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#1984074 Kingdom Hearts is my favorite thing in the world but...

Posted by Merilly on 16 June 2018 - 08:37 PM

I'd seriously hold back on the assumptions. The problem with all this new information circulating is that a whole lot of false information is also part of it.
It was nowhere stated that Lea and Kairi would end up together (not to mention that this might not be well-received because Lea is about 10 years older than her and she's a minor. It's not illegal and not unheard of, but I feel that it might be frowned upon by some). On the contrary, Nomura once again talked about how friendships develop, not romance.

Sora not being his favorite character is not necessarily a bad thing. He said that he can't sympathize with him and looking at his appearances and the interviews, it would be odd if he could. Nomura is a grown adult and doesn't seem like the happy-go-lucky type so he may not be able to identify with him. But that's not a problem. I also write stories and there are main characters I don't like the best but I've written them because they suit the plot.

I would also be upset if things are unnecessarily retconned. I'm doubtful regarding those points as well. I also do not see the absolute necessity for messy tropes like time travel because he could have easily used the completed people again since having a heart obviously is not preventing someone becoming a vessel.

But I would also wait and see. Things are often depicted a lot more drastic than they actually are because it depends on what people consider as "dark" for example. Nomura also said that previous titles were fairly dark, which is true, so naturally KH3 needs to be the climax to that but it does not mean that it will end in a tragedy. Especially the comparison to Marvel might not be the best option because we all know they excel at bringing characters once presumed dead back to life. The same will happen in KH3 because we basically know they're going to bring Roxas & Co. back.

That's why I wouldn't be so negative yet. Promoting a game like this makes people anxious but also curious to see what happens. It doesn't mean that KH will suddenly take a drastic turn or completely crush the beloved atmosphere. I always considered Nomura to be someone who likes tormenting people like this. But there was always this underlying hope in every game.

#1983317 Game Informer interviews Nomura about DLC, Ratatouille, big reveals, and more

Posted by Merilly on 12 June 2018 - 10:27 PM

Multiplayer mode as DLC please :) Also, there are more world reveals coming! I thought we were done for Disney worlds! Also, bigger surprises than Aquanort...He wants to kill us. All of this is very exciting.
Btw, this pretty much confirms that was the real Aqua and not some phantom or imagination figment thing.

If they decide on multiplayer as a DLC, that would actually be fine by me. I'm not fond of DLCs but multiplayer options require time if they want to do it right. Often, games are either directed at single player or multi player gameplay. Even if they have both, the other option often loses to the one taking the primary focus or both suffer.

That's why I think multilayer would be a good implementation after the release. This way, they can truly focus on an enjoyable experience and not lose quality because they have to work on other things. It also ensures people will continue to play it if it's any good.

Interestingly, he also said that Aqua had fallen to darkness, not that she had become a vessel. So there's still the possibility that she's not a part of Xehanort's thirteen darknesses.

I'm a bit disappointed he's bot that interested in bringing FF character together anymore, though I still hope Leon & Co. will reappear. I really loved the interactions between them and Sora, Donald and Goofy and would like them to take a semi-important role again.

#1981838 Do the European Box Arts Actually Indicate Console Exclusivity?

Posted by Merilly on 01 June 2018 - 03:26 AM

I'm not going to partake in the whole Xbox argument because in my opinion there's nothing much to argue about. Microsoft likely approached SE to get the game on their console, they said yes since it likely won't increase their workload a whole lot, but they don't really care, there's a contract or whatever. Of course it makes no sense to deny them access because it's confusing and few people will decide to buy an Xbox One just for that game.

However, while I cannot say it holds true 100%, the "Only on Playstation" banner has been around for a long time and mainly exists for the sole purpose of marketing. Exclusive titles are an incentive to buy said console to play the game in question. There are quite a few franchises which are exclusive to one console and it may tip the favor toward one console if someone can only buy one and doesn't know which or deciding to buy a second one.

This banner does not indicate that a game will forever remain exclusive as far as I'm aware. But if there are no indications for a release on other consoles in the near future, they can put it there without any issues. For KH, it makes sense since Square has more or less said that there won't be any other title than KH3 coming to Xbox One from the franchise in the near future. No plans could translate to that. They may wait for newcomers and people with no console to demand it on Xbox before doing that since the old fans who will play the game will likely own a Playstation 4 anyway if they have the money. The series has been on that console from the beginning along with Nintendo, so fans expected it from the get go.

To be honest, I never found it too appealing but I guess some consumers are too lazy to look up exclusivity and simply see it on the boxart and decide on it then. It may even be directed to those people standing in the store, trying to decide what to buy without having informed themselves prior.

We don't know if there are any contracts which forbid previous games from being released on another console, but I think that it's not evidence it will never be coming. Contracts are legally binding, yes, but it's not like there's absolutely no way out of them and that they last forever.

I think exclusivity is a terrible choice. I won't buy two consoles for just one game and it feels more like a tug of war between Sony and Microsoft than a real necessity. Nintendo is somewhat understandable since they use different controls, but the other two... Those must be really good deals if developers only stick with one company. But I cannot judge what happens behind closed doors and won't do it because it simply is as it is.
I just know that some console exclusive titles got ported to PC at a later point without being announced beforehand so the same can still happen to KH at one point, especially after 3 is out.

I wouldn't argue with your friend so much about some text on a boxart. Especially when it's only on the European one. We have some strange laws sometimes and even stranger marketing, but it's not like this continent sets most of the standards in the gaming industry.

#1981326 Kingdom Hearts III demo to be available at E3 2018!

Posted by Merilly on 25 May 2018 - 04:17 PM

Yay :D Have fun to those who will be attending and playing!

That being said, there might be a chance they will do the same as they did with 0.2 and it will appear at other events and conventions as well. I'd be so thrilled if it would be playable at gamescom this year. ^-^

#1981058 I don't want Kingdom Hearts III to end tragically or bittersweet.

Posted by Merilly on 23 May 2018 - 09:36 AM

I can relate to that. Tragedies certainly have their place and are also realistic with wars, but there seems to be the popular opinion going around that, in order to be great and profound, everything must be dark and tragic.
Personally, I don't think anyone has to die to make the game satisfying (except for Xehanort maybe because I cannot imagine him suddenly redeeming himself in a believable fashion).

But the main reason a really tragic ending would make me unhappy in KH3 is that the concept of death is really ambiguous and not really all that present. They are literally going to bring back people who don't exist anymore. Who don't even have a real body. For some reason, it would be a little grating for me if they bring back Naminé, Xion and Roxas, who were all more or less not meant to exist, and then kill of characters because they allegedly cannot be saved. I have nothing against those three or them getting a happy ending, I just don't think it's justified to kill off other characters either because they're not that popular or because they are too popular.

Or because they disturb the beloved trio dynamic, which would be the case if Isa is killed off just to create a deep emotional impact for Lea and so he doesn't get in-between Xion, Roxas and Lea. (Since his behavior toward them has not been easily forgivable.)

Either way, this whole "hard to accept" business can really refer to so many things or is Nomura creating more drama than there actually is. I could find at three scenarios for that statement without resorting to too drastic measurements, such as that it will simply be hard to accept that it's the end of a saga. That it might end up being rather open despite the main theme of resolution, like KH1 did or BBS, to prepare for the next games. Knowing that we will have to wait an indefinite amount of time for a continuation. Etc.

I don't see the need to make KH3 too tragic either, mainly because the franchise is a bit like Marvel in the aspect that almost everyone presumed death returns in one way or another. Except for characters like Uncle Ben or so. It would be hard to explain why some characters won't be able to. I'm not even sure Master Eraqus is truly gone.

#1980733 Done With World Reveals?!

Posted by Merilly on 19 May 2018 - 01:41 PM

Final adjustments doesn't mean that there won't be any reveals left, don't worry. It just means they're in the final stages of development, but what they reveal and when is up to them. The unconfirmed worlds are also in the final stages but will simply be presented later if they are still planning to show all of them beforehand. After all, they still need something to show that doesn't spoil entire areas of worlds. And it doesn't mean that the remaining ones will get a lot of screen time. I could imagine Radiant Garden reappearing,because there's anlot of story involved with that one, but receiving less exposition since it's a world we already know.

Let's assume the game comes out in Q4, there's still some time and some events left to get to the remaining worlds. It doesn't even have to be within a trailer either.

#1980371 What are you most excited to learn about from the KH3 impressions on Friday?

Posted by Merilly on 15 May 2018 - 07:32 PM

Of course everything is fine by me but the thing I'd like to hear most about is the combat. In terms of visuals, world sizes, etc., we already have a good indication and unlike other games, KH has never been prone to promising visuals which won't be present in the final game in at least a similar quality.

I said it on another post before, but the gameplay is something we've only been shown parts of which could have been optimized to not show any issues and it'll be interesting to hear if there are problems like frame drops or input delays and whether the combat is fluent or not, or how the overall gameplay works in terms of active combat and cinematic action ratio.

Another small thing I'd like to know would be how large the subtitles are, if there are some. 0.2 and other PS4 titles like God of War had the problem that the text was really small and barely legible. Most of the dialogue was understandable without the help but during battle or just loud environment, it was sometimes hard to understand what was being said.

Generally, I am of course excited to read about any kind of impression as long as it's somewhat objective. I don't mean to tell someone how excited they should be, but I doubt everything will be utterly perfect (as far as that's possible anyway), so hearing a bit of critcism will be nice too so SE will know what to work on.
I'm not concerned that this site will be mindless screaming or just negativity though, so I'm looking forward to a variety of impressions on different aspects of the game.

The only thing I don't care much about is the difficulty because I feel it is rather subjective and depends on the difficulty setting itself too. Of course it can be compared to other titles, considering 0.2 felt subjectively harder than any other entry on the same difficulty, but overall, it really depends on where people start in the game, how experienced they are with the franchise, etc.

#1980297 Embargo Timezones

Posted by Merilly on 15 May 2018 - 09:47 AM

Thanks for the overview! It's always nice to see the times compiled for quite a few different time zones, especially if people aren't sure if the information they are looking up in search engines is correct.

I hope there won't be too many people breaking their NDAs or others flooding the internet with false information. I want to read the impressions from the people of this website who are going and from other reliable sources because they're trustworthy.

#1980165 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 13 May 2018 - 09:37 PM

Yeah, KHIII really has had a much healthier development cycle, and since Nomura had kept details on the game vague, my guess is that's what helped the game's development. When the time came, he revealed more information to us, and we slowly got ever more hyped, waiting for more trailers and news updates to drop! It's been an exciting time, and seeing how KHIII has evolved since it was first announced has really been a mind boggling experience! Who would've thunk that the game we were announced in 2013 would look as gorgeous and amazing as it does now? I'm really glad the engine change was made, because I believe that was a change for the better!
Yeah, I'm really hopeful that DLC isn't relegated for story related things! Since many fans have clamored for a multiplayer mode, I'm sure that in the coming months, we could get multiplayer maps, similar to how first person franchises like Call Of Duty do, and with these maps, we could have a sort of Heartless Horde mode, in which players team up to take on waves of Heartless, or maybe an evolved form of the Command Board for those who love strategy! You know, things like that, for Nomura to experiment on so he can know what to implement in future titles, ya know?
I think the reason that people are worrying so much because it may feel like it's too good to be true! All the years of waiting and all the jokes and memes made about the length of KHIII's wait and its development cycle and people waiting forever for the game, I think now that it's finally in the home stretch, people are still in shock that it's actually coming! At least, that's what I think! I, for one, have faith that the game will indeed release this year, and as such, I shall enjoy the final months of hype until the game releases, which shall be pure gaming nirvana! :3
Indeed, an end of an era indeed! But hey, when it comes, it'll come! Be it July or November, it'll be an amazing time to be alive either way! And I get cherishing the hype. Hype for this game is what has united so many people together, and gathering together to discuss theories, speculate on events to come, and just wondering about what things will or won't return in the game has kept the community immersed and enriched in the wait for Kingdom Hearts III, ya know? So I agree, I wish to enjoy this for just a bit longer! We've waited all this time, we can wait 3 to 4 more months! :)

Keeping it vague is always a good idea. We've often seen that they had to go back on certain statements because the game just went in a different direction. For example the interview where it said that it would be strange for KH3 to have fewer worlds than KH2. This doesn't seem so unlikely now anymore with how big the worlds are in comparison, which may not have been planned from the beginning. It still got anjounced too early, which is probably why some fans are so on edge for a release but I feel like those years were necessary to make it a worthy end to a saga and not some rushed entry full of holes and bugs.

While I was never one for multiplayer, I would actually like to have one implemented as a DLC later. It's nicer to do it like this because we know they focused on the actual single player mode this way instead of multiplayer, since quite frankly, a lot of games suffer in terms of story when there's an extended multiplayer campaign attached. I did like playing together in BBS and since a Dissidia or Hyrule Warriors type of KH will likely never happen due to Disney, it would be nice to play other characters. I think that would be a good option to play as a variety pf characters like back in Days, just a little more developed.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I stilk beoieve we haven't waited that long. People claiming that they waited 10 years can do so and I won't judge anyone for how long they supposedly waited but just because KH3 was talked about way earlier before its official release doesn't mean ot was actually a thing. We recived so many games in the meantime and without those, KH3 would not exist in the way it will release since a large part of the story was contributed in BBS and 3D. And waiting 5 years is still within the estimated time frame for a large game that will hopefully be a quality product.
I don't kind it if people say they waited over 10 years. I can't determine how long people wait for somenthing just because I'm not the type to wait for games which were not officially announced yet in the form of a trailer or concept art or whatever. I also understand peole are trying to be funny with all the jokes and memes but I don't really get most of them since it's not like we've never seen anything of it like with Half-Life 3. That's also a hit like waitong for KH4 to be released becauee we know the story will continue after 3.
I think its development cycle was fine. Not without a hitch or problems, I mean they said it themselves that the engine was foreign to them and that they still have trouble with the models and lighting due to that, but overall, it did not seem at a standstill. As you said, the evolvement of the visuals were stunning to see and while the game was certainly announced too early (since no KH-related post ever goes without fans asking when the game is gonna come already), it is really rare to see a game develop practically from beginning to end and how much progress was made.
And I honestly believe the feedback given by fans also helped that along because we could immediately say what we didn't like and they could change certain things. I mean, it must be when even the demo for 0.2 had its models changed after a plethora of complaints.

There will certainly still be many speculations and theories going around but the actual act of waiting and getting giddy together will be gone for a while at least. It's been 5 years soon and it has somehow become a part of the community even more so than with any other game before.

#1980111 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 12 May 2018 - 11:44 PM

Yeah, the big difference though, is that FFXV was much more into development than KHIII at the time, so it suffered the most, while KHIII only suffered a year's worth of work because of the engine change, which still gave them four years to work with, so I would like to believe that's helped Kingdom Hearts III get a promising edge! And yeah, I remember Nomura saying that DLC was something he was considering! If there is DLC, I just hope it's something simple like character skins or new Keyblades or just cosmetic things of the sort, or maybe some enemies for a possible multiplayer mode or something! But I just hope that there's no DLC's that are fatally important to the story, ya know? We don't want to have to suffer through an incomplete story!
Hmm, and you're right! The concerts are a creative way of promoting Kingdom Hearts III, and it would be pretty cool if they did release a sort of final trailer at the final concert to cap off the release of Kingdom Hearts III! :D

I know and I'm not comparing it in terms of that. KH3 had a fairly consistent development. Except for the engine switch in 2014, it has seemingly progressed smoothly from what we can tell. We received a steady income of information, albeit months apart and except for when 2.8 took priority in marketing, which was understandable since KH3 would overshadow the release otherwise.
Even the change in engine seems like a good idea now, even if the models initially looked worse, if one considers that the Luminous engine apparently isn't so great and immensely hard to deal with, potentially prolonging the development way beyond 2018 should they have stuck to it. But after they got used to the engine, they are improving and will likely fix the small issues I have with the models and lighting as well. (Though most of them are not in a state which would make me cringe anymore or truly disturb the experience. Some characters just need to look more like themselves again which can be achieved with minor alterations.)
All in all, you can see that KH3 is approaching a release and has a direction which FFXV did not have for the longest time. All in all, it barely had two years to get it back on track while the 4 years KH3 had are well within a normal development cycle for such a game. We can also see the leap they've made in terms of visuals, we know at least vaguely in which direction it is heading plot-wise due to the other games and I'd think it promising and feel rather optimistic.

Though I also agree with you fhat DLCs should not contain anything substantial. I would not mind Keyblades,skins, perhaps a new minigame for this console type of thing or a multiplayer mode coming later. They shouldn't make the mistake of releasing an incomplete story because it would surely enrage the fans, although I also can't blame them at times with how much pressure they're getting from the fans to release it.

All things considered, I don't know why people still believe we won't get the game until 2025 or something. Currently, the worst thing I could see happening would be a delay of maybe a couple of months, though I do not see any indication of that transpiring at all. They should take all the time they need since there are things which cannot be patched away so easily, especially if fans are already on edge about the issues.
Nevertheless, we receive a steady flow of information now, the trailers are long and detailed and I don't see a reason to doubt that the game is on its way anymore. SE has always been vague ane cryptic with their information anyway so it's no surprise we are not getting any clear answers anyway. The only thing I'd really like to see now is an English dubbed trailer.

It was merely an idea but I feel like it would be a suitable end to the era of waiting for KH3. We all can't deny that July would be great and all if the game is truly done (which it does not seem to be yet despite being in its final stages apparently), but it just feels a little too soon, a little too rushed and in the midst of the concerts no less to release it then. While the wait is killing me mich like a good part of the fandom, I also cherish the hype, the theories and the reactions and having the sites go more silent again in terms of news will feel strange. Therefore, I wouldn't mind having it last just a few months longer.

#1980063 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 12 May 2018 - 02:52 PM

Yeah, I agree, there's a lot that Square is playing with for the coming months, and in addition to other companies releasing their games during these coming months, the gaming market will be crowded with shiny new games! My guess is that Square will probably try to pin KHIII's release on an advantageous release window that doesn't face too much competition with other game companies and their releases, ya know?
And well, with what happened with XV, it looks like the game could have used an extra two or three years of development before releasing, but since the FF franchise seemed to be on unsteady footing, I understand why it released when it did. But still, it doesn't excuse the fact that there are so many missing threads in the base game, and having to wait for DLC to fully experience the game sucks! Still, though, I understand that Tabata and his team worked hard to bring the game to the public, and they had to work with a lot of the scrapped material and had to change things, so I can understand that as well. After all, Tabata and his team are human, after all! Hopefully, with Nomura being closely knit with the development of Kingdom Hearts III, I'm sure he and his team have ensured that KHIII will be a complete experience!
You know, October sounds like the perfect month, because November would also be crowded because Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 releases that month, if I'm not mistaken, and most Shooter genre games release in that month, and I think there's another Assassin's Creed game coming as well, so October would be the ideal month, since there's no big games releasing by then! Square has to take advantage of that to maximize the sales for the game!
Although, what you say about the concerts could also be a clue as to the game's release! :O

To be honest, FFXV really has been through development hell but I believe that just because that happened once doesn't mean the same will happen to KH3. Not gonna lie, the game did have some problems with the new engines and likely still sports some irregularities here and there, but all in all, the 4 years of actual development they would have in November showed a steady progress that is fairly reassuring.
Which is why I don't really want to compare it to FFXV but it serves as a good example of what they shouldn't do with KH3. DLCs were already hinted it that they may have to resort to them, which doesn't sound too promising since it does not sound like optional content, but so far, every KH game was finished and only received minor added scenes,so I'll try to be optimistic. I think SE should know that people criticized that. The game itself wasn't terrible at all and they likely did the best they could with the time they had at their disposal. The engine is apparently hard to use, they changed a lot and all in all, it was still decent but they should still refrain from doing it again.

I'm not sure if the concerts are really a clue, especially since they're "just" a continuation of last year's concerts, but to me it would make sense to finish them first, especially since it seems like they are already planning concerts for 2019+ involving KH3. I don't know,I just think I couldn't imagine going to a concert the week the game comes out because I would be busy with that. And they're also a nice promotion toward KH3 to experience the previous games again to a certain degree. :D
I could also imagine that, if I suppose the game comes out late October after the conferts ended or in November, they might do a final trailer kind of thing at the very last performance.

#1979956 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 11 May 2018 - 06:47 PM

Indeed, I agree with what you're saying! These months are going to be the greatest in the history of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, because promotion for Kingdom Hearts III will be going at a sky high rate, and it'll be just like the build up for Avengers: Infinity War, with each day closer to release giving us even more to hype about, ya know? So I'm confident that in the months left for the year to end, Nomura and his team will deliver on building up our hype, and Kingdom Hearts III's release will be something to be remembered!

And while I'd love July, or even September because of that month being the Anniversary of when the first KH game came out in the US, I agree with November as well, as that's the one month I've always said the game could come out the latest, ya know? Because July is just one month removed from E3, so there wouldn't be time to promote the rest of the worlds, and September is already heavy with multiple big games! So November is a reasonable release month! I just hope that the game comes to us as a complete package, and not incomplete like FFXV, ya know?

I couldn't agree more. I think there are still some things they are planning to show us because I think there should be at least 3-4 more worlds revealed, even if they are recurring ones like Radiant Garden and I'm not sure that's a good time frame to do that of it indeed is scheduled for July. It doesn't make any sense to me either since Tomb Raider just got its release date for September and KH3 should suddenly release within 1 month after the release date reveal? Seems a bit too ambitious marketing-wise, especially if there are plans for a CE.

I also agree about the comment regarsing FFXV. I want KH3's plot to be complete and not full of holes which will be provided later through DLC. The game has been out for 1 1/2 years now and they are still adding plot-relevant episodes to fill the gaps in the story and I honestly don't want the same to happen to KH3. DLCs are always a bit irksome for me anyway, but changing the game to such a degree is way beyond understandable. KH did have the Final Mix versions but they never changed ending scenes after two years and only added a moderate amount of new scenes which added positively to the games but weren't absolutely necessary for the general understanding.

I personally would support November. They already have Tomb Raider as a rather big franchise in September, August and July feel a bit early and December is always a rather busy month for some. October would also work.

Another reason why I think November would be good is because the last concerts end late October. While they are more of a reprise, I think it would make sense to complete them first before releasing a highly anticipated game before a weekend where people attend one of the concerts.

#1979741 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 08 May 2018 - 09:56 PM

I kinda find it weird that so many people think that this game will be delayed into next year! I mean come on, what's up with that? Nomura has yet to disappoint us when it comes to releasing a Kingdom Hearts game! None of his games have ever been delayed, the only exception being 2.8, but that was only because FFXV had recently come out, and it would've made 2.8 have less of a spotlight, ya know? So really, I believe Kingdom Hearts III will come out this year, otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered announcing the release year at last year's D23, ya know?

Of course delays are always something that can happen, even last minute, but I currently see no hints toward that either to be honest. I'd be more concerned over some aspects ending up unpolished/unfinished and to be added later rather than a delay. While I'm more of a pessimist and realist, I also think it will come out this year in one form or another and I'm mainly concerned about how the end product will look and if there'll be any issues with scrapping important content to use for DLCs, etc.

That being said, I also disagree with people who are hellbent on a July release just to fulfill a trope. That would mean that it would come out barely a month after the release date reveal that would need to happen at E3. Sure, SE likely has become more cautious with announcing these things too early, but if they want to reveal every world there will either be a flood of information in the near future or not that many worlds at all,even fewer than expected.
Now, I'm not saying it's completely impossible but they wouldn't have had enough time to thoroughly test the game if July really did haplen

I think November would be fine by me. Not gonna lie, if I could I would also rather play ot right this instant but I want to enjoy the game and not be annoyed by an onslaught of bugs and ugly/inconsistent models. I have the feeling thst the people absolutely demanding it to release this summer would be the first to complain of the game is in a desastrous state just because they wanted the game out. The game has not been indevelopment that long. After they had to start over in late 2014, November 2018 would mean 4 years of actual development, which is a regular time frame for a triple A title that's not just copy and paste like Fifa for example. (Nothing against Fifa but to be able to put out a game every year basically implies that they don't really need to start from zero with an unfamiliar engine.)

I think we can all agree that we want the best experience possible within a reasonable development cycle. These last few months of hype will be something that's going to be unrivaled for a while so it's nice to just speculate and have these events to look forward to, like the one this May and of course E3. Once that passes,we'll see what to expect. ^-^

#1979674 Is Voice Work Done For Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 07 May 2018 - 11:37 PM

I think an English trailer should come around soon. The last one for KH3 was in 2015 and they should at least be at a point where they're done with some parts. Maybe not all of them, that's hard to tell and not even necessary for an English dub. The game comes out this year, it should certainly be time to present something regarding the dub(s) (if there are other languages). I do like the Japanese voices, but I think it would appeal to people who are not that involved with the franchise more to actually hear the version they are going to play. I guess it would also make more sense from a marketing point of view becauee despite saying the final game will feature English audio, potential newcomers migjt want to hear said audio beforehand.

I'm still hoping for a Q4 release. I know percentages don't really mean anything in game development but considering how much was said to be done in February, a few more months could really do wonders for the game like it did for 0.2. Like even out the models to be roughly the same quality, fix potential bugs and glitches and overall make it connect nicely and not end up rushing the game out half-finished. Such damage cannot be undone immediately and day one patches should not be such a common practice as they already are. I also don't want the story to be cut just to get it out and get half of it delivered later through DLC.
And also gove the game time to actually do some more marketing.

We all want to get the game as quickly as possible. But I also prefer to receive a quality product and not a mess of models going back and forth between plastic and good and other terrible issues which may arise during playing the game such as crashing, save files getting deleted or other things which could be prevented by simply giving them the time to test it.

That being said, I could imagine recordings being done, but also that there might be some missing scenes which still require recording. Though I hope people won't pester the VAs to break their NDAs any more than what was already done. I know you didn't, The Transcendent Key, but it's just something that seemed to become problematic recently with Vexen's VA claiming that it was apparently done.

#1979476 Once you get the game and you need help...

Posted by Merilly on 06 May 2018 - 02:21 AM

To be honest, most of the time I look up specific forum topics on the internet unless it's something you can very easily locate on YT. Because sometimes, you'd have to look through minutes and hours of video content to get to the part you need. Other times, it may be useful to look up something on YT, especially if it's a well-known issue with lots of dedicated guides.

So it really depends on what I'm looking for. For example, if I'm searching for item x to progress, it might be faster to just type it into google and get a description of the location than look for a video that shows that.

Strategy guides are usually a good alternative to use since they include most of the game and if done correctly, you can easily find what you're looking for. But they can also cost quite a bit of money and might make you feel more inclined to just look things up without even trying to solve it yourself.

That being said, for KH in particular, I never required any assistance to get through the games. I just looked up where to find certain materials or what to fuse to get this and that in BBS for example. I think KH3 will mostly be simple enough to get through the game without any guidance, though with the size, who knows how difficult some things will turn out to be? I liked the little puzzles in 0.2 and hope they return since they made it more interesting and not just "traverse the map and fight enemies along the way" but it neither should evolve into another Zelda with too complex puzzles.
Either way, who knows what the game will do. Maybe there'll be completely frustrating parts that make me think buying a strategy guide is worth it.