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In Topic: Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

17 September 2018 - 05:25 AM

Leaf was too busy looking through the items. There's definitely a lot of souvenirs, shirts, plushies, caps, etc. "Hopefully mom and the professor will like these." She then wonders as she takes out her coins, frowns a bit as she only has 90 coins. "I wonder if they accept pokedollars? And what kind of food do they have? Do they have pokemon food?" She asked herself quietly. Leaf scratches her cheek Softly, trying to figure it out what to do.

In Topic: Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

09 September 2018 - 09:59 PM

"Oh wow, another Princess?!" Leaf was surprised after that. What's interesting about those two is that their ears are appeared to be pointy as well, wondering why and she then thought about it when she looks at Tiki, noticing that she has pointy ears too. Maybe they could be related in some ways or maybe not. Leaf shook her head as she rather wait later and got a little excited when they mentioned the gift shop. "Ohh, let's go~! I wonder what they have~?" She asked.

In Topic: Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

04 September 2018 - 08:34 PM

Broque's expression did not change to Lute's barrage of questions. In fact, it almost seemed like he was used to it. "Zee coins, oui! Zey are currency here. Zey can get you mushrooms, souvenirs, flowers, items, a variety of zings to your likings! In fact, we recently acquired a red haired women zat had some...How you say...Interesting objects to sell. Very energetic."
The Gromba in Tiki's embrace looks back at her. Whoever this was...Seemed to like it(?). She was calling it something, sooo...Guess it'll answer to that.
"But now...Non hesitation. To zee Pi'illo Castle we go in! Welcome!"
And so, the Mario Bros, Peach, Toadsworth, Lute, Pit, Tiki, Mar-Mar the Gromba, and Leaf enter the Pi'illo Castle at last...
 ~Pi'illo Castle~
 (Link): You go with Zelda and Starlow as planned to the pink booth to learn some information about the island. You're greeted by a female representative who introduces herself as a Shelltop. Here's some of the details you got:Pi’illo Blimport:
“The majestic blimport! Home to our blimp fleet. The Zeeppelin, Conkstream, Snorigible, and Naptune IV. All fine vessels capable of safe and luxurious blimping.”Mushrise Park:
“A haven of natural beauty, this park is lovingly pruned. Many unusual plant varieties can be found only there. Tourists just LOVE rare flora, it seems!”Dozing Sands:
“Ooh! This desert region is arid and unforgiving, as you might expect. It’s currently under construction to make it more suitable for sightseeing. Many ruins and artifacts from the ancient Pi’illo Kingdom have been excavated here. Just imagine that! History in the sands! The site continues to be studied.”
This catches Zelda’s attention internally. Could that stone be connected to the Pi’illo Kingdom? She whispers to Link. "Maybe we should mark that as one of the places to go on the island."Wakeport:
“For a slice of relaxing village life, this port resort simply can’t be beat! There are even events geared toward tourists, so I hope you’ve got skills! It’s no surprise that Wakeport is the most popular spot on the island.”
Before the Shelltop could go any farther, a distinct French accent is heard speaking rather loudly and energetic.
"Welcome to zee Pi'illo Castle!"
You see the most bizarre group, bizarre even to you and Zelda. A yellow block man with a mustache and a red bowtie, two men dressed similarly in red and green overalls, a blonde haired woman wearing a pink dress who you discern to be Princess Peach, an old man who looks like the mushroom people you see around the main hallway, a brown haired girl with a yellow bag around her shoulder and a hat, another girl with purple hair and a book, a boy wearing white with...Wings on his back. And finally, a small green haired girl with pointy ears holding a peculiar creature close to her.
"Link, is that...Starlow? Is that Princess Peach?" Zelda asks. Once Starlow catches sight of the group, her eyes light up. "It is! Princess Peach! Mario! Luigi! Toadsworth!"
Starlow dashes over to the group, going to greet them. Zelda looks at Link. "What an odd gathering...They look to be from different places as well. Shall we greet them?"
Peach and the Bros. look up and see Starlow. Their expressions lighten up even more. "Oh look! Starlow!" Peach exclaims seeing her. She hugs her yellow orbed friend. "You were invited to the island as well?" She asks. "That's right. I came all the way here to represent the Star Sprites." She spins around. "Hello Yello!"
"Hoho! Hello yello, indeed! You seem as peppy as ever." Toadsworth comments.
Starlow floats over her friends to see their...Oddball cast of companions. "...Wow. I don't know how long you guys have been here, but..." She flies around them. "You attracted a lot of different people. That girl has a Gromba in her hands...This one has purple hair..." She stops next to Pit. "And look at this guy! He's got wings! WINGS!" She exclaims.
Peach turns to face Starlow and her new companions. "Starlow, these are our new friends that are also visiting the island. This is Leaf from Kanto, Pit from somewhere called Skyworld, Lute from Magvel, and Tiki from Archanea. Everyone, this is Starlow. She is a dear friend of ours. Oh! And Leaf? She's not a Pokémon."
"Woah. I have heard.....
Of none of those places. But any friend of Peach's is a friend of mine! And any friend of Mario's of course."
"Yoo-hoo!" Luigi calls out, jumping up and down.
"Oh yeah! And Luigi's too. Can't forget him." Starlow says.

"You guys are really getting excited over a pair of wings.." Pit dryly commented with a puzzled look. Perhaps it was because they still didn't know about the flightless aspect of them.

Leaf was surprised as she first met Starlow. At first, she was about to ask. If Starlow was a pokemon but thankfully, Peach said that she isn't and plus, she can talk like a normal person. The young trainer sighs and nods. "Thank you for telling me that, your highness. It's very nice to meet you, Starlow." She said with smiles. She then looks at Pit. "Well, it is very rare to see a person with actual wings." She chuckles a bit.

In Topic: Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

03 September 2018 - 04:32 PM

Peach giggles at the sigh of Tiki. "Aww, hee hee! He looks to be a very brave one Tiki." Peach says to the little girl. Toadsworth is crawling on the ground, panting. "And she....Looks to be....A very...Active one..." He weakly says.

"My name is Broqu- S-S-SACRE BLU!" Broque Monsieur's eyes widen at the sight of a Gromba popping out of the Pokeball. "I-I-I've never seen anyzing like zat! WOW!" He is full of shock and surprise. "Zis might need some more looking at. But zat will be later! Zee castle is near! Come!" He turns around and walks forward. After he leaves, Toadsworth fully gets up and faces the group. "Well...That was quite eventful...But...Am I not the only one that finds this "accident" a bit peculiar?" He states.
Mario, Luigi, and even Peach shake their heads no. "Something was definitely odd about him a moment ago...I saw dark aura around him. Maybe it was controlling him?" She says. Mario and Luigi begin to think. "I say we keep a close eye on him as we follow. If we do anything irrational, it may get us an unpleasant ride off this island." Toadsworth suggests.

Leaf sighs as she returned Gromba back into the pokeball, for everyone's safety of course. She nods to Toadsworth and Peach as she crossed her arms and thinks about it. "Yeah, i see that too. Can we really trust him?" She asked. After that, Leaf then agreed to Toadsworth's opinion. "Yeah. Good idea." She said. The girl gets her notebook, writing everything she saw and what she have learned so far.

~The Pi'illo Castle Entrance~
"Voila! Zee Pi'illo Castle!"
As Monsieur promised, he led the group outside the entrance of the castle. It's a very big and tall stone structure with vines and green vegetation growing out from the exterior. The symbol of the Zeekeeper is over the entrance. "Wow! It looks so ancient and unique."  Peach comments, looking up at the structure. "Indeed! Are we enjoying zee happy times so far?" Monsieur asks the group.
"Well, it has certainly been exciting..." Peach responds. Hearing the response, Monsieur jumps up a little hearing that response. The Gromba on his head nearly falls, but gets its balance back and sits down calmly. "Ohh! Sweet princess! Zese words give me joy! Zee heart, it soars! Zee dreams, zey are true! Ho hohn! A successful tour, it is! And zee happy times do not end! Non." Monsieur walks closer to the group. "As moi has said, I shall give you zee rewards for ze troubles." He points his finger in the air. "Premier! First off! Ze coins you hold. Zee pockets, zey look empty. Pitiful. And how you say...Depressing in sight. So...Zee coin totals..."
(Broque Monsieur has tripled the coin amounts! The party now has 650 coins in total with Pit having 150 coins, Tiki having 120 coins, Mario and Luigi have 240 coins, and Leaf has 90 coins. He also gives Lute 50 coins.)
"Yahoo!!" Mario cheers for this reward. The more coins you have, the easier life may be...For the most part.
"Seconde! Next! You reside in Mushroom Kingdom, no?" Mario and Luigi nod. "Oui. You do. Zen take zis in appreciation of ze mushrooms. Voila!"
Broque gives the Mario Bros. two 1-Up mushrooms. They are both very happy with this reward. "Fantastic!" Peach comments.
"...ZE FINALE!" Monsieur announces in a passionate, excited tone. "In zee castle, zere is beautiful hotel rooms for guests to relax and admire after long days of looking around. We, of course, want you to relax as well. So..." He holds up a finger. "I give not un..." He holds up two fingers. "Not deux. Not trois! Non, non, non!" He then slowly holds up...
Eight fingers on his hands.
"HUIT! Eight free days and seven free nights at zee magnifique Pi'illo hotel! But do not feel pressured. Zis does not have to be in a row, no. You can come back zere at anytime without paying un coin as long as you have free days and nights remaining. Oui? Does zis make you, how you say, jump in joy?"

After that, she was amazed as Monsieur have given her and the others so much stuff. She got excited as she have to play along, knowing that she can't fully trust him. "W-wow! That's a lot!" She said.

In Topic: Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

02 September 2018 - 05:47 PM

Leaf sighs as she nods. "Fine. But You better keep your promise." She looks at Gromba's pokeball, wondering what to do with it. "Umm Mister block man. Do you know what am i suppose with this one? Is this even a pokemon?" She asked him as she let's the Gromba out.