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#1577379 About my latest post...please be honest, guys...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 13 January 2015 - 04:44 AM

Not at all everyone has thair own expectations when it comes to worlds in kingdom hearts like me i want to see spira or/and cocoon in kingdom hearts but that's just me Don't worry to muchabout it :) by tw interesting theory keep at it.


People went even more nuts than you before, trust me xD


And you shouldn't feel discouraged to discuss about anything here, the last thing we want is to people feel discouraged about discussing Kingdom Hearts here :)


#1577354 About my latest post...please be honest, guys...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 13 January 2015 - 02:07 AM

...do you think I'm going too far with my ideas, being too dreamy about the worlds mentioned, its characters and its story? Do you guys think I might even going nuts for that?


For those who haven't seen yet my post, here is the link: http://kh13.com/foru...matians-in-kh3/


PS: This post is not meant to be a repetition, OK? I just to know your honest opinions on my ideas (I know it's very long, but please, understand that I tried to explain how these worlds could connect to KH3's plot).


Love and peace...

#1577029 Midgar VS The Radiant Garden!

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 12 January 2015 - 09:48 AM


So, Has Anyone Else Noticed How Much The Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion Resembles Midgar From "Final Fantasy 7"?


Could There Be Some Sort Of Connection There?  Or Was Midgar What Inspired The Radiant Garden's Design And Layout?



Yeah, you're right...

#1577027 Lady and the Tramp/101 Dalmatians in KH3...?

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 12 January 2015 - 09:43 AM

OK, guys, before starting the topic, I would like to make it clear: I already know there is a Lady and the Tramp statue in the Third District of Traverse Town in every game this world is present and that we can visit the Dalmatians's Den in this world (TT), too. However what I'm going to talk about here is the idea of these characters's world appearance, and not just a cameo.


So, this past weekend, I rewatched both Lady and the Tramp movies (I love both films with all my heart very much and equally. Yes, not everybody hates Disney sequels. At least, not me) and both 101 Dalmatians movies (the 1961 animated movie and the 2003 sequel, not the 1996 live-action movie and its 2000 sequel, OK?), and gotta tell you guys: why not put these worlds in KH3 or any other future title?


Why's that? Simple: because both movies (the original movies and its sequels) have a lot of potential, especially in the villains/plot part. Didn't we see in the D23 2013 trailer a swarm of Shadow Heartless going after Sora in Twilight Town? And didn't we see in KH3D that the Cornerstone of Light wasn't enough to protect Disney Castle from Maleficent and Pete? Its powers was getting weakened due to the strong influence of darkness, most certainly because of Xehanort and his new Organization, right?


But, let's get back to the real point: A Lady and the Tramp's and 101 Dalmatians's worlds would be fitting in KH series (especially in KH3, but that's just my opinion, OK? Maybe they might appear in any other future installment), since there are lots of antagonists in both movies and that could be related to what I mentioned in the previous paragraph: darkness is growing stronger, thus, there are (might be) more villains in the worlds in KH3. Besides, let's be honest: Lady and the Tramp is a romance movie, so, this special world could serve as a way to inspire Sora to finally express his feelings for Kairi about how much she's important to him (or how much he loves her) and vice-versa (I know they have done this multiple times in the series, except the love-tell-stuff, and those times proves us many things, but, still, I would like to see them confess their feelings to each other, this time with words, and not just making it appear like they're an unofficial couple. I want them to act like an official couple). Guys, please: if Sora (and other human characters) can understand what Goofy and Donald (as well as other animal characters and even gargoyles) says very clearly, why wouldn't he be able to communicate with Lady and Tramp? He could help Tramp and Lady get closer to each other (since he has done that many times with other couples before, right?), take them to any place to be alone (especially the restaurant where the dogs perform the famous sphagetti scene) and many other things, such as helping Tramp fighting that Rat (while shrunk inside the house, just like Ventus and Aqua in Castle of Dreams and Sora in Wonderland, but this only when inside the house due to an unknown factor) while protecting the baby in the crib. After this battle, the plot would follow the original movie, however, while that evil old lady (Aunt Sarah) locks Tramp in the wardrobe and Lady in the basement and calls the dog pound to take Tramp away, her two siamese cats (Si and Am) hide the Rat's body to blame Lady and Tramp even further (as Aunt Sarah thought both dogs were trying to harm the baby) (I've heard/read in some sites, after lots of researches, that these cats really did that in a novelization of the original movie, so this could work for the game, just like that scene in Aqua's chapter in Castle of Dreams, which wasn't on the original movie, where Cinderella and the Prince finally meet/reunite again). So Sora and co's mission would be fight the cats and take the proof (the dead body, of course, not seen nor shown on screen, since this is a Disney game) back to the room where he fought the Rat just in time for Lady's owners to arrive and see. As they go after the dogcatcher to rescue Tramp, Sora and co (in their normal sizes) would have to reach the car before it reached the dog pound (that dog Trusty could help them track down which way the car went). As Sora and co, Lady and her owners and Trusty are about to release Tramp, the car where the dog is trapped would actually transform into a monstrous Heartless ready to take down Tramp, but Sora and co save him of course, defeat the Heartless and then Tramp is adopted by Lady's owners, marries her and has those four puppies seen in the end of the first film. If KH3 have a "visit-the-same-world-twice" like KH2, then the plot could follow Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure, with Sora and co trying to convince Scamp to return home with his father and all the plot would, obviously, going to be the same as the movie. And please, don't tell me/don't come with: "Ah, it's a very short time between Sora's two visits in the same world for the puppies to have already been born and grown up a bit". Really? Then how you guys explain to me the second time we visit Pride Lands, Nala mentions Simba will be a father and Kiara (their daughter) is shown in the credits scenes already? You see? Time really flows differently in each world, so this wouldn't be a problem. After his adventures in this world (Lady and the Tramp's world) are over, he could finally get inspired to tell Kairi his true feelings about her (maybe at the ending of the game after the final battle, who knows), seeing Lady and the Tramp's and Scamp and Angel's relationships.


As for the 101 Dalmatians, since we have nothing (no details) on what events happened/were happening in their homeworld before it was swallowed by the darkness and then Pongo and Perdita (the parents) ended up in Traverse Town with the puppies scattered in a group of 3 in chests in other worlds, the plot could follow the original movie, with Cruella, Jasper and Horace kidnapping the puppies and Sora and co having to save all of them again. In the second visit, the plot would follow the original movie's sequel, and with Patch (one of the puppies) wanting to be different from his siblings, who obviously, are all Dalmatians, that could certainly serve as a lesson to Sora that, for example, even if he and Roxas are "somebody" and a "nobody" and both inhabit the same body, they're in no way the same person. Each person, no matter how similar they might look (Patch and his siblings, Sora and Roxas/Roxas and Ventus), they're in no way the same being. Different minds, different hearts, different thoughts, so this world could really be helpful in the plot (as well as Lady and the Tramp's one) to some extent.


Oh, and please, don't come also with: "These films have very real-world places like London, it wouldn't work out very well". So what? London and the Big Bang clock are seen in KH1 (London is even mentioned by name by Wendy in Re: CoM), The Emperor says the word "China" in KH2, Phil says "Greece" in BBS, a map of Africa was seen in Deep Jungle's tent and nobody complained. So I'm pretty sure the staff could come with a creative name for these worlds, couldn't they?


PS: I know, I know, there are/there might be plenty of other Disney worlds/films who could replace these 2 worlds I mentioned, however, I would like to see these worlds specifically, because, aside from "A 100 Acre Woods" and "Deep Space", which other worlds already shown in KH have talking animals as the main characters (I can't remember any now)? Besides, Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmatians would be good choices for new "old" worlds, since EVERY game has worlds based on movies produced/released before or after Walt Disney's death, right?


So, guys, please leave here your thoughts/opinions on this post. Let me know them. What did you guys think of it?


Love and peace...

#1577009 A very weird question

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 12 January 2015 - 07:45 AM

If you were a video game, which one would you be?


I believe I would be Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. Let the discussion begin!!

I believe I would be any crossover videogame, just to show everybody how everything exists in the same universe and is connected (they're all different universes independent from each other, of course, but connected).

#1575292 If Xion died and nobody (can) remember her...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 09:48 AM

...then how come in KH3D (at TWTNW), when Sora meets her, Roxas cries inside of him? When she died, she vanished from the memories of all who knew her. Or not?



#1575290 If Walt Disney was still alive (113/114 years)...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 09:38 AM

...what do you guys think he would say about the Kingdom Hearts series? What would be his rate for the series? To have his characters interacting with each other (not often for that time)?


* What would be his opinion on the nowadays animated films (made by his company, of course) becoming more musical (not that it's a bad idea for an animation), the new princesses, the new villains, etc?


* What would be his opinion on Disney buying other companies and franchises (Star Wars, Marvel)?


Let the speculation begin...


Love and peace...

#1575286 The Xehanort Saga in a Nutshell

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 09:22 AM


Speaks for itself! xD

My God...Aqua's face when Terra-Xehanort claims he is Xehanort (Squidward) and when Saix meowths is priceless...

#1575283 2.5 HD- "Glitchiest" KH title ever?

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 09:16 AM

Those aren't glitches, tohse are loading times

By far, KH3D is glitchier than any other KH


I haven't encountered any glitches myself, and I've put a lot of time in both games. The only really noticeable thing is the longer drive forms load times, and you can effectively counter that by pressing start. If you're in any way worried, don't be.


I didn't have any problems with either. 

I was stunned by how great the games look in HD and grateful they upgraded them.


I didnt care about the loading times as it is a result of the stellar graphics.


I haven't had problems.  


I haven't had a issue. The loading times are a bit long but I'm sure that's just me being impatient. But I haven't had a single issue with any "glitches"


Drive/D-Link Load times and loading screen times > Blu-Ray's fault. It reads slower than the DVD, so that's it.


About "glitch", I didn't got any single one yet. I have more than 100h of gameplay already, and didn't see any "glitch" or "bug"

I used the wrong term, then (sorry, guys), it's slow-loading...

#1575223 If Nobodies can grow a heart...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 05:26 AM

...does that mean they can be killed to make more Heartless and more Nobodies?


Love and peace...

#1575218 Why all the Atlantica hate?

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 09 January 2015 - 05:22 AM

It wasn't entirely my favorite world but I really did like it better in kh1. I think the only reason I didn't like it is because of the damn under the sea song that played constantly throughout

Really? But it was only an instrumental version...

In KH1 the annoyance was constantly trying to readjust the camera to see what you were doing, and half of your moves and abilities didn't work there, making it frustrating. In 2 it's just an annoying drawn out cutscene with singing. It's better than one because at least you don't have to attempt to fight there, but it's still annoying to me.

That was unfortunate for sure...I would love to see how Sora would execute Sonic Blade, Strike Raid, Ars Arcanum, Ragnarok and Trinity Limit under the water in his mermaid form (of course).

That's exactly the reason I dislike it (gameplay wise) in KH2...You don't do anything there, no fights, no magic commands...

The controls were awful in KH1

The singing passages were afwul in KH2

chain of memories was ok since it was like any other world.

Awful? Maybe for some people, but I didn't really find it difficult to figure out. Besides, it's a different mechanic, right?

I hate the Atlantica in kingdom hearts 2 because I don't like the minigames in the world. I think the one in kingdom hearts 1 is a lot better because I'd prefer fighting heartless over singing any day. 

AT LAST, SOMEBODY AGREES...we're friends now...

And Ursla. Don't forget that put please haired trident stealing gigantic squid women!

Guys, really, Ursula is one of the easiest boss battles I've ever faced (OK, maybe she gets annoying when she constantly summons lightning to attack you, right? But not difficult. I face her on both times ONLY when Goofy has that ability, which can't remember the name right now, when he sacrifices 2 bars of his MP and give three bars to a party member).

I love Atlantica in KH2. It's a nice change of pace. In KH1 it was just boring


and how could you not love, "Sorry mommy your poopsies are toast!"

I really loved the world and its gameplay mechanics in the first game.

I liked that very much, but, if they were to include cutscenes only in this world, they'd better saved it for Re: Coded, right?

Well, I wouldn't say that there's "hate" (at least, not from me), but it usually is kind of a pace-breaker in the games it's featured in (save for Re:CoM). The KH1 gameplay was a bit weird, but honestly it's not that bad, and it is a pretty creative style of play that adds variety to the game. KH2...welllllll, yeah, it's not the world that I like to go to over and over again, but it's mostly because there isn't much to do other than sing (which seems to be trickier in 2.5 than I remember...). Only about half of the songs are actually appealing to me, which would include the two movie songs and Ursula's Revenge. The other two original songs, while their music is fun, the lyrics and quality of voice work is just a little too silly and easy-bake for me. Haley Joel Osmett has sung before, and he has a decent voice, but you can still tell that he doesn't have that much singing experience to really keep up with Ariel. I also like how they're all pretending Donald can actually sing (I imagine he was quite the diva backstage, lol). Sebastion isn't voiced by the same guy anymore, so his work in Under the Sea isn't that noteworthy. Songs aside, the only other thing that throws me off about Atlantica in KH2 is it's plot. You can tell that they wanted to be more involved with the original story, but they brutally wrote themselves into a corner by killing off Ursula in the last game. They had this same problem in Halloween Town, with Oggie not being around to wreck Christmas. However, they came up with a creative way to bring him back, which they actually went to the effort of displaying for you (sure, Maleficent can just bring people back from the dead now, but death is such a loose concept in KH that I'm willing to let it slide. Better than no explanation at all.) But with Ursula?...Yeah, she's just kind of back now. I mean, the journal technically says "she used the powers of darkness to return", but they never explicitly state that in any scene and you'd have to actually read through the journal to know that. What's worse though is that everyone, or at least Ariel of all people, seems to have forgotten the fact that she tricked everyone already and that she was already dead! Um, HELLO!? Ariel, anyone home!? It's not like she learns much in the original movie or the first game anyway, but to have been THIS blindly trusting and forgetful? I wouldn't go so far as to call her an airhead (waterhead?), but geeEEEEEZZZzzze! While it's a little annoying and mind-nummingly confusing sometimes, I wouldn't say that it was a terrible level though. I enjoyed it's variety, even if the first Atlantica fit in with the series a little better. I just hope that KH3 doesn't try to capitalize on Frozen's soundtrack as heavily as they did with Little Mermaid's. Yeah, I will say that I'd rather take being transformed into a merman over getting swallowed alive by a gigantic space whale anyday. I'll sing if I have to, just keep me away from bodily organs.

I think the fact that Naminé reconnecting Sora's memories affected Ariel's way too much...

#1567921 Tangled, Frozen, Disney Villains and more questions...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 28 December 2014 - 02:21 AM

If Tangled is in KH3, then we can surely hope Mother Gothel, just like a few others Disney Villains, WON'T BE A BOSS. Why is that? Most of us thought Frollo would be when his homeworld was announced in KH3D, right? And then what happened? They gave us a (pretty tough) Dream Eater to represent the sad old man's darkness (Actually, in Riku's side, Frollo was just about to fight the young boy personally when the monster appeared). And since Gothel and Frollo are very alike, then I bet you guys the witch won't be a boss. She will probably summon a twisted version of Rapunzel's magic hair or anything else to keep her alive and fight for her. And this is where Square Enix disappoints me:


1) Why couldn't The Queen, Lady Tremaine and both her daughters (Anastasia and Drizella), Frollo and Clu 2.0 be bosses in the games? Even The Queen of Hearts was (briefly, since one hit would knock her out) back in the first game and Monstro too, what is happening to the development team? Apart from The Queen, all other villains listed here use monsters to fight for them...


2) If Tangled (and Frozen) appears in KH3, when do you think Sora, Donald and Goofy (as well as Riku and Mickey) might arrive in scene? Before or after Rapunzel (Anna) left the tower (the castle) with Flynn and Pascal (and meets Sven and Olaf)? Also, after the world is cleared, do you think Rapunzel (Elsa) might give us the Cure (Blizzard) spell, upgrade to Cura (Blizzara) or to Curaga (Blizzaga or even Triple Blizzaga) (the latter options would be the most appropriate to me)?


3) What happened to Lady Tremaine and both her daughters at the end of Aqua's chapter in BBS? Were they really killed by that bomb or just blown away to some other place (based on both Aqua and Cinderella looking the other way around after the blast)...


4) Why did the Fairy Godmother stop Aqua from attacking/killing the Tremaines? She said "Light and Darkness must co-exist", right? If that's the case, then the 13 darknesses and the 7 lights must co-exist (even if one threatens/poses as a serious threat to the other)? I just can't understand the fairy's theory...



#1567915 Frozen teaser in KH3?

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 28 December 2014 - 01:32 AM

I think it would work

let's throw in some Frozen style KH music to complete the mental image

Man, this is awesome, just imagine the mission:


INFORMATION: Escape from Marshmallow while protecting Anna, Olaf and Sven while "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" plays in the background...with these sounds while defeating enemies...


#1565175 If Utada Hikaru doesn't come back for KH3...*knocks 3 times on wood*

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 22 December 2014 - 07:06 PM

Hmm.....her song Apple and Cinnamon has a nice ring to it. It's one of my favorites by her, actually.



#1544699 Fanboy bases fighting...

Posted by SRKTVAMDGRLXN on 16 November 2014 - 05:29 PM

I feel ya.

And to answer your question: No, I do not believe that all human beings will ever be able to express opinions/have discussions without offending others. I do believe however, that there are plenty of people who can and those people pass it on to the next generation, how to respectfully discuss something.

I just don't think that every human being will do that, simply because we're humans. Being humans, we have emotions and other stuff that will make us offend others. Plus, some people are not taught, how to properly argue and end up offending on accident, though that's something that can happen really quick. Some people are more sensitive than others and if you don't know the person well enough, you might end up offending that person without realizing.

So, I don't think that it will ever be completly peaceful, I couldn't care less about any fandom wars as long as they stay as fandom wars in words and don't turn into an actual war. Humans are diverse and some will get along with others, while others won't. Always been that way and I highly doubt there's something that can be done about that other than ignoring it.

YOU'RE SO RIGHT, my friend...It's so depressing seeing all those fanboys arguing and insulting each other, just to decide which topic overpowers the other...(e.g LOL or DOTA).