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Member Since 02 Jul 2014
Online Last Active A minute ago

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In Topic: Square Enix's floor plans for E3 2018 have been revealed

Yesterday, 11:09 AM

I wish I could freeze myself in and wake up when the game releases and of course I am excited

In Topic: What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Yesterday, 10:59 AM

Possibly freak out, followed by wondering if any of this were real, or not... then shake in excitement as I put the disc in the PS4 xD My jaw is sure to drop at the title screen.

When KH3 releases the amount of people believing that reality is not real will be so big that the Matrix we life in collapses and we all wake up in a pod somewhere, than the architact of the Matrix Nomura-San has to reprogram everyone back into it.

In Topic: What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Yesterday, 07:34 AM

Ooooh, I understand... what a pearl of wisdom ... I will not need to waste time with these little things, thank you very much.

​P.s. oh, right, even if I don't have to, while I'll play KH3 I'll eat some (A LOOOT of...) sea-salt ice cream that I'll prepare for the moment

Sea-salt ice cream is actually really good for the fans of Kingdom Hearts, your brain will work 50% faster on KH plot and you would need less time to think about everything what happens on the screen and you would see the dots really easy! your reactions will improve in gaming and you can target multiple enemies in the game. Some people SOME people are able to do multiple things at a time like playing KH Birth By Sleep on the PSP while playing KH BBS on the PS3 on your first television screen in your room and play BBS on the PS4 on the second screen.

According to scientist man the amount of % is 35%.

I do advice to have sea-salt ice cream from Nomura Otaku bar from Tokyo, if you don't live there well order it! the Tokyo versions are the best ccording to scientastific research.

Maybe buy some KH posters around you for erotic massage for your brain so you will be more pleasured looking at the screen.

In Topic: why did Aqua asked Ansem

Yesterday, 07:05 AM

It's because 0.2 totally ruined Blank Points. Such a shame.

Yeah basicly that and Nomura needed to make a connection to KH1 to make BBS more important and give Riku a personal motivation to save Aqua... Even though if he had not known Aqua saved him his motivations like saving his friends and galaxy are enough for him

In Topic: What will you do when you have Kingdom Hearts III?

Yesterday, 07:02 AM

1. Denial

2. Turn normal

3. Say goodbye to all my friends

4. Shut Down the pc and the smartphone to don't have any distraction or spoiler

5. Cry

6. Close my door and reopen it only for the primary need

7. Listen to the music for one or two hours

8. Play the game taking all my time while creating me a guide with things that I discover in game

9. Record the first impression and upload it on my YT channel before the end of the third day post release

10. Finish it at the 100% at the first run...  

11. Do it again in critical (most certainly we'll need to unlock it :/)... and again...

12. Record a kind of review

13. Exit with my friends and tell them about the game... 

Actually it's proofen by some scientist man named AwelsoweKHfam that the average KH fans body has evolutionized to adjust to such situations or needs when you play Kingdom Hearts III you don't need those primitive things:)

The KH fan body will take keep all the fat locked and consume things slower so you can play KH3 longer.