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In Topic: The Hunt for Captain Greyhawk [Discussion and Sign Up] [Closed]

Today, 08:16 AM

I had a question pertaining to the creativity you have granted us on the front page regarding scenes.  Are you going to DM (dungeon master) the location and the situations, or are we allowed to make up the scene and some (or all) of the situations?  This group has been very creative in past and present RPs and can definitely make good posts, though as your character is going to be within the ship I figure you will need something to do too. 


Also, I had another thought.  As this is a fast-moving RP with a group used to going slower, some of us might fall behind and not have a say in some matters (e.g., Eclaire hasn't showed up yet in the roleplay and it seems most people are ready to move out).  Before moving to the next scene, what say you to waiting a bit for the last characters to show up, and maybe private messaging them after an allotted time has passed, like a day or two before the scene shift?

In Topic: Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

Today, 08:09 AM

"Aces," Adamina replied, sounding pleased as she scanned the crew.  "I wouldn't be good in a bar if things go south unless people need saving.  I'll leave that for someone else and be on comlink."


She tapped the device hidden within the feathers of her neck with a talon before returning her arms to a folded position and leaning back onto the wall again.  Her stance was an old habit, and old habits die hard.


"We'd best split up to individuals and search for information that way, though it would be recommended to stay close to each other just in case.  SOS for help if you need it, don't get shot, and we'll reconvene at the ship in three standard hours.  That is, if that's all right with you, captain."

In Topic: Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

Yesterday, 05:18 PM

"This had better not be more dangerous than the space battle with Zod and the Primrose," came next the squawky voice of Adamina as she leaned against the inner hull, wings folded and sharp eyes analysing the picture.


Trained killers were commonplace in the underworlds she once frequented, though when it came to spacers these thugs were worlds apart.  The word "battle-honed" came to mind, and within space all kinds of fights could be seen, from the petty feuds and duels to private armadas pitted against each other.  In space stations, one had to be especially cautious about heading into the lion's den.  Security is minimal unless one can afford it, and criminals have fatter pockets than the owner of the space station, she would wager.


"But," she sighed, unfolding herself and leaning in closer to the wanted poster, "the pay is good, and the locality is tempting.  I'd rather get him here than on Gors-bash after picking leeches off you all, though like Jake I am worried about this rumour.  We need to gather some info first, and a few folks here would be perfect for the job.  Once we know a few of his haunts, we can rein him in."

In Topic: The Hunt for Captain Greyhawk [Discussion and Sign Up] [Closed]

Yesterday, 03:03 PM

@Heart of Ferria

I have made some minor tweaks to my character sheet for Adamina, changing up her mechanical prowess to healing prowess.  Thank you for waiting on me; I am good to go now!

In Topic: The Hunt for Captain Greyhawk [Discussion and Sign Up] [Closed]

Yesterday, 06:03 AM

After checking out the character sheets, there will be a lot of fixers on this failing ship, so I will change out my character's mechanical finesse with something more associated with "Head of Medbay." I will try to do this tonight.