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Member Since 25 Oct 2015
Offline Last Active Sep 09 2017 02:32 AM

Topics I've Started

Could M.O.M get his keyblade back?

08 September 2017 - 05:52 PM

I actually thought of a really good theory, and it somewhat has to do with genre trope. I don't know the exact trope but I like to call it the experimenter trope. A person who changes stuff to what happens;With little to no interference. Now how does this trope fits the M.O.M? It's simple. I looked at key aspect that he follows the trope. He created the book of prophecies of an future war to start the 1st keyblade war. He created a "lost" page to cost disruption of the foretellers. He told Luxu something that causes him ask why, and only with you'll see. Leaving us in the dark till KH3. Now I'm taking a big stretch so hear me out. I think M.O.M. didn't want Luxu to have a copy because it will rule the experiment, and may backfair. Remember Luxu is probably the most innocent of all the foretellers. In X Back Cover, I can see in someway Luxu is caught in the middle. To carry out and look after the events of the 1st keyblade war. Now I bet your wondering, where does this all fit in with him getting his keyblade? I think the answer lies within ventus, and marluxia somebody. Not them directly, but how they are still around to present kingdom hearts. Till Union cross reveals how they are here, we can only speculate. I believe it's possible M.O.M. is still around, and watch current events through the eye of No Name. The only evidence I got, and not even the best is that he can use No Name to see into the future, and Master Xehanort can't. The reason I say this because to me, that means at some point he will get back it. Still working on the kinks to that part, but it's sufficient enough. Before I finish my theory, I do think it's plausible for M.O.M. because ventus is here, and that makes ventus is older than xehanort. Hopefully we will also get how xehanort met ventus in the 1st place. Hope you enjoy the theory, and give feedback/corrections while you guy's are at it. :)

Will September 7th or November 17th be big news for the ff7 remake?

01 September 2017 - 02:46 AM

Don't got much to say but hearing websites of something big for the anniversary on September 7th or November 17th is coming. Remember nomura wants massive information for the next ff7 remake reveal. Tell me your thoughts, and what are you hoping for if it's true? :)

Defending situation commands and no dual keyblades.

01 September 2017 - 12:30 AM

Hello everyone. I think with the whole situation command mechanic is amazing. Think about it. You can use it if you want to, or not. It's really simple. There giving us a chance to choose our playstyle on a press of a button. It could prove useful if someone runs out of mp but still have ja magic. That's useful. And dual keyblades. Who needs them? No offense but sora is actually in my opinion fully has master potential in KH3. His keyblade transformation are giving him some substance unlike dual keyblades. Not to mention sora is gonna be more powerful(as with the toy story keyblade ). But alias, no final and antiform anymore. I still don't know if there will be a gimmick for using them too much.tell me what you think. :)

Will KH3 go into full blown commercials next year?

26 August 2017 - 01:07 PM

With KH1 and kh2 having commercials, do you think they will show trailers on disney connected networks? I can't wait till I see the 1st commercial on disney xD.

KH3 sub worlds

05 August 2017 - 09:59 AM

Hello. With sub world's like timeless river, tron, and Winnie the pooh.Will we still have them. Note they are a world within a world. So we may have less main disney worlds, but hopefully we will still have sub worlds. Tell me what you think.