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Awesome Sauce

Member Since 15 Jul 2015
Online Last Active 58 minutes ago
Help, my Wii U Gamepad isn't working!! Updated 13 Jan · 5 comments

About Me

You know my name, but you can just call me Sauce, or by my real name, which I'l say at another time.

I like video-games, especially Nintendo. I mostly play their games, but I'm interested in trying other games once in a while.

I'm also a fan of Transformers and love some of the cartoons and a bit of the movies, not to mention that the figures that they have are pretty good. I dream of having a collection of various figures from the franchise in the near future. I also like Lego and Star Wars.

I first heard of Kingdom Hearts when a let's player called cobanermani456 played through DDD, and was enticed by the gameplay and the Disney characters. 1 year later when KH3 was announced, I scoured the internet: watching videos, reading articles, lurking on this site and reading the forums, everything I could to learn everything I know about this series today. I love the characters and know some of the story. I haven't played any of the games before, so I prefer to call myself an enthusiast rather than a fan. I plan to get both DS games in the future and am excited for KH3.
I hope we can be friends :).

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Awesome Sauce

Help, my Wii U Gamepad isn't working!!
Jan 13 2017 08:31 PM

Awesome Sauce

Should I or should I not watch Back Cover?
Jan 11 2017 04:27 PM
  • PrinceNoctis's Photo
    If you watch it, it'll just be for eye candy. You won't understand the story so there aren't much spoilers really. 0.2 on the other is easy to understand despite the language barrier.
    Jan 11 2017 04:43 PM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    Just watched it. What a disappointment...
    Jan 11 2017 06:21 PM
  • SnowPint7Fourths's Photo
    yeah it was, even with the language barrier there was literally nothing to spoil I think
    Jan 12 2017 02:02 AM

Awesome Sauce

R.I.P Carrie Fisher...
Dec 27 2016 02:25 PM

Awesome Sauce

I wonder what we're gonna get on Jump Festa now that we had the final trailer for 2.8
Dec 11 2016 11:42 AM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    But do we really need another one? Maybe a comparison with PS3/PS2, but not a full trailer.
    Dec 11 2016 11:49 AM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    Yes we do. We've seen no footage yet. It'd be stupid to announce a PS4 port of 6 games in 60fps and not show a trailer 3 months before it comes out. The PS3 versions didn't even sell that well
    Dec 11 2016 11:51 AM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    4 games actually.
    Dec 11 2016 02:18 PM

Awesome Sauce

Jeez, only one look at my Youtube recommendations and already the FFXV spoilers are starting to pop up. Calm down, internet...
Nov 28 2016 02:46 PM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    delete your watch history and then pause it xD
    Nov 28 2016 02:49 PM
  • Nero Kunivas's Photo
    Nero Kunivas
    The internet is like Hanzo: Never second best. xD
    Nov 28 2016 03:32 PM

Awesome Sauce

Beat Xenoblade Chronicles X!!! Amazing game!
Nov 25 2016 11:47 PM
  • Shulk's Photo
    I agree 100% with that, it's incredible. Exploring Mira is one of the best experiences I've had in a game before, there's so much to see and battle.
    Nov 26 2016 04:42 PM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    That final boss was too hard, tho. Should've been nerfed in some areas (*cough* Apocalypse Roar *cough*)

    I also don't see how some call it disappointing.
    Nov 26 2016 06:09 PM

Awesome Sauce

Looks like the Switch rumors are back in full force. So stupid...
Nov 23 2016 02:49 PM

Awesome SauceThe 13th Kenpachi

I see that you have been promoted...
Nov 17 2016 08:55 AM

MythrilMagicianAwesome Sauce

Hello, could you kindly add more words here as one word posts don't contribute to the discussion http://kh13.com/forum/topic/101713-big-hero-6-tv-show/?p=1890373
Nov 03 2016 02:09 PM

Awesome Sauce

Why are some people on Youtube so stupid?
Oct 31 2016 07:46 PM
  • Lealixx's Photo
    Without stupid people there wouldn't be not-stupid people. Which means everyone would be stupid.
    Oct 31 2016 08:14 PM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    It's just that I was arguing with a guy that had so much ego and pretentiousness I wondered if he was trolling.
    Oct 31 2016 08:20 PM
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