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In Topic: [Updated] Famitsu to feature Kingdom Hearts III: Nomura comments on secret mo...

20 June 2018 - 02:03 PM

its not really a secret movie if you tell everyone about it

It's still secret if you can't obtain it just by playing through but have to meet certain conditions and/or if the criteria for receiving it aren't revealed. :D

Though I guess the term secret is used rather liberately with KH, which is okay for me. I rememember many people calling 0.2's ending a secret ending although everyone got it by simply playing through the game and waiting for the credits to run through.

That interview part about the True Organization is indeed rather confusing and doesn't answer anything and only serves to create more questions. It could be uwed to answer why Xigbar changed this drastically from his BBS appearance to his current one, though time travel is also a possibility.

Though I would still question why it would be a necessity to turn them into Nobodies again. Might have something to do with this darkness against light thing since I don't believe most members of either faction fit the initial description of how the X-Blade was split.
Eh. I don't really want to put too much effort into theories somehow because the game is this close to release and things might get retconned anyway.

But thanks for translating it! It's always great to read these types of things, althought it might make things more confusing. But that seems to be what Nomura likes to do anyway.

In Topic: At which event could we see KH3 next?

17 June 2018 - 08:23 PM

I dont care if i have to wait in line for 4 hours if its at gamescom

Same here. There are a lot of games I wouldn't do it for because the waiting is sometimes horrendous, but definitely for KH3. Though I doubt it'll be the place for KH3 news. I don't think there were ever any Kingdom Hearts related news in the past few years. While FFXV did receive a new trailer right before release, I'm not sure about KH getting the same treatment. Gamescom may be a big event, but well...

Then again, Paris Games Week also did not have much of a history with KH news and got quite the amazing reveal, so who knows what they've got in store?


16 June 2018 - 10:46 PM

It's great this will be a thing, especially for those who do not want to go through dozens of hours of the games, though I still don't get why someone would want to play a game without even playing the other titles. I could understand it if they would only want to play it for the fun of it and not to get the story but anyone who does value the plot won't get the full experience from the summary either. As I mentioned before, you don't pick up the tenth volume of a book and then complain you don't get the story because you haven't read the 9 other books preceeding it.

Not to mention that people had a huge amount of time to play all the games. The collections were on PS3 and PS4 and even if you've owned neither, there're still walkthroughs, Let's Plays and the like to watch on Youtube, Twitch and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making it a little easier on newcomers, especially by chosing a method that won't bore those who know the storyin KH3 with a copious amount of flashbacks and notes. I just don't really understand the reason,I guess. And I'm somehow doubtful these movies can explain everything. The story is a lot to take in. Not impossible, I managed to get my friend through in half a year and she's fairly proficient now, but I wonder if those movies won't confuse newcomers more than actually helping them. If I look at Days, they skipped quite a few scenes which were kinda important for example.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm definitely curious how they'll do it, though I'm skeptical if this is really a good method for people to get into the series. It seems more convenient for people who have to refresh their knowledge without wanting to play the games again than for players who are either new to the series or play the games a lot.

In Topic: Nomura hints to Aqua's possible rescue and Final Fantasy characters in Ki...

16 June 2018 - 09:31 PM

Thanks for showing this to us, Yoshirai!

Good lord, I'm perplexed! Saving Aqua will depend on the hard work of the players!? Oh lord, this means that things could literally go either way! If we save her, then she's on the side of the Guardians, but if we don't save her, then that means she'll end up being a Seeker!? Lord, that is one heck of a balance to scale! Now I'm scared! But no...I'm confident in my skills in Kingdom Hearts, so I now I can save my bae! ;_;

I also liked what Nomura mentioned about the amount of worlds. It seems to me that worlds that don't return will make their presence known via cutscenes! I'm fine with that! I mean, there's no need to oversaturate, cuz we gotta save worlds for an entire new saga after KHIII, ya know? And his answer regarding Wreck-It-Ralph having his own world was a strange one...could this mean that we do get to visit Ralph's world!?

And well, as for Final Fantasy characters, I'm really hoping we see some in the coming trailers in the coming months!

I somehow doubt that's what it means. If this was a decision-based game, they would need to create several scenarios and changing a Seeker of Darkness or a Guardian of Light could potentially alter the whole narrative.

With how much they have to resolve, this kind of CYOA would be counter-productive. It works for games Like Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls or Until Dawn because the gameplay is kept to a minimum, mostly consisting of QTEs or making decisions by pressing a button or going one way or another. Those games are highly story-driven.
While these types of decisions have been present in a smaller scale in other games, a lot of them only affect the rest of the game marginally. Saving Aqua or not saving her is a big change however.

But KH has a lot more gameplay factors to consider and by choosing to give the player multiple routes, they would inadvertently have to put in more work or cut down on how much one story can entail. Not to mention that there's no real canon anymore.

I won't rule out the possibility, but personally, I believe the hard work is more in a sense of getting to the point where she can be saved and winning a subjectively hard battle. In that way, it does depend on the hard work of the player because we have to get there and win or otherwise she won't be saved and the game can't progress.

As for Wreck-It Ralph... Of course he has his own world but it doesn't mean we get to visit it in KH3. I believe they announced there would be a world exclusive to KHUX so it might be that? :D

In Topic: Kingdom Hearts is my favorite thing in the world but...

16 June 2018 - 08:37 PM

I'd seriously hold back on the assumptions. The problem with all this new information circulating is that a whole lot of false information is also part of it.
It was nowhere stated that Lea and Kairi would end up together (not to mention that this might not be well-received because Lea is about 10 years older than her and she's a minor. It's not illegal and not unheard of, but I feel that it might be frowned upon by some). On the contrary, Nomura once again talked about how friendships develop, not romance.

Sora not being his favorite character is not necessarily a bad thing. He said that he can't sympathize with him and looking at his appearances and the interviews, it would be odd if he could. Nomura is a grown adult and doesn't seem like the happy-go-lucky type so he may not be able to identify with him. But that's not a problem. I also write stories and there are main characters I don't like the best but I've written them because they suit the plot.

I would also be upset if things are unnecessarily retconned. I'm doubtful regarding those points as well. I also do not see the absolute necessity for messy tropes like time travel because he could have easily used the completed people again since having a heart obviously is not preventing someone becoming a vessel.

But I would also wait and see. Things are often depicted a lot more drastic than they actually are because it depends on what people consider as "dark" for example. Nomura also said that previous titles were fairly dark, which is true, so naturally KH3 needs to be the climax to that but it does not mean that it will end in a tragedy. Especially the comparison to Marvel might not be the best option because we all know they excel at bringing characters once presumed dead back to life. The same will happen in KH3 because we basically know they're going to bring Roxas & Co. back.

That's why I wouldn't be so negative yet. Promoting a game like this makes people anxious but also curious to see what happens. It doesn't mean that KH will suddenly take a drastic turn or completely crush the beloved atmosphere. I always considered Nomura to be someone who likes tormenting people like this. But there was always this underlying hope in every game.