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Sooooo Kingdom Hearts started the dab?

06 July 2017 - 11:00 AM

Oh god please no xD



Happy Birthday Veemon!

30 April 2017 - 11:17 PM

Hey there Veemon! Guess what day it is, oh yeah it's your birthday xD!



You've been a great friend Veemon, and I hope that you have an awesome day today. Please always stay healthy and always stay who you are!


Happy Birthday my friend! :3

Kingdom Hearts is filled with dorkness!

23 February 2017 - 05:10 PM



The chain of Memories part is the best one, it sounds like they're having a real conversation xD

[Back Cover Spoilers] The book of prophecies has an end?

09 February 2017 - 08:05 AM

Again careful, spoilers^^

So we know that the master of masters was the one who wrote the book of prophecies. He knew whats going to happen because he had "the gazing eye" or well no name whatever. So he wanted Luxu to pass down Xehaborts Keyblade... or well the masters keyblade, which has the eye in it. It seems that Luxu succeded, cause the master was indeed able to see into the future. But then here is my question. If the Xehanorts keyblade is passed down time and time again to a new apprentice who gives it his apprentice, then why does the book of Prophecies has an end? Shouldn't it technically never end? Does that mean we will defeat xehanort and destroy the keyblade or something?

Did i misunderstand something or is the master of masters just too lazy to keep on writing this book? xD

[Mini Spoilers] Living on through Memories

08 February 2017 - 05:40 PM

All of you, who played 0.2 and watched X Back Cover probably heard the sentence "May your/my heart be your/my guiding key.".

It is a sentence that the master of masters says all the time as we know, and in 0.2 Mickey, Goofy and Sora also use the same sentence.

Now i got a small (and probably meaningless^^) theory about that sentence.

This sentence seems to be very very veeery important right? I mean why would they say that all the time (they say it like 7-10 times in 2.8 right?)? Well I remembered a scene from Birth by Sleep, the one where Lea and Isa meet Ven (pretty cute scene :3). In that particular cutscene Lea says:


[attachment=9366:bandicam 2017-02-08 23-17-20-661.jpg]

[attachment=9367:bandicam 2017-02-08 23-18-01-113.jpg]


Soooo... do you think that through the sentence "May your heart be your guiding key." that the Master of Masters is able to live on through the memories of others?



One thing i want to mention as well, do you remember the scene where Maleficent returns in the beginning of KH II in Yen Sids tower? It was after Sora began his journey. In the cutscene you see the three good fairys and they saw the cloak which belongs to Maleficent. They said that they mustn't remember her name... however they do and Maleficent returns shortly after that.


(That's the cutscene)


Maaaaybe I'm just overthinking it xD but there is just one last small thing I'd like to add to this. I kinda thought that this was weird. In the end of 0.2 when Goofy told Sora about the sentence Yen Sid used to say: "May my heart be my guiding key", Sora ask Donald whether it "Rings any bells". Donald denies and Goofy says the following:


[attachment=9368:bandicam 2017-02-08 23-31-37-671.jpg]


Why would he just imagine it? :/



Anyway what do you think? Do you like my theory, or do you think it is completly unnecessary and stupid? xD

I'd like to hear what you think about this sentence, and always remember: "May your heart be your guiding key!" :3