08:37 AM

UMvC3: Green Goblin

Voiced by: Dave Wittenburg (voice of Kefka Palazzo)

Theme: We're All Mad; Theme of Green Goblin

Intro: Goblin hops off of his flyer and gets into his fighting stance, where he's squatting and moving left and right.

Outro: Goblin crushes a pumpkin bomb (without it exploding) and flies off, stopping at the center of the screen moving left.

Victory: Goblin is riding his flier like a surfboard.


Life's no fun without madness!

Here's hoping I don't waste any bombs!

Well, well, looks like I have backup this time!

Win: Anyone next? Haha!

Win: And THAT'S why you don't mess with ME!

Win: Now if you'll excuse me, I have people to murder.

Off-Screen: I'm sorry, Norman Osborne isn't here to resist my influence; please leave a message after your death. Oh wait, you CAN'T! Hahahahahahaha!

Off-Screen: I'll bet my goody-two-shoes son would be here to disappoint me, as always. Why can he never be like his papa goblin?

Off-Screen: Run, run, run all you want! Sooner or later, I'll kill you so hard you'll DIE to death!....Wait, that made no sense.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

You're mine this time, Parker!

Spidey: How many times do I gotta beat you up, green bean?

Win: Could it be? Have I FINALLY defeated the Spider-Man?!

Spidey's win: C'mon, Norman. You should know better.

Off-Screen: I DID! I DID beat a Spider-Man! Victory against him is FINALLY mine! Now to go take care of Doc Ock, Venom, the Rhino....

(Vs. Non-specific Marvel Heroes)

If YOU'RE a hero, than what am I?

Win: Now we know who the REAL villain is! Ohohohohoho!

(Vs. Iron Man [with costume on])

That's MY suit! Give it to me!

Iron Man: I can still smell Norman Osborne's hair gel.

Win: Iron Patriot's coming back, baby!

Off-Screen: Now that I think about it, Iron Patriot was DEFINITELY the wrong name for this. Maybe when I get back to Oscorp, I'll rename it the Iron GOBLIN! Ha!

(Vs. Captain America)

Oh, say can you seeeeee?

Cap (vs. Non-specific villains): Surrender is your only option.

Win: That ought to spangle your stars, huh?

Cap's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Your kind's got no shot. Not while I'm around.

(Vs. Mandarin)

Off-Screen: I hear there's an alternate reality where you and Stark are teenagers! And YOU became good in the end; that makes me SICK.

(Vs. Blackheart)

What's wrong? Crying out for daddy?

Blackheart (vs. Non-specific villains): Do not interfere with me.

Win: Tell Mehphisto that he's NOT a real goblin!

Blackheart's win (vs. Non-specific villains): Now you'll remember not to cross my path again, fool!

(Vs. Deadpool)

And people call ME crazy.

Deadpool: Come and get some Ozzy! I'm ready for ya!

Win: Perhaps I should steer clear of you for a while.

Deadpool's win: You wanna take a shower, so you can wash your formula off ya?

Off-Screen (Deadpool): And ANOTHER thing! You have a son who fights crime! WITH SPIDEY! Why can't you be like your own son?

(Vs. Super Skrull)

Hey, Kl'rt! How's your queen been lately?

Win: Oh, that's right. I KILLED her! Hahahahaha!

Off-Screen: You're not even CLOSE to real goblins, if you ask MY opinion! You might as well have DESERVED for Galactus to consume your homeworld.

(Vs. Hawkeye)

Off-Screen: Try to catch me, Robin Hood! I'll go tell my Nottingham sheriffs to have you executed!

(Vs. Aqua)

Well, well, another little girl for me to capture!

Win: I think I'll have that key for myself! Haha!

Off-Screen: Pity your hair is blue. I would've enjoyed another trip to the Washington Bridge!

(Vs. Human Torch)

Hee hee! I'd ADORE some flames for my bombs!

Torch: I remember when Doom took over Reed's body....

Win: Thanks for the help, Johnny-boy! Ahahahahahahaha!

Torch's win: Glad I didn't set off TOO many bombs....

(Vs. Lord Raptor)

Off-Screen: Hey, now YOU'RE my style! Just lose the name "Raptor", alright? It's VERY misleading, if I'm honest.

(Vs. Firebrand)

Pathetic excuse for a goblin!

Firebrand: (This one's a bit dangerous....)

Win: Now you know what a REAL goblin is, copycat!

Firebrand's win: (NEVER judge anyone by their size!)

Off-Screen: Now to go after that steroid goblin in the other dimension!

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: Wow, you're not NEARLY as crazy as ME! Never show your face to me again, reject.

(Vs. Arthur)

Here's a goblin you WON'T slay, knight!

Arthur: Ah, a tricky devil has appeared!

Win: Here's praying your princess isn't blonde! Hahaha!

Arthur's win: Huzzah! Cleared without a miss!

Off-Screen (Arthur): It would appear that THIS devil was using ordinary gourds as explosives! I should be lucky that none of the OTHER demons I had faced were smart like that.

(Vs. Felicia)

Here, kitty kitty kitty!

Win: Aw, would you rather have been thrown into the kennel?

(Vs. Haggar)

Off-Screen: Why don't you let ME be the mayor of Metro City? I have the skills. I have the politics. I have the trickery! Hahahahahaha!

(Vs. Frank West)

I am DONE with the media.

Frank: Yep, you're psycho alright. (In zombie-fighting pose)

Win: Don't you DARE compare me to a clown!

Frank's win: So, uh....anything to do with Adam?

Off-Screen (Frank): I don't care how many pumpkin bombs you've got. I won't stop 'til I get pictures of Norman Osborne!

(Vs. Rashid)

Off-Screen: Looks like windy with a chance of DEATH! Any last words?

(Vs. Tenkai)

Out of the way, boring one!

Tenkai: You seem crazier than I....

Win: Booooooriiiiing!

Tenkai's win: How sad you are, having to bear two minds.

Off-Screen: Why not be crazy and NOT boring? Huh? Huh?

Off-Screen (Tenkai): Being calm on the exterior does not classify me as what you call "boring". Not to mention, I FAR exceed you in fields of grace.

(Vs. Chun-Li or Leon Kennedy)

Catch me if you can, officer!

Chun-Li: That's enough! Surrender now!

Leon: What a sad laugh....

Win: How about YOU rot in a jail cell for a change?

Chun-Li's win: I won't let evil go unchecked!

Leon's win: God help us if you got exposed to Las Plagas.

(Vs. Wesker)

Off-Screen: Why don't you try the Goblin Formula, Wesker? It'll do you SO MUCH GOOD! Hee hee hee!

Off-Screen (Wesker): You know, maybe I should take a look at this "Goblin Formula". It's bound to have some sort reaction to Uroboros....

X-Factor: Having fun yet?

One ally down: Less than worthless!

Two allies down: I never needed you anyways!

Light defeat: Will I....blow up with my own bombs?

Heavy defeat: Heeeeeeeuuuuuuugggghhh!

Time over: Bah! I was just stalling, anyhow!

#1966872 UMvC3: Human Torch

Posted by lollygagger19 on 21 November 2017 - 09:25 AM

UMvC3: Human Torch

Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith (voice of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Theme: World's Greatest Heroes (remix)

Intro: Torch starts out in his human form, then flames on.

Outro: The flames come off of Torch, as he turns back into Johnny, and then he waves his left hand in front of his hair.

Victory Screen: Torch is flying off, with his right fist above him.


Time to get a little spicy, if you what if what I mean.

I'll char you more than a Rare Roast Beef a la Ben Grime!

Now you're gonna know why I'm a favorite among my fans.

Win: No pepper of MINE suits your style.

Win: How come I never make any Thanksgiving dinners?

Win: Don't worry, you still have my respect....up the butt.

Off-Screen: That's that, I guess. Now I'd better head back to Baxter Building.

Off-Screen: I'd say I could've won just by riding by motorcycle, but that'd probably be overkill.

Off-Screen: Now we know who's the hotter topic NOW, huh?....Okay, maybe "hotter" ISN'T the right word for it.

Off-Screen: Just an FYI in case you forgot, I'm part of the Fantastic Four-you know, the group people refer to as "World's Greatest Heroes"?

(Vs. Non-specific Marvel villains)

Same old, same old, huh?

Win: I just LOVE to roast some guys!

Off-Screen: You know, I should probably know better than to JUST put you in jail. You're always out within the next day, anyways.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Hey, Vicky! Long time, no see.

Doom: You cannot stop me alone, Jonathan Storm.

Win: You made a mistake by becoming evil, you know that?

Doom's win: It would take ALL of your team to defeat me.

Off-Screen (Doom): You should count yourself lucky that I don't intend to absorb your flames, Jonathan, as much as I hate you and the other three.

(Vs. Silver Surfer)

You should've thought twice before being a herald.

Surfer: Never thought it would come to this, Jonathan.

Win: Galactus won't cause any trouble on OUR watch.

Surfer's win: Galactus would've ordered this fight....

Off-Screen: Don't worry, Surfer. Once we stop Galactus, you can live on your own, free as a bird.

Off-Screen (Surfer): I'm ashamed of myself to be fighting when I don't want to, let alone fighting one of your own. Even after I stop being Galactus's herald, I'll never stop experiencing this conflict within me.

(Vs. Spider Man)

Off-Screen: Why don't you let ME at those symbiote thingies? I'd take care of 'em, no problem!

(Vs. Green Goblin)

I remember when Doom took over Reed's body....

Goblin: Hee hee! I'd ADORE some flames for my bombs!

Win: Glad I didn't set off TOO many bombs....

Goblin's win: Thanks for the help, Johnny-boy! Ahahahahahahaha!

(Vs. Doctor Strange)

Doctor, I've come to bargain!

Win: Man, the FUN I'd have with the Time Stone!

(Vs. Ghost Rider or Dormammu)

Hellfire?! Isn't that a little overboard?

GR: Do you know what Hellfire feels like?

Dormammu: Your fires are laughably weak.

Win: That was....a lot less scary than I thought.

GR's win: Let's have a Johnny to Johnny sometime, alright?

Dormammu's win: Might as well extinguish the flames at their source!

Off-Screen (vs. GR): Guess not ALL Johnnies are created equal....ESPECIALLY when one of 'em's an evil demon skeleton on a hellfire motorcycle.

Off-Screen (vs. Dormammu): Tell Mephisto that there's two Johnnies after you. And that one them wants their soul back.

(Vs. Super Skrull)

I found you, faker!

SS: One of you is not enough....

Win: Now will you FINALLY stop showing your face around Earth?

SS's win: Tell you friends that I'll be expecting them soon!

Off-Screen: Anyone ever tell you that you sound like how Doom does on the Super Hero Squad show? Not the best way for people to mock a public enemy, in my opinion.

Off-Screen (SS): I never forgot the day when you hypnotized me into being a cow; I'm STILL angry about it.

(Vs. Wolverine)

Off-Screen: I'd pay for a claw-off between you and T'Challa, just as long as it was clean.

(Vs. Pheonix)

Jean....just let me help you!

Win: I don't want you to keep suffering, Jean!

Off-Screen: If I ever got a taste of the Pheonix force, who KNOWS what would happen then.

(Vs. Shuma-Gorath)

Man, you are SO ugly.

SG: Your flames cannot defeat chaos!

Win: That's the last time I eat calamari....

SG's win: The fire you create could be useful to me....

(Vs. Thor)

Off-Screen: Look, Thor, you KNOW I'm not with Surtur just because I can make fire. That's like saying Bobby Drake is with Ymir just because they're both ice men.

(Vs. She-Hulk)

Really, Jen? That water balloon prank was a day ago.

She-Hulk: Don't expect to pull funny stuff with ME and get away with it.

Win: Note to self: NEVER prank someone who's gamma-radiated.

She-Hulk's win: Not so funny NOW, are you?

Off-Screen (Hulk): Just an FYI for the future, Johnny; if you LIKE having fists in your face as a result of pranks gone wrong, then just keep doing you. You're fantastic at it, after all.

(Vs. Galactus)

Galactus: Do not try to stop me, fire boy.

You NEVER learn, do you?

Galactus's win: That's ONE of the Fantastic Four crushed....

Win: Reed and co. should've been here to see THIS!

(Vs. Tron Bonne)

Only 41? Shouldn't you be rich or something?

Tron: Don't get yourself near any oil, mister!

Win: Well, either way, don't get yourself in any trouble.

Tron's win: Thank goodness we didn't blow up!

(Vs. Chuck Greene)

Off-Screen (Human Torch): Whoa....that's a cool ride you got there, Chuck! Mine if I fine-tune it a little? Don't worry, I WON'T add flames to it.

(Vs. Zero)

🎶Zero to he-ro! Da da da!🎶

Win: What, wrong time to make a reference?

(Vs. Rashid)

Outgoing like ME, huh?

Rashid: Don't be reckless around my winds!

Win: I've endured wind before. Granted, a force field helped me live. AND I didn't flame on.

Rashid's win: Glad you don't die when the wind takes out your flames!

Off-Screen: That fight alone was more comfortable than being stuffed in an asbestos sack by a monkey.

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: I hear the circus is hiring, clown face! THERE'S an opportunity for you!

(Vs. Chris Redfield)

Something about you sounds familiar....

Chris: I feel....weird about this.

Win: Bet I could pull a voice like you!

Chris's win: It's the tip of my tongue, I KNOW it.

Off-Screen (Chris): You sound a bit TOO familiar....almost like that blue hedgehog from the video games.

(Vs. Amaterasu)

A dog who's a sun goddess? I think I need to go to space less.

Win: Okay, now I KNOW I need to go to space less.

Off-Screen (Amaterasu, via Issun): Think that Ammy's flame disc is sick? Wait'll you see what her Celestial Brush can do!

(Vs. Viewtiful Joe)

Win: If I was making a Fantastic Four movie, I'D do it RIGHT.

Off-Screen (VJ): Not to be racist, but why did FOX HAVE to make you black in the latest movie? They're even faithful to your character or anything.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Hey, sexy! Wanna tango?

Morrigan: It seems he's interested in my seductions.

Win: It's no surprise that I get the girls, is it?

Morrigan's win: Come on, it won't feel so bad.

Off-Screen: Don't go overboard tonight, okay? We're meant to be starting small with this date.

(Vs. Firebrand)

Off-Screen: Okay, you did NOT live up to your name! Like, at ALL. It's no wonder I did this without missing.

(Vs. Arthur)

Arthur: A man who conjures fire? Have at thee, demonic mage!

Arthur: Tis even more difficult than that fiend Firebrand....

(Vs. Spencer)

Off-Screen (Spencer): Thank GOD you didn't burn off my arm. Do you have ANY idea how long it would take to repair it?

(Vs. Tenkai)

So you're Tenkai....you don't LOOK like a knight.

Tenkai: Those flames won't help you when I put them out for good....

Win: If you wanna cut souls with that scythe, take it up with Johnny Blaze.

Tenkai's win: Now, you WILL tell me how you learned your magic!

Off-Screen: I'd set you up for a blind date with Lady Death, but that'd be too easy. Not to mention it would piss off Thanos by a COSMIC shot.

(Vs. Akuma)

A fist that's killed gods? Yikes!

Akuma: Your flames are beyond weak!

Win: Thank goodness THAT didn't kill me....

Akuma's win: I could've just kicked you and still won.

X-Factor: Flame on!

One ally down: Not in my house, girlfriend!

Two allies down: You're just stoking the flames.

Light defeat: Ouch....flame off, I guess.

Heavy defeat: Graaaaaahhhh!!!

Time over: Nonononono! That clock's WRONG.

(Fun fact: The Human Torch was originally going to be in MvC3; he was fully functional. However, he was cut do to frame rate issues. Capcom missed an opportunity to put him in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, in my opinion.)

#1966633 UMvC3 DLC Ideas

Posted by lollygagger19 on 17 November 2017 - 08:40 AM

UMvC3 DLC ideas

-Human Torch
-Green Goblin
-Silver Surfer
-Aqua (guest character from Kingdom Hearts)

-Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)
-Rashid (Street Fighter V)
-Protoman (Megaman)
-Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)
-Lord Raptor (Darkstalkers)
-Tenkai (Sengoku Basara 3)
-Kuja (guest character from FFIX)

(DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that UMvC3 is not getting anymore DLC. I did this solely out of boredom, wondering what I should do with my brain.)

#1966612 UMvC3 Quotes: Kuja

Posted by lollygagger19 on 16 November 2017 - 09:37 PM

UMvC3: Kuja

Intro: His intro from Dissidia

Outro: Kuja leans to his left and puts his left hand the side of his head.

Victory Screen: Kuja is raising both of his hands in the air, glaring at the camera with his mouth open.


Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

Let the curtains rise!

I hope for a stellar performance....in conducting your death.

Win: Time for intermission, I see.

Win: Is it curtain call, yet?

Win: Don't worry, I'll be kind in writing your epitaph.

Off-Screen: What a wonderful performance! I know I certainly enjoyed it.

Off-Screen: I'm sorry, but the show's already over; the ending was a rather sad one.

Off-Screen: Let's see Zidane try to keep with me in this one....

(Vs. Aqua)

An honor to finally dispose of you, Master Aqua!

Aqua: Let's settle it THIS time, Kuja!

Win: Typical slippery rats....

Aqua's win: Looks like got away again....

Off-Screen: Our little test subject got away again....it appears this won't go well between me and the Intelligencia. A tragedy, really.

Off-Screen (Aqua): Why are he and Doctor Doom conspiring? And what're their intentions? It can't be anything good...I HAVE to hurry.

(Vs. Deadpool)

I'm in no mood for foolery.

Deadpool: Gonna rough you up like a Broadway musical!

Win: Get lost, you ass! You couldn't even perform in a circus.

Deadpool's win: Hey, Romeo; do me a favor and kill yourself, 'kay?

Off-Screen (Deadpool): By the way, I hear your girlfriend's a bit lonely over at her parents' party. She told me to ask someone "wherefore thou art", or something.

(Vs. M.O.D.O.K.)

You're in NO shape to come out tonight!

M.O.D.O.K: You're clearly the inferior being here, Kuja.

Win: Being smart doesn't excuse your arrogance, M.O.D.O.K.

M.O.D.O.K's win: Why don't you just drop theatrics and accept your purpose?

(Vs. X-23)

Off-Screen: We were both created for a specific purpose, Laura, and it seems we both ignored it....except YOU don't follow MY ideals. Such a pity.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

A freak like me needs company, you know.

Spidey: Picture this; no one EVER does Spidey on Broadway again.

Win: What your ineptitude again? Turning off the dark?

Spidey's win: I'll take Manhattan....to a state of peace.

Off-Screen: I heard that one of your fans got injured when his fake web was being defective. Glad to know that his medical bill costs MUCH less than the performance he was trying out for.

Off-Screen (Spidey): God help us if there were multiple of you. Nobody needs your Shakespearean bullying by numbers.

(Vs. Iron Man)

Off-Screen: You should be using your spoils responsibly, Stark. Maybe you should devote ALL of your industries to your technological weaponry.

(Vs. Taskmaster)

A skeletal knight....how boring.

Taskmaster: I wonder how long THIS play'll drag on for.

Win: Copying my abilities only ADDED to the boredom of this fight.

Taskmaster's win: Shouldn't you be pickin' eglantine, Oberon?

(Vs. Ghost Rider)

Not every day I get to fight hellfire.

GR: The day of judgement is upon you, scum.

Win: I'll bet you'd give Ifrit a run for his money.

GR's win: There is but one fate for the guilty.

(Vs. Doctor Strange)

Off-Screen: Strange you are, indeed....but you DEFINITELY act more-how do I say it-BLAND than your name implies.

(Vs. Galactus)

Galactus: There is no audience to see the triumph of Galactus.

Now, for the final act!

Galactus's win: No more theatrics now.

Win: I always love a good finale.

(Vs. Nemesis)

Did you go to a meat butcher for makeup? Pfft.

Nemesis: ......Traaaaaaanccce.....

Win: Come see me when you have ACTUAL makeup on.

Nemesis's win: .....TrrrrAAAAAAAANCCCCCE!!!!

Off-Screen: I never had any need for you B.O.W.'s anyways. At least I don't act like a zombie, or any other Hellspawn beast for that matter.

(Vs. Chun-Li)

I won't be taken into custody today.

Chun-Li: This time, I WILL find out about you, Kuja!

Win: You've given me none more than a tasteless comedy routine.

Chun-Li's win: Now to take you in for analysis.

(Vs. Dante)

Magic vs. weaponry-I wonder what's more effective among us?

Dante: Hope you keep the show stylish, Kujie-boy!

Win: I guess I truly am "stylish", in a sense.

Dante's win: Only losers rely on magic alone.

Off-Screen: It appears we're both arrogant, brash....even white hair. The only difference between each other, besides our ways of fighting, is that I'M not annoying.

(Vs. Frank West)

Frank: Guess a shot of the thong is a bit too much, huh?

Frank's win: Damn....and I had the perfect advantage over Kent, too.

Off-Screen (Frank): Wanna ditch the man-thong and quit the magic act? You remind me of a pair of gay magicians that I keep hearing about.

(Vs. Arthur)

You say you're a knight? Not even CLOSE, in my books.

Arthur: I will not forsake my duties!

Win: I don't who's more parallel between you and your princess-Garnet or Steiner.

Arthur's win: You have faced a knight, and lost!

(Vs. Haggar)

Brute force isn't all, you know.

Haggar: This shouldn't be too hard for me.

Win: See? I could've solely used force myself and still have won.

Haggar's win: Sure you ain't a new weapon by Mad Gear?

Off-Screen: Just like the elder brother of that girl with purple hair....only human. And much stupider.

(Vs. Viewtiful Joe)

Why am I forced into this nonsense?

VJ: Say, you'd make a GREAT actor for a medieval flick....NOT!

Win: It gives a migraine just to THINK about you....

VJ's win: Hey, no biggie. There're WAY worse actors than you, in a kind sense.

Off-Screen: I'm not even interested in mere film performances. Performances in general are something one should be able to treasure in their heart....assuming they're GOOD ones, anyways.

Off-Screen (VJ): You're still better than those rejects over at FOX. Those guys just LOVE to botch Fantastic Four movies, don't they?

(Vs. Chris)

I'd suggest that you drop your weapons.

Chris: Found a new B.O.W. I'll take care of it.

Win: By the way, I'm not what you call a "B.O.W.".

Chris's win: The B.O.W. has been neutralized.

Off-Screen (Chris): This new B.O.W.....this isn't ANYTHING like Wesker's made. Better take him to HQ before he gets back up again.

X-Factor: I'm just warming up!

One ally down: How dare you touch my underlings!

Two allies down: Must I babysit you two?

Light defeat: Wha....how....

Heavy defeat: It's not even intermission yet!

Time over: Pfft....and right at the climax.

#1966430 UMvC3 quotes: Aqua

Posted by lollygagger19 on 14 November 2017 - 12:52 AM

UMvC3: Aqua

Intro: Aqua takes two steps and summons her Keyblade as bubbles appear around her.

Outro: Aqua takes out her Wayfinder and holds it up to the sky.

Victory screen: Aqua holds her heart with her right hand, looking to her right.


My name is Master Aqua; I accept your challenge.

I won't give up as long as I have friends by my side.

Don't worry, everyone. I'll keep you safe, no matter what.

Win: That was....actually a bit scary.

Win: As long as there's hope, I'll keep fighting.

Win: Terra, Ven....I hope they're okay.

Off-Screen: My friends....they are my power!

Off-Screen: You didn't win because you were unfocused. Even YOUR team isn't good enough.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

There you are, Doom! This time, you're MINE.

Doom: So, we meet once again, Keyblade Master.

Win: It's over. Now tell me how what you're up to!

Doom's win: I knew your title of Master was just a title.

Off-Screen: Whatever you're plotting, it won't work! I'll never forgive you if you've killed anyone during this incident.

(Vs. Ghost Rider)

Ghost Rider: You're not very responsible for a "Master".

Ghost Rider's win: You should be lucky I didn't demand YOUR soul; it disgusts me.

Off-Screen: Don't worry, Blaze. I can help you with Mephisto, if you need any. I could even go demand your soul back, if it helps.

(Vs. Captain America)

You're...THE Captain America?!

Cap: I'm sorry, but....who are you?

Win: It was an honor to spar with you, Captain.

Off-Screen: Your leadership....it reminds me of my former master, Eraqus. I respect you for that, Captain.

(Vs. Hulk)

Dr. Banner?! What are you doing?!

Hulk: Hulk no like fighting girls...

Win: Dr. Banner, is something wrong?

Hulk's win: How dumb key hurt Hulk, anyways? Hulk never hurt by keys before!

(Vs. Jean Grey)

Off-Screen: Don't worry, Jean. I know someone like you who's going through similar problems with the darkness in his heart.

(Vs. Deadpool)

Sheesh...don't you EVER shut up?

Deadpool: How did anyone ever enjoy these games without me in 'em?

Win: There. THAT should keep your mouth zipped up.

Deadpool's win: I think you oughta lay off the magic, blueberry. It's for the better, in your case.

Off-Screen: Not even the Mandrake Unversed were this annoying. At least THEY didn't have mouths. Also, none of what say about Square something makes ANY sense to me.

Off-Screen (Deadpool): Hey, we cool, Aqua. Almost as cool as ya name! By the way, when's Square Enix gonna put ME in a Kingdom Hearts game?

(Vs. Sentinel)

This creature....this is no Unversed.

Sentinel: Unidentified object found. Entering combat mode.

Off-Screen: This thing almost looks like an android of sorts. I have a bad feeling there're more on the way.

(Vs. Spider-Man)

So you're this "menace" Jonah mentioned.

Spidey: You've got a black belt in stupid if you think you're gonna beat me.

Win: That should stop you there, menace.

Spidey's win: I must admit, beating the living snot outta you...was a great honor.

Off-Screen (Spidey): Look, don't take notes from JJ, alright? He's just a sociopathic meathead who can't be grateful for my help. He even helped create some of my enemies.

(Vs. Doctor Strange)

I wonder how my magic will match yours....

Strange: A fellow mage? No need to ask ME twice!

Win: Seems like our magic-off ended in a tie.

Strange's win: Glad YOU'RE not like the Enchantress!....Assuming you're not her or Loki in disguise, anyways.

(Vs. Thor)

A pleasure to meet you, Odinson.

Thor: Let us fight honorably, Milady.

Thor's win: It appears you might be able to counter that blasted Enchantress....maybe even Loki!

(Vs. Galactus)

Galactus: Let's see what you're made of, Keyblade Master.

So YOU'RE Galactus. I won't let you eat consume anything more!

Galactus's win: The Keyblade War ended in tragedy. The Earth shall be no different.

(Vs. Ryu)

Konichiwa, Sensei Ryu.

Ryu: I'm honored to spar with a fellow master of fighting.

Win: I understand your struggles. There's a friend of mine enduring the same.

Off-Screen (Ryu): Master Aqua, would you like to come with me to see K'un-Lun's leaders? I'm trying to perfect a technique that I call the Iron Shoryuken.

(Vs. Akuma)

The darkness in you...I can see it miles away.

Akuma: What can your little light do against the Satsui no Hado?

Win: I can tell that you're DEFNITELY not an Unversed.

Akuma's win: You're no master if you cannot withstand my fists.

(Vs. Tron Bonne)

Off-Screen: There's no sense in just having to yourself. I would know because I've met plenty of people like you.

Off-Screen (Tron Bonne): Now, let's see how much that key goes for! No doubt my pile's gonna be SLIGHTLY bigger than the pyramids.

(Vs. Firebrand)

This creature....this is no Unversed.

(Vs. Pheonix Wright)

Wha...? Is he flirting on me?

Pheonix: Um....hi, there?

Win: I hope he realizes that I'm only 17.

(Vs. Jill Valentine)

Off-Screen: Jill, I'm sure I can help you if you let me.

(Vs. Felicia)

Off-Screen: *(giggles)* I can't get over you....you're too cute.

Felicia: She has blue hair, like I do!

(Vs. Morrigan)

I won't give in to you, succubus!

Morrigan: Don't be afraid, little girl...

Win: I've faced worse than you. Don't expect me to cower in fear.

Off-Screen (Morrigan): You remind me a bit of Felicia, but much more stubborn. I wonder what your little weapon is like.

(Vs. Nemesis)

Get...get that face away from me!

Win: Thank goodness it's over.

(Vs. Chris Redfield)

Off-Screen: Wait, what do you mean the Nemesis doesn't really die when it dies? Does that mean...oh, no!

(Vs. Arthur)

No, I'm not a princess, and no, I'm not kidnapped.

Arthur: Princess? You're free!

Arthur's win: So you're NOT the princes? My apologies, then!

(Vs. Zero)

A living puppet....interesting.

Zero: Stop lecturing and show me what you've got!

Zero's win: I don't listen to lectures from losers.

(Vs. Dante)

Dante: How come I never meet any nice girls?

Dante's win: Sleep it off, baby.

(Vs. Kuja)

Let's settle it THIS time, Kuja!

Kuja: An honor to finally dispose of you, Master Aqua!

Win: Looks like he got away, again....

Kuja's win: Typical slippery rats....

Off-Screen: Why are he and Doctor Doom conspiring? And what're their intentions? It can't be anything good...I HAVE to hurry.

Off-Screen (Kuja): Our little test subject got away again....it appears this won't go well between me and the Intelligencia. A tragedy, really.

X-Factor: Light!

One ally down: We can't give up!

Two allies down: This isn't good....

Light defeat: No....I've failed....

Heavy defeat: Aaarrrrrggggghh!!

Time over: What? Wait! Get back here!

#1966246 Fantasy Forces: a little something I've been thinking about.

Posted by lollygagger19 on 10 November 2017 - 10:48 PM

I've been thinking of a Nintendo-Final Fantasy crossover ever since a dream I had about it last night. It's called Fantasy Forces; the main characters are Noctis (FFXV), Tidus (FFX), Bartz (FFV), Lillie (Pokémon Sun and Moon), Alm (Fire Emblem Echoes), and of course, The Legend of Zelda's very own Link.

The story is that a sorcerer named Skulltros has set his sights on the worlds of our six heroes, using an army of villains from those worlds (Ardyn, Seymour, Exdeath, Lysandre, Jedah and Ganondorf) that he revived, having the power to do so. Combining their powers with that of Skulltros, these villains have formed an army known as the Symphony of the Dying Stars (shortened as the Symphony). Now, it's up to these heroes, forming their own group known as the Dimensional Repair Committee (shortened as the Committee) to fight back against the Symphony and bring their worlds back to the way they used to be.

The game follows an old-school Final Fantasy-style real time turn system. The playable characters are Noct, Tidus, Bartz, Lillie, Alm, and Link, respectively, in a six-man party. If all of these characters are defeated, it's a game over. They all have their own unique abilities that will be useful in some battles; for example, Alm deals critical hit more frequently, Noct is the summoner, Lillie fights using Pokémon and TAKES DAMAGE HERSELF INSTEAD OF SAID POKÉMON (and also can't use magic so she has to use regular healing items and let her Pokémon use Recover, which only heals a moderate amount of HP), etc. After dealing certain amount of damage, any of your characters can access their Limit Break. Here are the ones for every playable character:

Noctis; Royal Strike: Noct gathers his set of Royal Arms and strikes them at the enemy, starting with one and then thrusting the rest, finishing off with a skyward plummet with the one he is holding. This attack's power scales with Noct's Power stat overall.

Tidus; Overdrive Max-Out: Tidus uses upgraded versions of his Overdives Spiral Cut and Blitz Ace, in which he slashes at the enemy multiple times and launches them into the air, finishing off by throwing an Ultima-powered Blitzball up at them. This attack's power scales with Tidus's HP.

Bartz; Master Mime of the Void: Bartz mimes all of his allies' weapons and forms a black hole with them, sucking in enemies. He then takes his sword and rushes the enemies with multiple slashes, finishing off by turning his sword into a spear of light and tossing it at them. This attack's power scales with Bartz's Speed.

Lillie; Guardians of Alola: Lillie activates her Z-Ring and calls upon the Tapu Deities, who all surround their targets; Tapu Koko attacks with multiple Gigavolt Havocs; Tapu Lele attacks with a random-target Twinkle Tackle; Tapu Bulu attacks with a two-staged Bloom Doom, the first stage being multiple Leaf Blades and the second being the TRUE Bloom Doom, which is its signature flower rising out of the ground and blowing up; Tapu Fini attacks with three Hydro Vortexes. After all of the Tapus finish their attacks, they form up into a giant tiki head, nod at Lillie, and crush the enemies. This attack's power scales with Lillie's Pokémon's type.

Alm; Critical Zantetsuken: Alm readies his blade, stands for three seconds while breathing, and performs a quick but powerful slice. This attack's power scales with Alm's level, and is more powerful the lower his HP.

Link; Blessing of the Gods: Link calls upon the Triforce of Courage, and summons its insignia under the party's feet, boosting their attack greatly. The amount of attack raised scales with Link's Defense star overall.

What do you guys think? Does Fantasy Forces seem like something you would like to happen?

#1966122 Dissidia Quotes: Neku Sakuraba

Posted by lollygagger19 on 09 November 2017 - 12:21 AM

Neku's Dissidia quotes

Vs. Warrior of Light: Shut up about light so we can get this on.
Vs. Garland: Wait, shouldn't you and Chaos be the same?....Never mind.
Vs. Firion: Flowers, huh...?
Vs. Emperor: You remind WAY too much of Sho.
Vs. OK: Sorry, no tears coming out of MY eyes.
Vs. Cloud of Darkness: Wonder what happens when I shine a flashlight in her eye?
Vs. Cecil: If only YOU were Shiki's knight in shining armor.
Vs. Golbez: ...You know, I just don't believe you and Cecil are brothers.
Vs. Kain: Wow...not even Joshua could jump THAT high!
Vs. Bartz: *coughcoughFamedMimicGogocoughcough*
Vs. Exdeath: Can't you just shut the hell up about the Void?
Vs. Gilgamesh: I'm sorry, WHAT Enix?
Vs. Faris: Yo ho ho and all that stuff.
Vs. Terra: Are you...alright?
Vs. Kefka: You...leave Terra alone!
Vs. Sabin: You suplexed a train? Really?!
Vs. Cloud: And people say I'M an emo...
Vs Tifa: Don't underestimate me just because I'm an Earthling.
Vs. Sephiroth: "Hero" my foot.
Vs. Vincent: ...I can't say it, it's too easy.
Vs. Squall: Say, that's interesting weapon of yours...
Vs. Ultimecia: Wanna do me a favor and halt the Reaper's Game?
Vs. Seifer: You killed....THE Odin?!
Vs. Laguna: You MIGHT wanna chill out with that gun.
Vs. Zidane: (*sigh*)...Glad that at least YOU can have some fun.
Vs. Kuja: Any experience with Noh dramas?
Vs. Vivi: Magic vs. magic? Sounds interesting.
Vs. Dagger: I'd bet Rhyme'd be excited to meet you.
Vs. Tidus: Know what, I think I need to go to the beach more.
Vs. Jecht: I've already met a guy on steroids. I don't NEED another.
Vs. Yuna: Um....hello....
Vs. Lulu: Another girl who fights with a plush, huh?
Vs. Shantotto: There's no way you're older than me.
Vs. Prishe: No need to hold back, Prishe.
Vs. Gabranth: SO ZETTA SLOW!....Damnit, now it's rubbing off on me.
Vs. Vaan: Yeah, I've been watching too many pirate movies.
Vs. Lightning: Cloudy with a chance of depression, huh?
Vs. Sarah: You and Shiki might be good friends.
Vs. Noctis: I think we might a little in common, Noct...
Vs. Feral Chaos: I'm not losing to a glorified volcano!

Vs. Neku Quotes

Warrior of Light's quote: Does everyone from your world dress like...THAT?
Garland's quote: Reaper's Game or not, you WILL battle!
Firion's quote: Couldn't you be rather distracted with those things on your head?
Emperor's quote: Your world will take me MINUTES to conquer.
OK's quote: Your hair's kinda like mine, you know?
Cloud of Darkness's quote: Tell your friend that her little doll is PATHETIC.
Cecil's quote: I didn't think you could fight with pins alone.
Golbez's quote: Like I would lose to a simple teen.
Bartz's quote: Reaper's Game? Sounds scary...
Exdeath's quote: It appears YOUR existence is on the line as well...
Gilgamesh's quote: Can I tour your world? Pretty please?
Faris's quote: I'm not some fairy tale pirate, kiddo.
Terra's quote: I'm not sure I understand your technology.
Kefka's quote: Say, I like the Reapers' style!
Sabin's quote: Don't worry, I'm not like that fool Garland.
Cloud's quote: "The Brooding Brothers", it looks like.
Tifa's quote: Who's this "Shiki" you're talking about? I think I'd like to meet her.
Sephiroth's quote: How pitiful that you rely on mere pins.
Vincent's quote: Let ME at the Reapers if you're so sick of 'em.
Squall's quote: I'll bet Seifer would get along with this "Beat" guy.
Ultimecia's quote: I'm afraid time really DOES run short for you.
Seifer's quote: So there's a guy out there like me? He sounds interesting.
Laguna's quote: Anorexia much?
Zidane's quote: C'mon, cheer up a LITTLE.
Kuja's quote: My outfit is NOT a "man-thong", you cretin!
Vivi's Quote: You don't get angry like Steiner, do you?
Dagger's quote: Rhyme seems a lot like Eiko, and not just in appearance.
Tidus's quote: Let's do a round of blitzball sometime, 'Kay?
Jecht's quote: So there's a fellow meathead up in your world, huh?
Yuna's quote: Don't worry. There's no reason to be scared, if you are.
Lulu's quote: I'd be interested in contending with your friend Shiki.
Shantotto's quote: Ugh! Where did you get that HIDEOUS clothing?!
Prishe's quote: I think "Neck-u" is more suitable name for you.
Gabranth's quote: Don't mock me, peasant, lest you want to meet your judgement!
Vaan's quote: The sky's the only music I listen to!
Lightning's quote: Don't worry, I also have a friend like one of yours.
Sarah's quote: You kind of remind me of Noel a bit, you know?
Noctis's quote: I take it Shibuya is mostly like a city in Eos?
Chaos's quote: You deserve to be erased from existence!

And those are my Dissidia quotes for Neku. Any thoughts and/or quotes of your own?