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#1973388 High quality images from the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailers and character...

Posted by Merilly on 12 February 2018 - 11:32 AM

Some of the new Keyblades are really clunky somehow and not nearly as delicately designed as they once were... I already thought this about Void Gear, but looking at Riku's and Sora's Keyblades, that impression only grows stronger.

#1973140 Kingdom Hearts III last stage worlds to include incredible content; Giantland...

Posted by Merilly on 10 February 2018 - 09:04 PM

Wait, what? Am I understanding this correctly? One world will be the size of a whole game? o.O Because a world being the size of one of the worlds in the previous games wouldn't make sense, considering they decided to include fewer Disney worlds than in KH2 because they are massive now.

That would mean that KH3 could easily breach the 100 hour mark. Well, if that's the case, my friends and family can bid me farewell at least for a month.

#1970899 The wait is killing me and it's only January

Posted by Merilly on 17 January 2018 - 07:58 PM

I actually find it kind of nice that we know it's coming but it's still not there. Apart from having countless other things to do and worry about in my life and nothing being able to compare to actually playing it eventually, I can't help but think it would be great to have the hype last a little longer.
During the last months prior to the release of 2.8, there was a lot of information and hype all around the place and I think that will be over once KH3 comes out. Of course KH is said to continue and all, but it might be a few months or even a year or two until we hear anything about the next title, except for KHUX progressing. And there was no real hype about the next game in the series until it was officially announced.

That's why I'd like to cherish that for awhile. See a few more reactions from fans when new trailers and other information roll around, play the games again in preparation, analyze new trailers and read a variery of theories based on them.

Of course it has been a long wait since the official announcement alone, but now that we're getting close there might be even more information to cause us hype and more frequent, too. It's a nice kind of excitement, although I can also understand people getting impatient.

#1970289 RUMOR: PHI from SERGE announces apparent involvement in remixing music for Ki...

Posted by Merilly on 10 January 2018 - 12:52 AM

To be honest, the soundtrack is usually something I'm least worried about in games. Even most games I'd consider mediocre or bad had a decent or good OST. And since Shimomura will be composing most of it, I think it will be amazing as usual. There are so many great composers and I don't think SE has ever settled for anyone mediocre.

Since Nomura also seems to be rather critical if the interviews are to be taken seriously, I don't think they'd choose anything which isn't suitable for the environment or atmosphere. Even if I haven't heard much of PHI, I think the outcome will be good. I was more concerned over the fact that the creation of certain assets and models is outsourced to an Indian company I had never heard about before, despite outsourcing being common.

Thanks for the news and the translation! I saw it being retweeted with a picture of KH but couldn't really make out what it said,despite trying with Google translate.

#1970105 My first OG Heartless designs

Posted by Merilly on 08 January 2018 - 12:31 AM

Unfortunately I can only see the Carpet Scorpion, but admittedly, I had to laugh a little. :D Not because the dssign is bad but because the face is rather adorable. Personally, I like the design, although I imagine it would be a frustrating enemy to fight with it being so flat and ability to poison the player. Reminds of how some finishers of a combo wouldn't hit with Aqua when fighting enemies because they were too small and she had that weird upward strike in BBS as the finisher. At least it happened to me at times.

#1970035 Will Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer constitute as spoilers?

Posted by Merilly on 06 January 2018 - 08:16 PM

Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm dying to see a little bit of San Fransokyo in action! I mean, with how amazing Big Hero 6 is, I'm dying to see how the world of San Fransokyo would function in Kingdom Hearts III, so here's hoping that at D23 we finally get some footage of that world!
But yeah, Square are professionals, and Nomura also knows what he's doing when the trailers are going through their editing phase. He knows enough to keep vital things in the dark but give us something so that we get all the more hyped! And let me tell you, the trailers we got last year were substantially hype worthy! So I'm confident that the next footage we see from Kingdom Hearts III will only solidify the hype even more, and without spoiling anything vital! :D

Same here. >_< It's been so long since Big Hero 6 was announced and I think it should be showcased next. We can probably expect a world reveal, too, but I'd finally like to see some actual footage because I'm interested in how they're going to deal with such a huge city. I d also like to see more Disney characters in general like Rapunzel (and how they're going to work with her hair).

And I agree whole-heartedly. If we look back the two trailers they were definitely amazing but didn't reveal too much beyond the things we already know or being rather cryptic about it. Mentioning Roxas isn't really a surprise since it was already hinted in 3D that all these people can be saved. Some of the vessels appearing in a world also isn't too surprising.
Still, I'm glad we got to see more cutscenes too and hope we'll see more tidbits before release. Nothing too substantial but some basic interactions would be sufficent and lovely because it gives people a feel for the atmosphere. The gameplay is nice and always appreciated since it also shows of the world, but especially story-driven games profit from teasing certain elements and make people eager to find out what's going to happen. :D

#1969990 A little Release date theory. Could it by July?

Posted by Merilly on 06 January 2018 - 11:40 AM

Interesting theory. I can't really find any fault with that logic other than that I hope it won't come in July. I'd rather they use ws much time as possible to polish the game.
Also, if we assume that D23 will deliver the next batch of information and it won't be a 10 minutes trailer, it seems like a rather small time frame to reveal all the worlds and promote the game seriously. I just feel like we've seen relatively little of the game for it to come so soon. If they were really trying to achieve July 2018, it would have made sense for it to appear at Jump Festa 2017 in my opinion.

I also think July is a rather weird time to publish a large game. Sure, summer vacations are starting in a variety of countries but people also go on vacation.

Can't really say anything against that theory but sure hope it won't come true. I'm just looking back at 0.2 and what a few more months did for that, although it still had inconsistencies. :D I also want the game as soon as possible but not because they want to meet some schedule or hint they've given but because it's ready in aspects such as story completion, bug and glitches, gameplay and graphics such as models.

#1969960 Don't expect zootopia to be in kingdom hearts 3

Posted by Merilly on 05 January 2018 - 10:10 PM

There is a problem I have with the wording of the interview. If I recall corrrectly, they said Big Hero 6 was the last world they decided on but that does not mean that anything after is out of the question. It was just the last movie that received green light. Technically, they could have also decided on Treasure Planet (if it were to appear) or Tangled last for example because there were problems or reservations with planning, including it in the overall plot, etc, but that would not imply that nothing that was released after could make it into the game.
Especially after considering that they also mentioned they had access to movies which were just in the making. I find it a bit hard to interpret that sort of information since we don't know how accurate the translation is or how the implications were meant.

That being said, I do not believe Zootopia had much of a chance. If we assume the leak is real, that would already be two transformations. A third one with a reduced number of Disney movies may go a bit overboard since the original plot cannot be driven forward very well in my opinion in a Zootopia world.
However, since it was already said in an interview that they would reveal all worlds beforehand since in the age of DLC they could easily add worlds after (which I hope they won't, it might still have a chance as some sort of extra gimmick as DLC.

Moana is also a bit problematic since so much of the movie plays on water. The realm of monsters would be a possibility but other than that, most islands appeared to be rather tiny and it could be a bit dull to just play on water on a boat. It worked for TLoZ Windwaker, but for KH... Not too sure.

#1969951 What’s your New Year Resolution?

Posted by Merilly on 05 January 2018 - 07:22 PM

Oh wow, I see. Well, I hope that these operations can be able to greatly help in reducing your symptoms! And on that matter, I hope that you'll be able to enjoy the new year in general, and that you can be able to enjoy all the new things that you'll get to experience! Ooh, and I'm with you, Kingdom Hearts III is one of the major things I'm looking forward to this year, because it'll be a big point of my life, since I've followed the KH series since 2006! Ah, such a long time! :') And yes, you are right, there are many things in media in general that come out this year that look very promising!
Yeah, I hear ya! I'm gonna try to at least make an attempt at working out one day yes and one day no, as I'd usually do. So that'd be four days a week! I already started today, so I'm hoping I can continue the streak when it's time to work out again on Thursday! Definitely gonna try not to laze away from exercising!
And thank you, I appreciate the positive vibes! I'm definitely planning on making the most out of this year, and if I'm able to get the car, then that's good, and if not, then at least I'll keep pushing forward! I'll live out this year as best as I can!
Ooh, and tell me about it! Conventions are so much fun! This year I'll be attending Comic-Con, God willing on May, and it'd be my fourth consecutive Comic-Con in a row, my first having been in 2015! It's a fun experience that you'll want to keep being a part of, trust me!

Thank you! :D I've been following this game for over a decade now, too and I'm glad and sad that the Xehanort saga is coming to end. At least I hope it won't end up like FFXV aeding large portions of story to the game through DLC at a later point to fill the holes. But I'll remain positive. :D
It's really been such a long time and it's such an important part of my life that I hope it manages to live up to most fans' expectations. ^-^

I wish I could go to a large Comic Con but they don't really have such a big convention in my vicinity. But I'm definitely looking forward to the ones I will attend and hopefully they'll be fun as well.

#1969950 Will Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer constitute as spoilers?

Posted by Merilly on 05 January 2018 - 07:15 PM

Exactly this! I believe that in the end, the fact of a person spoiling themselves is completely up to them, but personally, I see trailers more of a hype up device than not, and to me, they don't ruin what will be my experience with the game when I finally have it in my hands! What would kill my joy is if someone outright spoils every detail of the story if they've played the game ahead of everyone else, ya know? That I would consider heavy spoiling, and I'm very good at avoiding spoilers, so I hope I can avoid KHIII's spoilers just as much! But I will watch the trailers simply for the hype up of it all. :)

You know, that's actually pretty true! For instance, one trailer of The Last Jedi made it look as if Rey was going to kill Luke Skywalker, but it didn't end up happening, so that's a good example of trailers making viewers think of something when something else will actually happen!

I also think trailers only add to the hype. SE in particular is rather good at making trailers without revealing anything concrete. Up until the release of FFXV, I hardly knew what the game was even about except the crystal and a ring. And we had multiple trailers and even more than one demo.
Yeah, I'm not worried about trailers spoiling anything substantial. Of course I won't tell people how much they should watch spoilers or how they would like to experience the game, but personally, the amount of footage we got is alright for a game that's said to be massive. I just don't want to see Olympus Coliseum avain in terms of showcasing the world because I feel like we've really seen enough of it at this point in comparison to other worlds.

#1969774 Logan Paul is a SICK MAN!

Posted by Merilly on 03 January 2018 - 10:30 AM

To be honest, I have no idea who he is and don't really want to indulge in that form of popular culture since I don't care about that kind of content. I don't really want to give them the satisfaction of googling it or making a huge deal out of it.

It is disrespectful and horrible, yes, but even negative press is the attention those kind of people want and I'm not really willing to provide that and react to it. It won't prevent them from posting such content again, more like it encourages them even more, and the authorities should deal with it.

Sometimes, a public outcry is necessary to prevent harm and make people aware of a terrible situation to change a fundamental type of behavior or system for the better. But in this case, I believe it will only serve to grant that person the negative fame he seeks.

#1969756 Will Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer constitute as spoilers?

Posted by Merilly on 02 January 2018 - 11:39 PM

Of course they are spoilers, but I don't think anyone is going to be mad talking about them or showing the public more of the game. People aren't even angry if others talk about leaks. The only thing which is annoying is when they're not marked as such because those who do not wish to be spoiled have to fear to encounter spoilers in a more or less harmless thread.

In the past, trailers have been displayed on the front page without any issues because it was up to the person if they wanted to watch it or not. And I think information provided by an official source should still be provided since it is news and what a lot of people visit the front page for.

Quite frankly, if someone wishes to remain entirely unspoiled it may not be a good idea to roam around a forum revolving around the franchise in question. I totally understand the desire to experience the game without having seen anything beforehand, but in these times, that's getting increasingly hard with all the media.
Back when 2.8 came out, my Youtube recommendations were flooded by playthroughs because YT recommends videos which fit my interests. And even though the people who played it didn't want to spoil anyone, it still happened. Not to mention Tumblr, Twitter and all these other websites.

To be honest, the only time I've ever seen fans getting angry was when they were spoiled in a thread which had nothing to do with it and wasn't clearly marked. And I think that's a fair reason because otherwise, you can't even browse the internet anymore without getting undesired spoilers. But all in all, this is also a website dealing with news of all kind and collecting them,which I am grateful for because otherwise we had to accumulate the information from various sources on our own.

In the end, if I don't want any spoilers whatsoever, I'd avoid websites which will very likely offer them to those who want them. Especially trailers are necessary to promote the game to those who are not sure whether they're going to buy it since not everyone is that big of a fan of the series but more casually interested. One can argue about the decision to reveal so much beforehand but that's not for us to decide and it's impossible to suit everyone's taste anyway.

In the end, the community is probably going to react like always. Some will be hyped, some will be neutral and others wish they wouldn't reveal so much. And most people will have good arguments supporting their opinion, though it's up to yourself how you treat news in the coming year.

#1969686 What’s your New Year Resolution?

Posted by Merilly on 01 January 2018 - 09:24 PM

Oh, you are due to being subjected to operations? Gosh, I hope that all goes well! I pray that all will go well and that your health spirals up into excellent conditions! :D And good luck on getting that part time as well!
Ooh, and playing all the KH games is definitely a plus! It's a good way to pass the time while Kingdom Hearts III releases!
And well, as for myself, I plan on playing more games, chiefly Kingdom Hearts III when it comes out, and I also plan on watching many new movies/TV shows/cartoons and anime series! I'm always finding new shows to watch, so I'm always entertained!  And I'm going to try to see if I can be able to work out. The bad thing about this one is that just when I'm getting into it, I kinda laze myself out of it, and I wish I wouldn't do that. I want to work out just to at least be fit, not because I want to bulk up in an exaggerate way, ya know? Working out for me is more of keeping myself healthy and fit than not. We'll see how that goes. I don't need to play the entire KH saga, because that's what I dedicated myself to doing last year, so I'm already covered and waiting happily for Kingdom Hearts III! :D
Another of my resolutions is to keep saving up money for my goals, and I want to see if I can be able to get myself a car so I can get around. I already have my driver's license, and I've been practicing with my Stepdad's car, my Dad's car and my friends' cars as well! So I'm pumped that I'm getting the hang of driving, so I wanna see if I can get myself a car!
In general, I just hope to be healthy so I can be able to enjoy this year to the max, ya know? Comic-Con, Avengers: Infinity War, dang, there's lots to look forward to! X_X

Thank you, I really appreciate it. ^-^ My health has deteriorate over the past few years after an accident and while I might never get completely healthy again, these operations will ease the symptoms. Unfortunately, they had to be postponed again and again but I still think I can at least try to make the most out of this year. Like getting help for the fears that come when you're sick for a long time, changing a lifestyle to suit the situation and enjoying the small things if life. I'm really looking forward to KH3 for example, the conventions I'll attend and all the new things which will come out this year in the anime/manga/game department. >_< That's gonna be awesome. Not to mention all the new things to discover.

That's why I agree with your view on working out. I've also picked that up again to improve my health because it's never a bad thing to exercise a little. I don't think doing too much is even necessary since it's not my goal to become ripped with muscles. :D But I can understand why it's hard for you since it's currently the same for me. It's not exactly easy to incorporate that daily. Before my health issues, I exercised daily and after that, I slacked off because I either wasn't feeling well or because I also lazed myself out of it due to not doing it daily. I guess it's easier to do something if it has become a daily habit.
It's probably also about motivation. If you're not threatened by any diseases due to lack of fitness or have other weight-related problems, it's likely harder to do it regularly than when you feel bad. Though if the latter is the case, you probably won't wait until the new year. xD'

I really hope you'll be able to get a car and save up a good amount of money. The practice you've gotten will certainly prove to be valuable, considering that really makes a difference. Driving a lot of different cars is a good experience as well.
And I hope that you stay healthy as well and that this year will be better than the last, regardless of whether it's been good or bad. ^-^

#1969677 What’s your New Year Resolution?

Posted by Merilly on 01 January 2018 - 08:34 PM

I'm going to try getting my health back together, which involves finally subjecting myself to the operations that got postponed due to infections, work out (which I already started) and then begin university again. Maybe even find a part-time job if everything goes well.

My friend and I will probably play all the Kingdom Hearts games again, too since I only introduced her to the series 1 1/2 years ago and while she is understanding most core concepts, it definitely wouldn't hurt.

Though those aren't really resolutions considering I already started on the health aspect and KH never really needs a resolution for me to play it. :D

#1969547 If new Kingdom Hearts III footage was leaked tomorrow, would you watch it?

Posted by Merilly on 30 December 2017 - 07:49 PM

More like dissect it. It's natural to want to do that when it involves anything Kingdom Hearts III related. xD

An impromptu dissection of a leaked trailer would admittedly be very interesting to see. :D