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Clouded Sun

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In Topic: [Spoilers] D23 Trailer info, FF Cameos and more LEAKS!

Today, 09:06 AM

In Kingdom hearts 2 you fight side by side with multiple FF character. They weren't REALLY in your party but you did fight together.

Auron was a party member in KH2. Zack fights with you a bit in BBS if you count it.

Oh right, forgot about that.

Yeah, in terms of party there was Auron in II and Cloud in RE:Coded. I remember the Radiant Garden scene too where most showed up as AI. Maybe it is a possibility.

In Topic: [Spoilers] D23 Trailer info, FF Cameos and more LEAKS!

Yesterday, 11:57 PM

If I don't get her as a party member at all I will cry, if this is true.

Besides RE:Coded, I don't think any FF character was a party member.

It's strange that someone would admit that they're still not used to the engine but a release date will be revealed and it's Q3 for now. (For now does not sound confident at all and they're going to reveal a release date anyway?). I'm not claiming this is legit or not but it would make me worried that they're still having problems with the engine but plan to release it anyway. Of course I want to hope for the best but if this is indeed true, that almost screams for a bug-filled game with sub-par models and lighting and unfinished content.
As I said, I'd like to be positive but it doesn't sound too good.

Why I'm hurt by FFXV in a nutshell.


I'm glad, however, that they're focusing far more on developing content than being open with fans. It's been proven by SE themselves that if they set the bar low (or just don't set the bar high), then there's less room for disappointment. I loved the openness of Tabata, but I'm sure to some extent, it got in the way of development...


FFXV devs weren't even confident in the game when it released. They said that they were even surprised at its popularity.

In Topic: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Trailer

16 January 2018 - 10:45 PM

Wow, that’s nuts. Cool stuff. If only they could have an episode Ardyn...


I'm sure it will come at a later time. 

Tabata is definitely going to pull out an Episode Ardyn. That and Episode Luna were the two most requested pieces of content in the survey back in 2017.

In Topic: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Trailer

16 January 2018 - 07:17 PM

Haha, can't wait! Windows Edition comes with all that! A wild Luna appeared!

In Topic: New Nintendo Direct today.

11 January 2018 - 12:23 PM

TWEWY Final Remix, hope it's better than Solo