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Member Since 13 Dec 2013
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 09:08 PM
I started watching this anime called "Gamers!" and I feel almost addicted to it, like I need that next episode, I'm caught up on the dub even though there are on... Updated 12 Sep · 0 comments

About Me


Dax is the name,and Jak is my game.What's up party people, you can call me Dax. I'm an aspiring animator/creative director/...(I just want to make my own tv shows, no title needed)


So,I joined this website simply because I love Kingdom Hearts.As you can probably tell I am a big Jak and Daxter fan, but I like a lot of other stuff too.

Like Oswald in Kingdom Hearts 3


I love The Legend of Zelda






I'm quite a big Marvel fan! :D



and Star Wars, there is lots more, but for now...



My Top 7 Favorite Games: (Work in Progress)

1. Kingdom Hearts II

2. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

3. (Tie between-) Daxter and Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

4. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

6. Super Mario Galaxy

7. Epic Mickey

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1. The Avengers
2. The Losers
3. Captain America: The First Avenger
4. The Lion King
5. Guardians of the Galaxy

My YouTube name is also DaxtotheMax. http://www.youtube.c...BH1W1fBr5hLHIwQ
I have a PS2, PS4, and Wii
My favorite Superhero is Spider-Man
My favorite food is pizza,but not just any pizza.
I am a Christian (Jesus Loves you ;))
I have yet to play: KH Recoded,and KH3.
I am a Disney fanatic.
I love to draw. (That's my dream to be a Disney Animator and have my own cartoon tv show :D)
I am DaxtotheMax479 on DeviantArt. http://daxtothemax479.deviantart.com/
My favorite drink is between: Cherry Coke and Orange Juice


I listen to mostly rock music but some of my favorites (in no particular order) are:



Van Halen

Guns N Roses

Black Eyed Peas

Drake Bell


Michael Jackson

Some of my Favorite Anime:

It's hard to just list "some" of my favorite cartoons, because there are so many that I like, and I'm big on animation, but here it goes:

House of Mouse, Goof Troop, Ducktales
Spectacular Spiderman, Ben 10, Sonic X
Gravity Falls, Talespin, The Loud House
Tron: Uprising, The Lion Guard

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rugrats

Regular Show, Young Justice

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Jetsons

Recess, Flapjack, Animaniacs


Currently watching: Gekkan Shoujou Nozoki-Kun (I juggle frequently so this changes a lot)
Currently Playing: KH: Dream Drop Distance/ Crisis Core

KHUX Union: Leopardus (Had to restart)  :3
I have dark blonde hair (like Sora's color in KH2)
I have blue eyes ( and no I'm not copying Sora )

And I live in the USA.
I am DaxtotheMax on Tumblr and PSN.
I am DaxtotheMax479 at Twitch.tv

-Please feel free to message me whenever :) -


Now what you all have been waiting for



How exactly did I come across Kingdom Hearts?


And don't you worry because I...


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  • Birthday April 28, 1999

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I started watching this anime called "Gamers!" and I feel almost addicted to it, like I need that next episode, I'm caught up on the dub even though there are only like 10 mangas right now so that needs to catch up first lol
Sep 12 2017 12:55 PM


Here come the men in black...
Aug 21 2017 06:50 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    The ones that've been 'Norted!
    Aug 21 2017 07:49 PM


Summer is almost over for me which means *hits button* RANDOM DANCING!!
Aug 19 2017 09:00 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    Aug 20 2017 01:14 AM


Da-ah-ngo, Dango, Da-ah-ngo, Big Dango Family!
Aug 12 2017 09:20 PM
  • Keyblade101's Photo
    Mr. Grilled Dango is such a rascal. Bean-Jam Dango is always sweet! :)
    Aug 12 2017 10:41 PM


*sits looking for something to sink into* Man I'd hate to say it but I'm stressed out
Aug 11 2017 08:34 PM
  • Sigrun's Photo
    Hm.. You know about vrv? Watch anime for free. Or no anime?
    Aug 11 2017 10:22 PM
  • DaxtotheMax's Photo
    Never tried it, looks pretty cool though. I've been using CartoonCrazy
    Aug 12 2017 09:19 PM


Looking for anime, any suggestions?
Aug 09 2017 09:03 PM


The KH merch coming out looks amazing...I just wish it'd come out already. Funko's, blind boxes, keychains and I'm sure there's even more
Aug 04 2017 10:04 PM


Need that Lion King remake trailer STAT!
Jul 16 2017 08:40 PM


I couldn't have asked for a better trailer. But after when Nomura said that the english and "full" versions of the trailer were coming out, does that mean it might be extended?
Jul 15 2017 09:38 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    No, he was talking about how there is a short version just focusing on Hercules, and then there is a full trailer that has Toy Story in it. That is what he meant.
    Jul 15 2017 09:50 PM
  • DaxtotheMax's Photo
    Oh I see so what we saw "was" the full trailer
    Jul 15 2017 10:16 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    Yes, it was. They mainly did the short version with only Olympic Coliseum because they took out the words during the gameplay so you can watch the full gameplay with nothing overlapping on the screen.
    Jul 15 2017 10:32 PM


Saw Spider-Man Homecoming last night...it was epic ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ
Jul 07 2017 05:10 PM
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