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Member Since 19 Sep 2014
Offline Last Active Dec 28 2015 11:22 AM
*humming tales of graces f 's opening* :3 Updated 10 Jan · 1 comments

About Me

my name's francesco and i'm italian for the precision, i'm from verona.

my favorite games are RPG, most if their JRPG... action or turn, i'm not really the strategy type xD

the RPG-JRPG i most like there is: the awesome kingdom hearts, final fantasy, dragon quest, breavely default, ni no kuni, the world ends with you, the elder scolls (oblivion and skyrim), chrono trigger and diablo 3. i have even some game of the series "tale of" like symphonia chronicles and graces f.

RPG apart i like other series like soul calibur, ace attorney, darksiders, devil may cry. and if i like it i do some race on gran turismo 6.

outside of videogame i love medieval things: weapon, armor, ruins,... epic thigs ;)  especially swords, i really like them!

i like various manga and anime.... one of my favorite is fairy tail.

for the music i like metal.... especially epic and folk.


there is another game series that i like for story and music and that is touhou! i try it but is way too difficult for me x.x



(a story full of tears(?) with a happy ending)


The first kingdom hearts it was announced, my reaction (a little fool elementary child) was "the heck is this things? the squaresoft makes a game with the disney?!" my brother (older than me) was interest in it and buy it not so long after the was released. anfer some time he dropped at lv16 and he wasn't able

 o defeat cerberus (well, good old doggie is not very weak above all for a newbie) and we wanted sell it.

and it was then i decised to try and play it and give it a chance. i never really play other video games (except for tekken 3, tetris, supermario and such)

i fight some heartless and i rise the level to 20-21. after that i pass the controller at my bro for the boss (i wasn't ready for a boss battle) and he defeat it after some attempts.

And so continued: me the random fight and my brother the boss.... but at agrabah he was watching the TV and wouldn't come and fight the pot centipede and says "you try it"

i wasn't really sure, but i try and well.... that was, after some attempt, my first boss battle!

after that i have done all alone and from "stupid game for little child" become "my favorite game"

<3 ...And they lived happily ever after... <3


console account:

PSN (PS3) Aros92

Nintendo (3DS) Aros

Friend Code (3DS) 4270 2185 1448


for the nintendo i don't know what is used (name or friend code) for security i write both of them




Kingdom of Randomnia motto : "too much random, awesome world!"


If someone enter the Randomnia Kingdom, there's 3 rules they must follow:

1. You must reveal information about Randomnia Kingdom to others as long they're random!

2. You must never use random people's quote for personal gain!

3. Though our paths may differ, you must always live out your lives randomly with all your might, never must consider your own randomness to be something insignificant, never in your lives must forget the random comrades you held dear!



- Aros, the random hero! (sometime called king of randomness too :O)

- Sei, the queen of minigames! (don't understimate her, her pans could be better then you're usual weapon  > :))

- TB298, captain of the random knights! (and sandwiches maker xD)

- Soravids, commander of the "numered topic" (if is a tavern since is our hangout, then he's the barman  ;))

- DawnStar2004, responsible of the riding stables (especiallity ponies section 0/* )

- PieLuvah, pastry chef of the kingdom (but pies only, no pastries allowed  >.<)

- RoxasKoala, pokerman, usually in Soravids's tavern (warning: sometimes can mistake and take yu-gi-oh! cards  xP)


and a special thanks to:

- Weedanort, the dark spammer (nobody know if he's an ally or foe, but he's the one that made me this signature so i think, deep in his heart is a good guy.... even if he make my PC lag with his "LOLOLOLOLO" spam xD xD )

and a thanks at the others random people of Randomnia and the near random country!! 0/*

note: for someone i invented the title in a randomly way, hope they gonna like it xD

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  • Birthday November 15, 1992

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Alicia MaddoxAros

Yo Aros! Long time no see!
Apr 04 2016 11:39 PM

Alicia MaddoxAros

Merry Christmas Aros!
Dec 26 2015 12:14 AM


Yo brudda! It's been to long. So how are ya?
Apr 27 2015 08:00 AM
  • Soravids's Photo
    Seriously? All because of my random topic?
    Apr 28 2015 08:12 AM
  • Aros's Photo
    we started time before to talk, but i think your topic helped too in this XD for more info you can wait the topic we gonna do when we have a little of time/will to write it XP
    Apr 28 2015 08:24 AM
  • Soravids's Photo
    That must be why i never see you guys anymore... :(
    Apr 28 2015 08:25 AM
  • Aros's Photo
    all good thanks, i just commented on your status too XD
    Mar 01 2015 08:43 AM
  • sora x kairi's Photo
    sora x kairi
    Great to hear and thx
    Mar 02 2015 02:09 PM


Welcome back! and here's some Bravely Second news: Tiz's is back and playable, he Yu Magnolia and Edea have new DLC costume, new class the Guardian class, and it's called: Bravely Second: End Layer. have fun guessing!
Feb 16 2015 03:00 PM
  • Aros's Photo
    thanks milk! if is possible find something on the net i search other info about this ;) DLC costumes can be interesting depends if they're cool and/or expencive while the guardian class sound like a paladin/crousade class.... this news make the hype for play this game alive XP
    Feb 16 2015 03:40 PM


*humming tales of graces f 's opening* :3
Jan 10 2015 05:17 AM
  • Sei's Photo
    Can I accompany you for this~ ? :3 *hum with you the opening while 'playing' with you* fufu o^^o
    Jan 10 2015 05:40 AM


merry christmas to everyone, good and evil, boys and girls of every age.... no wait that's halloween ! XP
Dec 25 2014 04:05 AM
  • Sei's Photo
    Marry Christmas my sweetheart ! ^o^..wait no..>.< don't marry it !! Just Merry it :3
    I really hope you'll have all the happiness and a lot of 'sweet' thing (o^.^o) !!
    Dec 25 2014 04:30 AM

Alicia MaddoxAros

Buon Natale! *I hope I got it right. XD*
Dec 25 2014 12:40 AM
  • Aros's Photo
    yup is right XD thanks, merry christmas!
    Dec 25 2014 04:00 AM
  • Alicia Maddox's Photo
    Alicia Maddox
    Yay! :D
    Dec 25 2014 04:47 AM


Did you watched the new Bravely Second trailer?
Dec 12 2014 06:56 PM
  • Aros's Photo
    i missed one o_O when i read your post here was too late for me, then i watched the topic now XP i hope it arrive soon >.< (even if i didn't finished the first at 100% i still have to defeat some chapter 8 bosses and rhe secret bosses)
    Dec 13 2014 03:54 AM


Dec 11 2014 05:15 AM
  • Aros's Photo
    the will to spam was to much to restrein? XD feel free to appear when you want, your always the welcome here! XP......... i think o_O
    Dec 11 2014 05:20 AM
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