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In Topic: X-Dimensions (The Roleplay)

Today, 06:41 PM

Musutafu, Japan

Happy that he finally landed a hit Gray had a huge smile on his face and felt euphoric. But when Zazan began her counter attack his eyes went wide and he had to react quickly.
"Ice Make: Shield!" Making his signature pose he created a huge shield out of ice, trying to protect himself. Feeling save again the smile returned but suddenly he was grabbed by Luffy's stretched out arm and thrown into the air.
"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Gray angrily shouted just when he witnessed how Zazan's tail easily pierced through the shield he has created.
That could have killed me!
"Be more careful next time." Luffy said then and charged at Zazan to initiate his next move. He stopped a few meters before her and shouted "Gum Gum Jet Gatling!" He then moved his arms that fast that it looked like several fists were aiming at Zazan's body.

In Topic: Which KH character do you most want to play as in a KH Go Karting game?

Today, 06:04 PM

but no one can see her. Maybe that'd be her special power.

But he's tall and serious all the time xD

In Topic: Which KH character do you most want to play as in a KH Go Karting game?

Today, 04:44 PM

Xemnas. Just too see him sitting in a little Go Kart xD

In Topic: Last Post Wins!

Today, 02:58 PM

It's KH13
We all are


In Topic: Last Post Wins!

Today, 02:42 PM

Gold Roger, the King of Homework attained this and everything else the world had to offer, as his dying words drove countless souls to the schools
"You want my homework? You can have it! I left everything I studied together in one place. Now you just have to find it."
These words lured men to the Work Line in pursuit of knowledge greater than they ever dared to imagine. This is the time known as the Great Scholar Era!

You on drugs?