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Member Since 25 Oct 2015
Offline Last Active May 24 2018 06:34 PM

#1981248 Does the kingdom hearts series have the strongest fictional creatures?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 24 May 2018 - 06:14 PM

Looking at the heartless, and everyone has darkness in their hearts plus they can only truly be rid of by keyblade. Due to this, they can make them overpowered to other fictional worlds. Not even naruto-verse can withstand a heartless infestation. So do you guy's thinks heartless are actually the strongest creature types of all fiction? Tell me what you think.

#1979384 So the kingdom hearts 3 event is real.

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 04 May 2018 - 12:50 PM

I'm actually shocked. I don't know when, but i'm excited. I posted a pic below for proof.

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  • Screenshot_2018-05-03-23-54-04.png

#1977305 What games you want announce at e3 2018?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 03 April 2018 - 12:55 PM

The best with this e3 alot of the triple titles already came out or soon to be revealed. People share what you wish to see, and what game could be a shocking announcement.

#1969753 Will Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer constitute as spoilers?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 02 January 2018 - 10:59 PM

Hear me out. With KH3 releasing this year, I can understand spoilers for worlds can be quite touchy, and possibly story leaks. But what about trailers that's been showed by square enix? People getting mad at leaks is one thing, but trailers shown by square enix is another. Not to mention the fact that all world's will be released through the media (trailers and interviews). Alot of fans don't wanna see them most of them because they want the joy of discovery. To simplify, how will kingdom hearts community react when all of the world's are revealed officially. I know it's silly to ask, but it's something I be interested in having healthy discussion about.

#1969585 Tell in detail, what game in 2018 are you gonna get?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 31 December 2017 - 04:10 PM

Hello everyone. Masteroflostrain on the day before 2018. With amazing games coming out next, 2018 could be the best gaming year yet. This won't be a list like I usually discuss but the games I want to discuss individually list. So five is my max, but you can individually discuss any number of games you can't wait to see or going to get.

1:Spider-Man PS4. I am highly excited for this game. The last spiderman game I own for console was neversoft ps1 game . I love that miles morales will be in the game(though I don't know if he will be playable. ). Giving lesser know villians a try (dr negative), and having QTE gameplay. Albeit I don't know if the game will have fluid combos, but I am sure of the new mechanics for the game. Being able to plant web bombs is pretty neat, and more parkour like web swinging. Overall I will get this game no matter what.

2:God of War ps4. I'm very excited for this game because I do love the 3rd party perspective. I really love how this is the same kratos from the original god of war, and the fact the Norse gods knows of him. And a interview said that his son knows his pass. I'm more excited of the potential complex storytelling going on. Honestly just the story and gameplay is good enough for me. Since it's coming in early 2018, I have more chances of buying it.

3: Far Cry 5. I am excited for this game because it's big change of coming to America. I can't wait to play this because of the new added features, and first ever character creation. I don't got much to say, but I am totally excited.

4: Monster Hunter World. I honestly am very excited. I always sucks at the games in the series. Hopefully the story mode can be very promising, and have character development. All in all, I am just very happy to getting a game this good.

5:Days Gone. I'm so excited for this as well. A ps4 zombie exclusive that's taking a different twist. I do like the biker zombie attacker. And finally a zombie animal. I gotta get this game when it comes out. Well let's all hope it'll be a good game.

Well tell as many games as you want in detail that you can't wait to see you, or have on your console. :)

#1967078 Will Kingdom Hearts 3 have mirage arena?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 25 November 2017 - 01:57 PM

Looking at it, when KH3 is out and people beat it, they gonna need something to do. So bringing back mirage arena would make KH3 replayablity higher. I don't got much to say, but wouldn't you agree it should return?

#1964716 Playstation experience 2017 predictions

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 19 October 2017 - 09:32 AM

Hello groups and friends. I finally gonna make prediction on playstation experience. Ever since ff7 remake announcement, and 2016 playstation experience, the expo is gaining some mobility. So I'm do two list. Realstic and Non-realstic. Due note they both may not happen. But since announcing last of us 2, I would include long awaited games. Please tell me what you want announced, and your opinion on my list.

1: New Sucker Punch game
2:Brand new ratchet and clank game
3:God of War release date
4:Spider-Man release date
5:New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer
6: Devil May Cry 5 announcement
7:Bloodborne 2 teaser trailer
8: Spyro Remake teaser
9: Next Naughty dog
10: Never before seen IP'S announced for any game company

1:Naughty dog jack and Daxter 4
2: Resistance 4
3: Square Enix next spin off final fantasy(like ff versus 13)
4: Minecraft Mod Support
5:Elder Scrolls 6 (I'm still hopeful)
6:Any info on square enix avengers game
7: Shenmue 3 update
8: Next Infamous game
9: More Ps2 remastered support
The next isn't on non realstic
10: More than one internet breaking announcements
Playstation experience may not be like E3, so don't expect more than one internet breaking announcements. It's highly unlikely it will happen.

#1961820 Could M.O.M get his keyblade back?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 08 September 2017 - 05:52 PM

I actually thought of a really good theory, and it somewhat has to do with genre trope. I don't know the exact trope but I like to call it the experimenter trope. A person who changes stuff to what happens;With little to no interference. Now how does this trope fits the M.O.M? It's simple. I looked at key aspect that he follows the trope. He created the book of prophecies of an future war to start the 1st keyblade war. He created a "lost" page to cost disruption of the foretellers. He told Luxu something that causes him ask why, and only with you'll see. Leaving us in the dark till KH3. Now I'm taking a big stretch so hear me out. I think M.O.M. didn't want Luxu to have a copy because it will rule the experiment, and may backfair. Remember Luxu is probably the most innocent of all the foretellers. In X Back Cover, I can see in someway Luxu is caught in the middle. To carry out and look after the events of the 1st keyblade war. Now I bet your wondering, where does this all fit in with him getting his keyblade? I think the answer lies within ventus, and marluxia somebody. Not them directly, but how they are still around to present kingdom hearts. Till Union cross reveals how they are here, we can only speculate. I believe it's possible M.O.M. is still around, and watch current events through the eye of No Name. The only evidence I got, and not even the best is that he can use No Name to see into the future, and Master Xehanort can't. The reason I say this because to me, that means at some point he will get back it. Still working on the kinks to that part, but it's sufficient enough. Before I finish my theory, I do think it's plausible for M.O.M. because ventus is here, and that makes ventus is older than xehanort. Hopefully we will also get how xehanort met ventus in the 1st place. Hope you enjoy the theory, and give feedback/corrections while you guy's are at it. :)

#1961150 Will September 7th or November 17th be big news for the ff7 remake?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 01 September 2017 - 02:46 AM

Don't got much to say but hearing websites of something big for the anniversary on September 7th or November 17th is coming. Remember nomura wants massive information for the next ff7 remake reveal. Tell me your thoughts, and what are you hoping for if it's true? :)

#1961140 Defending situation commands and no dual keyblades.

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 01 September 2017 - 12:30 AM

Hello everyone. I think with the whole situation command mechanic is amazing. Think about it. You can use it if you want to, or not. It's really simple. There giving us a chance to choose our playstyle on a press of a button. It could prove useful if someone runs out of mp but still have ja magic. That's useful. And dual keyblades. Who needs them? No offense but sora is actually in my opinion fully has master potential in KH3. His keyblade transformation are giving him some substance unlike dual keyblades. Not to mention sora is gonna be more powerful(as with the toy story keyblade ). But alias, no final and antiform anymore. I still don't know if there will be a gimmick for using them too much.tell me what you think. :)

#1960516 Will KH3 go into full blown commercials next year?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 26 August 2017 - 01:07 PM

With KH1 and kh2 having commercials, do you think they will show trailers on disney connected networks? I can't wait till I see the 1st commercial on disney xD.

#1957901 KH3 sub worlds

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 05 August 2017 - 09:59 AM

Hello. With sub world's like timeless river, tron, and Winnie the pooh.Will we still have them. Note they are a world within a world. So we may have less main disney worlds, but hopefully we will still have sub worlds. Tell me what you think.

#1947254 Critical Mode trophy and platinum trophy BBS

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 June 2017 - 07:18 AM

Hello just need a bit of help. I already beat terra in critical mode. I'm playing as ventus, and will need help facing X-Blade vanitas on 1 life left(when vanitas becomes a d-link). But I really need help on is aqua. She has terranort, and pureblood heartless. In fact, I made need help in general because I died a lot with aqua in proud mode. So any advice for critical mode aqua and ventus would be nice.

#1947124 Will we see the return of special heartless in KH3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 06 June 2017 - 09:44 PM

After playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I think they should return. I mean in the 2015 KH3 trailer, we saw evidence of tech points. I think they will be more in KH3 due to a good challenge. And I actually think the mushrooms should comeback too. They can help make it hard as it was in KH1. One special heartless that should return giga shadows. Especially bring stealth soldiers.

Also I actually want 1000 heartless to return, but with mostly crimson jazz & tornado heartless.

Tel me what you think thanks.

#1946729 What was your most savage moment in B.B. so command board?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 05 June 2017 - 10:49 AM

Mine was in deep space. I was doing very poorly at first with stitch and gantu with hug high ranking commands. But then I got captain justice. My munny was flowing in because Pete actually bought spaces(ironically the type of command as the one I bought). And it doesn't stop there. I did bought command did gantu and stitch, but with Pete paying me I was already good. But here's the really best part. As it's known, it's rare to get all random jokers. And that's what I got. I did golden capture, timed it right, and got zone capture. I had level them all up so much that both gantu and stitch was in the negative 2000's. At that point, I had to more random jokers and when I touched the green panel, I got another one. I did golden fortune, and timed it to get zone capture. I was doing so well I went in circles in the middle of the deep space command board, and watch as they get to negatives. At that point, I went to the starting point and won.

Yeah, so tell me your best moments. I know it's hard to believe, but it did happen.
So share me your best command board moments. Thanks.