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Member Since 13 Apr 2015
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 11:05 PM
Happy Red Rose Day! :3 Updated 12 Jun · 1 comments

About Me


Hey. The name's Veemon, but you can also call me by my real name, Steven! Ven is a nickname people call me on here, too, so feel free to use what feels best.

So anyway, in case you're wondering, my favorite things to do are: Gaming, Drawing, and watching anime. My favorite anime to watch are: Pokemon, Digimon, Full metal alchemist, and Jojo's Bizzare adventure.

Now about the games that I like...

More about me:


Cool and conversation-starting things about myself:
I <3 DRAGONS! Dragons are life.
I love Pokemon and Digimon fairly the same, with my particular interests between them shifting at times.
Lonely Ex-Player 2... Now I can only seem to play Single Player games due to the lack of fellow players in certain things... :(
I take pride in my dreams and my beliefs, therefore I won't allow lies and negative critics take away my freedom of Religion OR Imagination (whatever that kind of freedom is like).
If you're wondering what my "status" is, it's kind of in the "Single" range. But I'm also sort of searching at the moment, so that's good I guess. :/
As you can see from the blue text all over the place, I like to affiliate myself with the color blue, primarily.
I am terrible at writing literature, and theories and arguments are not my thing.
I like helping others, and sometimes, getting help from others.
I can never seem to find a good time to train myself to use a sword, but I want to train to do such a thing one day.
I desire to do a RP, and to do it with someone who will respect my choices, and in return I will do the same for them.

Also, I would like to add that if you are interested in something about me or you have a question about me, go ahead. Ask me with a PM! I'm basically on all the time. Thanks for reading my 'About Me'. I hope we can all be awesome friends!

I am also looking for other hardcore Final Fantasy Explorers players! I am currently in the 7* quests, and have mastered all of the jobs, with an Explorer level over 230. If you have the game and are around that level or below, or around that amount of progression in the story or earlier, let me know and we can trade friend codes! :D I main Dragoon, Blue Mage, Black Mage, Sage, and can easily use the Sword-based jobs.

"Veemon, a Digimon You can Trust!"



Pet Veemon Here

(You may also pet me personally in a status below. Just don't pet too hard!)

Psst, by the way, most of you probably already can tell, but it's me, SteVentus.


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Three days grace, good choice!
Jun 19 2017 07:47 PM


Happy Red Rose Day! :3
Jun 12 2017 08:13 AM
  • Mary-Agu's Photo
    Be sure to share some love guys! :3
    Jun 12 2017 10:07 AM


Must...Not...Comment... >~<
Jun 11 2017 12:20 PM


Glad Nomura could make it to the party. Wondering if he'll show up at D23 as well.
Jun 11 2017 07:46 AM


Man, that was a lot of thinking this week...I am surely happy with what got done, but...There were so many feelings going on all in one day. Excited for Tuesday for a few reasons. :)
Jun 10 2017 11:22 PM


Happy Donald Duck Day! It doesn't matter what they say, I still like you for who you are! :D
Jun 09 2017 06:13 AM
  • DoDo4869's Photo
    Today we will forgive him for not healing us in time!
    Jun 09 2017 09:20 AM
  • Veemon's Photo
    Quite honestly, Donald always did me good and healed me at perfect timing. I don't know what everyone else did wrong to not get the best out of his magic. XD
    Jun 09 2017 09:27 AM
  • DoDo4869's Photo
    He did safe me here and there as well sometimes, it is just a meme by now xP
    Jun 09 2017 09:47 AM


"I might have asked before but, is Ebony really all that good?"
Jun 06 2017 06:31 AM


Enjoy your summer vacation buddy xP
Jun 05 2017 05:53 AM
  • DoDo4869's Photo
    Jun 05 2017 05:54 AM
  • Veemon's Photo
    Haha, thank you very much, Dodo! I'll send you a postcard! XD


    Wish you were here! :D
    Jun 05 2017 08:07 AM


Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I just got back from the parade in my city! Did anyone else go to a parade for Memorial Day?
May 29 2017 09:50 AM


Oh wow, there is a Veemon here! Your one of my favourite Digimon qwq
May 25 2017 12:20 PM
  • Veemon's Photo
    Haha, indeed there is! Nice to meet you! I'm quite flattered by your words. :3
    May 25 2017 12:33 PM
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