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Posted by AwesomeKHfan on Today, 01:43 AM


My life is complete I can die happenly knowing I have seen this video:)

#1966515 So what... Am I?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 15 November 2017 - 01:15 PM

This is probably the most deepest topic I have done on this site but I do was wandering that my thought progress was normall or had a name. And please don't do the you are normall or what is normall talk and speech you can say it but please don't be a speech or so long not that I hate them or think it's wrong it's just hard to explain oke thanks.

To begin with I have:

  • A form of Autism
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Two forms of slightly trauma I guess well according to my therapist though that I haven't seen in month's because she moved away from the building I visited (don't know why anymore) and have a new therapist but I don't really like him that much he is a good man but talking to him is meh in my honest opinion.

So this do I know but is my thought progress normall because I believe:


-Human free will does not exist because we grew up in culture before we could decide it, that our free will is affected by life expierence and we cannot change it without doing something in return. That we also grew up ways to believe things because we are told so... I also believe there is no freedom because humans are programmed to be social which I don't have a problem with but it's not a choice.

- I believe it's best to struggle against my natural desires.

- I have no real Worldly desires if you can call it that the only things that keep me here are my friends and some games but I could care less about anything else really.

-Human existence is unexplainable because humans at best are stupid and awfull, stresses freedom of choice like me

-I don't care really much about real life lore because (ultimate dickhead incoming) everything is the same: Someone get's bullied, there is a evil dictator walking around, there are terrorists, everyone get's born the same way (giving birth), there is discrimination and it's so firetrucking repetitive it bores me to dead and people want me to care for some reason yeah I know this is bad but eh why would I care if I hear this everyday or so life is so uninteresting to me and unoriginal.


There is probably more but eh I forgot please don't take offense or anything like that I know these things are bad.

There was a moment I thought I had existentialism but I don't know enough of that to call myself that.

#1966271 Which Star Wars character(s) deserves a trilogy?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 11 November 2017 - 07:17 AM

Darth Jar Jar of course he is the true Lord of the Sith

He is the true evil in Star Wars even Sidious is nothing compared to him:)

#1966146 The Legend of Korra AMV ''Sanctuary'' Kingdom Hearts II Openi...

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 09 November 2017 - 09:39 AM


The messages more behind this video is that there is always this place you can feel save, life might not be fair and be cruel but there is always this place somewhere that welcomes you for who and what you are no matter the gender, skin colour and etc. You might not have found it yet maybe but I hope you find this video show you how beautiful that place can be.

#1966076 My Legend of Korra YTP 50+ Subs

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 08 November 2017 - 11:20 AM



I don't own anything in this video it is just a fan made non provit video made for my subscribers and I really appreciate them being subscribed to my channel it gives me more motivation to do the things I like to do like making these videos:)


I am very grateful to that people on this forum have the same interest like me, we all love Kingdom Hearts, we all love our cartoons/anime's and movies I do find it just a shame with such a good forum that it is abandoned most of the time but that will change as soon as KH3 get's out:)

#1965546 KINGDOM HEARTS Fan made ''DIVIDE THEM'' Song By Jeff Williams...

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 31 October 2017 - 02:36 PM

After a hellish development that took more than a year I delivered on my promise. I took advice from my friends on making this video and still I am not happy with the end result of some of the scenes but sometimes it just kept crashing and renders were horrible like 240p.

But I still kind of like the video and happy that it's finished

#1965544 AwesomeKHfan reviews Assassin's Creed Origins PS4

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 31 October 2017 - 02:12 PM

Assassin's Creed Origins Review PS4

A Reboot that falls short and shows greatness at the same time




AC Origins is the first game in the franchise that took a year of to reinvent the wheel to make old feel fresh again, to change from action adventure to RPG style adventure a change I think was necesarry for the franchise or else it would die in darkness with leaving a legacy of negativity around the franchise.


The story is hillarious bad I pointed at the screen with almost tears rolling out of my eyes sockets from laughing.

I am a massive lore nerd of Assassin's Creed series but this made me feel insulted keep this in mind because I will explain this later.

The story is an unoriginal bad written revenge story and the worst part is that I can't even call this a story or a narrative.

The games story opens nicelly with showing you the main character Bayek of Siwa one of the last Medjay's of Egypte and protector of the innocent, the pharaoh visits Siwa on a elephant and two mysterious figures appear behind him... Than suddenly it's one year later with Bayek looking like he was bathing in a dumbster and screaming to somebody we don't know and care about cause VENGEACE!

Everyone is talking about that the pharaoh is evil now and the mysterious group called the Order of the Ancients are evil! EVIL I TELL YOU MUHAHAHA but who the heck cares XDDD the story doesn't even bother given you a reason to care, we don't get anytime to develop any of the characters in the game because the story is written that you must stop playing the story to grind for hours so it can make you play the story again.


I will keep this as spoiler free as possible but just imagen that you are Bayek oke good keep that in mind you are a protector and believe in God so fine right well now we go to an ancient room of a old civilization with technology shooting a beam at the roof and giving messages... Bayek ignores this and never mentions it again there was hardly any reason for this to exist or appear xD.

An enemy appears and challenges you to a duel and she will wait for you to come to her but the game is designed that you can leave any moment, the first time I heard this I was interested but now I see it on screen it's godawful you can just leave the target there and she will wait for you forever while everyone NPC does something different in the world. You can come back later and the target be like ''Ooh youssa have returned missa wanna kill you''.

There was even an side mission were you prevent a woman from commiting suicide and Bayek says he will come back later but one second later if you have the item he says ''I got what I need'' and gives it her which is fine I guess... But you can leave the SUICIDAL woman on the road attacked by lions while you said you would protect her you can come back 1 week later and acts like nothing happened and why would I care no NPC or story character dies in a level because the game is designed that you can leave any moment.

There are even moments in the story that you drink a potion and dream about a giant f****ng snake that attacks while you shoot LIGHTNING ARROWS at it, you wake up later after defeating it and act like nothing happened those things just happen in the story for no reason!



The games historical characters play a part in the story and if you have not paid any attention during history class you will have no idea who they are you only know that they are kings and queens what would be fine if they weren't so one dimenional freaks.

In the older games you had databases that will fill in the history pages for you but they are completely absent here in this game.

Sometimes a historical character appears and just leaves.

The Gods believes in the game are never explained and make me very confused to what's actually going on.

There are even moments that when you kill a target THIS HAPPENS IN THE FIRST HOUR that you need to confirm your kill and you wake up with him in a water room cause... I don't know and the target shot sand lightning at me cause reasons, than we get playable flashbacks eh sure... And than we are dead and Bayek uses a feather to bring the target to the duat which is the afterlife I assume and... Why does he do that he absolute hates the targets with his life? There is no reason hell sometimes a knife or sword he uses to kill a target turns into a feather for no reason... There are even pyramids sometimes for no reason.


There are even lore breaking moments in the game

  • Camera goes away from the main character sometimes which should break the simulation anyway and should cause deschronization.

  • Bayek can see things that get explained to him and I have no idea what it is it's like he is reliving somebody's flashbacks a term I never knew existed until now

  • Bayek has a symbiotic connection with his Eagle Senu (I have no idea how he got that Eagle btw never explained) and he can look through the eyes of an eagle for absolute zero reason this is never explained nor even mentioned in the story the Eagle's only point in the game is to be a mechanic nothing more.

  • Bayek can do things complete out of character and leave area's even though he can't or shouldn't because deschronization but you do get punished for killing innocents but leaving suicidal people alone to be eaten alive is oke and complete in character I guess.

  • So this is nick picking to the hardest and I was ready to forgive this and ignore it so long the story was good but it isn't, the Animus is designed to relive your ancestors life to the fullest and most real way possible so the memory works better but now... We see giant health bars with numbers on there head and 100 hit points and more

  • Call me a bitch but one of the old characters appear in the game but is fully redesigned for no reason so I didn't regonise the character and the voice actor/actrice has changed for no reason.

Ending was meeeeeeeh could be worse.

Bayek is really well acted though.


Story parts end here now to the rest!


Good combat with a beatiful open world with annoying grinding.

The old combat was slowly becoming a joke in the gaming industry and didn't really feel new anymore and the change is welcome, I love how hard the combat is you really have to think and plan your attacks in advance I absolute like that idea!

The stealth got a big update to and you will have to use it against higher level enemies, infiltration and other things that stand in your way the stealth is better than ever before in the franchise. I do advice you to grind for higher levels I mean it they destroy you if you are three levels lower and you will be grinding alot, actually it takes so long sometimes I was considering microtransactions even 0_0.

Sometimes you get forced to explore the open world if you play only for the story because sometimes you need 4 levels higher.

The open world is stunning beautiful like holy hell it looks so good and feels so alive and there are a tons of side quests to do in the game you will be lost in it there are arena boss fights, races, murder mystery missions, political and more kind of missions... But most of the times you don't get money and have to sell items though but it's not required.

The games animations are really... Stiff and bad at times and my game crashed multiple times and there are some hilarious dumb glitches like I was walking around in a bath house and out of nowhere... Two city soldiers came out the walls running around on horses and bumping in to every NPC there and just left xD please never patch the glitches they are amazing!!


Modern Day:

It's back and better than the last 5 years... But the story is godawfull and so bad pasted in to the game Desmond Miles Modern Day was way better I won't spoiler anything I just say it's playable.


Verdict: A 7/10 It's a good game with issues:

A short summary for those who don't like my exttreme long post and final thoughts.

The game is definitely open world focused with great combat but it does get repetitive because 50% or so are infiltrate this base/camp/fort. The story is absolute bad no way to deny that and I think the only things that make this game your time worth well is the open world if that sucks this game would flamed by the Greek fire of the reviewers.

I might sound really negative but I am negative person to begin with so this is to expect and I like I tell you I like every single idea the story and game has I mean it every firetrucking idea is good but there is always a negative thing for me here and there it's not a bad game it has the right direction but it could be done better but do advice this game well if you:


  1. Only care about the open world

  2. Combat

  3. Grinding

  4. Don't want a good story

  5. Want a lot of combat

  6. Game of Thrones/Witcher style open world missions

  7. Don't like rushing BELIEVE ME don't do that because the game is designed to firetrucking hate you if you do that!

I tell you buy this game NOW with it's hilarious amazing glitches (or wait until it stops crashing and buy on sale) I played the game for 30 hours or so and only have a few % done but I don't think I will buy the next game until all the negative things are fixed or just wait for sale. I probably won't even play this game now anymore or just once in a while because I just sometimes don't care about anything that happens




  • Great combat and stealth a big 8+

  • Great open world just stunning a big 8+

  • Fun side guests here and there

  • Funny moments

  • Great ideas and potentional

  • For people that wan't to play there game FOREVER


  • Terrible story if this game was only story focused I would give it a two or three.

  • Repetitiveness

  • Bad animations

  • Horrible passing

  • Crashes

  • Grinding takes forever

  • Assassin's Creed stuff happens after 27 hours... And you still have Medjay missions should call the gamwe Medjay job


My rating system for people that think 7 is bad... I sear to God I get attacked when I give something a 7/10


  1. Rest in piss: Never touch!
  2. Abomination: HOW THERE IS SOMETHING IN THERE THAT SAYS MAKE ME GOOD... But it's Assassinated!
  3. Awfull
  4. Bad
  5. Mediocere: sometimes good and somethings bad nation stuff
  6. Okay/average worth to look at and have a fun time but time is better spend elsewhere
  7. Good game worth your time and attention

7.5 Very Good: close to awesome.

      8. Awesome!

      9. Near perfect!

    10. Masterpiece!

#1964789 So how can the toys life?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 20 October 2017 - 03:14 PM

Look I am one of those people apparently that finds Toy Story not that interesting and yes I did see them when I was younger but I just thought it were fun movies hell my least favorite is the third one.

But my question today is how can the toys life? I can understand pinocchio because he was enchanted individuel so I always thought when I was little that his emotions and well other things to be related with magic, I also assumed that Tron could go grow a heart because of his AI evolved to a real person I could understand that... But how do the Toys get a heart or is it just part of that world? but if that is true why don't have Sora's toys in his rooms life if it is possible in the universe? Now I think about it they are probably jumping around and having party's since Sora is gone if they have a heart xD.

#1964638 In which interview was stated that KH3 was in development since 2010?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 18 October 2017 - 12:16 PM

I remember this was mentioned once before in 2013 when the game was revealed and everyone was screaming out of excitement... And me running around in my home like a idiot calling all my friends and waiting untill my parents got home to tell them the news... Now we are all joking about the release date xD.

(Yes I know 2018 but that doesn't stop the infinite amount of jokes)

But I see everyone talking about 2012 2012 2012 (or we are just mad the world didn't end because now we have to wait even longer and we want our suffering to end).

But where was it stated again that is was 2010 even this site says it so could somebody link me to the interview please?

#1964532 What are your favorite Anime's?

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 17 October 2017 - 03:25 PM

I don't have many but here:


Death Note which is the best anime I have ever watched and the most interesting anime in my eyes that exists I even tried to read the manga but eh didn't like it that much I don't know why though I try again.


Attack on Titan haven't watched Season 2 yet though or those Levi Episodes but I did watch all the Episodes in two days or so xD


Dragon Ball Z I am not the biggest fan I enjoyed it more when I was younger but you know I can watch a few episodes here and there and have fun with it and mostly with friends beside me I get really nostalgic when I watch this.


Naruto lol I remember watching this as a kid mostly I really liked it but I could also not really get into it because the plot like many animes I have seen GO OOOOON.


I might get hate for this but also one of my favorites is Prison School... The retards ness is so amazing XDDD such a sick perverted creators and the epic music at those moments XDDD I really shouldn't talk about this one but I do OMG it's so exciting to see how they try to escape from their prison school to though.

Advice don't watch this at school xD.

#1964527 Why I absolute despise AC Unity

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 17 October 2017 - 01:04 PM

This is a old post from me on the Telltale forum and if people ever wondered why I hated AC Unity well this:


1. The save slots, I can't replay the game without deleting my other save but Ubisoft didn't bother to put a delete button on it anyway so I had to use Youtube to find out how to delete it.

2. The Main menu of the game gives me one big headache
3. The opening soundtrack of the menu basicly all the soundtrack in the game is bad and forgetable.
4. They wasted the setting of the game.
5. The game starts with telling you your in a video game... Oke wtf why are the Assassin's an ancient order I remind you that exist pre human history hacking video game consoles? the game doesn't even bother explaining really I always thought AC was about reliving the life of your ancestor but now it's a video game console...
6. The British voice acting got on my nerve of almost snapping everyones neck in the game I'M IN ******* FRANCE WHY IS EVERYONE BRITISH (I had to look up for the expanded universe for the answer), it doesn't help that 99% of the game characters are incredible fasinating bad that you could just study them not to write characters. Unity has made me HATE British voice acting in all of gaming and I have started to like AC3 with immense pleasure more knowing I am killing British people! (not insulting British people here just game characters).
7. The cover of the game is decent but makes no sense with the overal expierence of the AC game if you don't play multiplayer.
8. The multiplayer is incredible bad if you are playing with people who aren't your friends.
9. Almost everything in France is the same looking structure! the light effects don't help.
10. Arno's design (main protagonist) while cool looking is very stupid in the open World, Altair could easily hide with his clothes and Ezio could hide in Venice with eas... Arno's clothes don't fit any place he goes while the other characters do have fitting clothes that fit the area's they are in.
11. Every cutscene is shot in places that could easily be everywhere else they have no value to the overal story but that has to do with the story part I guess.
12. The loading scenes are black and boring to look at!
13. The NPC's are in my way and way to dumb
14. The AI sucks.
15. The stealth is broken!
16. Arno's climbing animation's are stupid!
17. The customization was decent but it failed like the game itself, why do you give me hundreds of weapons if I am only gonna use 3 through out the game anyway and even if I used other weapons they function all the same
18. They are no fist fights
19. There is no weapon weal
20. They removed several options like pet the dog.
21. The skill tree is garbage and useless, how can an adult not know that!
23. I had to use 4 accounts to complete the game 100% on day one cause Ubisoft is trying to prevent me from playing the game?
24. Combat is harder by removing killing spree and human shield which makes the combat just to be a downgrade version of the other games.
25. Arno's character design not his outfit but his look he has an Ezio clone look
26. It's Arnaud not Arno but we had to reference AC2 the river in Florence yeah this game started to make me hate Ezio slowly.
27. Helix points are useless don't bother
28. The map is overstuffed with side missions nobody cares about they are so uninspired and boring.
29. Paris isn't even that big if you ask me just overstuffed it feels like a village to me.
30. The game is so extreme historical inaccurate the game could take place in The Lord of the Rings universe.
31. The frame rate is awful.
32. Arno doesn't go everywhere I want him to go JUST GO INTO THE DAMN firetruckING BUILDING
33. Arno puts his weapons away in battle this lead to my dead multiple times.
34. There are glitches still to this day
35. There are random prostitues on the street cause... Reasons he remember they had a function in AC2, Brotherhood, AC4?
36. The historical database from the games feel not inspired at all.
37. When you look at the background most of the times characters have less detail than you which would make sense untill they are supposed to be on screen like ther Assassin Bellec was in the corner with a low texture model but when the camera went to him the model was replaced with a better one I noticed it.
38. When you become an Assassin the Assassin's give you drugs and the hole section is inspired by Batman Arkham City but than a shitty version AKA look up Assassin's Creed Unity: The Rant Trilogy Part 3 around the three minute mark.
39.During cutscenes random NPC's walk through the characters and talk over the characters the game is focused on so the game forced everyone to use subtitles so far I know
40.The lock picking I hate it like seriously it's terribly stupid there is no skill required.
41.He remember when you went to multiple city's? Yeah I remember that except in Brotherhood and Revelations but from my expierence Brotherhood was an actual city to me and it was bigger, you had to use horses in that game to get agrose the city instead in Unity that forces you to go over roof tops and easier and faster to get at the end of the city and not in a good way.
42. Some transitaioms between cutscenes and gameplay is awful because characters have not been loaded yet so they just pop in here and there and that probably has to do with the amount of NPC's still when the camera switches Arno's clothes fly around like a ADHD person.
43. The world of AC Unity handles everyone who is poor as a dumb piece of shit human being and one of my friends s poor so I feel offended.
44. The enemy types in the game are all the same, I never really liked that in any of the AC games but this time I can't even tell if some of them have a better rang, they either are big/fat and all fight the same anyway.
45. Arno Dorian is official the Worst written character I have ever seen in any kind of media.
46. The story is the worst written piece of shit I have ever EVER witnessed in my life! I AM REAL WITH YOU! Just speaking of the story jus makes me angry and mad I wish the person who wrote this garbage is banned from video games or anything related to writing in general! I am so impressed by the shitty writing that I still keep bitching on it today, what surprises me for a story that is so bad written is that it had 4 years the time to be written but feels more like a draft from a 8 year old who only played AC2 for like 15 minutes. I can't understand how a human being would like this story except if you turn of your brain maybe but if you really think this story is good or emotional... You are hurting my soul, I feel so bad that people walk around claiming that this has a good story or is just decent this story is a step back in human evolution!
One of the worst parts on the marketing team is that the mislead you and they said if you haven't played the previous games that you would understand it. No you don't beside the main character wants to kiss his step sister every second cause... He has an obsession with her? I felt no love at all.
47. There was no Modern Day: I have noticed in AC games where this is no Modern Day that the story of the game has hardly any impact on the world in AC and this game has non so this story shouldn't exist to begin with hell I was worried what was going on outside the simulation part more than the actual historical parts and what I also find distracting is that Ubisoft seems to try to forget that it even exist... So you want me to forget 5/6 years of lore?
The Modern Day gives an actual reason to visit these times in history and if you remove it you get a Episodic game structure where most of the story's just don't matter anyway why would I bother with the Origins of the Brotherhood if I know what happens in AC1 and etc.
Modern Day was the one thing that hooked me on this franchise when I was a kid and still today, it gave some great context also to the hole theme of that you should decide if you believe something because the winners wrote the history books and could change things, does our free will have to do with our DNA etc I thought this really worked well with the AC topics of Freedom VS Order.

But all of this could be fixed now but I haven't checked your thoughts please:)

#1964459 Watch my friend play Rocket League and getting frustrated

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 16 October 2017 - 10:51 AM


Oke this might actually convince me to buy Rocket League xD

#1964344 My new KH 2 YTP, New AC Movie YTP and Beyond good and evil YTP:)

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 14 October 2017 - 06:28 AM




I got out of nowhere this weird ideas lol I do miss to make topics on KH related in the sections but I feel everything is kinda discussed... EXCEPT OUR FISH HYPE! I mean KH3

#1963892 Final Fantasy XV YTP: Gentiana delivers the farts

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 07 October 2017 - 12:51 PM

My newest YTP lol I was watching the cutscene a second time (such an amazing moment) and well this just happened in my head xD

#1963845 Help with Castle Oblivion please

Posted by AwesomeKHfan on 06 October 2017 - 06:05 PM

So I am the beginning of the game because watching it on Youtube is boring for me now and better give this game another change... So how do these doors work? I don't undersstand they don't respond to any of my cards it took me 30 minutes to get to Leon!

Help me please!