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Member Since 13 Mar 2015
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Cutscenes from the demo I haven't ever seen

Today, 01:28 PM

I just found out a video that shows off new cutscenes from the Toy Box.


It doesn't reveal too much, but if you want to experience Toy Box's story on your own, you may not want to watch the video I guess.

Either way I am not sure if you have already watched it. 


And I believe it may be uncommon to find those cutscenes, given the players don't have much time to play the game and most likely will skip them.


Here it is,



One particular thing I found out is that the track "Shaded Truths" from BBS and that got into KH3D, I think, returned. It's shown on the final cutscene. I wonder if in the demo there they got to fight that strange toy I have never ever seen.

Each worlds' enemies and thoughts

14 August 2018 - 10:21 PM

Hey guys, how are you?


I've had this wish of fighting almost every type of enemy in the game since ever, and now I decided to create this topic to know what you guys think about the current information we already have and to go on further and create theories for information we don't know. But more importantly to hear out your wishes too.


From the trailers, we can guess the following (though it may be subject to change until the end product is finished):

  • Twillight Town (Heartless and Nobodies)
  • Mysterious Tower (Heartless)
  • Olympus (Heartless)
  • Monstropolis (Unversed (yay) and Heartless)
  • Toy Box (Heartless)
  • Kingdom of Corona (Heartless and supposedly Marluxia's nobody army)
  • Arendelle (Heartless)
  • The Caribbean (Heartless)

If there is some enemy type you found on the trailers and that isn't listed, you can tell me and I'll update the list. 

I am very sure that Arendelle may too have a nobody army of Larxene, given she's there.


So now, are you happy that we've got almost every type of enemy in KH3? I am insanely hyped, maybe because I am some kind of perfeccionist or whatever is the right word.


It is said that all worlds will only have to be visited once. Yet, as they might be veery huge, it's possible that we may find Nobodies in all kind of worlds. 

But I believe that for the Unversed, it may depend of Vanitas' presence. After all he's on Monstropolis, the only world who has revealed it yet. 

Yet on KHBBS, Unversed were in all places. Vanitas surely just sent them there...However there may be no need of him to do so in KH3 since Heartless and Nobodies may be enough.

If the worlds had a second visit, they would have to have stronger enemies and there'd be a chance that Vanitas would send his Unversed there. But that doesn't seem to be happening (unfortunately for me).


Do you believe and do you wish we get all enemy types in every world? Having Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed together seems fun. I am just imaginating Shadows and Floods and Dusks together lol. For the last world, that will surely be a must xD

Expectations for Gamescom 2018

12 August 2018 - 11:27 PM

I know it's somewhat early, but I'm kinda eager to know what you all believe that will happen there.


Only the demo has been confirmed yet (unless I forgot something), so of course there's no certain there will be any trailers, world reveals or other info at this event. 


But what do you guys think? Do you believe the chance is high or low for a trailer (or anything) to show up?


Also, how far is SE hearing the feedback regarding the game? They've been using the same demo for many events, yet there were no major differences from what I heard. Only less floatness and such. So it would be good to hear out what you think on this as well :)

Joke and Theory from Just a Pancake

11 August 2018 - 08:38 PM

I have just made a great discovery:


I guess I just found out Ventus' grandma!


(Just a Pancake joke reference, anyway)

How will KH3's Theme be darker than the others?

29 July 2018 - 05:11 PM

Nomura has already mentioned several times that KH3 will have a darker theme. But only now it has ocurred to me to make a pool to see what you guys think.


I don't believe we'll see blood at all, given it has Disney characters and all. But I decided to give that option anyways.


I may not have covered everything. I just had the idea to create this post now, xD