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Awesome Sauce

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Fast/ Easy Way to get these abilities and Commands early/midgame?

03 July 2017 - 02:17 PM


Currently playing DDD and I'm wondering if there is a way to gain these abilities at the point where I am (currently playing through Prankster's Paradise). I said fast in the title, but don't mind that too much. What I'm looking for is:


Dark Roll


Second Chance

Once More

3 Curagas

4 to 5 Balloonras

Air Combo Plus


Aerial Slam

The Problem With Kingdom Hearts (SPOILERS)(Video)

06 February 2017 - 08:06 PM



Thought this was an interesting video to share with you guys, and I agree with some of his points, doesn't mean I still don't love the series, but whatever. Feel free to share your thoughts.

My Thoughts On: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix

25 September 2016 - 11:55 AM

As the long title states, this topic is about my opinions on Birth By Sleep and it's content. I don't mean to sound pretentious or immature in these opinions and feel free to share yours. Let's begin:


Story: The story felt... okay. It was a decent prequel to the saga and it was nice having some fan-service and seeing the universe before the events of KH1, but I feel that the main plot is lacking. The main trio's fragmentation felt forced and out of nowhere with no buildup to it, and their friendship wasn't present either. The antagonists were great and had enough qualities to be likable and unlikable at the same time. The pacing was a moderate speed and events weren't rushed, but there were some slow moments. While the ending was kinda sad, it didn't make me very emotional and wasn't just worth it, partly because I didn't feel anything for the characters other than Ventus and maybe Aqua and Mickey. Overall, while it does some good things, there are problems that really ruin the story and the connection with the characters.


Gameplay: The gameplay is good IMO. Exploration was great here, since there was a lot of platforming and worlds were filled with collectibles. It wasn't just "walk from one area to the next" and it gave use to some of the abilities you get, even if some weren't that great, however it was annoying having some areas locked for certain characters and travelling to the same places 3 times can be boring. The command deck was a departure from the traditional menu system from the numbered games, but is in my opinion a better version of the cards system from COM. It was fun putting different commands and using them alongside normal attacks against enemies without worrying about MP. Command styles are a cool idea/power-up, though having it inmediately end a combo was annoying and I would have loved to have some sort of customization with them. I also love that there's a lot of content in the game, and the 3 characters, while having a similar playstyle, felt different enough to aproach things in their own way. However, there are problems that end up ruining the system. Firstly, melding commands and abilites is unnecessarily complicated, and is a waste of time. Getting abilities was tedious, I'd rather have them be gained through leveling up instead of in the process of melding and the process of melding to get a certain command was even more frustrating. I constantly had to look up guides just to get a command I wanted, in the end it just wasn't fun. Then there was the balancing. Having 3 or 4 commands that are better than the rest is unprofessional and bad, though it didn't compel me to fill my deck with 6 Thunder Surges/Mines all the time. Shotlocks can be devastating and broken, but they didn't have much use outside of certain situations. 


Then there's the bosses. Early on they aren't bad, but late and post-game bosses really show the flaws of the system. Their AI is nothing but using attacks randomly with no cooldown or flow and the strategy to beat them is "abuse dodge roll while using 1 command that works best against it" which was boring. Not only that, but they make regular attacks feel weak and pointless. With some more adjustments, the command deck could've been just as great of a system as the menu, but it's problems are so glaring that it just makes it decent compared to the system of the numbered games.


Graphics: The graphics still look good, though not as good as the PS2 games due to it being on a handheld. All the environments are varied and still faithful to the movies they're based off. Models are great and true to the spirit of the series, though I didn't like how the "default" face was almost always present during cutscenes. Cutscenes have a lot of flow in them and give the characters life, especially in the battle scenes. Overall, they're not too bad.


Sound: Goodness. The music is as always phenomenal, with various themes that fit the scene they're in while also conveying various emotions. None of the pieces sounded weird or bad, and it all just made the game more fun. Voice acting, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. While there are some stellar performances like the ones of Ventus, Vanitas, Xehanort and Eraqus, others were okay or not that good, such as Terra, Aqua and some of the Disney characters. The voices either made a scene better or ruined it, so there's not much to say about that. Overall, though, the sound in this game is great.


Overall, while Birth By Sleep added a lot to the lore of the series and introduced some good gameplay aspects and concepts, the problems it has only push it down and make it a game that isn't very loved by the community. While these problems do bother me, it doesn't distract from how much I enjoyed the game. The Final Mix content is a good bonus, while at the same time not making the original feel obsolete.


This could be a temporary end to my marathon, since I'm at a crossroads as to wether I should play Re:Coded or skip it and wait for 2.8. I don't know about that, but for now, this is it.

My Thoughts On: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

22 August 2016 - 10:01 PM


Continuing with my marathon,today I’ll be sharing my opinions regarding this game and it’s content, which I experienced on my 1st playthrough in Proud. Like always, I encourage anyone who reads this to share their experiences  and thoughts. Sorry if I sound pretentious or immature. Let’s get started.


-Story: I find the story to be messy, lacking focus and incoherent. There is just too much filler in the worlds and the story progression and pacing is terrible. Some of the characters, I think, were worse than in the other games and I didn’t like how the story was told and the “villains” weren’t really villains and more like antagonists. It makes for a decent sequel (Roxas prologue aside) and some of the moments that happen are really good. It also serves as a nice pseudo-finale for the series if you ignore BBS, Re:Coded and DDD, and sounds like a good story on concept, I just disliked it’s execution.


-Gameplay: The gameplay is great and in some cases, an improvement over KH1 and the other games. I didn’t like the combat at first, but over time it grew on me. It rewards pacience and strategies and is very balanced, more than just mashing X all the time. While Magic can be useful, most of the time it’s better to just attack with the Keyblade, making it situational and almost useless. The different ways to defeat enemies is good and Drive Forms work as nice power-ups, but again, most of the time a better and safer strategy is to just use the Keyblade. It can be challenging, but fair. Exploration was more of a downgrade, since I could go through most worlds with basic walking and there wasn’t much of a drive to go through every bit of a world other than puzzle pieces. Reaction commands look cool, but that’s it. I think they’re needless and just there. I love how there’s just so much content , even after completing the story, and it helps me to come back to this game, once in a while.


-Graphics: The graphics still look good and cutscenes are an improvement over those on KH1. Reaction commands look good and detailed facial expressions are more prevalent. The environments look great and have some variety to them, and the characters look just as great as everything else. There are a bunch of cinematic moments that are good, almost feeling like a movie.


-Sound: Yoko Shimomura just keeps on giving. The music sounds just as exciting and beautiful as always, and the tracks are more memorable. Each piece just fits and sounds great. I don’t think there’s a single track that I disliked during my playthrough.


Overall, while KH2FM is a GOOD game and in some cases better than KH1, I think it’s a tad overrated and not as amazing or “best in the series” as some make it out to be. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it or that it’s bad, but it’s not perfect. The Final Mix edition adds so much that I think it should’ve been the original, proper release. This is the version that makes the original feel lacking. I enjoyed KH2.


Unfortunately, due to school starting and having other games left to play, this could be the last review I’ll be doing for a while, but it’s nothing big.

My Thoughts On: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

10 August 2016 - 12:04 PM

In the words of DJ Khaled: "Another one".

Continuing with my marathon, today I'll be sharing my opinions about Days, the 1st DS game in the series. I encourage anyone that visits this to share their experiences with this game. This comes from my 1st playthrough in Proud mode.


Story: I'll be honest: I spoiled the ending on myself, so I didn't have as much of a reaction to some of the events as others had. However, I liked the plot for being different from the other games and not sharing their formula of "go through the worlds in an adventure, defeat the heartless and the villain and find your missing friends". This was more about the life of a member of Organization XIII, conducting missions  trying to get his heart back and overall finding his place on the world. I especially liked seeing the friendship of Roxas, Axel and Xion develop throughout the game, which made their fallout even more sad. It was interesting seeing Riku after ReCOM and how he went about doing things, but it only made me wish there was another mode or game where you play through Days from the perspective of Riku, Mickey, Naminè and DiZ. The game made me care about Roxas and gave a new opinion on Organization XIII, however the plot doesn't add much to the overall story of the series. The pacing isn't that good, the story not really picking up until Day 150 or later and the 1st half being a lot of filler. While I liked the story, it's purpose was to show Roxas' existence when he was with the Organization and fill the gaps from KH2 that COM didn't explain. That's it.


Gameplay: The gameplay is decent. While not as great as KH1, it is close enough. After playing ReCOM, this game was refreshing, since I was able to just do anything I wanted without worrying about card breaks or numbers. It felt good to use attacks and spells in succesion and just do stuff similar to KH1. Of course, it is more limited, since the game is split into missions with restricted areas and magic having a limited number of uses as opposed to an MP bar, but it's not so bad later on. I found the panel system to be the AP of KH1, now used on everything instead of just abilities. I didn't customize much and simply made my deck as I went along, but after getting decent panels and releasing slots, it felt good to just breeze through everything with a powered up Roxas. The level up system could've been natural instead of using panels, but aside from that I was okay with the panel system. I didn't like how in most missions, some areas were restricted and unable to be reached, which killed the exploration aspect of the game. I wouldn't mind the mission aspect of the game if it weren't for that problem. Aside from that and the sometimes slow combat, I liked the gameplay of Days a lot.


Graphics: while Days doesn't look as good as the other games, it's graphics are great for the DS. The character models look good, even if pixelated and more polygon-y and all the worlds were accurate recreations of the ones from KH1 and 2. The text scenes were bland, due to no voices, but the cutscenes that played at certain points looked as good as KH1.


Sound: Most of the soundtrack is recycled from other games, but the few new tracks are as great as usual. I especially loved the new Neverland theme and Mystic Moon, while other tracks I found to be from good to meh.



Overall, while it isn't as good as the other games, Days was a good experience from start to finish, and I think is as good/better as COM in certain departments while worse in others. I enjoyed it a lot.


I'll also give a pseudo-review on the 1.5 cutscenes, since I watched them as I played the game. The remade scenes are beautiful and make the development of Roxas, Axel and Xion's feel more real while giving the plot more life. The voice acting is, again, great and just made them better. However, I didn't like how they remade some scenes and not all of them, probably to not make it as filler as the game, and the fact that there were no battle scenes killed it for me. The biggest crime, for me, is that it shows evidence of the planned-but-scrapped HD remake of Days, with some of the models used in the still images, which I would've loved to see. It was an okay collection of cutscenes.


Now,I shall go onward with my marathon, to the true sequel...