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Member Since 16 May 2015
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 05:59 PM

About Me

Hallo; Vaude here, a lover of vaudeville, plays, epics, historical documentaries, folk tales, musics, opera, electronic beeps and boops, books, scripts, and anything with emotion to be revealed to the world through some sort of medium, and welcome . . . to my abode.  *cue the cut-off power and the candlelight flickering from a chandelier*.  Do not panic, ladies and gentlemen, especially the gentleman over there.  You will all die, but only for a minute or so before living a life as a vampwolf, feeding on everyone and everything you once held dea--


Ahem, yes, enough of that.  I am Vaude, and that first sentence is the only thing true.  I have no cut-off power or candlelight, and you won't die just yet.  I am a simple yarn-spinner, role-player, and writer, but I love to game at any chance I get.  I am as young at heart and mind as I am old at heart and mind, and if you can get past my silliness and occasional witticism I am sure we can be great friends.


Why I joined this site is two-pronged:  there is a phenomenal assortment of good roleplayers and their ideas that caught my eye, and Mystics Apprentice, who you might or might not know, thought it as wonderful as I did to join hands in the roleplayers' circle.  I am a veteran of a mere five years, and while I know a lot I understand there is a lot more I can do and improve upon, so here I be.


That's all for now.  Kindly take an orange slice as you leave the room.  You're going to need it to get past Flick, my pet wyvern.  Isn't that right, my dear Flick?  Oogoogoogoo.  Auf wiedersehen!

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Nero KunivasVaude

Mr. Vauderson... XD
Jul 01 2016 09:35 PM
  • Vaude's Photo
    Welcome back. We . . . missed you.

    One has to love The Matrix. =P
    Jul 02 2016 07:26 AM
  • Nero Kunivas's Photo
    Nero Kunivas
    Cookies need love like everything does... *Unified Smith laughter* XD
    Jul 02 2016 10:59 AM
  • Vaude's Photo
    Hope you have cookies enabled! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX8yrOAjfKM
    Jul 02 2016 11:31 AM

Mystics ApprenticeVaude

Thought that I would shout at the top of my lungs on your profile page just so it looks a little less bland. : P (Plus I'm secretly hoping Flick will play with me).
Jun 27 2016 09:26 AM
  • Vaude's Photo
    Hey hey! Thank you for the commentary (as well as shouting =P ) and dear ol' Flickertongue Slitherdrake Snickersnack IV, Esq. would be happy to play with you! Mind you, he's toothless, so catch is out of the question, but he -loves- tag.
    Jun 29 2016 05:43 PM
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