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Exclusive Fabric Poster pre-order bonus avaiable at GameStop

Today, 05:48 PM

GameStop recently announced its preorder bonus for Kingdom Hearts III, which includes an exclusive Fabric Poster!

KH3 GSPoster bonusLG

Supplies are limited, so be sure to pre-order it soon if you're interested in this exclusive Fabric Poster! We take the chance to remember you that Kingdom Hearts III releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Carribean trailer!

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Nomura confirms a recap video is going to be both released this month and in Kingdom He...

Yesterday, 11:08 PM

During Nomura's interview at E3 2018 with GNN.com, a recap video for the previous Kingdom Hearts saga chapters has been confirmed to be both released this month and in game. You can check below the interview extract thankfully translated by @Protoplasm_png.

Q: For players who haven't played the previous games, will it be difficult to understand the plot?

Nomura: We already made a recap video for players who have not played the game, in order to allow them to know the general plot before playing the game. The Japanese voice recording has been finished and it's going to be released this month. Not only the video will be released on the official website, but it will be included in the game as well. Because there are many games and plot to cover, despite it's going to be a recap video, it might last for several hours.

Q: Are there any possibilities for a chinese version/localization?

Nomura: We are still actively discussing about the possibility of a chinese localization.

Nomura also confirmed in a Famitsu interview that the video will also feature Chirity's narration (thanks to @keytotruth for the translations):

Nomura: Well, there are a lot of characters and relationships. If we stopped explaining everything in the game, the story wouldn't move forward. So, we're making preparations in our official website for people who want to catch up with the lore. We're condensing all of the story into 5 "episodes" that will have Chirithy narrating the events, also to make it easier to understand. We will make it public shortly after E3 is done. After watching these movies, I hope you get the time to play the HD ReMIXes.

What do you think about an official recap video to be released for the first time? Are you going to watch it? Don't forget that Kingdom Hearts III releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Carribean trailer!

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Nomura hints to Aqua's possible rescue and Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hear...

Yesterday, 07:09 PM

During E3 2018, Tetsuya Nomura, the Kingdom Hearts saga director and creator, had the chance to be interviewed by GNN.com on the new chapter of the saga, Kingdom Hearts III.

You can check below for the fully translated interview (thanks greatly to @Protoplasm_png, and our KHUχ Team Leader faemarch):

Q: The Kingdom Hearts series had already reached its third main instalment; will Sora's story end here?

Nomura: Sora's story will not end here; however, this part of the story that lasted 15 years since the first instalment (KH1) that involves the fight against Xehanort will be wrapped up in KH3.
Q: Kingdom Hearts III had been in production for a very long time. May I know the reason behind it?

Nomura: There are two main reasons. After the production had begun for about a year, the officials requested a change of the game engine, hence we had to start from scratch. That is one of the reasons. Another reason being there were some internal changes with the team working on the game, therefore we were unable to meet the original [intended] date of release for KH3. (Note: You can read Nomura's comments on this matter in this interview as well.)

Q: Towards the end of the new trailer, Aqua had appeared. Does that mean the other two characters from ‘Birth By Sleep’, Terra and Ventus, will make their appearance as well?

Nomura: Generally speaking, in KH3 most of the main characters from all previous instalments will make their appearance.

Q: In the trailer it appears that Aqua has signs of being affected by the darkness. Fans are very concerned about it.

Nomura: As of now we cannot reveal the reason why Aqua is now in that state. However, that does not mean there are no chances of rescuing her, for that part it depends on the hard work of the players.

Q: There are many vehicles in the new trailer, will there be more in the game?

Nomura: In KH3, Sora has many special attacks, and the transport systems are one of them. It’s just like games with theme park setting, they will always have that element. The transports are mainly for ‘attacking’ and not ‘transporting’. Different worlds will have different transport systems, for example in ‘Toy Story’ world there are robots for the player to ride on. However, in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the pirate ship’s sole function is just transporting the player. (Note: This seems to contradict our traslations of Nomura's previous statement about the Black Pearl; also, in the trailer you can use the ship during ship battles.)

Q: Until now only a lot of Disney characters had showed up- Will there be any appearance of new ‘Final Fantasy’ characters?

Nomura: About the characters that have not showed up in the trailer, for now I cannot answer... The characters from ‘Final Fantasy’ require special care, as the characters are very unique. Hence it is difficult to portray how FF characters will communicate with the other characters in the game. However, please look forward to how the FF characters show up in the game.

Q: ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ are under Disney branding now, so will the characters from those franchise appear in KH3?

Nomura: They are under Disney, but they are not Disney’s original work, therefore they will not make any appearances.

Q: Characters from ‘Frozen’ were announced in the recent trailer. What kind of role will they play?

Nomura: I believe that the appearance of ‘Frozen’ in KH3 had mad many fans happy as ‘Frozen’ is quite demanded among the fans. However, due to the popularity of ‘Frozen’, there are many factors/details which we have to take extra care of. The plot will be roughly the same as the movie as adding original KH elements into the ‘Frozen’ world would be difficult. We will be using the original world/story in ‘Frozen’, and add a little element from KH. Although we cannot talk about the gameplay, but basically the original parts could be in some mini-games, such as stepping on a high-flying shield and sledding across the snow [with it], etc.
Q: In KH3 how many original worlds will show up?

Nomura: There are two categories for original worlds, which are ‘those that players can go to’ and ‘those that players cannot visit’. In this trailer, the place where Axel (Note: Lea...?) and Kairi spoke is a place where the players cannot go/explore. For original worlds... There are places where it will only appear for a while... Actually, there are many that will be showing up. Seems like I cannot reveal too much now.

Q: In the trailer, ‘Wreck it Ralph’ is being shown as a summon, are there any chances of it having its own world?

Nomura: For the worlds that have not been revealed so far, I cannot provide a solid answer.

Q: In the previous games, the seven princesses that represents light have a big role in the plot. In this trailer, the ‘New Seven Hearts’ is being mentioned, but no gender is specified. Is it possible that there will be any male characters?

Nomura: ...There isn’t. Because there are many factors to considerate, there are no males.

What were your impressions of this interview?

Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Carribean trailer!

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Tetsuya Nomura is putting equal efforts in both Kingdom Hearts III and FFVII Remake

15 June 2018 - 08:40 AM

Tetsuya Nomura, the game director of the Kingdom Hearts saga, recently confirmed, during an interview at the E3 with The Verge that he and the whole team are putting "equal efforts" into both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III, as both projects are being developed in parallel.

“We are developing [Final Fantasy VII] in parallel, and it’s not just in the early concept stages, we are actually in development"

He precises:

"So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into Final Fantasy VII, 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts... just going back and forth, it’s just like [working on] two titles is just going to be one [after Kingdom Hearts III’s launch]. That’s pretty much how I see it"

Concerning the release date issue that recently came out, according to Nomura the game wasn't delayed because it needed more time:

“We were told by many people, including hardware manufacturers, sales teams, marketing teams, that it just wasn’t good timing in the year," - and when Square Enix pondered the “very tail end” of 2018, the holiday season became another possible problem - “For Kingdom Hearts III, the Western offices requested to release the game as simultaneously as possible between Japan and America, so we no longer were able to just think about Japanese issues and retail situations,”

The company then had to factor possibilities of retailers in specific regions closing early or offering limited sales hours:

“When we looked toward that, we were told that the best timing after all of that would be the tail end of January,” Nomura says. “We of course considered maybe speeding up the development to release earlier than we were told that it wasn’t good, but the development team said, no, we can’t do that. We could delay it, but we can’t make it any sooner. If we are to also potentially delay the release date, then we could have that extra time to work on the game a little more. It kind of just all worked together for us to decide on this date.”

Last but not least, he says that he owes a lot to his fans, which keeps him motivated to keep on going creating:

“I actually don’t like human relationships more than just work, so I just want to focus on work and creating things, if I don’t have to deal with human relationships. It’s actually a little bit easier for me to do than not working.” - also - “I do need fans to play my games, to be able to create it, and so fans are definitely a factor to motivate me to keep on going.”

We want to remember you that Kingdom Hearts III is going to be released in January 25th 2019 in Japan and Worldwide in January 29th 2019. Be sure to keep following our E3 2018 coverage on our site and on all our social medias (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)!

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Kaoru Wada hints to two new arranged songs for upcoming Kingdom Hearts Orchestra

03 June 2018 - 12:19 PM

Kaoru Wada, the composer who worked for both "Hikari - Orchestra" and "Passion - Orchestra" and also for the previous Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concerts arrangements, teased through his Facebook account that two new songs will be revealed during the performance in Los Angeles, which is also going to be the premiere of the entire tour.

Following, the Facebook post which Mr. Wada wrote:

[ Second Round KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- ]

Starting on the 9th this week at Los Angeles, the second round of KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- begins!

19 of the concerts will take place in 8 countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Korea, and Mexico. Unfortunately there’s no concert in Japan. (ToT)

Since Los Angeles will be the premiere of the tour, I will be present during the rehearsal and concert with composer Yoko Shimomura as well as others. I’ve steadily prepared for two newly arranged songs for this tour. (^ o ^) …

I can’t spend much time in LA but I’d like to experience plenty of the Disney atmosphere.

♫ KINGDOM HEARTS fans around the world, please wait a bit more~ (^ o ^) /

Actually, the official list set up for the Orchestra consists in seventeen tracks, and it is still unknown if will also feature those two newly teased tracks (which are presumably also going to be part of Kingdom Hearts III).

  • HIKARI -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS II Ver.-
  • Destati
  • Organization XIII
  • Twinkle Twinkle Holidays
  • Treasured Memories
  • The World of KINGDOM HEARTS
  • Fate of the Unknown
  • Threats of the Land: KINGDOM HEARTS Battle Medley
  • Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley
  • Lazy Afternoons~At Dusk, I Will Think of You…
  • Vector to the Heavens
  • Wave of Darkness
  • Daybreak Town: The Heart of X
  • The Other Promise
  • Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley
  • Passions -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-

We want to remember that Kingdom Hearts -World Tour- will be starting in June 9th, in Los Angeles. Here you can see all the avaiable dates.

Will you be able to attend at any of the tour stages and then listen to those two new and mysterious tracks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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