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Member Since 18 Jun 2015
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I both respect and secretly loathe all the authors that published entire series based off thoughts that were already in my own head at the time. Updated 21 Jul · 5 comments

About Me

My name is Alison! I mainly play Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Uncharted. I love Yu-Gi-Oh, specifically Arc-V, both the tv series and the card game. I like to play the piano, write, and bake. I love animals. I like to proofread, and I'm good with grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and the likes; I want to be an editor when I'm older, specifically a book editor.


I'm reserved and pretty quiet, but very kind and respectful when spoken to. I can speak my mind well when I need to. I'm calm, friendly, and loving toward others. I can be happy, hyper, and talkative when with friends. I'm always optimistic for others, but it's harder being so for myself. My greatest strength is that I'm intuitive with the emotions of others, and I love talking through a person's problems with them. For terms you'll understand, I am like Sora in the sense that I'm emotionally strong with a loving heart, yet I am often on guard and reserved like Riku. 




If you want to learn more about me and hear my KH story, see my introduction post here. http://kh13.com/foru...oducing-myself/


I'm always up for a good chat, so please message me if you'd like!  <3


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I both respect and secretly loathe all the authors that published entire series based off thoughts that were already in my own head at the time.
Jul 21 2015 04:19 AM
  • Weedanort's Photo
    Jul 21 2015 04:43 AM
  • Josuke Higashikata's Photo
    Josuke Higashikata


    You have no idea how hard this was to find.
    Jul 21 2015 01:00 PM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Hahaha, thanks Nortanort! That was so fitting. :) Exactly what I want to happen right now. And thanks, Weedanort, that long string of words must describe my superpower. :D
    Jul 21 2015 03:24 PM


Haha, just snooping around on your profile page. I do that when I talk to someone new. But we totally have the same birthday, only I'm two years older. Haha. :)
Jul 06 2015 09:38 PM
  • Deadpool's Photo
    It's kind of a mixture for me. I usually feel pretty good for the people who always celebrate it but at the same time it can get kind of overwhelming when people are way too celebratory about it around everyone
    Jul 08 2015 12:05 AM
  • Keylore's Photo
    I totally understand that. It really just depends on my current mood. Sometimes I find PDA cute, and sometimes I wince or flinch and think "ewww". :P
    Jul 08 2015 03:43 AM
  • Deadpool's Photo
    Yeah, sometimes PDA makes me go "awwww" but whenever I feel salty I guess it kinda annoys me a bit but I just ignore it. I always feel good for friends though whenever they end up hooking up.
    Jul 08 2015 02:06 PM

KeyloreThe Transcendent Key

Hello, we've never spoken, but I clicked on your page and the music started to play and it freaked me out! Now you have me wondering, how do you put in a video to make it automatically play like that? I'd love if you could answer nicely, since I feel dumb for not knowing this. :)
Jul 06 2015 09:13 PM
  • The Transcendent Key's Photo
    The Transcendent Key
    Oh, hello there, I recognize you! I saw your pic in the Post A Pic Thread! And of course, I'd be more than happy to explain the procedure for autoplay videos! Just go to Youtube, and then select the video you want, and when you click on the share icon, you'll see a long link. Add: &autoplay=1, and be sure that the http doesn't have the s, so that way, the video can play! I hope this helped! ^_^
    Jul 06 2015 09:18 PM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Thank you so so much! You explained it perfectly! And I read your About Me page, by the way. It's great and you sound like such a nice guy with good goals and morals, if that isn't weird to say. :)
    Jul 06 2015 09:22 PM
  • The Transcendent Key's Photo
    The Transcendent Key
    I'm glad you were able to work it out! I'm happy to have helped! :D And aw, thanks, hehe, I'm glad you read through my profile! :D And thank you for your kind words! :)
    Jul 06 2015 09:24 PM


Welcome to KH13, Abel! I hope you enjoy your time here. You should go post in the Introduce Yourself section if you haven't yet, and you'll start gaining friends. Then you can start commenting on other posts! Good luck. :)
Jul 05 2015 08:58 PM


Yours is the most fascinating, intriguing, and awesome "About Me" that I've ever read.
Jul 05 2015 07:22 PM
  • Paranoia's Photo
    Why thank you c:
    Jul 05 2015 09:20 PM


Hey Everglow, I just need to thank you for the very extensive Lingering Will walkthrough you posted a while back off the Japanese version of the game. I just took out all of Data Organization XIII, also with help from your videos on a few of them, and the Lingering Will is my next project. Your walkthrough has led me to get pretty far into the battle, and I know I will win eventually by learning from your video.
Jul 05 2015 06:42 PM
  • Everglow's Photo
    Glad I could help! :)
    Jul 05 2015 07:09 PM


Who else thinks that Aqua should have accepted that date with Zack? It would have been fun and adorable.
Jul 04 2015 12:08 AM
  • SolsticeBas's Photo
    I would prefer FF being with FF, Disney with Disney and KH with KH in terms of characters. That said, it would have been cute/funny as long as it wouldn't become a serious couple :P
    Jul 04 2015 10:56 AM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Solstice, that's what I thought. In no way would I should ship it, but I thought it would have been cute/funny too.
    Jul 05 2015 05:45 PM
  • SolsticeBas's Photo
    Haha just call me Bas (thats my IRL name) but yeah I agree!
    Just a first date or whatever xD
    Jul 07 2015 01:55 PM


A few days ago I beat Data Xemnas. I was having issues with the second half of the data battle. He was the last data Organization member in my way, so with his defeat I got the Proof of Nonexistence and a bronze crown. I'm really proud of myself.
Jul 01 2015 10:57 PM
  • Imoore4's Photo
    You should be.
    Jul 01 2015 11:35 PM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Thanks guys! I have about 5 of the Mushrooms taken down already. I tried a few matches with Lingering Will just for fun. In my first try I was able to knock down 4 of his HP bars, and of all accomplishments I have made in KH so far, that was such a shock to me. I expected to get slain just ten seconds in but I lasted a while.

    It would be so much easier for me if he followed the same pattern each time, but every new battle is so different from the last, with different main attac...
    Jul 01 2015 11:41 PM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Nice job! Luxord was a pain for me. He took me so many tries. I eventually DID get the hang of the timing on his roulette games, though, after about, idk, 20 tries. :P But hey, just be persistent! Xaldin is a pain and Xemnas is too. For me I always beat the first Xemnas battle so fast but kept dying in the second part, and it was so annoying to have to do both all over again every time.
    Jul 01 2015 11:43 PM

Felicia NovitaKeylore

You have good introduction! Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here ! :D
Jun 22 2015 04:42 AM
  • Keylore's Photo
    Thank you, you're sweet! And thank you for your friend request. Anytime you want to chat, just shoot me a message. I'm always up for a good chat. :)
    Jun 23 2015 04:32 PM
  • Felicia Novita's Photo
    Felicia Novita
    You're welcome! I hope we can be good friends here! :) Sure, I would love to chat you and talk about KH! :D
    Jun 23 2015 11:20 PM
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