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Clouded Sun

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Toy Story X KHIII in a nutshell.

01 October 2017 - 11:45 PM

The graphics are realistic as hell. The NPCs actually seem alive.

10/10 more intense than Lingering Will.

No FFVII Remake till 2018 or beyond.

27 April 2017 - 02:12 PM

Yeah... Saw it coming.


03 March 2017 - 09:50 PM


Captured on GTX 1080 Ti, not sure the resolution or framerate but GODDAMN IT'S ACTUALLY REAL!

So yeah, today is....

03 February 2017 - 05:02 PM

Aliyarocksyoursocks123's birthday. She twisted my arm a couple hundred degrees to make this topic just for her ;3 Nevertheless, we must celebrate with Godiva.

Love ya, Ali!


03 January 2017 - 10:36 PM


The brilliantly lit streets of Lieth's capital city, Kalace, were covered in a shiny luster from Closed shops and startlingly silent streets, apart from the occasional convertible. Bright lamplights and neon signs illuminated the blackened city with a plethora of color. Tall and mighty skyscrapers seemed to rest.

The nights were in preparation - although they remained a silent whisper today, overnight they would transform to an even more bustling noisy city than usual. Kalace was the epicenter of discovery and science, and although not everyone would "agree" with fact, the truth stood that Kalace was at the peak of world interest when it came to new findings or revolutionary technology.

Within the night, Sol perched atop a rooftop of a building, scouting out the area. A lopsided neon lit sign read "Whirlpool Bank" on a building whose window had been busted. Sol's eyes lit up emerald green in the night, and he scaled the building downwards.

Sol walked through the broken glass, stepping over the broken down machinery and security protocols, which had been tactfully destroyed beforehand. He slid open the broken door to the back room reading "employee only", where a main control panel was. The door collapsed immediately. Reaching in his pocket, Sol crouched and held over a card to the front panel of the control board, and a holographic image, which displayed the balance of "29,342,322 Rupees." A menu displayed, titled Whirlpool Circuit with "Withdraw" "Deposit" "Other "Generate Contract" and "Advanced Options {Administrator Privileges Required}".

"This was way too easy." Sol mumbled to himself, reaching for the holographic menu. A sudden sting shot up Sol's side, and a blistering sound shot through the silent night.

"FREEZE! Don't move!" A heavily armored, plump cop shot Seth with a stun gun. Behind him, a frail looking, skinny cop ran behind him. They wore bulky helmets and Magic-resistant vest, boots and gloves.

"Jeez, the hell was that for?" Sol grumbled. He staggered upon getting up, clutching his leg.

"Don't play with me! We saw you march in here!" the fat cop said. The skinny cop nodded vigorously.

"With this?" Sol flashed them the card. "Yeah, I did it to give the money back! I saw the guy who did it - beat him on the way here. I'll show you whe-"

"Likely story! We here it all the time! Don't we, Bruce?" The skinny cop nodded in agreement "Yeah, Prune, yeah!" Prune turned back around to Sol, poking his rifle in Sol's face. "Do I look dopey to you? Huh?"

Sol jammed his hands in his pockets. "Look! Look at the name on this card." Sol held up the card, then exclaimed "I'm not him. I'm Sol! You have DNA scanners? Check it!" He lifted his forearm.

Prune clicked a small button on a camera on his jacket. The camera scanned Sol's skin, then the card, and displayed a large "X" on its display.

Prune looked to Bruce, baffled at the result. "Well..." he croaked out, before Bruce said "Well, what do we do now, Prune?" Prune replied "What we do every day! Keep people from taking over the world! Let's dig around for some clues. There has to be a lead around here!"

Sol looked to the idiot cops, dumbfounded. "Ugh, these idiots. All the cameras in the world... even at a time like this." He chuckled a little, deposited the money, and then walked away, as the two men scrambled across the Bank's building. Police activity had been heightened in preparation for tourists, travelers, and representatives throughout Sectilis. Something about a big "archaeological discovery" had surfaced, and now the world was called to find out what was up.

But, that was a story for another day for Sol, strolling through the streets and pushing those thoughts from his mind. All he really wanted was some good food right now.