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Member Since 06 Sep 2015
Offline Last Active Jan 31 2018 08:37 PM
Monster Hunter World looks amazing but PC peeps has to wait...My patience runs near on empty. Updated 28 Jan · 0 comments

About Me

Lets make it quick, Name's SpeedRave.

I'm a lax,open-minded, fun-loving fella with a somewhat jolly spirit and terrible joker to let the Fun ascend to a new high when things went joyful.

The English language is not the best Super Power I own a.k.a IT'S MY RIVAL! I SUCK AT IT! I'm pretty okay(I'm also not living in an english speaking country though,my bad)


A Long time KH guy, celebrating over 13 years of being on the news of the KH Series.

Lets say, I'm a "Fan". <---CAN YOU TOP THIS, PEOPLE?


Anyways,like to repairing things, playing Basketball, Fun-time Content Creator ,Gamer, hitting the fricking gym cause better than being fat (in my opinion...everybody for their own,eh?), hanging out with my loudmouths and cringe fuel, I call "Friends" (they're goons,of course lol) via Skype or oftens Discord, listening to lots of music like:

Hip-Hop,Rap, Indie-Rap, Chill-Hop, Electronica and Rock somewhat,

Fav Bands/Artist :Linkin Park, No Wyld,Nujabes--blablabla ,I'm a casual adult doing stuff.



I said, I'm a "Gamer"(like everybody else here...riveting isn't it?) So, why not give some additions on it,shall we?

My bois in my gaming library:

(The bold marked are the active ones, the bold underlined marked are my Children)

(just skip that if you're not interested. Not everybody finds the likes in console/pc games. It's normal.)


Assassins Creed Unity, Syndicate, Rogue,Freedom Cry and Liberation

Black Desert

Borderlands 2


Dragons Dogma Online

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen

Final Fantasy 15,FF Explorers,Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 14 Online


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Under Fire 2

Need For Speed Series


Paladins: Champions of The Realm

Phantasy Star Online 2

Planetside 2

Pokemon Moon


The Crew

Titanfall 2


Xenoblade Chronicles




Overall, I'm eager to investigate topics and things that I'm not experienced or not heard of, so... well,feel free to add me, if you need company. Who knows what will happen,eh? ;)


Though, I seem missing from this site BUT I'M NO--That's kinda true actually...Point taken.




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  • Member Title New Year, New Chance!...hopefully.
  • Age 23 years old
  • Birthday March 4, 1994

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Monster Hunter World looks amazing but PC peeps has to wait...My patience runs near on empty.
Jan 28 2018 04:51 PM


Didn't know Dissidia Final Fantasy New Tale had a Open Beta running...Great.
Jan 14 2018 03:59 AM


This Forum should own a Discord Server. Just a feeling.
Jan 06 2018 04:32 PM
  • HarLea Quinn's Photo
    HarLea Quinn
    Nah we don't think you were being rude- just explaining why not :P
    Jan 06 2018 09:49 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    I'd be down for a Slack. Then it would feel like I'm doing work :P
    Jan 07 2018 02:07 AM
  • -Justin-'s Photo
    But the work is fuuuuun :D
    Jan 07 2018 02:13 AM


I feel totally defeated aaaand its Monday...Great! No wonder, I'm not a fan of it :v
Nov 20 2017 08:52 AM


Ugh,finally got my Toon/Manga Roxas on max Guilt. Thank you for your "Magical Birthday",Mickey! I escaped the Grind once more...
Nov 18 2017 06:25 PM


Finally Friday! This week's getting to an end and its close. How's everybody doing?
Nov 17 2017 08:44 AM


*dead*...Thats it. End of Story. Best post!
Nov 06 2017 03:45 PM


Trying out Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia...its pretty nice
Feb 02 2017 06:36 AM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    Turn based Dissidia mmm
    Feb 02 2017 10:55 AM
  • SpeedRave's Photo
    Well,its pretty much the opposite what Dissidia is but its a really nice blend-in from Dissidia´s Bravery System together with Turn-based combat
    Feb 04 2017 01:26 PM


Merry Christmas!
Dec 25 2016 06:55 AM


I read your profile, and I saw that you play Final Fantasy Explorers! I've been itching to finally play it with someone as hardcore as I am! If you want to trade friend codes, we can play sometime. My main jobs are Black Mage, Dragoon, Red Mage, Sage, and occasionally Blue Mage. :)
Nov 24 2016 04:49 PM
  • SpeedRave's Photo
    Yeah, Of course, i can add you! I was pretty much soloing the game cause this game´s online server is just empty or just leaving after some quests to farm. I´m also a Black Mage as Main, i still need to unlock some Jobs.
    Nov 25 2016 07:16 AM
  • Veemon's Photo
    Great! I'll type in your friend code, and I'll give you mine in a PM. I can't remember if it was necessary for both people to input each other's friend codes, but I'll do that anyways.

    Yeah, I gotta say, they made the mages in this one much easier to use than in the normal final fantasy games.
    Nov 25 2016 01:14 PM
  • SpeedRave's Photo
    Yes,I think I need your´s too.

    Yep, I noticed too. Its a breeze to go through quests and Dungeons against Eidolons with the Black Mage.
    Nov 25 2016 01:51 PM
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