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Today, 01:43 AM


My life is complete I can die happenly knowing I have seen this video:)

So what... Am I?

15 November 2017 - 01:15 PM

This is probably the most deepest topic I have done on this site but I do was wandering that my thought progress was normall or had a name. And please don't do the you are normall or what is normall talk and speech you can say it but please don't be a speech or so long not that I hate them or think it's wrong it's just hard to explain oke thanks.

To begin with I have:

  • A form of Autism
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Two forms of slightly trauma I guess well according to my therapist though that I haven't seen in month's because she moved away from the building I visited (don't know why anymore) and have a new therapist but I don't really like him that much he is a good man but talking to him is meh in my honest opinion.

So this do I know but is my thought progress normall because I believe:


-Human free will does not exist because we grew up in culture before we could decide it, that our free will is affected by life expierence and we cannot change it without doing something in return. That we also grew up ways to believe things because we are told so... I also believe there is no freedom because humans are programmed to be social which I don't have a problem with but it's not a choice.

- I believe it's best to struggle against my natural desires.

- I have no real Worldly desires if you can call it that the only things that keep me here are my friends and some games but I could care less about anything else really.

-Human existence is unexplainable because humans at best are stupid and awfull, stresses freedom of choice like me

-I don't care really much about real life lore because (ultimate dickhead incoming) everything is the same: Someone get's bullied, there is a evil dictator walking around, there are terrorists, everyone get's born the same way (giving birth), there is discrimination and it's so firetrucking repetitive it bores me to dead and people want me to care for some reason yeah I know this is bad but eh why would I care if I hear this everyday or so life is so uninteresting to me and unoriginal.


There is probably more but eh I forgot please don't take offense or anything like that I know these things are bad.

There was a moment I thought I had existentialism but I don't know enough of that to call myself that.

The Legend of Korra AMV ''Sanctuary'' Kingdom Hearts II Opening Song

09 November 2017 - 09:39 AM


The messages more behind this video is that there is always this place you can feel save, life might not be fair and be cruel but there is always this place somewhere that welcomes you for who and what you are no matter the gender, skin colour and etc. You might not have found it yet maybe but I hope you find this video show you how beautiful that place can be.

My Legend of Korra YTP 50+ Subs

08 November 2017 - 11:20 AM



I don't own anything in this video it is just a fan made non provit video made for my subscribers and I really appreciate them being subscribed to my channel it gives me more motivation to do the things I like to do like making these videos:)


I am very grateful to that people on this forum have the same interest like me, we all love Kingdom Hearts, we all love our cartoons/anime's and movies I do find it just a shame with such a good forum that it is abandoned most of the time but that will change as soon as KH3 get's out:)

KINGDOM HEARTS Fan made ''DIVIDE THEM'' Song By Jeff Williams Full Vers...

31 October 2017 - 02:36 PM

After a hellish development that took more than a year I delivered on my promise. I took advice from my friends on making this video and still I am not happy with the end result of some of the scenes but sometimes it just kept crashing and renders were horrible like 240p.

But I still kind of like the video and happy that it's finished