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Member Since 10 Feb 2015
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Pre-orderd the Switch and BotW Special Edition! Updated 13 Jan · 2 comments

About Me

Welcomto My Profile!

​(Ooo pretty rainbow colors)


Hi! I'm Exilra. I'm just your average shy nerdy girl who loves to play video games, watch anime, and read manga :3 Currently a sophomore in college and majoring in Computer Game Desgin.

Steam: Exilra (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Exilra/)

PSN: krprainbow

3DS Friend Code: 3566 - 1642 - 2179
Nintendo Network ID: Exilra

(But also tell me who you are on here so I know that it isn't just a random person adding me on any of these. And if we share a game that is multiplayer, feel free to ask to play it together with me!)

Some of my favorite games/game series (Besides Kingdom Hearts) (This is only a small amount to all the games I own): BlazBlue, Undertale, Pokemon, "Tales of" games, Persona, Danganronpa, The World Ends With You, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, Town of Salem, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros.

My Personal Story (Optional to read. Then again, this entire profile is :P But if you want to get to know me, it would be good to read this :3):



Here's some art that I've posted here:




Anime that I have seen (Looking back at this list, I've had way to much free time O.O):




(Other animated shows I currently enjoy: Red vs Blue, RWBY, Wakfu, and Steven Universe)


Manga that I have read:




Feel free to also suggest any anime/manga to me. Or if you want to be suggested manga/anime, feel free to ask me! I recommend just about all the anime and manga I've seen/read, but here are 5 recommendations of some of my favorite mangas/animes to start off with :3 (open the spoiler tag to see them. And they aren't in it because of them being spoilery, they just took up a lot of space and the spoiler tag helps to make it more organized. Just thought I'd say that in case people thought I had actual spoilers)


Thanks for taking the time to read my profile! As thanks, here's some funny pics:



Again, thanks for reading my profile! Hope you have a great day! :3



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Pre-orderd the Switch and BotW Special Edition!
Jan 13 2017 04:11 AM


I don't think I've ever been this hyped for a console to release.
Jan 13 2017 12:19 AM
  • Elrandir's Photo
    Me neither. It has been a while since I was this excited about a console release. Even more for a Zelda game.
    Jan 13 2017 12:24 AM
    Will it be region locked or not?
    Jan 13 2017 12:33 AM
  • Exilra's Photo
    @Elrandir Yeah that new trailer for Breath of the Wild looked amazing. Glad it's a launch title as well!

    @SRKTVAMDGRLXN They said the Switch will not be region locked!
    Jan 13 2017 01:00 AM


The KHUXNA Twitter is now the best ever. I can't believe they said that xD
Jan 07 2017 11:44 PM


Happy New Year!
Jan 01 2017 12:27 AM


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're all having good ones!
Dec 25 2016 04:23 PM


New trailer and more news tomorrow wat.
Dec 08 2016 10:57 AM


Been really enjoying FFXV so far. Barely made and progress in the story though since I like exploring EVERYTHING before I move on. And I'm surprised at how much there is just at the beginning.
Dec 06 2016 09:46 AM


Finally was able to go home to pick up my copy of FFXV! Not gonna be able to play it yet really since the next few days are gonna be a bit crazy. In other news though, today was my little sister's 17th birthday! Since she recently got a 3DS I got her the latest game from a series we both love on it.
Dec 01 2016 11:35 PM


Apparently my copy of FFXV arrived earlier today at my home. Earliest I think I'll be able to pick it up and play it though is probably Wednesday unless I can finish my mound of homework I need to do tomorrow quickly.
Nov 29 2016 12:03 AM


Just beat Pokemon Moon last night. Also beat it 3 hours before my first class, so RIP me right now.
Nov 22 2016 09:04 AM
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