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#1941894 KH3 idea: Rewind Data battle

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 06 May 2017 - 03:29 PM

KH3 Idea: Rewind Data Battles

Rewind data is an idea where you face bosses from past Kingdom Hearts to show how much Sora has grown in strength. This is fun because this includes mostly optional bosses, and I will even include attraction flow(because If I remember correctly, bosses will have the best ones). and I will go into detail for how will they will work KH3.

Here is how I see it happening: Sora finds a orb that can see into the pass, and fight the bosses.

Unknown: Facing unknown would be nice. KH3 sora can keyblade transformation to cut short work, and use a car attraction flow to slam down him. Nothing much but taking every advantage of both attraction flow & keyblade transformation.

Kurt Zisa: Now I can more specific. Sora can deactivate the barrier by a cannon keyblade transformation, when it summons sand tornados sora can do a situation command where he collects them and sends a bigger tornado for damage, and when he spins(both horizontal and vertical) a situation command have sora grab the blade for a throw that will stun & knockout Kurt zisa. Actually the best attraction flow would the pirate ship.

Sora fly's around with Donald and goofy. It's still the same but with situation command that for 20 secs sora can use keyblade transformation and wreck it with an invisible floor. A perfect attraction flow would be a airplane that shoots neutral damage to hit any type of colored orb. And the finisher reverses the clockdown on phantom for 20 secs of HP lost by 2 multipled exponentially by 2( 2,4,6, and so on)

KH2 Lingering Will
This will awesome because same health and moves but Vs. KH3 sora.
But an awesome situation command will have sora use Lingering Will keyblade moves(2 Rising Stars, Whiplash attack, and sora uses ultima cannon against him. ) A perfect attraction flow would be the star shoot blaster because lingering will always comes and be punished by it.

Fire & Ice Lord
Simple: Just add the boat attraction flow we would be good.

Well that's all I got, and give me feedback

#1939647 What's your E3 wishlist and predictions?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 21 April 2017 - 04:22 PM

2017 wishlist & predictions

Hello Kh13. E3 2017 is near and I wanna know what announcements you. So first list is wishlist. In the 1st 5 name any game you wish was possible (because anything can happen at E3), and the last 6 is your predictions(this is for ones based on leaks and facts). So here are mine:

1: Devil May Cry 5

2: Sonic and Knuckles remake(I love hyper sonic)

3: Dead Space 4

4: Darksiders 3

5: Prototype 3


6: New KH3 trailer

7: FF7 Remake trailer with sephiorth

8: Sinnoh Remake

9: BIG, no Huge Spiderman trailer

10: New Sucker Punch Game.

11: Wolfestien New Colossus

#1932525 What are your theory on ventus in chi and connection to kh3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 11 March 2017 - 06:27 PM

I would like to hear some theories. Things I am confused now.

1:How is ventus in the war if xehanort talks about it a young age?

2: Not related to ventus but the keyblade xehanort was given too.

#1925809 Kingdom hearts chi theory:The master wanted it to happen

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 12 February 2017 - 04:29 PM

I finally made a worthwhile theory. The master , Luxu, the X-blade, and the box. I think I figured it out. Why does the master seems like he controlling the events? Why keep the box from the other Foretellers? Why does luxu gets his keyblade? I think I have a plausible answer. The Master wanted to see darkness rise. It makes no sense, but let me explain. The box I believe is the fragments of the X-blade. But I believe it was broken before the war, in order to cause chaos when it's summoned. This is a cause and effect basically it's what it is. What if he took away the X-blade when the war happens? Remember he told luxu something and I think that what it was. The shock of the X-blade being taken away in a time of need. And remember he made the book of prophecies yet luxu is shocked. Why be shocked about something if events are gonna come into place? And why go away and give luxu a keyblade? Well it's a stretch but hear me out. If the master was known to cause the conflict indirectly, the Foretellers will be asking why. So I believe he gave luxu the gazing eye he can see what he done after the war. Luxu was to see the war because of the keyblade. So him and the master can see the war. That's why I believe Ava attacked luxu in chi. Because she caught what was going on. And the reason he wanted to be passed down is beyond me, but I believe he also wanted another war happen. Think about his keyblade is the oldest keyblade known, so his eye she still be in effect. And this is a big stretch: The master is seeing all of the events that master xehanort does. And that's maybe we have medals and cards. Because he saw the future to a great extent. It's not like time travel where you have to exist at a certain point in time, he's seeing the future with something that can exist for long periods of time. A inanimate object is a perfect to see everything. And on side note before I end, Remember Kingdom Hearts fell to darkness? I also believe that Kingdom Hearts in realm of darkness is part of the master's plan. In conclusion to all this: The Master is could still be alive in the realm of darkness since time is really slow(Remember black coats help in R.O.D.). That's as best I got. Comment if something doesn't seem right, and if you agree to add. I worked really hard on this.

#1914979 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Theory: Luxu isn't really bad. But the Master awoken h...

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

Hello KH13 I have a interesting theory I like to share. I always thought Luxu would be a bad guy since xehanort keyblade is luxu's. But since cut scene's of back cover, he doesn't seem so bad. In fact he may not be bad at all. Looking at my perspective, He really cares about the others(unless shown in back cover), and doesn't want them to dead. But nothing he can do to stop it. Here is where the theory kicks in. The Master of Master's saw the massive potential of darkness in Luxu. Kind of like he seems to kind for his own good, So M.O.M. in my opinion used the Keyblade factions(Well the Masters), and rip the page to cause frustration amongst the Foretellers. M.O.M. then told Luxu to watch the Keyblade War and watch his friends get smoked. This will cause his darkness to rise after the events. Possibly it said that it's the first Keyblade in existence, His darkness will be so great it will corrupt the Keyblade with his will. Now X-BLADE was in the war. Now the box shown in back cover could be the pieces of the X-blade. Now this is the best theory I got till January 12th(Japanese release). So I hope you like it guy's.

#1914977 KH3: Secret bosses

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 January 2017 - 03:45 PM

Hello kh13. It's me xXMikeys1stXx, and I have an interesting idea. Here are my ideas for Secret Bosses & how'll they fit in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Darth Vader: I think he'll be a good secret boss in Treasure Planet. There's a ball logo(like KH2 Final mix) that has the death star, and a cutscene will play with Darth Vader appear behind Sora and then turns to him to fight.

Bill Cipher: I know a perfect world for him he'll be great as a secret boss. The world that never was. With the quirky worlds, and buildings it'll be perfect for bill to appear. The logo will be bill himself. A cutscene will play telling Sora that he needs Sora keyblade to rule gravity falls, Sora says no, and Bill Cipher says he won't go back down without a fight.

Thor: This will be perfect for Mount Olympus. And he can be a champion for Zeus. Or Thor has got late for registration, and Zeus allows Thor to fight Sora in a private one vs one battle.

Warning this is just creative thinking. Don't attack me. Deadpool: Yep I said Deadpool. But with a twist. He can be in sugar rush from Wreck it Ralph. Since organization 13 has weapons, Deadpool can have his but 4th wall will tell him he won't be able to slice and dice since It's a Disney game. Heck Sora can say what your talking about to Deadpool say oh your the main character in complicated story. Sora say huh, and Deadpool ah forget it let's fight. And secret boss will begin.

A yeti heartless for Frozen: I couldn't come up with much but a yeti heartless would be really nice.

#1904956 What newer Disney Movies you want in KH3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 12 December 2016 - 02:47 PM

From 2002 - 2014 is the preferred date.


Ever since big hero 6 was announced, I got more hopefully.


Here are my 5 new worlds i want in kingdom hearts 3.


1:Treasure Planet


2: Lilo and stich


3: Princess and the frog


4:bambi 2


5: Meet the robisons.


2015 maybe added since 2017 is almost. Just share as many worlds as you want. 

#1902846 Kingdom hearts 3 2017 news

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 December 2016 - 12:17 PM

Two things 1: When they said kingdom hearts 3 news after 2.8, i think they mean the japanese release. It'll be pretty awesome, and nonstop news next year. 2: 2017 will be the biggest and best news of KH3. No 2.9, just KH3. You thought 2015 was good, 2017 trailer would be awesome sauce. And D23 Expo is gonna have another appearance. Hopefully frozen announcement. I'm totally excited, and know the next trailer will blow us away.

#1902517 Drive forms and keyblade transformation

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 06 December 2016 - 02:10 PM

Hello KH13 I just remembered something of the small yet big big news of drive forms returning, and keyblade transformation. How will they work if they are both used as seen when Sora use power form? My best guess is A) Nothing will change fighting wise or B) Drive forms will react differently when using a transformation.

Tell me what you guys think, all open years.

#1901852 Kingdom Hearts legacy.

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 05 December 2016 - 05:40 PM

Thank you. :)

#1901836 Kingdom Hearts legacy.

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 05 December 2016 - 05:24 PM

Hello I'm start a Kingdom Hearts legacy like FFXV. And here is my Kingdom Hearts legacy.

It all started back in 2002 when Disney did a preview on Kingdom Hearts 1. I was liked wow I want to play. Going through some trouble, I promise myself I play. It was then 4 year's later I saw the utada Hilary sanctuary. It was beautiful seeing jack sparrow and others. It was then I really want to play it. But 2008 I also saw rechain of memories at Wal-Mart, but couldn't get it. 2009 I saw the 358/2 days and really want to play. And fast forward to 2013, it's that when I saw KH3 announcement and that's when I really need to play. But I will say this, in 2014 a day before school begins I was at GameStop. I asked the cashier if there was 1.5, and she said no. I went a second time in it wasn't there, and then I legit prayed(won't say because I don't wanna start anything). And I kid you not, the same shelf that didn't even have it mysteriously was there, and thus being a fan begins. Now I bet you wondering where is my legacy. Well doing these years I have high-end autism. One of my behaviors is posting just to not feel lonely or respond, and Kingdom Hearts helps me with that. I play final fantasy I can relate but I play Kingdom Hearts I feel understanding. I can account this year alone I got reported on Kh13, and Facebook groups of not following some rules. And no matter what I play Kingdom Hearts to understand the characters and how they feel. Obviously my fav character is Sora not because he is the main, but because how he understood and feel for certain things. Two things that sorry said will forever change my life: 1" My heart maybe weak and sometimes give in, but deep down there's a light that never goes out." And 2 when Sora said he doesn't need a weapon but his friends are his power. Kingdom Hearts has helped changed overtime and help me achieve my goal(not being annoying, follow the rules, and never make mistakes). I sure have been dealt a swift hand(AxelTheFlame is the homie) who got me right. I'll hope you share your legacy, it will be great to hear.

P.S.: KH13 as a whole community has helped me with my autism. Never be greedy(constant posting and short post), and weird stuff(things I should only post on status)

#1899869 KH3:2013 reaction

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 30 November 2016 - 10:56 AM

Well time for the big one. The it was announced and the whole fandom changed. I still remember it freshly. I actually watched the FFXV live-stream, and was about to go. Till Mr. Nomura said he a teaser for a upcoming game. I was like "New project". I was watching, and Kingdom Hearts. I thought," Remastered collection". But then it showed all the games and I got like" what is this?" I started panicking of joy, and cried a bit. And then the big KH3 logo showed and I flipped out. To know it's actually coming is a big shocker. And after that I knew when this game comes out, I would do a live-stream let's play.

#1899185 The Disney Formula

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 28 November 2016 - 01:28 PM

Well hello Kh13 this post is a sequel to why KH3 will be popular but this time I will talk heavily about one thing: Disney worlds.

Yes this is the biggest factor for new people to get into KH3. Now remember Kingdom Hearts is known for having one of the hardest(if not the hardest) storyline in games to date. So more than likely it will be Disney. Frozen is still making merchandise after 3 years. So if it's included, you talking about a massive sales boost, and throw in big hero 6 this maybe the most sold my game to date. Now before you say" Kingdom Hearts won't get as popular"," the story is complicated", and more. I'm sure will heard of over hyped games like no man's sky. Good game but people did over hype. But here where the Disney Formula is. KH3 is Disney, and Disney is known world wide. Not to mention that KH3 will have new worlds. Even if it's get over hype for new people, that's actually a good thing. Remember to new people, it will be seeing favorite Disney movies in KH3 not the gameplay. Depending on which world they show, people will get more interested and excited. I even did a small math. There's a 3% chance that a celebrity and/or social media celebrity will notice it, and share positive feedback. That's my 2 cents and give great feedback.

#1892207 Reason why Kingdom Hearts will be popular.

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 November 2016 - 12:35 PM

Hello kh13 this is gonna be maybe my final post, but after listening to kingdom hearts remixes(dubstep and hip-hop) while watching a compilation of KH3 announcement. I thought of something amazing.

Why Kingdom Hearts 3 could get major popularity?

My longest post ever, and this inspiration for this was the administrator axel who call me out on what I did which lead to a meaningful post. Now I will go over 3 or more things because I'm make it into a series starting greatest potential to least to help KH3 be really successful

1:Disney worlds
Now this is icing on the cake, the kingdom hearts universe is mainly know for the Disney worlds. This will be the main ingredient to bring new people into kingdom hearts. Think about it big hero 6, and if it happens a frozen announcement. If KH3 will have commercials(like kh1 and kh2), obviously showing footage of BH6 & Frozen will will be a major boost in sales. Now I'm not it will be only those to increase it, depending on what Disney movie they also show could increase sales. Look at KH3D they had old Disney movies which will increase the chances of they are in Kingdom hearts 3.

2: I hate to say it, but graphics
Yes I said it. Now with ps4 pro, and Xbox one s with the possibility of a PC release. Now think about it. Look at 2013 KH3 and 2015 KH3, major difference right? The final product will be absolutely gorgeous, and attract graphic people(people I call that play games for graphics 1st). This will be a minor boost in sales or major if they allow a quick port to PC. Now if it comes to PC, and gets pirated they should have 0 damage for attacks in the game.

3:A bit too far but celebrity involvement.
Think about it, and remember KH3 trended on Facebook and Twitter more than once. So if celebrity that game's get it will indefinitely boost it. Or maybe gamer celebrities like PewDiePie, Markiplier, or sniperwolf. We maybe talking about a huge boost then.

4: Advertising
This kinda falls to celebrity involvement but it's not. When Kh3 goes full steam ahead: commercials, YouTube ads, internet ads, and the possibility of small time stuff( Like a kingdom hearts 3 kids meal). I mean Disney is mainly focused on KH3 since KH1.

Now here are the least(as in least likely to happen)

5: A Disney channel movie event. Like think about especially if people don't wanna see all worlds release in the game. They can watch Disney channel, and see the movies will be in KH3. Makes it bit more enjoyable too, to watch timeless classic will be a bonus.

6: A behind-the-scenes video
This would be awesome, and maybe a 15 documentary on how the worlds in KH3 got there. Or the history how the game was made. Anything could go.

7: A kh3 event similar to 2.5
I got more but this has the smallest chance of happening. The reason is this is KH3. It's gonna be bigger and maybe even similar ffxv uncovered. Demo announcement, new worlds, people who made the movie says thanks, and a release date. This would be great because it might get live-streamed, or I hate to say this, gets a television premiere on Disney xD.

8: A demo.
One of the most controversial aspect if it releases a demo. But it could be like the KH3D demo, or ffxv platinum demo. I understand that some doesn't want it but imagine KH3 demo like KH3D(no story, 15 minutes long, one of each gameplay mechanics) or FFXV platinum demo-like(a short demo with its own little story connected to 3). This could play in our advantage because we can ask to nerf or buff things. It could actually be beneficial.

9: A 1st 50 minutes gameplay like ffxv
This may not ever happen but it's worthwhile. We could see what we have to do, and what's to come. This in itself will get lots of view's on YouTube. Especially to get a good sneak peek.

10: KH3 Ultimate edition(not collectors but best of the best) Here's my vision of the best edition: One KH3 art book, a kai arts play of KH3 Sora, A wallpaper of KH3 game cover, a CD track of all KH3 ost, a signature of Mr Nomura on KH3 Sora and Mickey, and the best one a free life-size star keyblade or giant life-size KH3 Mickey.

Well I'm make more but please keep these in mind. These are the best I could think of, so add something I never thought of. I will say it could get no man sky popular. I know it might have gotten over hyped but with KH3 it has a special formula. It has Disney movies, and those Disney movies will attract non Kingdom hearts fans. The Disney aspect will be the biggest focus, not the story because people will get confused so just let them play for Disney worlds.

I say this and remember this because I saw it somewhere: "I'm not a gamer at all but I'm a big fan of Kingdom hearts."

#1886211 What drive forms you want for KH3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 27 October 2016 - 01:22 PM

Sorry for my silly post, got too hype but i calm down. But lets do this. What drive forms do you want? Fan made, or from kh2 its time to get hyped a bit.