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Member Since 05 Mar 2014
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less than 80 posts until I reach 4,000 posts :) Updated 19 Jul · 0 comments

About Me

Hello guys, Welcome to my profile!

Hello, I'm zeldablade.

I'm currently in college.

I like action rpgs(kingdom hearts, tales of series),

action adventure games(the legend of zelda series,

platformers(mario series),

and adventure visual novels ( zero escape, phoenix wright and fates stay night series)

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less than 80 posts until I reach 4,000 posts :)
Yesterday, 12:25 PM


Okay, so I asked a question to Sora96 to his twitter account.Here's the question I asked him https://twitter.com/zeldablade70/status/887634938853552132 hopefully I'll be able to fully move on based on what he says. I just want to clear this up
Yesterday, 06:30 AM
  • Zeldablade7's Photo
    thanks! :)
    Yesterday, 04:52 PM
  • DaxtotheMax's Photo
    I tried adding him on PSN and told him I was from KH13, he didn't seem to care either
    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
  • Alexaclmn's Photo
    I'll miss that guy, even though we never saw eye to eye.
    Today, 08:47 AM


I kinda miss Sora96. He would answer people's questions with a ton of credibility. It's not that I don't trust you guys. I just want reassurance about this is this and that is that
Jul 18 2017 07:07 PM


This is awesome! This gives me a very good reason to rewatch the toy story movies! https://twitter.com/thegamersjoint/status/887289852114345985
Jul 18 2017 07:48 AM
  • Alpha Baymax's Photo
    Alpha Baymax
    You mean to tell me that you never watched them before?
    Jul 18 2017 11:04 AM


I really hope that Nomura didn't show the release window for kingdom hearts 3 just to appease the impatient fans. He should be able to take his time without overexerting himself
Jul 17 2017 06:57 AM
  • DaxtotheMax's Photo
    By the way he acted, I'd say he was pretty pleased with the progress because he even said "I know we haven't shown you too much in the past." meaning there's a lot more where that came from.
    Jul 17 2017 09:01 PM


Hardware isn't what makes a good video game. Love is what makes a good video game. You can obviously see that love in the recent kingdom hearts 3 trailer. The Toy Story models looked like they jumped from the movie and into the game.
Jul 16 2017 06:34 PM
  • keyslinger's Photo
    Yeah you can feel it in the trailer. They didn't just throw it in there randomly.
    Jul 16 2017 06:52 PM


If the toy story world in kingdom hearts 3 looks THAT good, then how good does the kingdom of Corona looks right now? I'm pretty sure it looks 10 times better then it did at e3 2015 :)
Jul 16 2017 08:10 AM


Yesterday I started watching anime on Funimation and the first anime I started to watch is My Hero Academia. So far I really like it! :)
Jul 16 2017 07:36 AM
  • Xiro's Photo
    Oh, that's on Funi? Cool. Do you need a subscription to watch it?
    Jul 16 2017 04:07 PM
  • Zeldablade7's Photo
    I can't say for sure because I'm using the 14 day trial right now
    Jul 16 2017 04:18 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    Ah okay lol
    Jul 16 2017 07:25 PM


At this point, I don't care if Pride Lands returns or not in kingdom hearts 3. As long as the game is good, I won't complain
Jul 15 2017 07:07 PM
  • Qrow's Photo
    What about Atlantica? lol
    Jul 15 2017 07:52 PM


Why is kingdom hearts 3's rating pending. This makes me wonder if they plan on putting another Pirates of the carribean world in kh3 https://puu.sh/wKxF6/c7c5cb4bdb.png
Jul 15 2017 05:42 PM
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