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#1988725 Expectations for Gamescom 2018

Posted by Merilly on 13 August 2018 - 12:13 AM

While it's not completely impossible for something to appear there since FFXV did receive a new trailer at gamescom, it doesn't have much of a history for appearing there apart from demos and already published footage. Then again, Paris Games Week didn't really have any news before either and they dropped the opening for 0.2 out of nowhere, so who knows?

I'm personally not expecting too many changes to the demo either. Mainly because the demos look fairly good and, apart from the glowing walls and the floatiness, most people didn't take that much issue with it.
I'd rather have them focus on the main game than improving the demo anyway. I like that they're taking criticism into consideration, but there's no necessity to go out of their way. 0.2 was a special case because the models really didn't look good and gave an exceptionally bad impression of the end product, so an improvement there was needed more than for KH3's demo in my opinion.

Despite this rather bland outlook from me, it would be a lie to say I'm not wishing for something to appear. I always do. But I'm also a realist and try to keep my expectations as low as possible because this way, I won't be disappointed. It definitely has a chance but until proven otherwise, I'll just treat this as another station for their marketing without any news.

It's a big event that I'm glad I'll be able to attend, but I also know it's not always regarded as such in terms of big revelations, probably due to its proximity to E3 and being located in Europe, which is not often treated with the same importance as NA or JP.

#1988707 At what point do you join a new console generation?

Posted by Merilly on 12 August 2018 - 05:05 PM

For me it depends mostly on the games and whether I desperately want to play them but otherwise, I wait around a year or until the first price drop. If there is more than one game I'd like to play, that is. I only buy consoles when there's something interesting for me to play after all and not just a single game either.

Other than that, I like to wait and see if the console is prone to technical problems. I want to spare myself the hassle of exchanges, repairs and lost save data as much as I can. Of course it can always be an exemption at any point of time, but a lot of consoles have shown issues for more than one person in the weeks after their release and while it usually means no monetary loss, it still causes problems I'd rather avoid.

#1988279 Kingdom Hearts III is going to be present at Gamescom 2018

Posted by Merilly on 06 August 2018 - 07:29 PM

It will be worth waiting forever for. :D

#1987641 UPDATED: Kingdom Hearts III to have approximately 80+ hours of playable conte...

Posted by Merilly on 28 July 2018 - 09:45 PM

I am also hoping for side quests to be included. Minigames are the bane of my existence and even having just 10 hours of them feels like an awful amount in comparison to the actual plot. Side quests could also provide more variety and add story tidbits here and there without resorting to strange minigames.

No wonder they're running out of space. I hope it really consists of secret bosses and the like as well and not have too many mini games... They're a nice extra but if they had to cut other content because of them, it feels a little redundant to have such an abundance of small little games.

Either way, I'll wait and see. I hope not too many of them are mandatory though.

Apart from that, I think 40-50 hours of pure main story seems like an adequate amount. It surely won't include every little thing we'd like to see or resolve everything but I think it's better than a plot that takes too long and may become more confusing than necessary.
It also increases its replay value for me since I'm more prone to replaying games that take up to 50 hours than anything beyond that. I know that people can invest hundreds and thousands of hours into one game but that's not my cup of tea.

All in all, it was to be expected the moment they said they were running out of space, but it's great to hear an actual number since that has been a question a lot of people had. If that time is true. I remember FFXV being greatly overestimated in that regard.

#1986173 What Disney movie should have gotten a sequel?

Posted by Merilly on 08 July 2018 - 06:56 PM

Since Disney sequels aren't always that good or even nearly as good as the first one, I think none of them really are in dire need of a sequel. I certainly wouldn't mind them since most of the movies could be continued with some sort of plot and a lot of other continuations were at least enjoyable, but since the endings are also fairly satisfying, there's neither a real requirement to make sequels when they're not that open. (Like in horror movies where it feels like 90% of the time there's some hint that it isn't over after all.)

I can't think of a movie that really needed a sequel if I think about it. There's nothing wrong with adding to what is already there though. Sometimes I also wish to see more of something because it was simply amazing. But just because the possibility is there doesn't mean they should get another movie or a TV series or whatever.

I won't complain if there are sequels but I'm also pretty content with the movies on their own. Of course there's something beyond the ending and it's likely not always along the lines of happily ever after, but I feel no real desire to know.

#1986102 KH3 At Japan Expo 2018: Anyone A Little Disappointed?

Posted by Merilly on 07 July 2018 - 07:23 PM

Not really... I mean, a lot of people, me included, are looking forward to new information but it's barely been a month since E3 and the interviews are just coming to a close now.

Not to mention that Japan Expo does not seem to have an extraordinary history of KH news. While it was not impossible for new information to be showcased, I don't think the event is too focused on the gaming industry but rather Japan as a whole. Games are present, of course, but so are tons of other things surrounding Anime/Manga for example and it may not gain the same exposition. Sure, the same could be said about Jump Festa, but that one is taking place in SE's home country.

So yeah, I'm not really disappointed. Quite frankly, it would have surprised me if they had showed something groundbreaking. The game may be getting closer to release and they still have some things to show but it feels like releasing another trailer a month after the last is a bit much. I've rarely seen games get that many trailers, even close to their release.

#1985797 Which Kingdom Hearts world needs to get a modern reappearance?

Posted by Merilly on 02 July 2018 - 10:45 PM

From a solely visual perspective, I'd like to see Wonderland again. While I was not the biggest fan of the layout of this world, it has the, in my opinion, most versatile potential, especially if they were to combine certain elements from the live action stuff with the regular one.

I also didn't choose the Keyblade Graveyard because I feel that it will appear anyway and we've already seen glimpses of it in 0.2. Another aspect would be that the world itself looked barren apart from the Keyblades in BBS. Kf course we can't know the full extent of the world as there could also be ruins and the like, but if that barren wasteland, which is fitting of course, is everything, it's not exactly something that's impressive to explore.

The World That Never Was would be nice but I'm also seeingnit in a way that BH6 will cover the city segment. Just from a visual standpoint, I'd like to see a world recreated which has a setting we don't already have in KH3. Halloween Town and Agrabah would also be amazing to see.

And again from a purely aesthetic view, I would also not mind seeing Atlantica again. While I dislike the gameplay and the movie itself, I do love underwater settings and UE4 could really impress in that regard. Having all manner of sea creatures roam around along with wide reefs of corals and playing more with lighting breaking the surface would certainly look beautiful. But I'd still rather see Atlantis.

Another thing would be Neverland. That world had a lot of unused potential in my opinion since it could be a diverse setting. I don't particularly want to see it again either but it sure would be nice to see in this engine.

#1985761 Kingdom Hearts III to be playable at Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angeles

Posted by Merilly on 02 July 2018 - 05:11 PM

I think it's an ideal place to appeal to people who may not be that absorbed in the gaming market to see it and take notice of the game. I know quite a few people in the anime/manga fandoms that mainly play games in that style one in a while nand are otherwise uninterested in any other video games. It's also a good opportunity for people who had no chance to attend E3 or did not want to. On a side note, gamescom is becoming more and more likely. :D Even if I have to wait hours, it'll be worth it. And DMC5 is also playable.

#1985750 Nomura talks with Game Informer about Sora’s hardships, a new original locati...

Posted by Merilly on 02 July 2018 - 02:25 PM

He didn't seem all that mature in KH2 to me, just more experienced in world-travelling. I just don't understand how some of the other characters went through major developments in the series while Sora stayed mostly the same.

Because that's the point, isn't it? Especially DDD and 0.2 established that it has to be Sora exactly because he is who he is. If they were to change his personality too drastically, that whole point would have been for naught.

I can understand that you'd like some character development and I guess it's normal to expect some changes after all that's happened to him, but I personally don't mind the lack of it. Mainly because character development is not always a requirement for a good story. Someone can basically stay more or less the same without being majorly impacted or traumatized and it can still be the right decision.

Quite frankly, it would strike me as odd if Sora were to change too much because, even though it's confirmed to be darker, something really atrocious would need to happen for him to have an extreme change in personality. Which would be hard to explain in such a franchise.

Character development usually happens gradually. What didn't happen in the last few games would be unbelievable for me in KH3.

I get where you're coming from and sometimes character development is necessary, especially if the plot is solely character-driven, but a series can also do without every character receiving a development in my opinion depending on the setting.

#1985462 USgamer interviews Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts III development, Pirates...

Posted by Merilly on 29 June 2018 - 01:10 PM

I'm not too sire what to think about Disney's increased involvement in the series now that they seem to have recognized that is a fairly big franchise...
Saying that it has become increasingly difficult to get Disney's approval due to many of the creators being alive makes it sound like they had to work arond a lot of rules and regulations and couldn't move nearly as freely as before.
Whether it's a good or bad thing is hard to know but restricting certain things might make the plot shift and lose focus of the original characters because developers want to push their own works and ideas and keep them ideal.

I'm not accusing anyone of using KH for marketing or being overprotective of their creations, but it just sounds a lot more taxing to implement ideas. Like how Alex Hirsch once did not speak too fondly of KH and later claims he wouldn't mind Gavity Falls being used.

On a positive note, it may make the characters and worlds as a whole closer to the source and not get disconnected too much from the original plot. Neither extreme would be good.

But the more people push theirnown views and inputs, the harder it could become, just like leaving one person to do everything on their own without reviewing or critcism may cause something to be confusing and incoherent.

#1985285 What if Nomura Was Lying About Sora Not Dying?

Posted by Merilly on 28 June 2018 - 12:26 AM

I mean, he could potentially die. As far as I'm aware, Nomura never claimed he wouldn't. Since the concept of death is rather ambiguous in KH, it's certainly not always a lasting state. In a way, he already "died" before when he stabbed himself in KH1. So it's possible he will sacrifice himself and be brought back later or something. It depends on what people consider as dead.

In that regard, it appears KH is a lot like Marvel. Permanent deaths of main characters seldom appear as they are brought back to life one way or another. But for that moment, they are still considered dead.

#1985199 What are your thoughts on the full version of Utada Hikaru's "Chikai...

Posted by Merilly on 26 June 2018 - 10:21 PM

As mentioned before, I'm not a fan of the song. It's too slow, lacks rhythm in my opinion and the lyrics don't really seem to fit unless you squint really, really hard. I also think it sounds too solemn for the series' epic finale and I hope that's the ending version. And that they don't push it into every single trailer, especially at points where it sounds strange.

Though to be honest, it's not what I usually listen to anyway and just because it's connected to Kingdom Hearts won't make me magically adore it. I can't oversee my personal opinion of music just because of that and even seeing the opening won't make me like it. It might fit the opening in the best case, but int he end I wouldn't have minded if she didn't write a song for KH3 and they simply chose one of Shimomura's tracks.

It's not a bad song or badly performed, just not my cup of tea. I'm glad many people seem to enjoy it though.

#1984074 Kingdom Hearts is my favorite thing in the world but...

Posted by Merilly on 16 June 2018 - 08:37 PM

I'd seriously hold back on the assumptions. The problem with all this new information circulating is that a whole lot of false information is also part of it.
It was nowhere stated that Lea and Kairi would end up together (not to mention that this might not be well-received because Lea is about 10 years older than her and she's a minor. It's not illegal and not unheard of, but I feel that it might be frowned upon by some). On the contrary, Nomura once again talked about how friendships develop, not romance.

Sora not being his favorite character is not necessarily a bad thing. He said that he can't sympathize with him and looking at his appearances and the interviews, it would be odd if he could. Nomura is a grown adult and doesn't seem like the happy-go-lucky type so he may not be able to identify with him. But that's not a problem. I also write stories and there are main characters I don't like the best but I've written them because they suit the plot.

I would also be upset if things are unnecessarily retconned. I'm doubtful regarding those points as well. I also do not see the absolute necessity for messy tropes like time travel because he could have easily used the completed people again since having a heart obviously is not preventing someone becoming a vessel.

But I would also wait and see. Things are often depicted a lot more drastic than they actually are because it depends on what people consider as "dark" for example. Nomura also said that previous titles were fairly dark, which is true, so naturally KH3 needs to be the climax to that but it does not mean that it will end in a tragedy. Especially the comparison to Marvel might not be the best option because we all know they excel at bringing characters once presumed dead back to life. The same will happen in KH3 because we basically know they're going to bring Roxas & Co. back.

That's why I wouldn't be so negative yet. Promoting a game like this makes people anxious but also curious to see what happens. It doesn't mean that KH will suddenly take a drastic turn or completely crush the beloved atmosphere. I always considered Nomura to be someone who likes tormenting people like this. But there was always this underlying hope in every game.

#1983317 Game Informer interviews Nomura about DLC, Ratatouille, big reveals, and more

Posted by Merilly on 12 June 2018 - 10:27 PM

Multiplayer mode as DLC please :) Also, there are more world reveals coming! I thought we were done for Disney worlds! Also, bigger surprises than Aquanort...He wants to kill us. All of this is very exciting.
Btw, this pretty much confirms that was the real Aqua and not some phantom or imagination figment thing.

If they decide on multiplayer as a DLC, that would actually be fine by me. I'm not fond of DLCs but multiplayer options require time if they want to do it right. Often, games are either directed at single player or multi player gameplay. Even if they have both, the other option often loses to the one taking the primary focus or both suffer.

That's why I think multilayer would be a good implementation after the release. This way, they can truly focus on an enjoyable experience and not lose quality because they have to work on other things. It also ensures people will continue to play it if it's any good.

Interestingly, he also said that Aqua had fallen to darkness, not that she had become a vessel. So there's still the possibility that she's not a part of Xehanort's thirteen darknesses.

I'm a bit disappointed he's bot that interested in bringing FF character together anymore, though I still hope Leon & Co. will reappear. I really loved the interactions between them and Sora, Donald and Goofy and would like them to take a semi-important role again.

#1981838 Do the European Box Arts Actually Indicate Console Exclusivity?

Posted by Merilly on 01 June 2018 - 03:26 AM

I'm not going to partake in the whole Xbox argument because in my opinion there's nothing much to argue about. Microsoft likely approached SE to get the game on their console, they said yes since it likely won't increase their workload a whole lot, but they don't really care, there's a contract or whatever. Of course it makes no sense to deny them access because it's confusing and few people will decide to buy an Xbox One just for that game.

However, while I cannot say it holds true 100%, the "Only on Playstation" banner has been around for a long time and mainly exists for the sole purpose of marketing. Exclusive titles are an incentive to buy said console to play the game in question. There are quite a few franchises which are exclusive to one console and it may tip the favor toward one console if someone can only buy one and doesn't know which or deciding to buy a second one.

This banner does not indicate that a game will forever remain exclusive as far as I'm aware. But if there are no indications for a release on other consoles in the near future, they can put it there without any issues. For KH, it makes sense since Square has more or less said that there won't be any other title than KH3 coming to Xbox One from the franchise in the near future. No plans could translate to that. They may wait for newcomers and people with no console to demand it on Xbox before doing that since the old fans who will play the game will likely own a Playstation 4 anyway if they have the money. The series has been on that console from the beginning along with Nintendo, so fans expected it from the get go.

To be honest, I never found it too appealing but I guess some consumers are too lazy to look up exclusivity and simply see it on the boxart and decide on it then. It may even be directed to those people standing in the store, trying to decide what to buy without having informed themselves prior.

We don't know if there are any contracts which forbid previous games from being released on another console, but I think that it's not evidence it will never be coming. Contracts are legally binding, yes, but it's not like there's absolutely no way out of them and that they last forever.

I think exclusivity is a terrible choice. I won't buy two consoles for just one game and it feels more like a tug of war between Sony and Microsoft than a real necessity. Nintendo is somewhat understandable since they use different controls, but the other two... Those must be really good deals if developers only stick with one company. But I cannot judge what happens behind closed doors and won't do it because it simply is as it is.
I just know that some console exclusive titles got ported to PC at a later point without being announced beforehand so the same can still happen to KH at one point, especially after 3 is out.

I wouldn't argue with your friend so much about some text on a boxart. Especially when it's only on the European one. We have some strange laws sometimes and even stranger marketing, but it's not like this continent sets most of the standards in the gaming industry.