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The 13th Kenpachi

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In Topic: A Man Who Hates KH

Today, 09:06 AM

I agree with him, after KH2 this series just fell off for me. It doesn't feel the same as it did when I was a child. 0.2's gameplay was good though and I like Days' story, but everything else is just.........

In Topic: The Problem With Kingdom Hearts (SPOILERS)(Video)

Today, 08:40 AM

He is so right. KH gives me video game blue balls when I think about it, it could literally be SO SO SO perfect but Tetsuya Nomura over complicated almost everything. KH is an over hyped series that doesn't live up to it's own potential, how on earth can you mess up Disney and Final Fantasy? This series should be selling like hotcakes and getting 10s across the board. Not to mention the story is basically trash now. Literal fan fiction




In Topic: New FF7 Remake Screenshots!

Today, 05:59 AM

I hope it won't be a ff15 clone :ph34r:

We all do xD. I really want the ATB system back but I don't think it will return now. I want FF16 to use the ATB system though.

In Topic: New FF7 Remake Screenshots!

Today, 05:36 AM

Looks as though it's taking a page from KH2 and might have the option of using the shoulder buttons to go to another command menu. So maybe Defend and Summon have been moved to that? If not, I could easily see them making Defend get relegated to a button like in KH and Summon being part of the Materia menu. In any case, it's looking more and more promising.

Well now they've got the materia menu actually in place, but in the OG game you don't get your first summon until after you leave Midgar, when you're the in the chocobo ranch and that it is only the chocobo summon... This game seems Midgar centric so I don't think summons will even show up xD. They'll also be too confined.

In Topic: Basically 2017 So Far

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

If I see ONE MORE "now in development" trailer in 2017 and or no release date or even YEAR.........

7f0.gif (387×283)

the game ain't coming out until 2019 so that's gonna happen lol