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#1982713 New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at Microsoft’s E3 2018 Presentation featuring...

Posted by maresalis on 10 June 2018 - 04:36 PM

A brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, has been released during Microsoft’s E3 presentation! After much anticipation after the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour in Los Angeles last night, Microsoft was thrilled to announce that Kingdom Hearts would be coming to Xbox One for the first time before delivering the trailer. Kingdom Hearts III will release January 29th, 2019 in North America and Europe and January 25th, 2019 in Japan!

As seen in the trailer above, Anna, Elsa, and friends were shown for the first time, revealing a Frozen themed world for the new game. The trailer also included a cast of characters including first time appearance of Simba who was previously a character and summon in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II!

This is also our first time getting a look at Larxene in the new Kingdom Hearts III engine, featuring in the Frozen world. This was one of many surprises, including an appearance of Aqua at the end of the trailer plagued with yellow Xehanort eyes!

Are you excited for this fully-loaded trailer? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget! Follow us at our coverage here, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter!

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#1982688 Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018

Posted by maresalis on 10 June 2018 - 03:04 PM

Welcome to our live coverage for E3 2018! The conferences will be held during the business days and will be open to the public from June 12th to the 14th.

Square Enix will host their showcase on Monday, June 11th at 10:00 AM PDT [1:00 PM EDT/6:00 PM GMT], and will be shown exclusively online on Square Enix's Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, our news team members Raxaimus and Toominator will be present at the event!

This will be more likely the chance for a release date announcement and a whole lot of other stuff to come out, so don’t forget to keep following our Coverage Article here on KH13.com and on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr). Stay tuned!

Twitter| Facebook | Tumblr

Kingdom Hearts III Release Date

<3 <3 <3

Japan: January 25, 2019

Worldwide: January 29, 2019

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Frozen Trailer (English)

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 Trailer

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Trailer Vol. 1 (Japanese)

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Trailer Vol. 2 (Japanese)

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer (English)

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Trailer Vol. 3 (Japanese)

<3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3

- Frozen confirmed as a world for Kingdom Hearts III

- New Kingdom Hearts III trailer at Microsoft’s E3 2018 Presentation featuring new worlds, characters, summons, and more

- New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at the Square Enix E3 Showcase

- Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures have been announced

- Promotional pictures including Sora, Donald, and Goofy's recent renders shown off on Microsoft, PlayStation, and Kingdom Hearts websites

- Square Enix Presents 2018 Confirmed. Three Day Livestream To Have Kingdom Hearts Content

- New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer at the Sony E3 Showcase 2018

- Limited Kingdom Hearts III Playstation 4 Pro Revealed at Sony E3 Showcase

- Kairi's Kingdom Hearts III Design Revealed

- Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package digital bundle available for pre-order at the Japan and US PlayStation Store for $99.99

- Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on Playstation Live at E3 2018 on Tuesday

- Pirates of the Caribbean returning for Kingdom Hearts III

- New Kingdom Hearts III renders revealed, including Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their pirate outfits

- Game Informer interviews Nomura about DLC, Ratatouille, and big reveals

- All-in-One Kingdom Hearts Bundle Announced at the Sony Press Conference 2018

- Nomura says Kingdom Hearts III's delay was an attempt to release the game "as simultaneously as possible"

- Gameplay of Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts III is complete; cutscenes are not completed yet

- No DLC planned after Kingdom Hearts III's release yet, but outfit customization could be considered; Microsoft not yet approached about Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 on Xbox One

- Nomura says Kingdom Hearts doesn't need as much from Final Fantasy characters as it did before

- Kingdom Hearts III might release with only Japanese and English dubs according to IGN France

- Nomura talks vertical gameplay, Disney Attractions, and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts III

- Kingdom Hearts III Now Available for Digital Pre-order on the PS4 and Xbox Store

- Star Wars and Marvel characters unlikely to appear in Kingdom Hearts III as they are not Disney originals

- Tetsuya Nomura's take on whether Kingdom Hearts III is the End of Sora's Story

- Tetsuya Nomura is putting equal efforts in both Kingdom Hearts III and FFVII Remake

- Nomura hints to Aqua's possible rescue and Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III; talks about original worlds' playability and the new Princesses of Heart

- Nomura confirms a recap video is going to be both released this month and in Kingdom Hearts III

- Analysis: Kingdom Hearts III E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

- Nomura empathizes more with Xehanort than Sora and has difficulty keeping track of the many characters, but is confident that Kingdom Hearts III "is a good game"

- Nomura talks about "Let It Go", the gameplay of Arendelle and The Caribbean, the new Princesses of Heart and Situation Commands in Kingdom Hearts III

- Kingdom Hearts III demo is not planned for public release, but will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2018

- Amazon Japan exclusive PS4 theme available for pre-order

- Exclusive Fabric Poster pre-order bonus available at GameStop

- Famitsu to feature Kingdom Hearts III: Nomura comments on secret movie, capacity storage, Final Mix, and more


<3 <3 <3

May 25th: Kingdom Hearts III Demo to be available at E3 2018!
June 11th - 02:40 PM PDT: Josh Gad has confirmed he will be reprising his role as Olaf in Kingdom Hearts III!

Sunday: Microsoft Conference
June 10th - 2:30 PM PDT: Kingdom Hearts III Trailer released!
June 10th - 2:35 PM PDT: Frozen has been confirmed as a world for Kingdom Hearts III!

Sunday: Youtube Live at E3
June 10th - 4:00 PM PDT: The section of Youtube Live at E3 featuring Kingdom Hearts III will be starting at 4:00 PM PDT!
June 10th - 4:01 PM PDT: Senior Marketing Manager for Kingdom Hearts speaking with Geoff Keighley!
June 10th - 4:03 PM PDT: There could... potentially... be more Kingdom Hearts III news at tomorrow's conference!
June 10th - 4:05 PM PDT: Nomura is very methodical on how he wants to deliver the worlds announcements, he just knows a 6th senseon giving the audience what they want.
June 10th - 4:07 PM PDT The English voice acting is incredible Geoff Keigley says. Brendan: Haley Joel Osment is continuing his journey with Sora.
June 10th - 4:08 PM PDT Nomura is coming to E3! He will be "popping around"!
June 10th - 4:10 PM PDT They discussed recent trailers, and the Toy Box and Olympus Coliseum demos that will be playable at the SE booth at E3!
June 10th - 4:10 PM PDT This concludes Kingdom Hearts III at Youtube Live at E3. We will see you Monday for continued live coverage of Kingdom Hearts III during the Square Enix Press Conference starting at 10:00 AM PDT!

Monday: Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018
June 11th - 10:00 AM PDT: The Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 just begun!
June 11th - 10:02 AM PDT: The SE Showcase has begun with Matsuda introducing!
June 11th - 10:25 AM PDT: Kingdom Hearts III has finally appeared!
June 11th - 10:29 AM PDT: More gameplay footage and cutscenes have been released!
June 11th - 10:31 AM PDT: Kairi, Axel, and the Twilight Gang appear in the Showcase Trailer!
June 11th - 10:36 AM PDT: The Showcase Trailer has been uploaded to Youtube!
June 11th - 10:53 AM PDT: The Showcase Trailer is a mash-up of the Orchestra and first E3 trailer
June 11th - 11:19 AM PDT: Remy from Ratatouille appears in the Showcase Trailer!
June 11th - 11:31 AM PDT: Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures have been announced!
June 11th - 12:08 PM PDT: Square Enix gets ready for IGN Live E3 2018
June 11th - 12:10 PM PDT: Square Enix and IGN discuss KH3 on IGN Live E3 2018
June 11th - 12:11 PM PDT: Square Enix trying to engage new fans via Xbox One release
June 11th - 12:13 PM PDT: Sora is now more dynamic and agile due to experimentation from the handhelds!
June 11th - 12:16 PM PDT: The Kingdom Hearts III segment of IGN Live E3 2018 has concluded!
June 11th - 12:48 PM PDT: Ratatouille segment of the Showcase Trailer confirmed to be a mini-game
June 11th - 1:00 PM PDT: Square Enix Store NA has opened pre-orders for keychains of Sora's and Riku's new Keyblades!
June 11th - 1:12 PM PDT: New promotional pictures featuring Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku uploaded to Microsoft and Playstation websites!
June 11th - 1:23 PM PDT: The Kingdom Hearts has uploaded the Showcase Trailer!
June 11th - 1:25 PM PDT: Famitsu confirms Ratatouille mini-game!
June 11th - 1:48 PM PDT: The Kingdom Hearts website has updated their header with new renders of Sora, Donald, and Goofy
June 11th - 1:55 PM PDT: Roy Conli from Disney Animation praises the KH Team on their work!
June 11th - 2:03 PM PDT: Peter Del Vecho (Frozen Producer) talks about Kingdom Hearts III
June 11th - 3:02 PM PDT: Square Enix Presents schedule released. Kingdom Hearts to be talked about on Day 3
June 11th - 3:19 PM PDT: Additional photos of the Bring Arts Figures in the Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition released!

Monday: Sony Playstation Showcase 2018
June 11 - 6:00 PM PDT: Sony Playstation Showcase has begun!
June 11 - 6:57 PM PDT: Pirates of the Caribbean shown as a new world in KH3!
June 11 - 7:00 PM PDT: Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Package Announced!
June 11 - 7:01 PM PDT: A limited edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro announced!
June 11 - 7:05 PM PDT: E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer uploaded onto Youtube!
June 11 - 7:13 PM PDT: The Playstation E3 Showcase concluded!

Tuesday: Nintendo Direct at E3 2018
June 11 - 9:00 AM PDT: @Churroz found a Kingdom Hearts III banner at E3!
June 11 - 9:00 AM PDT: Nintendo Direct at E3 2018 should be starting!

Tuesday: E3 Show Floor Day 1
June 11 - 9:11 AM PDT: KH13 Staff Raximus and Toominator entered the show floor!
June 11 - 12:14 PM PDT: E3 Demo shows noticeable improvements over the Premier Event Demo
June 11 - 12:18 PM PDT: The KH3 Demo area has an amazing theme!
June 11 - 12:23 PM PDT: Attractions and Transformations appear less often in the E3 Demo!
June 11 - 12:32 PM PDT: KH13 Staff Raximus and Toominator tweet about KH3's presence in E3!
June 11 - 12:33 PM PDT: Young Xehanort comparisons from D23 2017 to E3 2018!

Tuesday: PlayStation Live at E3 2018
June 11 - 2:15 PM PDT: The Kingdom Hearts III feature at PlayStation Live should be starting!
June 11 - 2:19 PM PDT: The KH3 Developer Interview at PlayStation Live has started!
June 11 - 2:20 PM PDT: KH3's title is considered the epilogue of the Dark Seeker Saga!
June 11 - 2:21 PM PDT: Olympus gameplay is being shown!
June 11 - 2:22 PM PDT: The All-in-One Package is being talked, as well as its pre-order bonuses!
June 11 - 2:23 PM PDT: The new worlds are being discussed!
June 11 - 2:25 PM PDT: Attractions and how to use them in KH3 are discussed!
June 11 - 2:25 PM PDT: Press left and right to switch between three Keyblades!
June 11 - 2:27 PM PDT: Donald and Goofy's AI has been improved!
June 11 - 2:27 PM PDT: A quote on how Toybox looks the Toy Story movies!
June 11 - 2:29 PM PDT: The passionate Kingdom Hearts fanbase is acknowledged!
June 11 - 2:29 PM PDT: The KH3 booth at E3 has a photo op with a real Kingdom Key!
June 11 - 2:30 PM PDT: The KH3 section of Playstation Live has ended!

Tuesday: E3 Show Floor Day 1 (Cont.)
June 13 - 2:36 PM PDT: KH3 has already won Momocon E3 Choice 2018 Game Award, and nominated by IGN for Best of E3 and is also a candidate for Unreal E3 Awards 2018!
June 13 - 2:56 PM PDT: Takeo Kujiraoka (Dissidia Final Fantasy director) and Ichirou Hazama (producer) have stated: “KH3 is terrific!"
June 13 - 8:17 PM PDT: GameInformer interviewed Nomura about potential DLC in KH3
June 13: More features are coming to gummi ships in Kingdom Hearts III!

Thursday: E3 Show Floor Day 2
June 14: The Kingdom Hearts III Live Demo has begun!
June 14: Right now, they are replaying the Frozen Trailer shown at Xbox's Press Conference
June 14: Strawberry17 is one of the guests on stage
June 14: They are talking about the release date, which was announced during the KHO and the Xbox conference.
June 14: Right now they are talking about how the Kingdom Hearts team read and watch the reactions from the fans.
June 14: The Kingdom Hearts III Premium Demo is being shown now. They are showing off the Tox Box. Cutscenes are also being shown.
June 14: The opening scene of the Toy Box is now being shown.
June 14: Rex is obviously the fanboy of the group.
June 14: The demo is continuing outside of Andy's house.
June 14: Young Xehanort has appeared in Galaxy Toys.
June 14: They are now showing off the Gigas battle with instructions.
June 14: The Olympus section is now being shown.
June 14: Meow Wow summon is now being shown.
June 14: "Look out!" Big Magic Mountain Attraction Flow being shown now.
June 14: Some of the questions that were being asked in the Twitch comments were informations about the PS4 Pro Limited Edition and a public edition. Sadly, none could be answered at this time.
June 14: When asked about a soundtrack: "It's a secret."
June 14: The Kingdom Hearts III Live Demo has ended.


<3 <3 <3

2121344KH3 990x47722Senza titolo 112214514Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.37.52Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.38.46Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.38.51Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.38.52Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.38.53Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.06Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.15Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.28Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.30Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.32Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.33Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.35Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.37Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.39.38Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.10Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.14Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.20Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.22Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.30Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.32Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.39Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 18.40.524Screen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.21.30 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.22.52 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.23.44 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.28.46 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.29.31 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.30.08 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.30.24 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.30.47 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.31.01 PMScreen Shot 2018 06 11 At 7.31.12 PM

image (1)


Shooting Star Keychain 1Shooting Star Keychain 2Braveheart Keychain 1Braveheart Keychain 2

tres header

KH3 E32018 Character AnaKH3 E32018 Character BarbosaKH3 E32018 Character Caribbean DonaldKH3 E32018 Character Caribbean GoofyKH3 E32018 Character Caribbean SoraKH3 E32018 Character ElizabethKH3 E32018 Character ElsaKH3 E32018 Character JackKH3 E32018 Character KairiKH3 E32018 Character OlafKH3 E32018 Character Will

KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle01KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle02KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle03KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle04KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle05KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle06KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle07KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle08KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle09KH3 E32018 Screenshot battle10KH3 E32018 Screenshot event01KH3 E32018 Screenshot event02KH3 E32018 Screenshot event03KH3 E32018 Screenshot event04KH3 E32018 Screenshot event05KH3 E32018 Screenshot event06KH3 E32018 Screenshot event07KH3 E32018 Screenshot event08KH3 E32018 Screenshot event09KH3 E32018 Screenshot event10KH3 E32018 Screenshot event11KH3 E32018 Screenshot event12KH3 E32018 Screenshot event13KH3 E32018 Screenshot event14KH3 E32018 Screenshot event15KH3 E32018 Screenshot event16KH3 E32018 Screenshot event17KH3 E32018 Screenshot event18KH3 E32018 Screenshot event19KH3 E32018 Screenshot event20KH3 E32018 Screenshot event21KH3 E32018 Screenshot event22KH3 E32018 Screenshot event23KH3 E32018 Screenshot event24KH3 E32018 Screenshot event25KH3 E32018 Screenshot gumi01KH3 E32018 Screenshot gumi02KH3_E32018_Screenshot_minigame01.jpg

1ITEM IMAGE2Dfdac tU8AEgsPL20180612 ps4pro 0220180612 ps4pro 03


Bring Arts promo 1Bring Arts promo 2FREE ITEM117FREE ITEM118FREE ITEM119FREE ITEM120bring 1bring 2bring 3

img1Bg SpBg PcBg Sp (1)Bg sp(2)Bg Pc (1)Bg Sp (2)Bg Sp (3)Bg Pc (2)Bg Sp (5)Bg Sp (6)Bg Sp (7)Bg Sp (4)Bg Sp

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logocharacterslogo 1characters 1logo 2characters 2logocharactersKingdom Of Corona

ThemeKeyblade81Ui2I15ElL. SL1500

10DfgnO6EU8AAeYe2DfgnOHGUEAAFy02DfgnPrGU8AA  Y8DfgnjQ2UwAAKiXsDfgnV4vV4AAY654DfgofQ6V4AE LYVDfgoKCVVQAAVPlCDfgpHb2V4AAdElUDfgnE KUwAA0rLGDfgnE8BVQAARnovDfgnE8FUwAAwYeoDfgnl qUcAEzUbnDfgnl rUYAA6grbDfgsVQhVMAcvTPVDfgsVxGUwAEef38Dfgt KKUEAAV 5dDfgv3RYV4AAlVmJDfgv4IkUwAEaicdDfgwILPV4AAqFLsDfg5QgCVQAAagGuDfg81y0V4AI HTrDfg7xqoVMAArVVgDfj0bUEWAAADgoSDfj0bUGW0AUlguFDfj0bUHW0AECtfyDfgt9heU0AAwcbGDfgt9hfU8AAWkhQDfgt9hfVMAE9GrEDfgt9hiVMAAp33cDfh3wjzUcAAPE UDfh3xo VAAE6 3cDfhYDRqWsAEcUusDfnGszpVAAAxg UDfnGszpUYAAEcRPDfnGszoV4AE0D TDfnGszfVQAAs0tbDfn5Y bVMAE1in5

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#1981486 Where Were You When KHIII was Announced?

Posted by maresalis on 27 May 2018 - 09:39 AM

Ah! This is such a good question.

It's a longstanding tradition in my household to watch E3 press conferences live so we usually take a few days off, host parties, etc. 2013 is probably one of the most memorable for many reasons, but I just remember sitting in my apartment with my wife (then girlfriend) streaming it on our laptop. A trailer for Versus XIII emotionally fades away into Final Fantasy XV, which already had us heightened and immediately after, Nomura comes out and says he has one more thing to share with everyone and it was the reveal for Kingdom Hearts 3. I still get teary-eyed thinking about that experience and it won't be one I'll ever forget!

#1981325 Kingdom Hearts III demo to be available at E3 2018!

Posted by maresalis on 25 May 2018 - 04:13 PM

In a tweet thanking those who attended the KH3 Premiere, @SquareEnixUSA confirmed that they will be providing fans and attendees of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo with the opportunity to play Kingdom Hearts III at their show booth!

E3 2018 will be held in Los Angeles, California from June 12th-14th! Square Enix hosting their own press conference June 11th at 10pm PT which will be streamed in both English and Japanese!

Posted Image

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#1981206 Listen to the extended preview of Utada Hikaru's "Chikai"!

Posted by maresalis on 24 May 2018 - 01:24 PM

As we near the release of Utada Hikaru's seventh album, Hatsukoi, her website has uploaded an extended look at the highly anticipated Japanese track "Chikai".

The song has received a 43 second sound clip that can be previewed here on her website. "Chikai" or "Oath" will be the fourth song on her new album and is noted on her site as being the theme from Kingdom Hearts III!

Hatsukoi will be released on June 27th, 2018 and is currently available for pre-order through CDJapan!

Are you as excited as we are for the new theme? Let us know in the comments below!

Click here to view the article

#1981201 NEW EPSIODE: Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE - Birth By Sleep

Posted by maresalis on 24 May 2018 - 12:22 PM

UPDATE: Episodes 24 and 25 of Everglow's series KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE have been released!

KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE is an episodic look at the events of the Kingdom Hearts series, compiled chronologically. Featuring important scenes and gameplay from all games, Everglow works hard towards having a "perfect road to the final chapter of the Xehanort Saga".

You can view the latest episodes of KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE Birth by Sleep below:

Episode 24: Friendship Between Boys
Episode 23: A Picture of a Hero
Episode 22: It's a Small World!
Episode 21: Walls of the Heart
Episode 20: Crossing Paths
Episode 19: The Boy in the Mask
Episode 18: Seeking Answers
Episode 17: A Pure Heart Filled with Light
Episode 16: Keep on Believing
Episode 15: Off on the Wrong Foot
Episode 14: Departure
Episode 13: The Mark of Mastery
Episode 12: Birth by Sleep

Keeping up with KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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#1980434 Utada Hikaru's "HATSUKOI" receives track list and cover

Posted by maresalis on 16 May 2018 - 11:22 AM

A track list and cover art have been released for Utada Hikaru’s highly anticipated album Hatsukoi!

Posted Image

The new album comes after the success of Fantome in 2016 which marked her return to music after a hiatus. Hatsukoi, meaning “First Love” (an homage to her first album of the same name), will feature twelve songs including singles such as “Forevermore” from the TV drama Gomen Ai Shiteru,Play a Love Song”, “Anata”, and “Chikai” the theme from the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 3.

This will be Utada’s seventh studio album and 20th anniversary with her debut single Automatic/Time Will Tell releasing December 1998. Utada Hikaru will also launch into her first Japan tour since 2006 at the beginning of November!

Hatsukoi will be released on June 27th, 2018 and is currently available for pre-order through CDJapan!


1. Play a Love Song

2. Anata

3. Hatsukoi

4. Chikai

5. Forevermore

6. Too Proud feat. Jevon

7. Good Night

8. Pakuchii no Uta

9. Nokoriga

10. Oozora de Dakishimete

11. Yuunagi

12. Shittosarerubeki Jinsei

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#1978828 Kingdom Hearts umbrella available for pre-order from the Square Enix Japan Store

Posted by maresalis on 25 April 2018 - 11:53 PM

Spring has sprung at the Square Enix Japan Store with the new Kingdom Hearts umbrella now available for pre-order!

The black and white canopy features some of the iconic symbols from the series and will release on June 29th, 2018 for ¥2,916 (26.67 USD)!

Kingdom Hearts UmbrellaKingdom Hearts UmbrellaKingdom Hearts UmbrellaKingdom Hearts Umbrella

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#1978144 Exclusive new Kingdom Hearts III video at the Dandelion Meeting reveals over...

Posted by maresalis on 15 April 2018 - 05:00 PM

During the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting, new and exclusive Kingdom Hearts III footage was revealed, featuring Giantland, a minigame previously shown at the D23 Expo 2017 Japan.

A recorded message by co-director Tai Yasue was shown, in which he talked about Giantland and said that it was created completely with Unreal Engine 4.

In regards to LCD-type games, Kingdom Hearts III will feature over 20 different minigames! These will include elements such as carnival games, rearranging pipes, collecting eggs, and more. These games will be playable through a Game and Watch-style handheld device that Sora himself can play with; it is accessible in Twilight Town, where Sora was seen playing with it on a bench.

It's been confirmed that Giantland is the name of one of the mini-games. The mini-games are based on short films that Mickey starred in the 1930's. Two other mini-games, Barnyard Battle and Musical Farmer, were playable at the meeting.

To the delight of the audience, these minigames were made available to the attendees to play at the event! This footage was shown to those in attendance at the event and was later released on Youtube. You can view the trailer below.

Screenshots of a few of the mini-games have been released. You can view them in the gallery below.

CK 01CK 02CK 03CK 04


UPDATE: News Team staff Raxaimus got a picture of one of the mini-games: The Barnyard Battle.

Posted Image

What do you think of the new information? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow our continuing coverage of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting!

Twitter | KHUχ Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

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#1977959 Review: Project Destati shines bright through DARKNESS

Posted by maresalis on 13 April 2018 - 03:13 PM

Impassioned by both music and video games, Kristin Naigus, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff, the musicians behind Project Destati have aimed to reawaken the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack and celebrate its ambition and complexity. With a full orchestra and their own arrangements, they began to captivate the community with their beautiful and sometimes ingenious compositions. Their latest album, DARKNESS, continues to hit the mark, mastering the elements that made the songs we know and love and adding a flare of their own.

The formula was simple: orchestral reimaginings of a nostalgia-infused soundtrack paired with an unforgettable melody, blending together to reorchestrate beloved songs.

Both LIGHT and their debut album AWAKENING played with this equation. Melodies from Dearly Beloved, Roxas, and Hikari found themselves tucked into character, world, and battle themes. There wasn’t a song you couldn’t find these themes in and more hidden within. It became very akin to their musical stylings and showcased their devotion to the source material and displayed a love and understanding for the thematics that composer Yoko Shimomura and company built while composing the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack.

DARKNESS is no exception to this.

Posted Image

The album opens with an overture built around familiar tracks and the new themes you will find throughout DARKNESS, bringing it all together to set the stage for the new 30-track set list. Jam-packed with highlights from Kingdom Hearts II, Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Union χ[Cross], and more, there is a new maturity in the music that shows a penchant for originality that Project Destati has always exhibited in their reorchestrations. Tracks such as Ventus, Future Masters, and Daybreak Town take on lives of their own, drawing in Celtic inspiration and refreshing tempos. Magical Mystery, Home of Dragons, and A Day in Agrabah elevate the world themes with clever homages to their Disney counterparts. Even the return of the piano duet with Utada Hikaru’s Passion is a fervent spectacle that is perhaps the most ethereal of the tracks, displaying the intensity and talent we’ve come to expect.

The pièce de résistance, Xion, is a near eleven minute epic and what feels like the heart and soul of the entire project. Anyone familiar with Project Destati will have noticed the #XionLives plug they’ve used leading up to DARKNESS. The motif has been hidden throughout this album in a variety of ways, yearning to be found. The highly anticipated track is wrought with emotion, embodying the tragedy of the titular character as it evolves a simple melancholic melody into a haunting symphonic ballad. Much of the arrangement feels intentional. From the dynamic texture imitating the rise and fall of the sea to the inclusion of Roxas, these grabs are both symbolic and weighty given the context of the story the music is trying to tell. Needless to say, this will be a song not easily forgotten.

If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts and its music, I implore you give DARKNESS a listen. There is so much more to explore in each song that we’ve only just scratched the surface. The arrangements are smart, colourful, and beautifully orchestrated with attention to themes and melodies that will let you relive every moment the soundtrack provides in new and unimaginable ways.

If you want to learn more about Project Destati and their projects, check out their website here!

DARKNESS is available for purchase digitally at bandcamp, iTunes, TIDAL, and Google Play, available to stream on Amazon, Deezer, Kkbox, and Spotify, or pre-order the limited edition CD + digital album here!

Project Destati: DARKNESSProject Destati: DARKNESSProject Destati: DARKNESSProject Destati: DARKNESS

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#1977425 Kingdom Hearts II Goofy S.H.Figuarts figure to release on April 21, 2018

Posted by maresalis on 05 April 2018 - 05:04 PM

Goofy joins the fight! Bandai’s Tamashii Nations has provided an update on their Kingdom Hearts II Goofy S.H.Figuarts figure with a release date of April 21, 2018! Retail cost of the figure will be ¥5,940 (55.30 USD). The set will included various facial expressions, additional hand poses, and Goofy's iconic Knight's Shield! Goofy joins Sora, Donald, and King Mickey in the S.H.Figuarts collection!

You can pre-order Goofy S.H. Figuarts figure at AmiAmi!

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#1977180 New Kingdom Hearts mobile accessories and more available now from Belle Maiso...

Posted by maresalis on 01 April 2018 - 11:42 AM

New Kingdom Hearts merchandise has been made available for purchase on Belle Maison Japan’s Disney Fantasy Shop! Included in the new wares are iPhone cases, mobile chargers, phone rings, and a clock and wall decal featuring Sora's Dive into the Heart stained glass!

You can buy them here:

Stained Glass Wall DecalStained Glass ClockNotebook-style iPhone CaseNotebook-style iPhone CasePhone ChargerPhone ChargerStained Glass Phone RingMickey Mouse Phone Ring

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