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Member Since 12 May 2015
Offline Last Active May 31 2017 11:14 AM
College has been amazing for me so far. I've even made friends and one likes KH. :D Updated 23 Sep · 7 comments

About Me

Hi! I'm TheEightMelodies!  0/* 
I've been here for years but stopped visiting for a while. Soo... I'm back under a new name (that isn't really new anymore) and with hopefully less 'eegghhhh' posts.


Kingdom Hearts has always played a very big role in my life and I love being able to share the experience here! 

Feel free to call me whatever you want. My username is kinda long to keep typing out so you can call me what all my internet friends call me: 'Mellie' or anything else you can come with! I really don't mind!


I happen to drift away from KH13 every now and again and then come back a month or two later. So if I don't reply or I'm just missing that's probably the reason why. I'm just lazy and socially awkward so please say Hi!


~ About Me ~

I'm a 16 year old female british teen that loves to read, draw, sew and most of all play video games! I can be pretty shy and I do end up spending a long time re-reading and editing my posts because I'm so self-conscious. In the end half of the posts I want to write end up not even being posted because I'm just kinda awkward... However once I get used to you I'm very lively so I encourage you to try speak to me!

I love to make new friends and I hope I can be as welcoming as you are to me! If I ever offend you feel free to tell me as I hate making anyone feel horrible or awkward.
I'm into a ton of gaming series though most are Nintendo centered. I'm willing to give anything a try though!
Some of my favourites are...

  • Kingdom Hearts of course...
  • The Mother/Earthbound series, <--- LUCAS LUCAS LUCAS
  • The Legend of Zelda,
  • Splatoon
  • Super Smash Bros,
  • Sonic the Hedgehog,
  • Animal Crossing,
  • Harvest Moon,
  • Pokémon,
  • Persona

...and so many more!

In my free time I also sometimes watch anime and cartoons. Some of my all-time favourites are...

  • Detective Conan & Magic Kaito,
  • Digimon,
  • Dragon Ball/Z/Super,
  • RWBY,
  • Fullmetal Alchmeist/FMA:B
  • Boku No Hero Academia

...and like a ton more which I have probably forgotten!

I'm a reader of many genres which eats up the most of my time too. My books are everywhere and there is nowhere that is safe from them. There's too many! I even have a manga collection though it's kinda small. I'm working on it.  ;)
~ Where You Can Reach Me ~
Wanna talk? I visit this site pretty often though sometimes I take long breaks.

(If you ever want know if I'm asleep then I am currently in the BST.)

My 3DS FC: 0130-3074-4775 - I own Pokémon, Fantasy Life, Animal Crossing and lots more.
Wii U Nickname: The8Melody - I play a ton of Splatoon, Mario Kart and even SSB (though I'm not that good  xD )

Miitomo: If you want to add me on Miitomo then send me a message! We can follow/friend each other on Twitter/Facebook and use the app together! My name is Melodies!

Playstation Network: TheEightMelodies


If you wanna be a stalker I have a Twitter and Tumblr too...?
Twitter: http://twitter.com/The8Melodies
Tumblr: http://theeightmelodies.tumblr.com/


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X


My KH Unchained X Name is: 8Melody

and the ID is 699434

Union: Vulpeus

Party: KH 4EVER

Thanks for visiting my profile and I hope we can be friends!
Now stop stalking meee ~ 

(Last Edited 23/09/2016)

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College has been amazing for me so far. I've even made friends and one likes KH. :D
Sep 23 2016 01:43 PM
  • Joker's Photo
    Didn't really have a "friend" till high school. Was semi friends in middle school but never had a person that I could call a friend till then
    Sep 23 2016 03:48 PM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    I'm doing this employabilty skills course since I got referred while applying. I never ended up doing my final tests so it helps me get them while going over skills I can use in future work. Or that's what they said anyways haha!
    Sep 24 2016 01:36 PM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    I was too shy to talk to people and kept to myself but somebody came over to me first. Again I was pretty lucky. It normally takes me a very long time to make a friend, if at all.
    Sep 24 2016 01:36 PM


Hey! Thanks for adding me as a friend! :D
Sep 23 2016 01:41 PM
  • Vulpix's Photo
    No problem! :D
    Sep 23 2016 03:31 PM


The whole Sonic stream was pretty much a mess but I can't say I didn't enjoy myself a ton and have fun. It's now 6am though ._.
Jul 23 2016 12:31 AM


December 2016 Worldwide! Yesss!
Jun 08 2016 07:04 AM


Finally! The timezones are in my favour for once! <3
Jun 08 2016 05:48 AM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    Every year the conferences are at some insane times. Why do the timezones have to do this to us? x.x
    Jun 08 2016 05:57 AM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    Timezones are evil.
    Jun 08 2016 06:33 AM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    I always procrastinate over exams. You aren't the only one :3 I'm glad you are doing okay!
    I'm good too! Been busy trying to apply for college and looking at other options like apprenticeships and such.
    Jun 08 2016 05:56 AM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    Yeah, I'm thinking more about apprenticeships now. However I'm still applying for college and if I find something better then I can just not accept. Thanks for the advice :)
    Jun 08 2016 06:18 AM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    Thank you again! It's nice to have encouragement haha.
    Jun 08 2016 06:24 AM


Looks like I've got tickets for the KH event in London! It's a shame I couldn't afford VIP tickets though. Whoever gets them is super lucky.
Apr 30 2016 06:03 AM
  • Setrex's Photo
    That's great! I here's hoping it's a great concert :)
    Apr 30 2016 06:23 AM


I ended up downloading the NA version of Unchained. I just couldn't wait for a possible Europe release xD
Apr 12 2016 06:32 PM


Miitomo is so much fun to mess around with. I think I'm gunna need some friends though xD
Mar 31 2016 09:42 AM
  • Elbow Juice's Photo
    Elbow Juice
    I gave my mii the deepest voice possible and made him talk fast so he sounds ridiculous XD
    Mar 31 2016 10:41 AM
  • TheEightMelodies's Photo
    I've done that before in Tomodachi Life. It's the best thing ever to listen to! xD
    Mar 31 2016 01:11 PM
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