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Member Since 18 Jun 2015
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Looking at the completion numbers of the worlds, I can't help but think that 2018 is very optimistic. They made considerable progess, no questions asked, but now that the mo... Updated 11 Feb · 5 comments

About Me

Uhm... hey ^-^,

My name's Daniela, though a lot of people call me Merilly or Meril. I'm from Germany and I am currently studying English and Biology to become a teacher in the future.
I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for a very long time now but it can hardly be described as being a fan from the very first second. When I first received the game from my parents together with my PS2 (my parents just saw the Disney components and thought it was a good game to give to young, Disney-obsessed me) I was rather young, maybe around 9. I got stuck in Alice in Wonderland and somehow couldn't find my way through it, so I put the game away for awhile. It was about a year or so later that I picked it up again, remembering that I never managed to beat it, and my love for it began there. During that time I matured a lot and since Alice in Wonderland was a pretty early world, I did not get through the story part and had no incentive to play through it before. Good thing I picked it up again, I guess because since then I've played almost every Kingdom Hearts game except for Chi. I am immensely happy about the HD collections since I was finally able to play Re: Chain of Memories and the Final Mix versions of the original games since they were never released in Europe.

Anyway, since then it has been my favorite Franchise and I replay it again and again. I also read the Manga and own the Ultimania books though I cannot read them as of now. Since I am a figure collector, I own quite a bunch of Kingdom Hearts figures.

In my free time I like to draw and I'm also doing archery, cosplay and other things, like playing video games. I'm a big manga and anime fan.
Due to an annoying health condition, I am not able to use computers or tablets, so I am particularly happy now that I can play Unchained X on my phone.
Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to talk to someone about Kingdom Hearts and other things of course. I'd like to exchange theories ad stuff since I am not particularly active in forum threads and tend to comment on polls and news articles more than anything else ^^'

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Bevin Olson (Nite)Merilly

You know.... You're a better writer than you think. I instantly drew the connection between a certain Quotev account and this one. Gotta say it, though, I really enjoy your story. :3
Feb 22 2018 08:45 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    I really shouldn't write under the same alias that I use on other pages. xD'
    But thank you for the compliment. I just tend to be a bit self-conscious because I know there are so many people out there who have a more diverse and mesmerizing style and also better ideas. But it still means a lot to me that people enjoy my work.
    Feb 23 2018 12:36 PM


Looking at the completion numbers of the worlds, I can't help but think that 2018 is very optimistic. They made considerable progess, no questions asked, but now that the models look a bit better, the lighting is suddenly off and colors are overly saturated. I'm not trying to be overly negative 60-70% and an unknown percentage for the last section appears like they'll have to rush to release it this year.
Feb 11 2018 08:14 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Man, my 2am grammar. *I wouldn't mind if *it's not like they could simply and the first post is missing a 'but' before 60-70%.
    Feb 11 2018 08:22 PM
  • Nero Kunivas's Photo
    Nero Kunivas
    Well of course, though to be fair, FFXV isn't all that bad. It could've been worse, like another game that was stuck in Development Hell...Duke Nukem: Forever ring any bells?

    Still, I'm not getting myself hyped for KH3. I'm looking forward to it, but I'd prefer to be surprised by what it may have to offer.
    Feb 11 2018 08:23 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    It was far from bad. What I'm referring to are the immense holes in the plot. Granted, they more or less started over and only had 3 years in the end, but you could definitely see that it could have used some more time so it wouldn't have felt so incomplete. And adding all that stuff later as paid DLC isn't exactly my cup of tea. I see the reason for DLCs and I'm not strictly against them, but I don't like getting story relevant stuff through them.
    Feb 11 2018 08:28 PM


What's worse than EX medals having no mercy is when they're barred behind VIP quests. What the heck, SENA?
Jan 14 2018 11:27 PM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    At least you know you are guaranteed to get one it only cost $15 not like that's any better..
    Jan 15 2018 12:44 AM
  • Merilly's Photo
    It's worse. First of all, the maximum you can get is 7. Which is not a lot if you have the money. Then you certainly don't want only one unorbed copy but some traits alongside it. And what about the people who saved up for this medal in particular?It's a huge slap in the face,especially since that one wasn't really necessary at all.
    Jan 15 2018 02:33 AM


So DuckTales medals based on the reboot for KHUX, huh?
Jan 10 2018 09:05 PM
  • Perkilator's Photo
    REALLY?! Where’s it say THAT?
    Jan 10 2018 10:27 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    The KHUX Twitter account posted them. https://mobile.twitter.com/kh_ux_na/status/951272453921107970?p=v
    Jan 10 2018 10:55 PM
  • Qrow's Photo
    I was waiting for a trait reroll medal... but ooh well... it makes me wonder why those medals though...? Duck tales side missions on kh3? Hehe
    Jan 11 2018 09:36 AM

The Transcendent KeyMerilly

So Daniela, you're from Germany, huh? That's awesome! You write English quite fluently! It looks like all that studying you've done has reaped its rewards! :)
Jan 09 2018 09:51 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    As for twists, I do hope that there will be some but not too many. There are a lot of loose ends to tie and having too many twists could make that either impossible or feel too rushed. And I don't want to question the entire series due to a last minute revelation. xD But I think Nomura knows that too many twists could be harmful and will have just the right amount.
    Feb 23 2018 08:54 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    I just hoped it would look more similar to the Kingdom Key then, like using more Black/White or Black/Silver elements for the standard Kingdom Key design.
    Feb 23 2018 08:56 PM
  • The Transcendent Key's Photo
    The Transcendent Key
    Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm sure Nomura will know how to balance any new twists he comes up with! And I'm sure all loose ends will be tied up, so that's something reassuring! As for Riku, well, maybe the Kingdom Key of the In-Between is meant to be different in appearance as opposed to Sora and Mickey's almost identical looking Kingdom Keys, ya know?
    Feb 23 2018 09:07 PM


The new year is going to start just peachy with a thirst test or as my doctor called it "sending me into the desert without water".
Dec 30 2017 11:34 PM


Sometimes, when I think about the character model problem in KH3, I wonder if a partial problem is the outsourcing. I mean, it's fairly common but it was announced 2015 after the engine switch and accordong to the article about it, the Indian company is creating assets for texturing and character modeling. It's also concerning that FFVII decided to switch back to in-house development for quality reasons (albeit from a different company.) Hard to tell how much that has to do with it.
Dec 26 2017 07:46 AM


I don't really get why a possible Frozen world would generate so much hate. Yes, the movie was mediocre, but people seem to be hating on it mostly for the fact that it's popular. Also the fear that it's going to be a musical world seems unwarranted. I'd like a Frozen world simply for the fact that it's a different color scheme and it would suit KH.
Dec 24 2017 05:05 PM
  • RikuFangirl2008's Photo
    @Qrow: Merry Christmas!
    Dec 25 2017 07:48 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Merry Christmas to you two as well! :D
    I also agree on Marvel/Star Wars. The franchises are great on their own, no questions asked, but they do not fit very well into KH. First of all, their respective universes are huge. Deciding on what to use would leave the worlds incomplete and the fans disappointed, not to mention that the Keyblade and Kingdom Hearts as an entity might not be as powerful anymore in comparison to Infinity Stones, etc.
    Dec 25 2017 08:47 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Another factor is that the movies play with the concept of several worlds already. What annoyed me about Deep Space was that KH made such an issue about visiting worlds being such a problem because the pathways are locked. These worlds would mess with that completely.
    Additionally, the amount of characters and the plot would leave little room for the original plot and Sora & Co. Just to scratch the surface of the topic why they would not fit.
    Dec 25 2017 08:50 PM


Seeing the allegedly leaked screenshots, I always feel a little conflicted about transformations. I love the movie, but there's this fear that a change in appearance could make the original plot look ridiculous or just let us replay the movie like in KH2...
Dec 23 2017 07:03 PM
  • Shuy's Photo
    I don't remember how it worked in the previous games, but did the forms carry over in the cutscenes? Valor form etc.
    Dec 24 2017 06:23 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Yeah they did. Though those forms are okay for me since they just implement a different color and minor design changes. However, in 0.2 they did not, which was a good thing but understandable either way since it was optional and there were too many options. Transformations always carried over though, so I think the same will apply in 3, considering we saw toy Sora in the cutscenes.
    Dec 24 2017 07:17 PM
  • Shuy's Photo
    Yeah, you are probably right. I'm not sure if they will carry over in the end. I never really minded too much. They could simply turn off the transformation before a cutscene
    Dec 24 2017 07:21 PM


I wish Kairi EX was mercyable. I got two in my third pull and my friend needed 50k jewels...
Oct 30 2017 09:26 AM
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