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#1976124 UH-OH! Ariel's in trouble again! :P

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 14 March 2018 - 03:30 PM


#1976123 15 Days Left For Kingdom Hearts's 16th Anniversary!

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 14 March 2018 - 03:27 PM

I think Nomura will give us the updated version of the 15th anniversary artwork. I'm thinking it will be in full colour and the background will no longer be blurry with full detail of whatever was hiding there. Also to clearly reveal the fox on Sora's lap and maybe give us a broader spectrum if anything else is around him. 

#1974804 "Making of Kingdom Hearts" videos recap: KH3's animation, Keyblad...

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 25 February 2018 - 09:15 AM

This is amazing news! The best written news to come out for KH3 ever! Thanks Aquaberry For your hard work and dedication on reporting all this; this is so awesome!!

This gets me excited! ...

One of the development team members tried to talk about a certain development aspect, but the audio was censored.

To that, Nomura said, “You can’t say that right now.”

“The motion is still in progress, we’re working on the one that make a -censored-. I can’t say the name! [laughs]"

“There is one world that is distinct from the others.” 

#1973235 The Last Stage - Something Incredible

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 11 February 2018 - 04:56 PM

Hello everyone!


Nomura said at D23 Japan that the development of KH3 is split into three sections. Early stage worlds are 90% complete and the middle stage worlds are 60 - 70% complete. He didn't give a percentage of the final stage but said it was something incredible and that it is bound to surprise everyone. The developers made reference to this last stage by saying three things:

"Something he's always wanted to do and put into Kingdom Hearts, ever since the days of working on Final Fantasy"

"Everything can be done" and "Culmination of the past"

I interpret this as:


"Everything can be done" = No Disney property is off limits.

"Culmination of the past" = The most successful Disney films over time.


Culmination = The highest or climatic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.


Nomura said for any live-action films they would be adjusting the 'Kingdom Shader' effect and we have yet to see one.

I think this incredible, surprising third stage he is referring to will be entirely dedicated to Star Wars and we will be going through episodes 1 - 6 which will take up the final third stage of the game. It's surprising, it's incredible and Star Wars is an extremely popular and contemporary franchise right now. The timing is too perfect to not include it into KH3. Again I would just like to reiterate on what they said:


"Everything can be done" = No Disney property is off limits.

"Culmination of the past" = Every Star Wars film up until this point.


As for the developers saying it's, "Something he's always wanted to do and put into Kingdom Hearts, ever since the days of working on Final Fantasy" perhaps he has always wanted a Sci-fi setting in the Final Fantasy games and never got the opportunity? But now Star Wars is the perfect franchise for a Sci-fi setting in Kingdom Hearts. However that's just my speculation on this topic, what do you guys think the final third section of the game could consist of? Thanks for reading.

#1972779 Kingdom Hearts III At D23 Expo Japan 2018: Hopes, Predictions And Hype!

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 09 February 2018 - 11:21 AM

Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, D23 is just days away, and we are on the verge of possibly getting insanely awesome Kingdom Hearts III news, and with the game coming out this year, excitement for this game is at an all time high! The wait is almost over, everyone! With that being said, I, The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, share with all of you my hopes, predictions and overall hype regarding what we might possibly get from D23, which is this weekend! Enjoy! :D


So everyone, are you all hyped? What are you all hoping we will see from this event? I'm hoping for something truly surprising! :D

I think there is going to be a mix of exclusive and things that are made public there. I think we're getting a Q3 release window at the end of the trailer or Fall. I think we're going to get more footage of the Tangled world and finally see Rapunzel and big hero 6 footage after two and a half years haha! And then a new world reveal of either Monsters Inc or Frozen. I'm leaning more towards Frozen now since the KH Twitter tweeted out 3 blue hearts. I think you'll get your wish of Treasure Planet but Roy Conli announces that at E3 since he announced Tangled at E3 2015, it makes the most sense for that continuity with casual fans.

#1971960 Mysterious Tower = 'Two Shoot Blaster' Keyblade

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 31 January 2018 - 04:56 PM

We're moving on up, moving on up, time to break free, nothing can stop me! Hi everyone I'm your host Mr. Snow and I'm excited! Why am I excited? Because I think I've finally cracked the code as to where and how you acquire the two-shoot blaster Keyblade that we still don't have an official name for, so I'm just going to name it 'Bob' in the meantime. So grab a snack and settle in because here we goooo!

So this is my idea of how KH3 starts: The game starts with "Have you heard of the ancient Keyblade war?" and it begins with how they promised which was a Young Xehanort and Eraqus playing a game of chess, talking about the future prophecy and how they're never going to get girlfriends; the opening cinematic then plays with Utada Hikaru's new theme song playing in the background, amazing visuals, crying ---> KH3 title card. It then -

transitions to Sora in his KH2 outfit at Twilight Town as seen in the E3 2013 announcement trailer and you will be taking on the Devil's Wave like they showed. But they won't be nearly as tough as 0.2 to show how much stronger Sora has got. This will be your Twilight Town tutorial your taking them on, the games showing you flow-motion to jump on top of them and how magic works. Once that's over with you may have a chat with Hayner, Pence and Olette to show you the basic controls of interaction. But then Sora goes, "Oh no I'm late!"

He runs to the Station Heights, gets on the ghost train, jumps off at the Mysterious Tower. He runs up, the end cut-scene from 0.2 plays - as Nomura said we may include that scene again as it actually crossed over into KH3 itself. Then Sora's like "All right, Olympus Coliseum here we come!" They zoom through that warp hole in their gummi ship and that is your tutorial. Swift and smooth.

But immediately after this - Ding* "You have acquired the 'Bob' Keyblade." So you acquire it right after completing the tutorial and to show it's the official Keyblade of Mysterious Tower.

The reason I believe you acquire it from that world is because in the E3 2015 trailer you see Sora at Mount Olympus in his KH2 outfit wielding that Keyblade. So this must mean you acquire it extremely early on, even before you arrive there based on Sora's attire. Also I compared the KH3 'Bob' Keyblade to the KH Union Cross 'Counterpoint' Keyblade which is based on the Fantasia world from Dream Drop Distance. I've noticed the yellow star feature and the colour scheme of pink/blue/yellow is extremely similar! I have attached the two screenshots of these so let me know what you guys think. Is this how it's going to play out? Thanks for reading!

Attached Thumbnails

  • khiii-imagen.jpg
  • Screenshot_20180131-205903.png

#1971563 Two excellent KH3/KHUX theories by 'Rileyy'

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 26 January 2018 - 06:44 PM

KH3 Theory created 07/17


Marluxia Theory created 08/17


#1971104 RUMOR: PlayStation Official Magazine UK claims Kingdom Hearts III is "spl...

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 20 January 2018 - 05:13 PM

Sounds like a load of generalised fluff with no hardcore facts. Not even Sony Playstation cares enough about KH to write a decent article.

This reminds of a story back in yee olden times in 2017 when Nomura said something like "We are currently taking a new approach with these worlds that will not have Sora and co. visiting worlds more than once." Now as 2 quid is good mentioned: we have a confirmed second playable character. So if we put both of those facts together y'know what that tells me?


We may in fact be visiting these worlds twice as the second playable character. I believe it will be Riku since we made him stronger in DDD to be a Keyblade Master and it would be a shame to not put this new found power to the test. Also we have to get Aqua out of the Dark World so I think we will play as him. Not only in the Dark World but also in some of the Disney worlds to pass a bit of time on for him before the great showdown.

So to summarise - hey where did everybody go...

In the official PlayStation magazine, there's a small snippet which has lead me to believe that Riku is playable in KHIII, which is news to me but may not be for some of you. I'll post the image so you can judge for yourself. attachicon.gifDSC_0070.JPG

#1970821 Is Treasure Planet the right choice for KH3?

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 16 January 2018 - 07:10 PM

GOOD EVENING!!! Or whenever you are reading this. Please no talking until the lecture has finished so sit down and shurrup, I'm kidding. So I would like to raise a bit of discussion regarding whether Treasure Planet is the right and best choice for KH3? I know many people are assuming it's going to be in due to the two other Roy Conli produced movies and it probably will be but is it really the right choice?

My reason for questioning this is because we know that there is going to be less worlds than KH2 so in my opinion I think the maximum we are going to get is 7-8 Disney worlds. This does not include mini-game worlds like Atlantica in KH2, y'know the lesser Disney worlds. I'm talking the gigantic ones like Olympus and that Amazing Toy Story reveal, what a time to be alive. My reason is because it's taken us 4 and a half years to get just 4 Disney world reveals so revealing another 3-4 In it's final year seems about right. Personally I think we're going to get 7 max, with them being revealed at D23, E3 and TGS. I don't think we will get more than one revealed at once based on what Yasue said during E3 2016:

Yasue: Like I said about not showing much of Kingdom Hearts III at this time, there’s always a right time for everything. We want each announcement to be special.

So in my opinion if they want each world reveal to be special the idea of revealing two worlds at once would be cancelling each other out and would split the fanbase on which they we're more excited for. It would make it feel less special from my perspective.

Now moving on to the world's list let's assume that the Monsters Inc screenshots are real and y'know, for arguments sake let's just say that Frozen is in too because it's popular, then that puts the Disney worlds at a total of 6. Which means there will only be room for 1-2 more Disney worlds left.

People may believe there will be more than that and I don't mean to sound rude, but I think you are over-estimating the power of the Osaka team if you are expecting anything above 7-8 distinct Disney worlds to be quite honest. Considering the scale of them and then your getting original worlds, Radiant Garden, Land of Departure, Castle Oblivion, Twilight Town, maybe Daybreak Town from Chi, The Keyblade Graveyard and then potentially going into Kingdom Hearts itself, I think we're getting a lot there at 13 worlds. So I'll be glad if we can get 7 Disney worlds on top of all that with the scale of them.

So with all that said, I could be wrong, there is potentially only 2 spots left for grabs after Frozen and Monsters Inc. My question to you is:

"Can you honestly say that you want Treasure Planet taking up a slot when the spaces are now so limited based on what we know?" In my opinion, I know this isn't going to make me popular haha but if there is only two spaces left then I don't want it. Sorry but I would much rather have Wreck-it-Ralph, Emperor's New Groove and The Incredibles as those films we're so much better in my opinion but I agree that a space pirate theme would be cool!

But this is a discussion so I want to know what you guys think of all this. Sound off in the comments let's have a good time!

Thanks for reading.

#1969724 KH3 Ft. Coldplay - Something Just Like This

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 02 January 2018 - 01:49 PM

I thought the song worked well with the footage because we literally do want 'Something Just Like This!'. This was one of my favourite songs from last year and I think it just gives off good vibes and excitement for the game. Also there is a little joke if you stay until the end. I'm so excited for this year and KH3's release! We are finally getting our day in the sun!


#1969065 [SPOILERS] Possible world-list leaked.

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 24 December 2017 - 04:32 PM

I think it's just somebody guessing and making obvious choices based on what we know. The list seems really obvious with no real surprise. I don't think it's leaked at all. ALSO there is no 'Dark Realm' world where Aqua is trapped or Castle Oblivion which has to be in KH3. Made up.

#1968746 Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Mognet Was A Thing In Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 21 December 2017 - 04:02 AM

Hey there everyone, how's it going? So then, as the title suggests, wouldn't it be cool if Mognet was implemented into Kingdom Hearts III? For those who don't know, Mognet is a system that was used in Final Fantasy IX!



You see, one of the things I loved most about Final Fantasy IX, in addition to the story and characters, was the fact that Moogles actually served a purpose in the story! Rather than just being there, they would ask you to deliver letters to others of their kin to communicate with each other! I found it fun sending letters to other Moogles, because I liked the interactions!
Now, wouldn't it be awesome if Kingdom Hearts III had the Mognet system? Just imagine that you're about to Synthesize your first item! When you do so, the Moogle asks: "Hey kupo, there's a friend of mine that's probably journeying on another world. Would you mind delivering this letter to him for me?" It would make for an interesting side quest, as it would add replay value to exploring other worlds!
What do you think of this?

Hmmm, well I was actually reading up on old interviews and Nomura has confirmed that there will be side-quests in KH3 so you never know. And I think it's a good idea to involve just simply talking to one NPC to the next to deliver stuff. So yeah it definitely could work and I can see it happening. It would be even cooler if they told you which world the other Moogle was in but not specifically where he's hiding, so we have to search for him in the Big Hero 6 world for example. Then we randomly find him having coffee in the café or something haha. Yeah you've got a pretty decent idea there we need something like that!

Also I think the side-quests will be implemented like they we're in 0.2 with a list of objectives. So for KH3 one of them could be "Dive off the highest point in Mt. Olympus." Not only could we get cosmetic wear for Sora (beach-wear would be pretty fun) but I'm hoping for Donald and Goofy too! I think having the option to change to their classic outfits that we see at the end of KH1 would be cool. Now I've just set myself something I want in KH3 and I'll be disappointed if it's not in... those outfits would be awesome!

#1968723 KH3 English Toy Story Trailer (Fan-dub)

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 20 December 2017 - 08:55 PM

It is a great dub! It needs a bit of corrections to make it sound reaaaaallly authentic but it does feel similar to an actual footage. The lip sync was very good as well. Nice Job!

Thanks pal! Yeah I feel that with the corrections for the authenticity. I wasn't 100% sure which quotes to use for each hit it would have been cool if I worked with someone to get there opinion. I was really happy with the "yeaaaaaaah!" when he dashes with the drill haha. And looking back I wouldn't have used "fire!" 4 times in a row and I should have changed it up with a grunt instead. So yeah I get ya.

#1968645 KH3 English Toy Story Trailer (Fan-dub)

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 19 December 2017 - 07:36 PM

Kingdom Hearts III is going to infinity and beyond!


I do not own the right to the fan-dub for the cutscenes all rights and creation go to WrBIPro's channel: https://www.youtube....atch?v=Rx2hA... Please go and show your appreciation for their amazing work.


I dubbed over the Japanese trailer with English battle quotes and pieced it together to create the KH3 Toy Story english trailer. I also added 'Friend in Me' instrumental version in the cutscenes.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it! :)



#1966935 What Square Enix game(s) will get a Release Date between April and E3 2018?

Posted by SnowPint7Fourths on 22 November 2017 - 02:48 PM

I'm confident and sure that we will most probably get a release date for Kingdom Hearts III in the months leading to E3! Suppose that the release date is July 13! Then that means that E3 would be the perfect place for Square to cook up a gorgeous launch trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, which would release just a month after! But that's if the game comes out on July! :3

I was theorising that at one point on the Friday 13th July - 7 lights 13 darknesses haha it would be so dope