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#1966739 Kingdom Hearts Fan Event confirmed to be at the Disney Magical Theater progra...

Posted by Merilly on 19 November 2017 - 12:09 AM

Although it's not confirmed what will appear, chances are fairly high KH3 will make an appearance. The event is over an hour long and with everything else out of the way, I can't really imagine they'll spent all that time to celebrate past entries and KHUX. I mean, they could potentially fill that time effortlessly, but it's the release year of KH3. If it was still 2015 or 2016 it would be a different matter.

Let's just hope it doesn't become the disaster of the last fan event at D23. I think at this point, so close to release, exclusive info provided only to attendees should be kept to a minimum or I'll seclude myself in the mountains from the raging fans on the internet.

#1966302 In which Month in 2018 will Kingdom Hearts 3 be released?

Posted by Merilly on 11 November 2017 - 10:14 PM

I don't want to settle for a month but I'm guessing Q4 for now. Looking at some of the construction sites this game still has and considering they want to reveal every world beforehand, Q1/2 seem to be overly optimistic. Not to mention that at the beginning of the year there was the interview saying they haven't started on some of the worlds yet.

They should take their time to polish the game as much as they can. Sure, they have more experience with the engine now but especially in regards to 0.2, which was a comparably tiny game, I think its quality was rather inconsistent in certain aspects, such as the models. And that's still the case, even though they are still working on it. To the point where Sora's gameplay model looks a lot better than the one we've seen in recent cutscenes. It could be worse, but there's still work to be done apparently and parts of the engine they're struggling with.

The last thing anyone wants is a mediocre game pushed out just to shut everyone up, or meet certain dates just because of established tropes, and being a huge disappointment in the end. It should be a glorious finale to the saga after all and not some game that was shoved in to calm the fans.

Q4 is generally not a bad time frame because of the holidays either. I don't mind waiting longer if the result is pleasing. Of course it would be nice to get it earlier but not in exchange for quality and content.
There doesn't seem to be much planned for Q1 and 2 either, which is not surprising because we don't have any specific time frame yet except for 2018. If it had been that clear or that far into development, they could have revealed a season in my opinion. And even years don't really mean much when you look at other games which got delayed.

I think it's nice they keep the date open. This way they can still plan ahead and look how it progresses and maybe even adjust the internal date a little if they have to. Delays are always possible due to unforeseen circumstances.

#1966178 What are the "sharp," "powerful," and "well made" gam...

Posted by Merilly on 09 November 2017 - 08:18 PM

While there's no guarantee that KH3 will appear, I'm fairly hopeful it has at least a good chance of being there. The game is scheduled for 2018 if everything works out accordingly after all and if there's nothing at the fan event at D23, it would be a good place to announce a final release date. Not to mention that it was stated in an interview that all worlds would be revealed beforehand. While not all need to be included in a trailer, it's not unlikely there'll be something new before the release.
Then again, it doesn't necessarily have to be E3, even if it would make sense because of its size and the sheer amount of media coverage. It's probably one the best places to advertise toward people who are not the biggest fans or who don't follow smaller events.

Personally, I'd also like to see something regarding FFVIIR, too. It's been quite a while, considering that some parts are allegedly more developed than KH3. It will probably be one of the most visually stunning titles Square has to offer.

As for the rest... It's hard to tell. I've never considered Dragon Quest to fit these attributes to such a degree, but I'm generally not a big fan of the franchise. In my opinion it's also a bit too early for another NieR project, although in the age of DLC, everything is possible. They never said it would be only be large scale games.

The Avengers game could potentially be something to look out for but we don't really know what it's about and how large of a project it'll be.

#1965125 [Updated] Koch Media and Amazon Germany list a "Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collec...

Posted by Merilly on 25 October 2017 - 11:59 AM

I'm gonna be the one to spew out an overly negative comment and say this is just ridiculous. How many times more are they going to make us buy the same games? And if they do consider making this a Collector's Edition, I hope they take a page from the FFXV CE (except for the incredibly low number of units they made of it) or the JP version of the PS3 KH 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX collection. Those are CEs worth collecting imo.
I would only slightly consider this bundle if it came out on a different platform, like the Nintendo Switch - releasing it on this platform would offer a fairly different gameplay experience via on-the-go gameplay vs. gameplay only in front of a large screen plugged into a wall.
My suspicion is that it's probably cheaper for SE to produce the game as one bundle in one box vs. separate SKUs for each of 1.5+2.5 and 2.8. Added to the holiday season approaching and wanting to cash in before KH3 comes out. These points just make this release seem a bit insincere, especially to existing fans...

I don't quite see why this box is negative or would be insincere. It certainly is not of any interest to people who already have that but if it's just a collection, what's there to complain about? I would get it if people were angry if new content would be released in just that box and they had to pay 70€ for a few more minutes of extra cutscenes. But this will likely be just a box with all titles.

From a business point, it actually makes sense. People who are new to the franchise may be confused what is part of the series with the naming conventions. Some people may even think that 2.8 is not really a necessary. It's also logical to advertise the collection as the full adventure so far where buyers get the whole package and don't have to work their way through the franchise's titles.

We really aren't at any disadvantage if this is just a box with all games. It's not even cash-grabbing because those who bought the games seperately probably won't miss out on anything. It would only be cash-grabbing if they decided to release a Final Mix now as physical copy only.

I don't see anything wrong with wanting to make money as a company. Neither of us are forced to buy this product from what we can deduce so far. Of course we can only wait and see but at this point, I don't see much of a reason to see this negatively. Personally, I couldn't care less about a collection but it's not a bother if they really decided to do it like this...

#1965098 [Updated] Koch Media and Amazon Germany list a "Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collec...

Posted by Merilly on 24 October 2017 - 10:55 PM

Considering the price, I doubt it'll contain anything too special if it's an official thing.

To be honest, I don't care too much about another bundle because I own the games. If I were new to the series or didn't own them on PS4, it's definitely not a bad thing to have it bundled together, though it's probably more out of convenience than anything else.

In a way, it makes sense too with KH3 coming out next year if all goes according to plan and with Christmas approaching. Still, I'm not gonna pay 70€ for games I already own. If they had done it right off the batch... maybe...

#1963171 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius petition to reboot series

Posted by Merilly on 26 September 2017 - 09:26 PM

I'm not really sure what to think of a reboot if I look at all the series which received one and miserably failed or just made it decent enough, yet never reached the quality of the original again. Especially considering a series people are fond of due to their childhood, it's hard to live up to expectations. Nostalgia is an exceptionally powerful thing which can make people incredibly biased.

It's not like it has to be bad or anything, but I feel like a lot of time has passed and it certainly doesn't make things easier to incorporate a fourth season, despite having more or less a plan how it should have played out. You need the people who worked on this back or it might become something completely different, for better or for worse, not to mention other aspects which certainly are important to make it a success.

#1962862 What do you think about the Brain/Blaine change?

Posted by Merilly on 21 September 2017 - 07:36 PM

Personally, I like Blaine better because I feel it suits him so far. The only reason why I could accept something like that would be if Square knows something we don't about him so that it absolutely has to be Brain. I just think it's not a fitting name for any character unless it's meant to be some sort of nickname or code name or something similar.

And if they mess up Lauriam in a way that's not understandable, then we know they just don't think when they make those decisions.

#1960534 Who else would you like to see make a surprise appearance in KH Union X?

Posted by Merilly on 26 August 2017 - 06:12 PM

I have no opinion on this. Whatever Nomura envisions the story to be, I accept it.
KHUχ is part of the story just like any other KH title and it's a fact. What we've seen so far is literally just the intro of Union χ. Notice the game logo appears after the end of Quest 730. This is just the beginning. Of course there're gonna be questions.

The problem is not that it's part of the story but how certain elements will be implemented. They put a lot of restrictions on time traveling to prevent more problems than there already are when it comes to that topic and now characters from the present appear in a game that is set hundreds and thousands of years in the past? The explanation for that has to be very precise and needs to fit the rest of the story to be plausible. It can cause a lot of problems in the future in terms of coherence for example if it isn't done properly.

Quite frankly, I don't think fans need to accept everything blindly just because Nomura envisions it, especially if things are made exceptionally difficult without needing it to be that way. Or if every possible stereotype needs to be implemented. Time travel hardly ever works out well because there are too many issues. Then there's the issue with the psychological impact of basically losing an entire life and possibly being transported into an entirely different time with no recollection of what has happened. The whole unexplained thing with the two sides of Union Cross and sleeping worlds, the possibility of reincarnation, and so on and so forth.
I don't think you can blame people for disliking concepts which are renowned for being problematic in other franchises.

Questions aren't the problem. They are actually fascinating. What I have major issues with is how slowly it progresses. You said it yourself, after quest 730, it is still just the beginning. I wouldn't even mind that if the story actually progresses every two weeks. But there are just so many filler quests that it is getting annoying.

I don't really want any more appearances. Nomura said that he wants to wrap up the stories of most of the characters in KH3. That's hard to do when some of the characters backstories are missing, especially when it's a crucial element to the overall plot. Since Union Cross likely will not be finished until then, it shouldn't use too many characters from the present or otherwise it wouldn't really be an end to their stories... And there would be no relevance to have all of that happen that far back if everyone is going to reappear anyway.

#1960070 With FFXV Pocket Edition coming, which KH game would you most want a Pocket v...

Posted by Merilly on 22 August 2017 - 07:15 PM

I wish I could shout something akin to "Stop! Stop! It's already dead!" but FFXV apparently is nowhere near done.

I feel like these Pocket Editions are somewhat lazy and KH doesn't need another mobile title, even if it would only be an exact retelling of any game. But they would surely add tiny little details into it to coax people into downloading it because even if FFXV PE's first episode is free, the rest is likely going to require purchase.

Instead of focusing on too many side stuff which is not strictly necessary, KH should strive more toward new entries instead of wasting resources on yet another retelling of the same story. KHUX is barely getting anywhere and is enough of a cash grab already.

It's not like I dislike Apps or anything, I just don't believe we need a graphically reduced recap of a franchise which has manga and novels and has a very established style. I do like this old FFVII kind of feel but I'm not sure it would work for KH.

#1958989 KH3 being released in 2018? Pffft...AS IF

Posted by Merilly on 12 August 2017 - 08:35 PM

Are we really going over this again? It'll come out when it comes out.

Quite frankly, we haven't seen that many worlds but that doesn't have to mean a thing either way. Even if there were 20 worlds, they can also reveal two or three at a time because a lot of worlds would not be surprising to appear. Radiant Garden and the Keyblade Graveyard are most likely going to appear for example so there's really no need to make a huge announcement for them as if no one ever expected those.

Then again, they also said in an earlier interview this year that they haven't even started on some of the worlds.

Additionally, what was said in an old interview does not necessarily apply to current plans. If I recall correctly, that interview stating that it'll have more worlds than KH2 is not exactly recent, so who's to say they didn't abandon those plans in favor of implementing fewer but vast worlds? We can't forget that the change in engine and also the general development in technology allows a different approach to KH now in terms of worlds and their size. One they may not have considered in the beginning. I wouldn't mind them scrapping worlds if they have no relevance to the overall plot and save them for sequels or maybe even a DLC if it works out better for the game itself. (Even if I'm not a fan of DLCs.)

And delays can always happen but just because it happened to other games does not mean it will repeat itself with KH3. And even if it does get delayed, I wouldn't mind as long as it's done, the story is complete and the models are consistent and not so awkward at times.

I mean, it's your choice what you make of it but there's no proof there will be 20 worlds just to fit a certain trope (which would be kinda idiotic if the game suffers just to make it 13+7) and neither is there any proof there will be a delay. And even if there were 20 worlds, they don't need to be the same size. Mysterious Tower could be a very short episode for example.

The game will hopefully be released when it's ready. Saying 2018 is vague enough to calculate a certain amount of delays due to problems but even if it isn't met there's nothing we can do about it. I don't even care if it gets delayed as long as it doesn't get postponed indefinitely and it's as complete as it can be in the end...

#1958609 Fifth Union Leader Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] JP

Posted by Merilly on 10 August 2017 - 06:48 AM

Why does she look like Asuna from SAO?

Because she has long, orange hair? It's not exactly a rare color in Anime/Manga/Games and Asuna's hairstyle is very generic to boot... Not to mention that they're wearing it differently.

Other than that, it wasn't too unlikely that it would be someone new and a girl. It's the same setup as the previous Foretellers', which is good and I appreciate another female character, though I'd like so see her non-chibi artwork first and how she turns out overall.

#1958061 The possible kh3 release date

Posted by Merilly on 06 August 2017 - 07:39 PM

I also think it's best to go with a year instead of a specific date because 2018 is rather far away and we still have seen relatively few things of the game, even with the newest trailer being 5 minutes long. Not to mention that if they were that far into development to actually determine they're close to being finished, they could have mentioned a season at least. Not even a month or day but simply a season. That's why I think the beginning of 2018 is rather unlikely.

Then there's the thing that any season can be used. Fall and Winter are great choices because of Christmas approaching. Summer because of longer vacations and Spring because March being the month where KH originally released. You can argue for any season and I would still think it's best to release it when it's actually ready, not to accomodate people and their vacations. Especially if you consider that a worldwide release is something they're going to attempt, there's no way they can make it right for everyone.

In the end, I don't care when it releases as long as it's truly done, not because of schedules or convenience. And delays are something which happens frequently so it's not surprising if it does get delayed. We don't know how far they actually are but at the beginning of the year, Nomura said that they haven't even started on some of the worlds. It doesn't rule out delays at all and I don't even mind if it does get postponed as long as the result lives up to the expectations to some extent.

#1956634 Which optional boss would you like to see return in Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by Merilly on 26 July 2017 - 04:45 PM

Aren't Lingering Will and Lingering Spirit the same? xD
Anyway having Sephiroth back as tradition would be nice. Other than him none.

There's Vanitas' Remnant, too which is sometimes called Lingering Spirit or Lingering Sentiment, I believe?

Other than that, I'd rather have new ones. There are so many possibilities and while I don't mind Sephiroth returning, I'd like to have them incorporate more Final Fantasy bosses as optional fights.

#1955062 Tetsuya Nomura explains why Kingdom Hearts III has taken so long; also says t...

Posted by Merilly on 17 July 2017 - 07:00 AM

Let's be real here, people asking for a release date /window did the same as those asking what is taking so long. It does include the question when it's finally going to get released after such a long time. It's not like only a small part of the fandom did this and demanded a release window.

And quite frankly, SE did not make the situation any easier. Of course it is wrong to blame Nomura for their decision and I do feel bad for him being the "face" of KH who receives all the blame.
But it's not like SE's decisions were necessarily good ones either. After 4 years, people are getting restless to at least know more on the status of development but the questions are either evaded or answered rather vaguely. (Coming from a person who never wanted a release window until they are close to finishing the game.)
Needless to say, there are entitled and demanding fans but a lot of people who ask for a release date or what is taking them so long do not ask that with an air of arrogance or ill will but simply because it's been 4 years and until recently, we knew next to nothing about the game. And the things we did know weren't exactly reassuring with the model issue, etc.
It's only natural people will get anxious, especially when small tidbits like their struggle with the engine are revealed but nothing more is said about the issue or it's down-played. We only received news that they haven't even started on some worlds recently, but only through interviews which casual fans won't come across easily unless they're part of dedicated fan-made websites.

As I said before, this is mainly SE's and probably also Disney's fault, not Nomura's, but the secrecy around the whole thing certainly did not help. Nomura once said that they announced it too early and they did. And that's not only due to the engine switch.

That's one of the things what I been trying to tell some folks even my brother in the past. Them switching engines. Although, I said to them "tech issue". I guess it isn't really the correct reason why they switch over, after reading all this?
It really upset the mess out of me, when fans complain and say they quit because it's taking too long.

I don't know if "tech issues" is that wrong, though. We can't know for sure, but if a big company suddenly decides to switch engines in the middle of developing a game, there has to be something wrong. Especially if they switch from their own engine to an external one. Even if this decision was made without Nomura's consent. SE may make questionable decisions but an engine switch when development on a game has already started likely isn't because they "felt like it". There may be more reasons involved than tech issues, but a lot of people were saying that, as great as it looks, the Luminous engine isn't entirely unproblematic to work with. It may have resulted in a longer developmemt cycle or would have been too costly or simply because there are, indeed, tech issues.
It's weird that only FFXV uses that engine and while KH3 isn't comparable, it says a lot that even the FFVII Remake is made with UE4. As I said before, there has to be a good reason why a costly engine was discarded this easily for two of their major projects after only one game has been made with it.

#1954415 Who could be a special guest for Kingdom Hearts at D23?

Posted by Merilly on 14 July 2017 - 09:04 PM

What you actually mean is: "Use their time to try to get the first 50% of the game done", right?

I mean exactly what it says. :D No, really though, there's no real evaluation on how far they are but while more promotion is nice, I don't think there needs to be someone from the developing team there at this point, since I also think they're nowhere near completion. Maybe they are at over 50% in but even if they're at 99% , that last percent always takes the longest...

They won't reveal too much anyway apart from the things which are plain to see. I'm delighted to see the staff on a stage but at the same time, the necessity is questionable in a situation where they simply stand there, reveal the new info (which may amount to 5 minutes at best?) and then leave without answering any questions. It's quite the trip from Japan to Anaheim for just that. And a video message probably isn't considered to be a special guest.