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In Topic: Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

Yesterday, 08:17 AM

Kicking herself for entering such an establishment would have come first and foremost to Adamina had there not been an ulterior reason for doing so, and much like Tibarn she hated being here.  Nevertheless, the situation was very fortuitous.  While suspicious characters loomed around the area, the cameras faced in odd angles and kept Tibarn, Daniel, and herself out of their line of sight.  Leave it to Solomond to hack into the cameras and change their angles, she thought to herself, quite pleased as she checked on the surveillance of the room.  That was better than a loop, though assuredly someone would come out to fix the angles after someone checks in on the camera feed.  They must be quick in finding the entrance to the ship, or elsewise blend in with the local crowd.


The older human lady at the desk was there, perhaps still interested in the news slate, or maybe a crossword or Universal Sudoku puzzle.  With a grin, she nudged Tibarn and commented, "I'll show you who's a slowpoke" as she passed him by.


"You're the owner of this establishment, I take it?  I'd like a surprise special for the three of us"--she pointed at the two behind her--"in one private room for me and my hunny-buns here.  No services required.  Just the room.  I'll pay ten grand up front.  Consider it an . . . investment."

In Topic: Overworld RP

Yesterday, 06:51 AM

- Odin and Rufus Contralto, against the crystal-heart dragon -


Odin watched cautiously as he stepped into the room, eyeing the crystals with wariness.  Nothing spelled out danger more than a room of crystal shards pointing outward, but that was not the only thing to be wary of, it seems.  Jynn took the brunt of that new danger and was withdrawn from the fight, and Odin was quick to react to the burst of energy aimed at the group.


"Earlisin Multiple Teleport," he voiced, reaching out to Alderon and Visco and teleporting them before teleporting himself.  The other humans of the group he had full faith in moving out of the way, as he did to all of the fey, but the two royals he dared not let get injured.  Everyone would appear out of the way of the blast, and Odin felt a drop in his magical reserves.  He would replenish it soon, but moving people out of the way that may not have been able to otherwise came foremost.


Rufus did the same, slipping upwards to get a good glance at the dragon before doing a little jig and trying to nullify its magic, if it had any.  The Xeno'jiiva was a monstrous beast, however, and if it had any magic of its own it would be very difficult to constrain.  Rufus put extra effort into his nullification as a result, his cheeks turning colour as he held his breath.


Odin drew his blade and followed Dawson's advice.  Creatures as powerful as this one, engorging itself upon the fallen, would be difficult to kill unless crippled.  The wings, the forefeet, the hind feet, the eyes themselves -- wounding any one of these enough, and the bunch would have a better time fighting the dragon.


Odin tried a different tactic than physical wounding, however.  With lightning-aided speed he flung himself into the air, attempting to lash onto the creatures back, draw back his sword, and plunge it into the creature's flesh.  It would do no physical damage and would bypass normal defenses, but it would paint Odin in new light to the dragon's eyes if successful:  an understanding, or a feeling of affiliation, or maybe a re-imaging of a small and playful xeno'jiiva hatchling.  Such was the power of his sword, and Odin tried anything that might work if the attack was successful.

In Topic: Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

Yesterday, 02:57 AM

I can see both still, but if you cannot see it, Sora's Baby, look up "xeno'jiiva" and pull up Google or Bing images. It is a strong and very pretty crystal dragon, a perfect specimen for us to fight as a test of strength.

In Topic: The Hunt for Captain Greyhawk [Discussion and Sign Up] [Closed]

Yesterday, 02:50 AM

This is a good thought, and one that was incorporated into some roleplays to a degree (in that if they do not reply within three days to a week that the plot can move on without the slower posting people to keep the flow of events). I believe we the players would be trusting of each other to use their characters for one or a few posts, as we knew each other for some time, though how about it is not direct controlling and instead taking lead of the party? For instance, if Jake or Eclaire is silent, the other player double-posts to jumpstart the next action. I like the idea, regardless, so good on you, Heart.

In Topic: Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

18 August 2018 - 07:46 AM

Adamina shook her head with a sigh as she followed her two comrades with her eyes, watching from another rooftop.  Stealth and secrecy was not Tibarn's forte, she assumed, but the coast was clear, and she was ready to keep him in line.  With a false step into the air, she kicked off the flat roof of the building and descended to ground level with three sets of flaps, landing harmlessly into the alleyway.  From there she made her way to the others, gaze wary, hand worriedly feeling for her staff.


Her weapon of choice recently had a tendency of dropping out of her Loft-made pouch at bad times, and no matter how much stitchwork she added to the bag there always seemed to be a hole to patch next time.  Perhaps the antimatter fitting in her telescopic staff was leaking, a cause of the staff striking something hard, but she was careful with the tip.  Someone of the crew must have been playing with it if so.  Tibarn, likely.  Nevertheless, she would have to fix the issue if that were so.


With nothing occurring, she meandered her way to behind Daniel and Tibarn, ready to see this mission through to the end.  If they can gain access to Greyhawk's ship, getting rid of Greyhawk would be easy with a well-placed gas trap set up inside of the entry or the airlocks.  There were cameras to consider, and whatever crew remained inside, acting as Solomond did to them.  She hoped this would not be too much of a deterrent, much less a pain in the neck.  She craved some action greater than knocking out a hungry flayer.