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Roxas that's a stick

Member Since 12 Jun 2015
Offline Last Active Feb 22 2017 02:21 AM
Found my new favourite anime... XD Updated 19 Feb · 4 comments

About Me

Hey there people!!

The names Heather but feel free to call me what ever u like!! 😊
I'm a big fan of Twewy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, reading Manga, watching cartoons and watching Anime!! 😜
I don't know what else to write at the moment!! 😝
Oh yeah I also love Snake from Metal Gear Solid and I love Pokemon!!! 😜 👄💨 🍌
I'm very strange and can sometimes be considered as very dumb!!
At the moment I for some reason love the names Yam and Billbert (Even though their not really real names!)
As I mentioned earlier I love anime!! My favourites are: Bobobo, Wolfs Rain and Bleach!!
And Full Metal Alchemist is my favourite manga! (I haven't watched the anime though...)
I also like to say Meep to annoy people!!
Plus as u can see I have an obsession with putting explanation marks after everything!!
I don't know why but I have always had the same dream my whole life.. and that is to... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! MUAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Ok enough from me!! Au revoir!! 😜 🐐 🦃 🤓 👨🏻 🙅🏻

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Roxas that's a stick

Found my new favourite anime... XD
Feb 19 2017 05:48 AM

Roxas that's a stick

Anyone here think it's weird that I'm actually enjoying my exams?....
Feb 15 2017 02:45 PM

Roxas that's a stickThe 13th Kenpachi

Omg! On Final fantasy 9 I'm on the bit where that song you posted on your profile plays!! XD
Feb 06 2017 12:50 PM
  • Roxas that's a stick's Photo
    Roxas that's a stick
    I know!! I'm really stuck on that bit though!! XD
    Feb 06 2017 01:29 PM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    The garland and kuja fights at the end are quite straightforward. If you are on the steam version use the speed booster and 9999 damage cheat to grind levels
    Feb 06 2017 02:29 PM
  • The 13th Kenpachi's Photo
    The 13th Kenpachi
    that is how i grinded, then turn them off and fight the boss
    Feb 06 2017 02:30 PM

-JustLea-Roxas that's a stick

My avatar changes like the wind.
Feb 06 2017 12:40 PM

Roxas that's a stick

Getting Fire Emblem Fates Birthright for my birthday! And then I'll have all three games!! XD I'm totally not obsessed....
Feb 06 2017 12:37 PM
  • CriticalAssension's Photo
    Wow...You just killed thousands of cookie lives. Y'all really are heartless...
    Jan 26 2017 03:56 AM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    Cookies are born to be eaten...
    By me.
    Jan 26 2017 04:01 AM
  • Roxas that's a stick's Photo
    Roxas that's a stick
    I ate a whole packet of cookies earlier.... I'm gonna get fat!! XD
    Jan 29 2017 03:53 PM

Roxas that's a stick

Apocalypse started. My old best friend spoke to me today and hugged me.... 0o0
Jan 23 2017 11:52 AM

Roxas that's a stick

Getting Fullmetal alchemist anime box set for ma birthday!! :D
Jan 21 2017 10:50 AM

Roxas that's a stick-JustLea-

Love your profile picture!! :D it's from the Kingdom Hearts 1 manga isn't it!! XD
Jan 19 2017 11:25 AM
  • -JustLea-'s Photo
    It sure is. Thanks Heather! :D I also love your profile picture, it never gets old! XD
    Jan 19 2017 12:58 PM
  • Roxas that's a stick's Photo
    Roxas that's a stick
    I know my profile picture is great!!!! XD
    Jan 20 2017 02:29 AM
  • -JustLea-'s Photo
    Indeed! XD
    Jan 20 2017 07:39 AM
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