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Kingdom Hearts Fan Event confirmed to be at the Disney Magical Theater program at D23 E...

17 November 2017 - 08:53 PM

In July 2017, the official Japanese Disney website confirmed that Kingdom Hearts will be making an appearance at D23 Expo Japan 2018 in the form of the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event (tentative title). D23 Expo Japan 2018 will take place from February 10th, 2018 to February 12th, 2018.

Now, the official D23 Expo Japan website has revealed the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event's date and time at D23 Expo Japan 2018. It's confirmed to be a part of the Disney Magical Theater program on Saturday, February 10th, 2018. It's planned to be from 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM JST, which is 11:00 PM - 12:20 AM PST, 1:00 AM - 2:20 AM CST, and 2:00 AM - 3:20 AM EST.

All of the tickets for the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event will be given out and awarded via lottery. To find out more, check out the full description of the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event from the official D23 Expo Japan site below:

Kingdom Hearts Fan Event (TBA)
Feb 10 (Sat) - 4pm - 5:20pm (TBA)

Announcing a fan event for the popular series born from Disney and Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts! We plan to give you an amazing experience exclusive to this event.

*All tickets for the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event (TBA) will be awarded via lottery. A tickets and B tickets in the form of a 1 day pass, so when applying please select "Feb 10 (Sat)" as your preferred day.

Thanks to goldpanner for the translations, and thanks to KH13 user SnowPint7Fourths for the tip!

It's currently unknown what the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event will be about, what will be shown, and if Kingdom Hearts III will be shown or not.

Kingdom Hearts had made an appearance at D23 Expo Japan in 2015, showing off a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This event was called the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater.

What do you expect out of the Kingdom Hearts appearance at D23 Expo Japan 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

Click here to view the article

We will next receive KH3 news in 2018

26 July 2017 - 11:56 AM

I just wanted to quickly reiterate that the next time we will receive KH3 news will be in 2018 based on the interview Nomura gave to Famitsu. (Screenshot) I'm aware fans have been saying we may see KH3 at TGS or Jump Festa this year but based on the interview it appears we will next see KH3 at the D23 Japan fan event in February. And if they're planning to reveal all the worlds before release then a March 2018 release is not possible at this stage. I don't want to seem like I'm been pessimistic but I thought I would spread this information which may have been over looked by casual fans so they are not disappointed when we don't see KH3 again this year. In my opinion since the game is releasing in 2018 then I'm fine waiting until early 2018 for promotion to begin. 


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Has Nomura all but confirmed Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland?

20 July 2017 - 12:04 PM

In the daily mirror fan interview do you believe Nomura has all but confirmed the live action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton with this statement?

Nomura: In terms of favourite movies then, I like Lion King. Something more recent would be Alice in Wonderland; it'd be kind of cool to have The White Queen appear in Kingdom Hearts.

It would make sense with the tea-cup attraction flow ride? Seen as the astro-blaster attraction flow will more than likely be acquired from the Toy Story world then the tea-cups will probably be acquired from this world too? What do you think?

The Great Marketing Strategy for KH3!

17 July 2017 - 04:20 PM

Hi everyone, how are we all doing?


I would like to give my own personal opinion on how I believe KH3's marketing strategy will play out until the game releases in 2018. I would like to know your own opinions on how this will happen too so please sound off in the comments below. So let's get started...


During post E3 2015 interviews Nomura stated: 


"With every Kingdom Hearts title, we plan to deliver more worlds than actually appear in game -- so we have something in our pockets to work with. Then as we begin to hone these worlds and stages, and some do get cut. [At this point], we have prepared more worlds, in that respect, than Kingdom Hearts II."


The key word here being 'prepared' more worlds. Therefore KH3 may not necessarily have more worlds than KH2's 10 Disney main storyline worlds; the 2 optional Disney worlds (Pooh and Atlantica) and the 3 original worlds. This has been a misconception for some fans including myself. 


Looking at the recent D23 interview with Gamespot Nomura said: 


"Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be our first full HD game in our current console generation. It does involve a lot of bandwidth and resources in order to create in full HD, so our directive was to have as many elements [as possible] of gameplay included in one single world, rather than having multiple different little worlds with few elements. We wanted to pack in as many gameplay elements and fun into a single world.


He also stated to game informer whilst discussing the Toy Story world:


Rather than having multiple different little worlds, we wanted to make sure we’re providing rich gameplay in an individual world, so we put in a lot of effort and allocated a lot of resources to create these worlds, and it would be sad for players not to enjoy the world and breeze right through it. Therefore, we made sure that each of the worlds is designed so players can take their time and enjoy the gameplay that’s available. 


So based on these recent statements it leads me to believe there is a chance KH3 may not have as many worlds as KH2 due to Nomura's desire of wanting quality over quantity this time around. But whether he's basing this on the main Disney worlds, optional ones or the original worlds is impossible to say. So I just wanted to put that out there because it's interesting to think about nevertheless when it comes to how many worlds they will reveal leading up to the games release. ICYMI nomura does plan on revealing them all:


"I don’t think we’ll be keeping any worlds secret until the game is released. I think we will be introducing them leading up to launch. Nowadays games can add content on after the fact through DLC content, so there’s no need to hide any worlds."


Like I said I don't want to put an exact number on the amount of total worlds in the game but based on the capabilities of the current generation of consoles and if Nomura is referring to revealing only the Disney worlds; then my heart hopes that 12, or even 13 (Key number in KH) Disney worlds will be in KH3. However based on Nomura's previous statements appearing to hint towards wanting quality over quantity, this leads me to conclude there will be the same, if not less, worlds than KH2, so I'm going to say there will be around 10 main storyline Disney worlds. (excluding the extra optional and original worlds) Considering these worlds are going to be on a much grander scale I think that's a decent amount to appreciate each worlds unique atmosphere and varied play style. But that's just pure speculation. What do you think the number will be?


So that leads me into the marketing strategy of the game. We now have four Disney worlds locked in: Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Tangled and Mount Olympus. Which leaves 6 more spots open. (Disclaimer: I hope there is more spots open, I really do, but y'know, speculation.)


So I believe the next time we are going to see KH3 with a new trailer and 5th world reveal (still stating at the end 'coming 2018') will be at Tokyo Game Show based on this interview Nomura gave with Famitsu in January this year:


"In June we have E3, in September there's Tokyo Game Show, and in December there's Jump Festa, which are events we present at every year; we also have plans for the [KH] concert and other events, along with season two of [KHUX] and [Dissidia FF], and countless other operations, so it looks to be a year full of work. We didn't really give much information on [KHIII] and [FFVII] last year, but this year we want to be able to show you something at some sort of related event. The titles' actual releases are yet to be determined, so I must apologize for that, but there are also a lot of titles we will release this year, and I'd like you all to wait for the “surprise.”


Granted Nomura is also talking about Re:FF7 which has yet to be shown off. But I have a suspicion that they will show something, anything, of the remake at this year's Jump Festa or Playstation experience - it's long over due an update.


Obviously I believe KH3 will then have it's next trailer with another world reveal at Jump Festa since Square Enix always has a major presence at the event with KH being no exception over the years. I believe it will still say 'Coming 2018' and will not release early in the year or during spring. 


Next up I think we will 100% see KH3 at the D23 expo in Japan no questions asked with a new trailer and the 7th Disney world revealed. However this time I believe just enough time of 7 months will have passed from the initial 'Coming 2018' D23 Anaheim event to this one  for the trailer to change to 'Fall, 2018.' which is from September 1st - November 30th. I believe they are going to go the same route as FFXV and release this game before the initial winter/holiday period so they can keep promoting the game leading up to the holidays to really drive home those extra sales when the reviews and public reception start to spread. 


Then straight off the heels of D23 I think we'll see the next world reveal on the KH 16th anniversary March 28th. Because, why not? Anniversary, let's celebrate with a new trailer and a new world, right? Still 'Fall, 2018' 


Then comes E3 2018 which is a given to show the 9th world but this time.. it's difficult to say.. I believe they will reveal a 'November, 2018' release date as I feel an early Fall release may be slightly optimistic given the huge undertaking KH3 has riding on it's shoulders. This game needs all the time and attention it can get and gives extra time for any unexpected last minute set backs. 


And finally the 10th and final Disney world (I hope there's more!) will be revealed at TGS 2018 giving the exact date in November (possibly late November.) Then this event is followed every two weeks or so with trailer montages of all the worlds, more gameplay, more awesomeness, leading up to KH3's moment in the sun! 


Like I say, I hope there's more main storyline Disney worlds (not including original, optional worlds) revealed than this and there probably will be but this is just my personal take on things and I wouldn't mind only 10 Disney worlds if Nomura is wanting these to be full, lengthy, huge worlds with rich gameplay. What's all your thought on this? Let me know and thank you very much if you've stuck around until the end I appreciate it! 

What is your ideal breakfast?

25 June 2017 - 04:24 PM

That's it! I've come up with a new breakfast recipe!