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Member Since 02 Jul 2014
Online Last Active A minute ago

#1974037 I saw A Silent Voice the Movie

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Yesterday, 04:51 PM





-Camera shots


-Voice acting



-Sound effects




It is so AMAZING... My only problem though it was a bit to long if you ask me and the ending was kind of... Well it was actually really good but you just wish it went on for a few minutes longer.


#1974019 What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Yesterday, 10:59 AM

Possibly freak out, followed by wondering if any of this were real, or not... then shake in excitement as I put the disc in the PS4 xD My jaw is sure to drop at the title screen.

When KH3 releases the amount of people believing that reality is not real will be so big that the Matrix we life in collapses and we all wake up in a pod somewhere, than the architact of the Matrix Nomura-San has to reprogram everyone back into it.

#1974005 What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Yesterday, 07:34 AM

Ooooh, I understand... what a pearl of wisdom ... I will not need to waste time with these little things, thank you very much.

​P.s. oh, right, even if I don't have to, while I'll play KH3 I'll eat some (A LOOOT of...) sea-salt ice cream that I'll prepare for the moment

Sea-salt ice cream is actually really good for the fans of Kingdom Hearts, your brain will work 50% faster on KH plot and you would need less time to think about everything what happens on the screen and you would see the dots really easy! your reactions will improve in gaming and you can target multiple enemies in the game. Some people SOME people are able to do multiple things at a time like playing KH Birth By Sleep on the PSP while playing KH BBS on the PS3 on your first television screen in your room and play BBS on the PS4 on the second screen.

According to scientist man the amount of % is 35%.

I do advice to have sea-salt ice cream from Nomura Otaku bar from Tokyo, if you don't live there well order it! the Tokyo versions are the best ccording to scientastific research.

Maybe buy some KH posters around you for erotic massage for your brain so you will be more pleasured looking at the screen.

#1974002 What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Yesterday, 07:02 AM

1. Denial

2. Turn normal

3. Say goodbye to all my friends

4. Shut Down the pc and the smartphone to don't have any distraction or spoiler

5. Cry

6. Close my door and reopen it only for the primary need

7. Listen to the music for one or two hours

8. Play the game taking all my time while creating me a guide with things that I discover in game

9. Record the first impression and upload it on my YT channel before the end of the third day post release

10. Finish it at the 100% at the first run...  

11. Do it again in critical (most certainly we'll need to unlock it :/)... and again...

12. Record a kind of review

13. Exit with my friends and tell them about the game... 

Actually it's proofen by some scientist man named AwelsoweKHfam that the average KH fans body has evolutionized to adjust to such situations or needs when you play Kingdom Hearts III you don't need those primitive things:)

The KH fan body will take keep all the fat locked and consume things slower so you can play KH3 longer.

#1973992 What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Yesterday, 06:17 AM

The glorious almighty KH3 is upon us soon, the majority probably on this forum has been waiting since 2005/6 so what will you do when you have KH3?


1. Be in denial?

2. Be in denial it's impossible you have the game you have been waiting for over a decade or years?

3. Cry when you have it?
4. Put it on your console or PC doubt that we get a PC version anytime soon but you get the memo.
5. Listen to the menu theme song?
6. Wait for the day one patch to install? (if we have one).
7. Tell all your friends?
8. Unseal it?
9. Have two copy's of the game and keep one sealed away in a chest for memory's?
10. Take a week of from work and lock yourself up in a room and play it?
11. Defeat it in 24 hours?
12.Take your time with the game?
13. Delete your history browser just to be sure and unsub for a time to KH channels? (I advice you to do that 1 month before the release btw)
14. Watch other people play it?
15. Cry?
16. Cry more?
17. Listen to the songs?
18. Play it at highest difficulty?
19. Something else?
I don't know what I do probably all of them above :biggrin:
Share your thoughts in the comment section below if you want to!

#1973561 GMV Hey Mama! - Ada Wong, Tifa Lockhart, Ezio Auditore, Roxas!

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 13 February 2018 - 08:14 AM


I was inspired by the Youtuber Blackheart MVs video with Hey Mama. I was surprised how easy it was for me to work with this song! I originally wanted to put Mass Effect 2 CG scenes in it with FF Kingsglaive and Assassin's Creed Syndicate BECAUSE WE NEED DARK CLOTHES and other things in this video... With some bad ass fights of course.

#1973185 How do you feel after todays KH3 showcase?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 11 February 2018 - 06:21 AM

I feel now an extreme passion for life itself with KH3 coming up soon... I hadn't eaten in 16 hours because of the hype, than I had to of course and now I feel fat for eating much.

#1972998 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Graphics update comparison

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 12:35 PM

I have a feeling that the models in 0.2 are/were somewhat beta KHIII models, because yes, these models are very much improved.

Holy DARKNESS that is such an improvement  :ohmy:  :O this is amazing!

#1972993 The new GTA Online update looks cool .

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 12:21 PM

Goofy was always the hero of the story...

#1972992 Exclusive "Making of Kingdom Hearts III" video was shown at the Kingd...

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 12:18 PM


This just looks beautiful can't wait to see the full version of it on release and best part also is NPC's, now lines like ''The people'' will make more sense:)

#1972981 Do you think we will ever see the unaired TV pilot of Kingdom Hearts?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 10:56 AM


We all knew there was an Kingdom Hearts TV series in the work and almost again but Disney wasn't interested AT THE MOMENT but they wouldn't mind a movie that much though xD.


Do you think we ever see the unaired pilot? I am skepticall I sure hope we see it and it should be put on the Disney Youtube channel and the official Kingdom Hearts Youtube channel to if you ask me and see the reviews from fans and see what people like about it who never played the games.

But video games don't have the right track record untill Netflix made Castlevania http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6517102/ which received praise by Critics and fans over the world. The producer called out on video game movies because they were cash grabs and he was a fan, Ubisoft themself opend their own Movie studio with good intentions but the Assassin's Creed Movie was hated by critics for making no sense and split between fans. From someone who followed Assassin's Creed the movie since the first day of the annoucement back in March 2011 the movie was in development hell even when they started to shoot the movie.

But now the Castlevania producer is working on the AC TV series so we see how that goes.


I am not against the idea, hell I even think Disney would handle it with more respect to begin with, it's their own property and igonic characters they created and brought to live and they are used to do adoptations of comic books to the big screen and television.


But I don't want to make this a should there be a Kingdom Hearts TV series my question is DO YOU THINK WE WILL EVER SEE THE UNAIRED PILOT?

#1972971 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Graphics update comparison

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 09:48 AM

Mickey looks better, can someone make an image from his 0.2 model to the KH3 model because he looks like an actual person now, in 0.2 he looked like a toy but in the new trailer he looks way better! he only needs some facial animation in that scene but this is a giant improvement KEEP IT GOING SE!

#1972970 Riku looks like he trained

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 09:45 AM

He seems to be more stronger more physical stronger


His shoulder looks massive from that point... Not complaining... Tell me your secret Riku:)


But also just would Mickey's and Riku's new clothes have new powers? Would Riku turn in HIS FINAL FORM like with Sora in KH2 and he started to fly above the ground with two keyblades ready for battle.


#1972946 There can't be two Keyblade Masters

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 07:43 AM


Nomura: I disagree with all of my heart Riku I need to make a war for KH3 you see:)

#1972929 So why does everyone HATE the little mermaid world so much?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 10 February 2018 - 06:58 AM

I never hated it I be honest... Well accept maybe in Kingdom Hearts 1 but I kind of liked in Kingdom Heatrts 2 because it was a nice break from the plot and so peacefull and quite it was fun to see a World just being save from the Heartless and Nobody's (I just now imagened old looking Xehanort as a mermaid I want to die).


I do agree on that it is just useless but it was optional in KH2 btw how was the world in Re Chain actuallty I never played through it so.


Tell me your thoughts below