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#1928986 Last Post Wins!

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 06:56 PM

That joke is older than my grandpa


#1928981 Last Post Wins!

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 06:47 PM

chuck is back!

#1928970 Last Post Wins!

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 06:00 PM



#1928950 Which Kingdom Hearts game do you most want to see adapted into a manga?

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 04:40 PM

Re:coded... there's no reason this game even exists. It doesn't deserve a manga xD

I'd say DDD and BbS. Still need to read the other manga...

Stop roasting the GOAT game boy. You need to read My hero academia before you read KH manga....



All of the choices! I'd buy the heck outta them! xD

KH1, RE:COM, Days and 2 are already mangas in case you don't know xDD

#1928936 Japanese voice acting for FF7 remake almost done (part 1)

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 03:34 PM

Kitase was interviewed in Dengeki


Final Fantasy VII Remake required a great amount of preparation,” Kitase said to the magazine. “The voice actors have nearly finished recording for the main scenario. Fans might be picturing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but this is a Cloud in his prime from before the movie so the performance may feel fresh.”

NC specifies Japanese voice acting. The script obviously wouldn't take long since they won't be deviating that much from the original. 



#1928898 Last Post Wins!

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 02:19 PM



#1928895 Last Post Wins!

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 02:15 PM







#1928877 A Man Who Hates KH

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on Yesterday, 01:07 PM

I don't think so. I get varied reactions from everything I do that's accessible to the internet, but with Kingdom Hearts it seems like the biggest fans of the series take it to another level that I don't often see.




You have not seen anything yet if you think KH fans take it to another level. I know I do moan about the bad KH fans a lot (if you know me you'll know), but trust me, in the grand scheme of the internet the KH fandom is really not that bad. Try going to MyAnimeList forums or ComicVine forums or any Anime/Manga related forum and tell them you like Sword Art Online or Bleach, they'll rip you into shreds.  Some people in the COD community literally call SWAT teams on each other during Twitch streams because it's 'funny'. A few popular faces in the minecraft community have even been exposed as paedophiles. The worst of the KH community are the people who cry about the KH3 release date and beg for trailers all the time. There will always be fanatics that think KH is the best or that FF is the best or that COD is the best etc.



Anyway, KH1 is probably my favourite game ever made and I still hope KH3 can bring back the feeling 1 and 2 had. If not, I'll still buy the games since I grew up with them. 

#1928391 Basically 2017 So Far

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 20 February 2017 - 05:12 PM

If I see ONE MORE "now in development" trailer in 2017 and or no release date or even YEAR.........

7f0.gif (387×283)

the game ain't coming out until 2019 so that's gonna happen lol

#1928351 Final Fantasy XV-Official Thread.

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 20 February 2017 - 02:02 PM

The combats messy? Never really experienced that in my 140 hours of gameplay so far. Then again the combat seems to something you either hate or love no in-between

wow you've put more hours in than I have and I've had the game since day one. The combat just doesn't feel good, Noctis is sluggish and his combos don't feel continuous and flow when switching weapons. There is no strategy involved either, just spam potions if your low on health. Enemies hardly retaliate and combat is level based. A real level one run can never be done either, your attacks will never do enough damage. They took Final Fantasy's system of taking damage and dealing it and combined it with this sluggish combat. It's not right and this is why I feel FF should have never abandoned its roots.

#1928344 A Man Who Hates KH

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 20 February 2017 - 01:46 PM

He is allowed to do that, but he needs to have it be constructive. All he has said was that "this is bad, that's bad, this is bad, that's also bad".
I'm sorry, but no one is going to take you seriously streaming if you are just going to be a negative person.

For a game like this there is no point in being constructive. Tetsuya Nomura is not listening to him and saying 'yes I'll improve that'. Also, there is no way to criticise anything and not be 'negative'.

#1928296 The Japanese website for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX has been updated

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 20 February 2017 - 05:03 AM

The official Japanese website for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX has experienced a new update. Whilst the homepage remains the same as it was previously, screenshots of each game in the collection can now be viewed.


What do you think of these new changes? Are you excited for the collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Click here to view the article

#1928096 A Man Who Hates KH

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 19 February 2017 - 04:47 PM

A few years ago I finished playing KH 1.5 as part of a bet I made with a friend. My friend was a huge KH fan and mentioned how excited he was for it and how great it was many times, spawning arguments between us both. Finally we decided that the only way to settle the score was for me to actually play the game, start to finish with an open mind, and find out if the game really was garbage.


Turns out I was right! At least, my anticipation of how much I would hate the game was. I played through both games on 1.5 and even watched the cutscene marathon, and although I found parts of the GBA remake more enjoyable than the original, I still found both the games to be subpar. I also made a video on youtube (https://youtu.be/YAZbbHpJ8DI) that was a cut down version of the entire final boss fight, which originally took me around 3 hours. It's garnered some hate from KH fans.


The point of this thread however is not to take a dump on your game. I just want to know: when you see a guy like me that thinks KH is deplorable, do you assume I just have no taste in videogames? Do you hate me? Or do you think there's merit to not liking some or certain aspects of the game? I've not seen such a reaction from any other game I've hated and that's bizarre.

You hate KH1? Boy this is as good as it gets. KH2 is pretty amazing but only if you play it on a certain difficulty level. Everything after KH2 is a big steaming pile of BLEH in terms of story and combat (358/2 days has a good story though).


You haven't seen anything yet, play BBS, DDD and the Chi series. KH1 is as good as it gets, that's my favourite game of all time.


The KH3 demo that came out last month aka 0.2 BBS is pretty good in terms of combat but it's still a 3 hour demo.


Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 19 February 2017 - 11:25 AM

why are people taking this seriously









this is from 2.8

#1927695 Final Fantasy XV-Official Thread.

Posted by The 13th Kenpachi on 18 February 2017 - 04:08 PM

This is almost Xehanort level of damage control of "HAHA IT WAS MY PLAN ALL ALONG"


I thought he'd be more respectable than the others in Square since at first he seemed to "acknowledge" the game's shortcomings but ho boy as soon as dem press and interviews came in he went full 180 and claimed it's all part of the plan


Why?He didn't need to say this.This does nothing but damage his reputation even further


Since when was Final Fantasy about a single individual?Sure there is a defined main character most of the time but the story was always seen from the eyes of all your party members(at least the main ones that stays to the end).Remember how FF6 and FF9 kept changing perspective between characters and how well done that was?Heck here it wasn't just about Noctis cuz the four guys were with him the whole time.Now I feel Gladio's DLC is a rip-off cuz now it feels it should've been in the game instead of the BS their doing,same with Prompto......I didn't need to pay extra money just to see what's Celes is doing elsewhere in FF6 or pay to see Steiner's struggle to protect Alexandria in FF9



FF9 did best at that, you got to see almost everything that happened. You played as Steiner, Garnet, Vivi etc. Even FF7 let you control Cid and see the reactor incident through playable flashbacks. 


Be honest, even FF13 didn't offscreen anything really. FF13 split the party up and let you experience the game through more than 1 player's view.