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Clouded Sun

Member Since 02 Jun 2014
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#1970401 New Nintendo Direct today.

Posted by Clouded Sun on 11 January 2018 - 12:23 PM

TWEWY Final Remix, hope it's better than Solo

#1968529 Which Square Enix character would fit in Monsters Inc.?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 18 December 2017 - 12:50 AM

Don't forget me Quina, too from the same game.

#1966519 What's your Game of the Year?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 15 November 2017 - 04:12 PM

NieR: Automata.

#1965488 If you were a member or Organization 13

Posted by Clouded Sun on 30 October 2017 - 05:09 PM

I'd say yes. Because i'd get someplace to sleep and have friends. 

:( I'm so lonley................

Lol but seroiulsy, being an Organization member would be TIGHT. I'd get a new name with an X In it, my own Element of choice, my own personal weapon, and would eventually become a vessel of Xehanort! Wait what?








#1965487 Sin's Castle (Sign ups and Discussions)

Posted by Clouded Sun on 30 October 2017 - 05:05 PM

Interested. Gonna see what I can muster up given time.


Also gonna wait a bit on others to figure out what exactly is OP or not...

#1963557 Toy Story X KHIII in a nutshell.

Posted by Clouded Sun on 01 October 2017 - 11:45 PM

The graphics are realistic as hell. The NPCs actually seem alive.

10/10 more intense than Lingering Will.

#1963494 A Final Fantasy XVI Role-Play Interest Check.

Posted by Clouded Sun on 01 October 2017 - 09:27 AM

Depends on the idea.

#1959723 Why I Hate Final Fantasy XV So Much

Posted by Clouded Sun on 19 August 2017 - 09:56 AM

FFXV as it is now wasn't in development for ten years, it started out as Versus XIII directed by Nomura. His team helping out XIII's, the PlayStation 4 releasing, and the change in directors are factors that made it take so long. It was also the higher-ups at Square that wanted the game out be then, not Business Division 2.

i didn't mean BD2, the development team, I meant the higher up Business associatives that you were talking about, just didn't have a name but business division.

And I know it took so long because for years and years the game was put on the backburner. FFXV's trailer in 2013 wasn't even real time footage for the most part, it was pre rendered and concept. It wasn't till the shift in devs that the game started taking some shape itself, and by that time, the higher ups were like "this thing has taken far too long."

Luminous Studio development also slowed the game down a lot as well. Building an in house engine itself is a lot of work, then working out the kinks with the engine as well as getting a game developed on it was an extreme hamper to FFXV.

I want to add in context to what I said before about simple fixes to the game that could've made FFXV what it was to a Game of the Year game.

-Combat is a big one. I'm going to go into this one in detail
-Having stripped Noctis of techniques was the biggest mistake (although many believe it to be the camera, which of course needs work). Among many ideas, here are some that come to mind when I think of better combat: Noctis techniques, of course. Having a weapon specific one, even and especially on Royal Arms would've drastically increased the game's strategic approach. Item-less healing on the spot to Noctis instead of having Ignis' sole purpose delegated to Regroup would've allowed for more. Animation cancelling in the form of warp striking, and faster Warp Striking. There are weapon specific animations for warp strikes, but go the extra mile of creating a Benefit for using it; make the shortsword and daggers chain into combos immediately, make the greatsword deal huge damage with a knockdown effect, make spears chain into aerial attacks, make shields have a block effect on warp. Vary it. Buffs aside from food were nearly nonexistent as well, creating buffs using specific actions on a weapon (like a short burst gain in attack speed on a shortsword swipe sideways, or an increase in armor piercing by a spear warp, or having the dagger have an evasion up effect when throwing them) would make things so much more interesting, and again add an extreme amount of variety that wasn't there before. There was no reason to really stop holding Square/X because it was just so much better at damage output than anything else.
-The targeting system was too out of the way; holding your R1/RB to lock on completely was enough, there should've been no need to click the button.
-More Luna cutscenes BEFORE she dies that actually show personality and perhaps love towards Noctis. If that was her purpose, so be it, but at least make me give a damn. Luna's death scene had the potential to be extremely powerful and emotion provoking, but having implied their feelings through a brief glance and a dog made it hard to care.
-Iris. Same as above.
-Ravus. Same as above.
-Aldercapt. Same as above. More boss fights against him too would be a bonus.
-Aranea. Same as above.
-Seeing a pattern?
-Side note: whatever XIII's mistakes were, what XIII-2 did flawlessly was paint Caius, who I still believe is one of the best villains in the franchise to rival Kefka. By the end of the game, you knew exactly Caius' purpose, his pain, and why he did what he did, but you could decide to have the compassion for him or disgust to kill him. Ravus could've followed Caius' exact archetype, branching off into his unique self as soon as Luna's death, which could've given him even more motivation against Noctis. The grandmother shouldn't have been a segway to a major plot twist and character shift in Ravus.
-Where the hell was that part where Noct leaves Insomnia in a suit? Agh, that could've been epic. But seriously, having seen Insomnia and its day by day people could've given us a reason yet again to give a damn about it all being blown to bits (or, a reason better still, to feel like it deserves its fate)
-Ardyn. Just everything Ardyn. This'll go on forever if I explain what could've been done to him.

Tl;dr you get my point. These were doable ways with a little more dev time that could've made FFXV fantastic. Not even the team was as confident as they could've been in this game, because with extra resources they KNEW what could've been done. Still, deleting Luna's scenes was a huge detriment to her character nonetheless.

#1959718 Why I Hate Final Fantasy XV So Much

Posted by Clouded Sun on 19 August 2017 - 08:46 AM

Final Fantasy XV to me was one of the most disappointing experiences. That's not to say it was a bad game at all, it was a game that had a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF POTENTIAL (that not just me but people new to the series even saw) but it was all blown to crap.

-The first "half" of the game, maybe up to and including Altissia, was good. It constantly kept you in the dark all the time.
-The gameplay was too slow. People like very fast paced gameplay. I didn't mind it, but because super armor doesn't exist in this game and they COMPLETELY removed abilities for Noctis, it was frustrating to always get interrupted. This made Great Swords, Lances, and some Lucis weapons unbearable to play with more than two enemies.
-Good soundtrack. Heard better.
-Side Quests can be hunting, but you said you looked at Witcher III, Tabata. You REALLY couldn't do anything about that? Even NieR: Automata took the hint.
-The last "half" (I say half because it was barely a chapter length, half the train ride BOOM NEXT CHAPTER, next half of the train BOOM next chapter. Then you're already on XIII.
-Chapter XIII, contrary to other's opinions, was the only one I actually liked. You're watered down powers were now completely stripped.
-There was no reason why Ravus should've died offscreen.
-There was no reason to give a damn about Luna
-This DLC fleshes out holes in the story just like Kingsglaive, not add something new. Another couple months later, we wouldn't even have the crappy team command thing, we'd have proper switchable characters. The system for Ignis is probably complete now. This would've improved gameplay tremendously because Noctis would've actually had abilities again too and there would be strategy to your equipment, not simply slotting BiS (granted they fix the super armor and slow pace).
-...I don't even wanna know why the game took ten more years. It made no sense. It didn't even have an impact on the story. It was "Noct comes back one day, dead again the next)
-Ultima Weapon is way too easy to get.
-Where are the goddamn NIFLHEIM BASES?! TWO?! THAT'S IT?!
-Aldercapt shows up in two scenes (probably forgot about him, that's how bad it was)
-Luna's abuse scenes are absent.
-Luna is entirely too otherworldly. Like chill about purpose and calling, y'all are friends.
-Iris wasn't No. 1 bae.
-Ravus had entirely too much untapped potential.

I have SO many more problems, but as you can see it's not cause the game is shit, LOOK AT THIS LIST! How hard was it to think of some of these things and FIX THEM?! No, because the game had to be rushed by the business division. "Out by 2016". No, because the game had to be simplified. Because SJW's wouldn't like cutscenes where Luna was shown having a hard life. Because FFXV had to be built on an under development game engine. Because, instead of listening to important pieces from the fanbase, Tabata had to take every little piece of information and let it block creative expression.

This is coming from one of the biggest FFXV fanboys on this site.

No. This game wasn't bad. This game was an extreme waste of potential.

#1959714 What Makes KH2's Final Battle so Great

Posted by Clouded Sun on 19 August 2017 - 08:18 AM

Over anything, it pushed the limit of the PS2 hardware to create such an amazing experience. It used nearly all of the cache available on the PS2 to make something like that.

There is no other boss fight like KH2's final boss. Ever. EEEEEEEVEEEEEERRRRRRR (Sorry Terra)

#1959352 Which is your favorite Drive form?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 16 August 2017 - 06:46 AM

Anti. Always loved the double edged sword idea.

#1959194 Beacon: Before the Fall (Sign up)

Posted by Clouded Sun on 14 August 2017 - 06:07 PM

Whoops just realized I put Grace instead of Melody on the last post I did xD memories of the old RWBY RP (I think?). Fixed it up.

#1959069 Beacon: Before the Fall (Sign up)

Posted by Clouded Sun on 13 August 2017 - 06:39 PM

My posts for this RP are pretty long, for whatever reason my creative head has given me, but if you guys need me to chill, I'll edit it.

#1958092 Beacon: Before the Fall

Posted by Clouded Sun on 07 August 2017 - 12:43 AM

Amidst the calamity throughout the City of Vale for first year and returning students of Beacon, a cool, crisp air filled the city ~ and Raevus' lungs, a breath of fresh air to take in for his new home in Vale.

He decided not to head straight to the school first, taking in the scenery. A man, old and frail (well past the age of retirement, to say the least) and with a bald patch covering the dome of his head tended to a Dust shop, 'From Dust til Dawn'. Dust crystals of all kinds illuminated the shop, and Raevus thought it amazing how such a resource like that could control almost every aspect of their lives, from technology to military use.

Beacon's gates were indeed a sight to behold. The campus itself looked like its own city, and the school building, a castle. A mix of admiration and awe for the sheer work put into the school was an understatement; Raevus thought it was a goddamn spectacle. Crossing his arms and smiling, he almost got lost in the waves of students congregating and slowly making their way to Beacon's auditorium, instead taking a longer path through a courtyard. Raevus observed, quietly, the increasingly eager students. Every last one of them, out of what he'd seen, seemed to have excitement, human and Faunus.

Nevertheless, it'd be quite the journey through Beacon.

#1957859 Who is Your Favorite Xehanort?

Posted by Clouded Sun on 04 August 2017 - 11:14 PM

Xemnas was badass, but old man Nort is the real one who has everything all cunningly planned out and succeded in defeating three unlucky bastards and imprisoning them for more than ten years. He was a brain ninja to their relationship and placed every single piece in its proper place, including the death of Eraqus. One of the best villains ever made.