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Member Since 13 Jul 2015
Online Last Active 13 minutes ago

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In Topic: Last Post Wins!

15 minutes ago

DM29xFsXcAUTTXo.jpgYou wanna word that differently?!

No, why do you ask? Not a fan of cherries? :)

In Topic: What's your favorite spooky fictional place?

59 minutes ago

Thriller Bark! The place where zombies get pushed back under earth xD


In Topic: I'm new! Hello, my soon to be friends!

Yesterday, 10:22 AM

Welcome to KH13, man! I hope you have a good time here :)

In Topic: I'm Trying To Be Better

Yesterday, 03:28 AM

Hey man, I’m really sorry to hear about that all. As you mentioned you’re always acting so funny and are making jokes, I didn’t know that you feel that way.

I am very much aware that you didn’t have the best reputation on this site because of your argues with other members, but even so I personally never had a problem with you or thought any negatively of you. You’re quite straightforward and honest, you tell people what you really think and are not sugarcoating it, that might lead to the fact that it hurts others feelings but it was always somethint that I respect and somewhat admire.

If you really wanna do change yourself and better yourself then I think admitting that to oneself is already the first and a very important step. Because you CAN change, even though you don’t believe in it it anymore. Everyone has the ability to change for the better, you just have to keep trying and trying no matter what. Apologise to your friends when you feel like there’s need to, try to stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes and most importantly; try to love yourself. A few years ago when I was feeling pretty down and just unsatisfied with my own life and myself a friend of mine told me it’s important to love myself first. And for a while I never understood why until I finally managed to achieve that. I feel way less anxious, way less worried and most importantly I actually managed to change for the better cause I just got happier in general. So try to work on that, as hard and unreachable it may seem.

To me you’re a really fun guy, you got a good humor and are easy to talk with. And even though we haven’t talked that much I always enjoyed it. You’re very down to earth and already a good person. And I wish you the best of luck with your goal to become a better person. I know you can make it. :)

In Topic: What scares you the most?

20 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

Seeing that my phone’s battery is at 1%.