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#1947254 Critical Mode trophy and platinum trophy BBS

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 June 2017 - 07:18 AM

Hello just need a bit of help. I already beat terra in critical mode. I'm playing as ventus, and will need help facing X-Blade vanitas on 1 life left(when vanitas becomes a d-link). But I really need help on is aqua. She has terranort, and pureblood heartless. In fact, I made need help in general because I died a lot with aqua in proud mode. So any advice for critical mode aqua and ventus would be nice.

#1947124 Will we see the return of special heartless in KH3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 06 June 2017 - 09:44 PM

After playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I think they should return. I mean in the 2015 KH3 trailer, we saw evidence of tech points. I think they will be more in KH3 due to a good challenge. And I actually think the mushrooms should comeback too. They can help make it hard as it was in KH1. One special heartless that should return giga shadows. Especially bring stealth soldiers.

Also I actually want 1000 heartless to return, but with mostly crimson jazz & tornado heartless.

Tel me what you think thanks.

#1946729 What was your most savage moment in B.B. so command board?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 05 June 2017 - 10:49 AM

Mine was in deep space. I was doing very poorly at first with stitch and gantu with hug high ranking commands. But then I got captain justice. My munny was flowing in because Pete actually bought spaces(ironically the type of command as the one I bought). And it doesn't stop there. I did bought command did gantu and stitch, but with Pete paying me I was already good. But here's the really best part. As it's known, it's rare to get all random jokers. And that's what I got. I did golden capture, timed it right, and got zone capture. I had level them all up so much that both gantu and stitch was in the negative 2000's. At that point, I had to more random jokers and when I touched the green panel, I got another one. I did golden fortune, and timed it to get zone capture. I was doing so well I went in circles in the middle of the deep space command board, and watch as they get to negatives. At that point, I went to the starting point and won.

Yeah, so tell me your best moments. I know it's hard to believe, but it did happen.
So share me your best command board moments. Thanks.

#1946364 Does anyone know good underground rappers or r&b singers?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 02 June 2017 - 07:37 PM

Listen to Akala, he's a British underground rapper and a good change of pace from what the industry is currently providing.

I'll given it a chance. Thanks

#1946109 Legendary games that we hope to see coming

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 01 June 2017 - 11:05 AM

Hey everyone. This topic is basically about games we actually got to play(announced games too) and to come.

This are the games that are released:
The Last guardian
If there's any legendary game that was announced or released, give a name please.

Now upcoming (or hope they exist games):
Ff7 remake
Metroid switch
Elder scrolls 6
Xeno blade 2
Pokémon sinnoh remake
Shenmue 3
A final fantasy collection(of 1-9)
Dissident PS4
Spider-Man PS4
Jak and daxter(by naughty dog)
Restiance 4
New infamous game
Sly cooper game with movie tie-in
God of war 4
Spyro game for PS4
Devil may Cry 5
Ratchet and Clank after the future saga
PlayStation all battle royale 2
And finally, Cyberpunk 2077

Note this isn't about E3 necessarily but about games we wished existed and actually announced (the last of us 2, and ff7 remake). So tell me what you think, and what game that even with 0.1% chance of happening was real. Thanks for reading.

#1945723 Will Xehanort go all in the final battle, and Does M.O.M. Keyblade see the ev...

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 30 May 2017 - 05:00 PM

Hey guys two questions. 1st is about xehanorts final battle. Looking at his armor in BBSFM, The ram keyblade can do a lot of transformation(even fly), able to be fight besides it wielder, cast powerful dark magic, and make freaking wall. So I wanna know what would happen if he gets the X-blade. Let's hope it's a battle to be remembered.

Second:The Master of Master keyblade can see into the future, and heck he gave it to Luxu which he even told him he actually achieve his goal. If possible, this may have a small connection to ventus. If ventus was in the war 100%, that could possibly mean the M.O.M could still watching on the sidelines. I'm not saying a greater force than xehanort, but he could take his place when his fallen. I will say this, Ventus had a book of prohecy. I hope in KH3 we find it, and discover M.O.M. True intentions. Remember he told Lucy something, and shocked him a lot. Give me your opinion on this, I'm all ears.

#1945529 How you gonna prepare for E3 2017?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 29 May 2017 - 04:54 PM

Hello guys. 15 more days till the big event. Tell me how you prepare. I'm gonna watch it alone, and eat one little chaser pizza each on June 13-15. I might let my family watch to understand me as a gamer. Tell me what you gonna do, and what conferences you hope for.

P.S.: I might watch Microsoft e3 2017 on spike channel. If it's gonna appear again on spike, I will watch the whole thing.
:Removed if deemed inappropriate

#1941894 KH3 idea: Rewind Data battle

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 06 May 2017 - 03:29 PM

KH3 Idea: Rewind Data Battles

Rewind data is an idea where you face bosses from past Kingdom Hearts to show how much Sora has grown in strength. This is fun because this includes mostly optional bosses, and I will even include attraction flow(because If I remember correctly, bosses will have the best ones). and I will go into detail for how will they will work KH3.

Here is how I see it happening: Sora finds a orb that can see into the pass, and fight the bosses.

Unknown: Facing unknown would be nice. KH3 sora can keyblade transformation to cut short work, and use a car attraction flow to slam down him. Nothing much but taking every advantage of both attraction flow & keyblade transformation.

Kurt Zisa: Now I can more specific. Sora can deactivate the barrier by a cannon keyblade transformation, when it summons sand tornados sora can do a situation command where he collects them and sends a bigger tornado for damage, and when he spins(both horizontal and vertical) a situation command have sora grab the blade for a throw that will stun & knockout Kurt zisa. Actually the best attraction flow would the pirate ship.

Sora fly's around with Donald and goofy. It's still the same but with situation command that for 20 secs sora can use keyblade transformation and wreck it with an invisible floor. A perfect attraction flow would be a airplane that shoots neutral damage to hit any type of colored orb. And the finisher reverses the clockdown on phantom for 20 secs of HP lost by 2 multipled exponentially by 2( 2,4,6, and so on)

KH2 Lingering Will
This will awesome because same health and moves but Vs. KH3 sora.
But an awesome situation command will have sora use Lingering Will keyblade moves(2 Rising Stars, Whiplash attack, and sora uses ultima cannon against him. ) A perfect attraction flow would be the star shoot blaster because lingering will always comes and be punished by it.

Fire & Ice Lord
Simple: Just add the boat attraction flow we would be good.

Well that's all I got, and give me feedback

#1939647 What's your E3 wishlist and predictions?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 21 April 2017 - 04:22 PM

2017 wishlist & predictions

Hello Kh13. E3 2017 is near and I wanna know what announcements you. So first list is wishlist. In the 1st 5 name any game you wish was possible (because anything can happen at E3), and the last 6 is your predictions(this is for ones based on leaks and facts). So here are mine:

1: Devil May Cry 5

2: Sonic and Knuckles remake(I love hyper sonic)

3: Dead Space 4

4: Darksiders 3

5: Prototype 3


6: New KH3 trailer

7: FF7 Remake trailer with sephiorth

8: Sinnoh Remake

9: BIG, no Huge Spiderman trailer

10: New Sucker Punch Game.

11: Wolfestien New Colossus

#1932525 What are your theory on ventus in chi and connection to kh3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 11 March 2017 - 06:27 PM

I would like to hear some theories. Things I am confused now.

1:How is ventus in the war if xehanort talks about it a young age?

2: Not related to ventus but the keyblade xehanort was given too.

#1925809 Kingdom hearts chi theory:The master wanted it to happen

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 12 February 2017 - 04:29 PM

I finally made a worthwhile theory. The master , Luxu, the X-blade, and the box. I think I figured it out. Why does the master seems like he controlling the events? Why keep the box from the other Foretellers? Why does luxu gets his keyblade? I think I have a plausible answer. The Master wanted to see darkness rise. It makes no sense, but let me explain. The box I believe is the fragments of the X-blade. But I believe it was broken before the war, in order to cause chaos when it's summoned. This is a cause and effect basically it's what it is. What if he took away the X-blade when the war happens? Remember he told luxu something and I think that what it was. The shock of the X-blade being taken away in a time of need. And remember he made the book of prophecies yet luxu is shocked. Why be shocked about something if events are gonna come into place? And why go away and give luxu a keyblade? Well it's a stretch but hear me out. If the master was known to cause the conflict indirectly, the Foretellers will be asking why. So I believe he gave luxu the gazing eye he can see what he done after the war. Luxu was to see the war because of the keyblade. So him and the master can see the war. That's why I believe Ava attacked luxu in chi. Because she caught what was going on. And the reason he wanted to be passed down is beyond me, but I believe he also wanted another war happen. Think about his keyblade is the oldest keyblade known, so his eye she still be in effect. And this is a big stretch: The master is seeing all of the events that master xehanort does. And that's maybe we have medals and cards. Because he saw the future to a great extent. It's not like time travel where you have to exist at a certain point in time, he's seeing the future with something that can exist for long periods of time. A inanimate object is a perfect to see everything. And on side note before I end, Remember Kingdom Hearts fell to darkness? I also believe that Kingdom Hearts in realm of darkness is part of the master's plan. In conclusion to all this: The Master is could still be alive in the realm of darkness since time is really slow(Remember black coats help in R.O.D.). That's as best I got. Comment if something doesn't seem right, and if you agree to add. I worked really hard on this.

#1914979 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Theory: Luxu isn't really bad. But the Master awoken h...

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

Hello KH13 I have a interesting theory I like to share. I always thought Luxu would be a bad guy since xehanort keyblade is luxu's. But since cut scene's of back cover, he doesn't seem so bad. In fact he may not be bad at all. Looking at my perspective, He really cares about the others(unless shown in back cover), and doesn't want them to dead. But nothing he can do to stop it. Here is where the theory kicks in. The Master of Master's saw the massive potential of darkness in Luxu. Kind of like he seems to kind for his own good, So M.O.M. in my opinion used the Keyblade factions(Well the Masters), and rip the page to cause frustration amongst the Foretellers. M.O.M. then told Luxu to watch the Keyblade War and watch his friends get smoked. This will cause his darkness to rise after the events. Possibly it said that it's the first Keyblade in existence, His darkness will be so great it will corrupt the Keyblade with his will. Now X-BLADE was in the war. Now the box shown in back cover could be the pieces of the X-blade. Now this is the best theory I got till January 12th(Japanese release). So I hope you like it guy's.

#1914977 KH3: Secret bosses

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 January 2017 - 03:45 PM

Hello kh13. It's me xXMikeys1stXx, and I have an interesting idea. Here are my ideas for Secret Bosses & how'll they fit in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Darth Vader: I think he'll be a good secret boss in Treasure Planet. There's a ball logo(like KH2 Final mix) that has the death star, and a cutscene will play with Darth Vader appear behind Sora and then turns to him to fight.

Bill Cipher: I know a perfect world for him he'll be great as a secret boss. The world that never was. With the quirky worlds, and buildings it'll be perfect for bill to appear. The logo will be bill himself. A cutscene will play telling Sora that he needs Sora keyblade to rule gravity falls, Sora says no, and Bill Cipher says he won't go back down without a fight.

Thor: This will be perfect for Mount Olympus. And he can be a champion for Zeus. Or Thor has got late for registration, and Zeus allows Thor to fight Sora in a private one vs one battle.

Warning this is just creative thinking. Don't attack me. Deadpool: Yep I said Deadpool. But with a twist. He can be in sugar rush from Wreck it Ralph. Since organization 13 has weapons, Deadpool can have his but 4th wall will tell him he won't be able to slice and dice since It's a Disney game. Heck Sora can say what your talking about to Deadpool say oh your the main character in complicated story. Sora say huh, and Deadpool ah forget it let's fight. And secret boss will begin.

A yeti heartless for Frozen: I couldn't come up with much but a yeti heartless would be really nice.

#1904956 What newer Disney Movies you want in KH3?

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 12 December 2016 - 02:47 PM

From 2002 - 2014 is the preferred date.


Ever since big hero 6 was announced, I got more hopefully.


Here are my 5 new worlds i want in kingdom hearts 3.


1:Treasure Planet


2: Lilo and stich


3: Princess and the frog


4:bambi 2


5: Meet the robisons.


2015 maybe added since 2017 is almost. Just share as many worlds as you want. 

#1902846 Kingdom hearts 3 2017 news

Posted by xXMikey1stXx on 07 December 2016 - 12:17 PM

Two things 1: When they said kingdom hearts 3 news after 2.8, i think they mean the japanese release. It'll be pretty awesome, and nonstop news next year. 2: 2017 will be the biggest and best news of KH3. No 2.9, just KH3. You thought 2015 was good, 2017 trailer would be awesome sauce. And D23 Expo is gonna have another appearance. Hopefully frozen announcement. I'm totally excited, and know the next trailer will blow us away.