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Corpse Party series discussion

23 April 2017 - 07:20 PM

anything pertaining to the corpse party series goes in here


anyways, I've heard that there is an interesting connection between Corpse Party: Blood drive and Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. Without spoiling me, could you guys tell what it is because I'm really curious 

Ps4 or nintendo switch

10 April 2017 - 09:44 AM

I'll have the money to get either systems next month, but I'm kinda having a hard time choosing 


Should I get a nintendo switch now and a playstation 4 later or the other way around


Note: I've already played and beaten breath of the wild on the nintendo wii u, so I think I have a lesser chance of getting the nintendo switch earlier 

Visual novel recommendations

05 March 2017 - 03:36 PM

I recently just finished playing Edgeworth Investigations 2 and I really want to play more. Besides, Fate/stay night , what other visual novels I should play? Keep in mind I've played all of the phoenix wright games and all the zero escape games excepct for the second one 

My survival

31 January 2017 - 07:53 AM

Here goes nothing! 


Part 1

Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed of exploring the Hawaiian Islands with my own two eyes. I’ve seen them on TV, but you’ll get a completely different experience if you explore them. This is the main reason why my friend named Mark decided we’re going to explore the Hawaiian Islands in the summer. My buddy planned most of it though.

The hot, blistering sun was looking down at Mark, who was driving the boat and I, giving us placid weather today. The soft strokes of wind created by the boat’s constant movements felt very soothing. While looking up at the bright, blue sky, I started to reflect on myself. My full name is John Neman and I love exploring new islands, even if they were already explored or not. I’m the type of person that would try to explore as many islands as possible before the I pass out due to lack of sleep.


After I stood there for a few more minutes I turned toward Mark and started reflecting on him, in my mind of course. His full name is Mark Dallas. Coincidentally named after the city of Dallas, Texas in the United States. Mark is the kind of person who is very selfish less. One day, he donated a ton of blood to a very sick kid who was on the verge of death and donated so much that he passed out upon existing the hospital. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days despite his condition not being life threatening. I guess the doctors didn’t want him to push himself too hard.

Despite his seem to be perfect personality, he does have some flaws. For example, he puts all the blame on myself when he’s in a very stressful situation. Even if he didn’t cause the an accident or not, he would still blame himself. I find that kind of ironic, since he’s done a lot of good things for people. He has done good things not just in the United States, but worldwide. From organ donations to charity streams via twitch to food bank donations. He should be feeling good for just being himself because he is a very good person at heart.

When I breathed in and out slowly, I came back to reality and he looked at me said, “How do you like the vacation so far, John?” I quickly said


“ I love it so far man! We still have a couple of islands to explore tomorrow!”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it too.”

 I looked at Mark with a serious look and said,

“Mark, aren’t you supposed to pay attention to the road while driving?”

 Mark sighed and said

“You mean ocean John , because I don’t see any roads in the middle of the ocean!”

“Yes, that’s what I meant. That word came out of my mouth instead of ocean.”

“Well anyways, I’m going to steer this boat until midnight.”

 Mark turned his head towards me and stared at me for a few brief moments and said, “Hey John, how long did you spend exploring the islands today?” I smiled and said,

“I stayed up until 11 o clock at night to take in all of nature’s glory!”

“Isn’t that overdoing it a bit John? Why don’t you take a nap in the boat’s cabin?”

 “Why should I?”

 “because you barely got enough sleep last night. Now getting enough sleep isn’t healthy you know.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

I slowly walked toward the door of the boat. When I was about to turn the knob Mark said,

“When the sunsets, we’ll head to a port in Kahului, Hawaii island and spend the night there. Are you fine with that, John?”

I nodded and said,

“Of course, I am! Whatever floats your boat Mark my bud. Now, let me go to bed because I’m feeling a little worn out from yesterday’s activities.”


 When I opened the door to the boat’s interior, Mark quickly said,

“Before you go to bed John, could you tell me what the weather’s going to be for tonight?”

 “No can do man. I didn’t check the weather the day we went out to sea. Sorry man”

“It’s okay dude. I’m sure the weather will cooperate for days to come!”


I soon entered the interior of the boat and closed the door behind me. While walking to my bed, I slowly recalled what I said to Mark only seconds earlier. I actually lied to him because I didn’t feel like talking about the weather when I’m half sleepy. The truth is that there is a tropical wave in the Pacific Ocean that is forecasted to be a category 5 hurricane, or should I say, typhoon by midnight tonight, but it’s forecasted to avoid the Hawaiian island by turning to the west. I remember before the news broadcast ended yesterday night that there was the chance the possible cat 5 typhoons could head straight towards the island we planned on staying for the night. Most weather models agree with the latter, but near the end of the newscast the person in charge of forecasting the weather in the Hawaii area said there was a slim chance the possible cat 5 storm would head straight towards the state.    


When I got into my room and immediately jumped into my bed and tried my best to go to sleep. While doing the latter, I started thinking of what I have don’t to get to where I am now. Now that I think about it, Mark was the only person in high school that would help me get above average grades in high school. He constantly said

“I know you can do well in school John! If I can get A’s and B’s you can get A’s and B’s as well.”

 What he said struck true. I managed to get above average grades and got a 4.0 by the time I completed high school. I was very proud of myself and Mark too was proud as well. I suddenly stopped thinking about the past ad slowly started to fall asleep until I was completely unaware of my surroundings.

I suddenly came to when a bolt of lightning woke me up. It startled the heck out of me so much that I feel out of my bed and a few moments after I fell I looked out of the window.  I saw rain pounding down on the ship and wind blowing around in every direction I can see.  When I made my way out of the boat I was forced right back down on my feet by a wave that crashed onto the boat from the rear side. That quickly woke me up to reality. I wasn’t dreaming at all. It was actually happening. Damn it, I should have told Mark that we should have went o Kahului since the possible, no, THE category 5 hurricane or should I say typhoon, didn’t turn at all and went straight north. After being lost in thought for a few minutes I rushed towards the boat’s exterior assuming Mark was still outside  and saw waves constantly crashing on the boat. The wind was howling so much that I had to hold onto a rail to keep my balance. It wasn’t long until I became soaking wet. I slowly looked upwards until I saw Mark, griping the wheel of the boat. He was soaking wet too, just like me and was trying his best to steer the boat to safety. Shortly afterwards I shouted



“Hey mark! Come inside! We have the risk of falling off if you stay outside.”

“No can do John. I have to steer this ship to safety. If I don’t do anything I risk sinking the ship due to the huge wave.”

 I sighed agitatedly and said,

“Listen to me Mark! You’ll likely die if you don’t go inside!”

“Is it really all that safer inside the ship then outside? Besides, as far as I know, water could get into the ship thus flooding it from the inside.”


 My body filled up with rage and my arm curved into the ball and moved straight towards Mark. Luckily for him, a wave hit the ship’s rear area again and it flung me off of the boat entirely. When my mind gained its senses a few seconds later I was in the verge of falling into the water when Mark, despite me trying to knock some sense into him, tried to save me. He pulled his right arm towards me while holding on to the guard rail located on the perimeter of the boat. For a split second his finger touched my finger and in a blink of an eye, I vanished into the deep, dark ocean before Mark shouted “John, no!” to me.


Part 2

The Island

When I came to, I was laying on a sandy beach with the blistering sun straight above me. This made me assume it was a little part 12 twelve because the sun is always at its highest peak a a little before and after noon. I soon sat up and looked around the area. Some sort of forest was behind me. The ocean, which I nearly drowned in, was facing in my direction. I got off my feet and yield for help, but nobody responded. Soon afterwards, I yield my friend’s name.

“Mark Mark! I’m over here!”

I yield at the top of my lungs and yet again nobody answered. I looked down to the ground in lament and a moment later noticed a map between my feet. I picked the map up and said to myself, “I wonder if there are people on this island or there WERE people on this island.” I carefully examined the map to see where I was, but before I found my location, I found myself looking at a very bizarre island. The map looked worn down like it had been there for a while. The island is shaped like a donut with several defining features. The coastline is surrounded by ocean. A mile or two inland there appears to be a rain forest. It surrounds a lake that’s in the center of the island. The lake itself is called hole lake. It’s pretty accurate, considering there’s a hole filled with water in the middle of the island. When I was done examining the map, I began folding the map and while doing so, I noticed a secret message behind the map. “Do NOT go to the center of the island to get the treasure beneath the lake. It WILL ruin your life until the day you die.” I started shaking all over my body, scared that it might be true. I said to myself, “This has to be a joke. Yes, it has to be!”  I encouraged myself to think the message wasn’t real and said to myself, I’m going to find that treasure no matter what!” All of a sudden, my stomach started growling.

“Guess I need to find something to eat, or I really will not be able to find my friend and the so-called treasure.”

I slowly walked to a coconut tree, exhausted from the lack of food and water in the last day or so. I was so hungry I would’ve eaten anything that seemed edible. When I looked into the waters of the pacific, I seen a few fish swimming near the shoreline. I immediately broke a branch from a coconut tree and began cutting the wood until it was shaped like a spear. Soon I went into the shallow shoreline and slowly approached the fishes. When I was in the perfect place, I quickly threw the sear into the murky water and go three fishes in a row. I was happy to know I finally got something to eat Upon swallowing my first bite of fish, I began choking up the food and choked it out.

“Guess this is what I get for trying to eat first before drinking something. “I looked at the coconut tree again and noticed one coconut hanging on a low-lying branch. It seemed reachable, so I put my fish down on the tree and began climbing it. I soon removed the coconut and not long afterwards a swarm of bees from a beehive near me started stinging the daylights out of me. I immediate let go of the coconut and ran for my life. When things settled down, I looked at the bee stings on my body then looked around the area. Upon searching the area, I noticed a wooden house at the edge of the rainforest. It was on top pf a cliff and the cliff was facing towards me. With interest, I walked closer to the cliff and quickly noticed a path of stars leading to the house. “Looks like I found a safe haven! “Upon taking my first few steps, I got surprised by a sudden roar from behind me. I slowly turned my head around and saw a bear, hungry and ready to eat me at any time. I turned my whole body around and walked the steps backwards to keep a close eye on the beat. When it growled at me again I turned 180 degrees and started running up the stairs as fast as I could. While running for my life I hear the footsteps of the beast following me and I quickly thought, “It this the end for me? Am I going to die without seeing my friend ever again?”

My mind turned toward relieve when I was close to the house. I immediately opened the door and closed it in an instant. I used my body to prevent the monster from getting inside. It started hitting the door for a minute or so even though it felt like an eternity. Eventually the pounding on the door stopped and I sighed of relief. I closed my eyes for a few seconds than opened them again to examine the house itself. The house itself is a square with four windows in each direction. The minute I noticed a refrigerator I began feeling very hungry. I opened the refrigerator and saw about a year’s worth of food. I was in awe at how much good and water ere in the refrigerator. I quickly took out a bag of chip, cookies and a bottle of water and started indulging myself. Upon eating the last cookie, I heard the door knob turning. I quickly jumped into the bed and covered myself with its cover. A second later I hear the door opening and I was very scared for my life. I was hoping I would never get spotted. That thought lasted for a few minutes then suddenly, I felt the cover getting pulled from me then in a blink of an eye, saw a man in his 30’s looking at me with a very upset, serious face. Before I could say anything, the man said angrily, “Who the hell are you and how did you get in my house? Nobody’s supposed to be on this island except for me! Now get off my bed now and leave now!” But sir I-“ “No buts! When I say get out, mean get the hell out!” As soon as those words ran through his mouth I ran for the door and when I opened it, I was for a surprise! The man suddenly pushed me out of the house and I ended up falling off the cliff from the forest side. Before I fell unconscious, I hear the man say, “That’s what you get for being on my…” My mind went into complete silence and I lost complete awareness of where I was. 

English dub on anime sites question

16 January 2017 - 09:31 PM

Honestly, is there no other anime site other than kissanime that will allow you to watch englished dubbed anime? As much as I DON'T want to use kissanime, I may end up using it because of this >.<


Also, I think crunchroll used to let free users watch english dubbed anime for free because I remember I used that site to watch the english dubbed version of the danganropa the animation. Why don't they let us now?