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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Theory: Luxu isn't really bad. But the Master awoken his darkness

07 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

Hello KH13 I have a interesting theory I like to share. I always thought Luxu would be a bad guy since xehanort keyblade is luxu's. But since cut scene's of back cover, he doesn't seem so bad. In fact he may not be bad at all. Looking at my perspective, He really cares about the others(unless shown in back cover), and doesn't want them to dead. But nothing he can do to stop it. Here is where the theory kicks in. The Master of Master's saw the massive potential of darkness in Luxu. Kind of like he seems to kind for his own good, So M.O.M. in my opinion used the Keyblade factions(Well the Masters), and rip the page to cause frustration amongst the Foretellers. M.O.M. then told Luxu to watch the Keyblade War and watch his friends get smoked. This will cause his darkness to rise after the events. Possibly it said that it's the first Keyblade in existence, His darkness will be so great it will corrupt the Keyblade with his will. Now X-BLADE was in the war. Now the box shown in back cover could be the pieces of the X-blade. Now this is the best theory I got till January 12th(Japanese release). So I hope you like it guy's.

KH3: Secret bosses

07 January 2017 - 03:45 PM

Hello kh13. It's me xXMikeys1stXx, and I have an interesting idea. Here are my ideas for Secret Bosses & how'll they fit in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Darth Vader: I think he'll be a good secret boss in Treasure Planet. There's a ball logo(like KH2 Final mix) that has the death star, and a cutscene will play with Darth Vader appear behind Sora and then turns to him to fight.

Bill Cipher: I know a perfect world for him he'll be great as a secret boss. The world that never was. With the quirky worlds, and buildings it'll be perfect for bill to appear. The logo will be bill himself. A cutscene will play telling Sora that he needs Sora keyblade to rule gravity falls, Sora says no, and Bill Cipher says he won't go back down without a fight.

Thor: This will be perfect for Mount Olympus. And he can be a champion for Zeus. Or Thor has got late for registration, and Zeus allows Thor to fight Sora in a private one vs one battle.

Warning this is just creative thinking. Don't attack me. Deadpool: Yep I said Deadpool. But with a twist. He can be in sugar rush from Wreck it Ralph. Since organization 13 has weapons, Deadpool can have his but 4th wall will tell him he won't be able to slice and dice since It's a Disney game. Heck Sora can say what your talking about to Deadpool say oh your the main character in complicated story. Sora say huh, and Deadpool ah forget it let's fight. And secret boss will begin.

A yeti heartless for Frozen: I couldn't come up with much but a yeti heartless would be really nice.

Will 0.2 and have secret endings?

28 December 2016 - 11:19 AM

I really want to because it will give us a hint to kh3.

Guys Kingdom hearts 3 from 2013 to 2015 had a big difference.

13 December 2016 - 03:41 PM



















Don't know how to show videos on here, but decied to show how much has changed. Enjoy.

Will the other organzation 13 members wake up in 3?

12 December 2016 - 02:55 PM

After seeing axel, and vexen woke up to be humans, Will we see the others? Just asking thats all.