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  1. Viewing Profile: Likes: Clouded Sun

Clouded Sun

Member Since 02 Jun 2014
Offline Last Active Aug 11 2018 05:12 AM

#1988137 KH3 wish: Skip Boss after repeat failure

Posted by Clouded Sun on 05 August 2018 - 11:42 AM

No... You beat a boss, your reward is to continue. GTA is a game about open world sandboxing, KH is an RPG. If you can skip bosses, you essentially could neglect combat the entire game, which is half the game of Kingdom Hearts.

If you could theoretically neglect bosses and any combat, the game would just keep getting harder, causing you to skip combat and lose more anyway (RPG leveling progression).

#1985392 What KH3 world looks the most fun so far?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 28 June 2018 - 08:00 PM

Gonna wait for San Fransyoko, always loved cityscape worlds (Insomnia, The World That Never Was, TWEWY)

#1982109 Destiny Islands

Posted by Clouded Sun on 05 June 2018 - 10:57 AM

Doubt it. We're starting outside of it.


Unless they pull another End of the World, or a short epilogue, I don't think they're gonna do it.

#1982026 Yen Sid analysis - Just a pancake

Posted by Clouded Sun on 04 June 2018 - 10:51 AM

"Also, my name spelled backwards is Di—"

#1976572 What Character from another Action game would be cool to fight in Kingdom Hea...

Posted by Clouded Sun on 21 March 2018 - 06:05 AM

Kingdom Hearts III & Knuckles in Sonic II & Knuckles ft. Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

#1973178 Riku looks like he trained

Posted by Clouded Sun on 11 February 2018 - 01:33 AM

I have to disagree somewhat Sora and Riku has always been physically fit I think it's just their clothes.
the clothes have a more athletic design that fits their body more thus giving them a better physical look. In Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora and Riku clothes were so baggy like typical teenagers but now they've both matured thus having better fitting athletic outfits.

I can agree with you on Riku, but Sora...






In fact, he looks even skinnier in 2 than 1 or Dream Drop

#1973008 So why does everyone HATE the little mermaid world so much?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 10 February 2018 - 12:55 PM

Loved it in KH1, even with the bad controls. Hated it in KH2 though, was way too cringy and added nothing to the story whatsoever.

Only way to get that last Orchicalcum + though.


I believe it was also an optional world.


Anyway, I hated it in one because of the horrible physics and camera control and 2 because of its uselessness other than hiding the most rare item in the game behind it.

#1973007 Riku looks like he trained

Posted by Clouded Sun on 10 February 2018 - 12:51 PM

Noctis, is that you?

#1971430 Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Trailer

Posted by Clouded Sun on 24 January 2018 - 01:33 PM

I think it was confirmed to be a $20 upgrade for owners of the standard edition with the pass.

Square Enix deconfirmed that. They said the price is now TBD.


Source: https://kotaku.com/s...tion-1822108311

#1971333 I Tried Playing Doki Doki Literature Club...

Posted by Clouded Sun on 23 January 2018 - 02:43 PM

Haha, but what if Monika chooses you?

#1970931 [Spoilers] D23 Trailer info, FF Cameos and more LEAKS!

Posted by Clouded Sun on 17 January 2018 - 11:57 PM

If I don't get her as a party member at all I will cry, if this is true.

Besides RE:Coded, I don't think any FF character was a party member.

It's strange that someone would admit that they're still not used to the engine but a release date will be revealed and it's Q3 for now. (For now does not sound confident at all and they're going to reveal a release date anyway?). I'm not claiming this is legit or not but it would make me worried that they're still having problems with the engine but plan to release it anyway. Of course I want to hope for the best but if this is indeed true, that almost screams for a bug-filled game with sub-par models and lighting and unfinished content.
As I said, I'd like to be positive but it doesn't sound too good.

Why I'm hurt by FFXV in a nutshell.


I'm glad, however, that they're focusing far more on developing content than being open with fans. It's been proven by SE themselves that if they set the bar low (or just don't set the bar high), then there's less room for disappointment. I loved the openness of Tabata, but I'm sure to some extent, it got in the way of development...


FFXV devs weren't even confident in the game when it released. They said that they were even surprised at its popularity.

#1970401 New Nintendo Direct today.

Posted by Clouded Sun on 11 January 2018 - 12:23 PM

TWEWY Final Remix, hope it's better than Solo

#1968529 Which Square Enix character would fit in Monsters Inc.?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 18 December 2017 - 12:50 AM

Don't forget me Quina, too from the same game.

#1966519 What's your Game of the Year?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 15 November 2017 - 04:12 PM

NieR: Automata.

#1965488 If you were a member or Organization 13

Posted by Clouded Sun on 30 October 2017 - 05:09 PM

I'd say yes. Because i'd get someplace to sleep and have friends. 

:( I'm so lonley................

Lol but seroiulsy, being an Organization member would be TIGHT. I'd get a new name with an X In it, my own Element of choice, my own personal weapon, and would eventually become a vessel of Xehanort! Wait what?