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Master Eraqus

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New Kingdom Hearts watch by K.uno to release on October 28th, 2017 on ZOZOTOWN Rendez-Vous

19 October 2017 - 10:43 AM

A new Kingdom Hearts-themed watch, manufactured by popular custom-jewellery brand K.uno, is set for release on October 28th, 2017 at 1:00 PM JST. This will be available on ZOZOTOWN Rendez-Vous as part of the online retailer's Disney Lifestyle Collection for adults, a line aimed at providing everyday Disney-themed products for adults. Only 50 watches will be available for purchase in the initial release of the item.

The watch will be 21,800 yen ($193.45 USD).

You can view the page on this new watch here. There will initially be 50 watches upon the release. This watch will be a part of the Disney Lifestyle Collection; a line of products that can be used by adults who are fans of Disney.

This unisex watch features the iconic crown emblem, and has the Kingdom Hearts logo in the back. It comes in a box with a silver-stamped Kingdom Hearts logo. You can view pictures of the watch below, thanks to Famitsu and Dtimes:


You can view the product details here:

Product Details

Price: 21,800 yen (tax included)
Case size: 34 mm
Case thickness: 6.6 mm
Material: Quartz
Strap width: 16 mm
Strap Material: Leather
Strap Color: Black
Around the wrist: 165 mm to 200 mm
Total length: 230 mm
Waterproof: Waterproof life
Producing Country: Japan
Manufacturer: K.uno Ltd
Retailer: Rendez-Vous

What do you think of this new watch? Do you want to see more Kingdom Hearts-themed accessories? Let us know in the comments!

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Kingdom Hearts acrylic key rings by Small Planet to release on October 24th, 2017

19 October 2017 - 10:29 AM

A series of 11 Kingdom Hearts acrylic key rings, manufactured by Small Planet, are set to release on October 24th, 2017. These will be available on Amazon and Rakuten.

They will be 480 yen ($4.26 USD) each.

These key rings are within the size of 7cm x 5.5cm each, and include:You can view images of these key rings below, thanks to Famitsu and Small Planet:

Img 141055 1Img 141055 2Img 141055 3Img 141055 4Img 141055 5Img 141055 6Img 141055 8Img 141055 74549204251970454920425188845492042518954549204251901454920425191845492042519254549204251932454920425194945492042519634549204251987

What do you think of these keyrings? Will you be buying any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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An Unbreakable Connection (Theory)

22 September 2017 - 09:39 AM

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted a theory or really, any other topic (excluding news). I'm not joking when I say that I've had this theory for two years now and I've never really made a topic about this. So yeah, about time I posted it. xD


Anyway, this theory revolves around the Wayfinders Aqua had made for herself, Terra and Ventus. When Ventus asks Aqua, "So this isn't a real good luck charm?" she replies with, "Well, that's yet to be seen. But I did work a little magic on it. An unbreakable connection."


Attached File  Aqua's Wayfinder.png   111.12KB   0 downloads


To many, if not all players, this might have been just a symbolic and friendly answer rather than actual magic. But, my thoughts on that changed when a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer released at E3 2015 (hence why I stated I've had this theory for 2 years now).


At the end of this trailer, we can see this mysterious, glowing crystal in the room with Young Eraqus and Xehanort:


Attached File  Crystal.gif   1.81MB   2 downloads


Many, including myself, thought that this is a simple decoration to the room and nothing really important. Well, this is where my theory comes into play. When I saw this object, it looked incredibly familiar to me and it was annoying me for days, thinking of what this reminded me of. Until finally, I knew why it seemed familiar to me:


Attached File  D-Link Prize.png   1.1KB   0 downloads


This, right here, is what it reminded me of. Something so small, yet possibly important. This is an item that is left by certain enemies after defeating them in Birth by Sleep and refills the D-Link bar once collected. These prizes you obtain look similar, if not exact, to the object seen in the E3 2015 trailer.


I believe that this object in the trailer provides 'connections' between beings, providing powers and aid from one friend to another. I believe that Aqua used this object, or at least its power, and made the Wayfinders with it; this "magic" that she adds to them.


In Birth by Sleep, once given the Wayfinder in the game's prologue, a tutorial box entitled "Borrow Your Friends Powers!" appears which states, "The Wayfinder allows you to Dimension Link with friends and borrow their powers."


Now you might be thinking that this is just a gameplay mechanic and not necessarily part of the story. While I understand this statement, this situation wouldn't be the first time. For example, in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora tends to get angry towards Organization members, implying that this is because of Roxas' hatred towards them. In the game, you are more likely to transform into Anti-Form when battling against Organization members.


You also might be thinking, "Well okay, but how does this expand even further? Is it just this and nothing else?" Well, here's where this gets deeper. I believe that it's because of this crystal added to the Wayfinders that caused Aqua's Keyblade to glow and fight back against Ventus-Vanitas and shatter the X-Blade. Her words before her Keyblade starts glowing are, "Terra, Ven, lend me strength."


Now you might be thinking, "Oh that was just some my friends are my power stuff," and to that I say: We were probably thinking the same when Sora turned back to normal after turning into a Heartless; he gets a hug from Kairi and he's normal again. However, it is later revealed that because of the powerful light of her heart, she essentially turned Sora's Heartless into a "walking heart," since she is a Princess of Heart.


Furthermore, this could also explain why Aqua was saved by Terra's and Ventus' Keyblades from the Darksides after entering the Realm of Darkness (though this might not be the reason, it could be).


Finally! I've posted this theory. So I want to know what you guys think? Did you like it? Is there anything against it? Please let me know. (And don't be an a**hole about it.)

Message and new Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] artwork from Tetsuya Nomura

02 September 2017 - 10:30 AM

On the official Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Twitter account, a tweet was posted with a message from Tetsuya Nomura:

Good evening, this is Tetsuya Nomura. From Unchained χ's existence to Union Cross, two years have passed since the service started. I thank you very much. I'll try to make public as soon as possible a new illustration of the title screen. This time please pay attention to their positions. So, thank you for your consideration.

Translated by KH13 translator Mio-chan.
The tweet can be viewed here.

Another message was left by Tetsuya Nomura and he promises that the main story of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], will be deeper than Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. He hopes that the story will keep fans thinking at every turn each time.

The new artwork from Tetsuya Nomura features Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Blaine, Lauriam, Chirithy and a mysterious figure in a black coat. This image, as well as images from the upcoming v2.3 update set for September 14th JST, can be seen below:



-A Message from the Director-

Long time no see, this is Nomura.
Somehow we are able to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, and it’s thanks to the fans.
The staff appreciate it too, thank you.
This time I tried very hard to write and draw various things.
I will explain: I did the KH2’s last battle illustration, the KH2 avatar parts and others so I kind of multiplying the number "2" for the 2nd Anniversary Event.
The main story ended with a long KH-ish prologue, so the main part of Union Cross begins at last.
This is what the title displayed on the latest scenario part meant.
It was the beginning of an impact, I believe that Union Cross will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ.

I think that each new part added will make you even more involved into the story, so please look forward to it.
By the middle of September, there is a little part of the main scenario in preparation along with a large-scale update, so please look forward to it too.
Until then, may your heart be your guiding key.

So you do you think of Nomura's update? Do you like the fact he directly messaged fans of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]? What do you think of the new artwork? Are you excited of the next big game update? Let us know in the comments.

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Tetsuya Nomura answers fan questions about Kingdom Hearts III; discusses Square Enix ch...

19 July 2017 - 03:12 PM

Video games writer at Mirror Online and long time Kingdom Hearts fan Ryan Brown (@Toadsanime) had the chance to ask Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura a few questions from curious fans in the Kingdom Hearts community regarding Kingdom Hearts III and the series in general. This followed the release of the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer and Toy Story world reveal at the D23 Expo 2017.

You can read the questions and answers below:

Ryan: Is there already a plan for what happens after the Xehanort Saga that concludes in Kingdom Hearts III? Are there ideas for what future mainline and non-mainline titles might consist of already??

Nomura: Of course there are different plans that are in my mind and things that I would like to work on or depict in terms of narrative, but it's not like we have anything finalised with Disney as of yet, so I'm not able to introduce it or mention it at this time, but again, I do have different ideas in my head.

Ryan: What did you think of Kingdom Hearts III being announced back in 2013? Were you consulted about the announcement and did you think it was the correct time for it to be announced?

Nomura: I understand some of the voices that are raised state that the announcement timing was a bit too early and I acknowledge that, but I do not like information going out in the form of a leak. Rather than having that leaked out unofficially, I'd rather make an official statement.

Ryan: How far in development is Kingdom Hearts III at the moment, percentage-wise?

Nomura: In terms of percentage of completion, and this is from previously as well, I tend to not describe it in terms of percentage because it's difficult to sort of say it as a straight number. But we do have a plan of development and we have said a period in which the project is being developed. Based on that, we have made our announcement for the release timing.

Of course, there are things that are out of the development team and my control which includes company decisions, the decision to change the engine that we're utilising or having personnel being shifted so that we have more resources to develop; things like that may have contributed to our development period being shifted, but that period itself we feel is still on track.

It's not like the development team had any sort of issues or troubles amongst ourselves in terms of the scheduling, but due to things out of our control that period sort of got shifted a little bit, but I feel that we are still working as planned in terms of our development period.

Ryan: With so much action going on in the game, such as Keyblade transformations, situation commands and the attraction flow rides, how have you balanced things so that nothing feels overpowered or so that players don't forget all the different things that they can do?

Nomura: So with these various different actions that are available in the game, each of them are very unique and very different if you compare the different actions that are available. For example, with the attraction flow that you brought up, you see the train and the spinning teacups and a ship was introduced. What's unique about those is that they're not part of a repretoire that you accumulate and choose from.

It will depend on what situation you're in, so depending on what enemies you're facing and what world you're in, what attraction will show up is unknown until you've actually activated it. Once you do activate it it's a very flashy move and you can attack your enemies in that way.

Ryan: What are some of your favourite Disney and Pixar movies? I'm not asking hoping for a world reveal!

Nomura: In terms of favourite movies then, I like Lion King. Something more recent would be Alice in Wonderland; it'd be kind of cool to have The White Queen appear in Kingdom Hearts.

Ryan: How many of the worlds and Keyblades will there be and how many of them are going to be new?

Nomura: I can't reveal all of that information! (laughs)

Ryan: Is there a chance of more Final Fantasy characters making an appearance, or other Square Enix properties like NieR and Dragon Quest?

Nomura: Of course, we do have precedence. There have been characters that have appeared throughout the series, so I don't think it's impossible but I'm not actively seeking to incorporate existing characters, only because we have such a large roster of original characters in there already.
If there is a perfect fit, I'm sure the idea might come up, but at the same time I have to consider, is it worth allocating the resources to create the character and give it a role within Kingdom Hearts? Would it merit the effort that's put into it? We're not really actively looking for existing characters.

Ryan: Are there going to be more secret bosses? Will Sephiroth return?

Nomura: I can't say for certain, I hope, hint hint hint. I can't say for certain. In terms of Sephiroth, do you feel like you want to battle Sephiroth again? (laughs)

Ryan: I might cry, but yes, definitely.

Nomura: Even though you fought him twice? (laughs)

Ryan: My mum managed to beat him! She plays the games and she beat him!

Nomura: She's really good!

Ryan: She is! My friends were always impressed by her Kingdom Hearts skills.

Nomura: I don't think I can beat him! (laughs). In terms of the secret boss, we can't say anything at this time, but in terms of Sephiroth specifically, my development team are worried that we've had him come back so many times so they're maybe worried it might be redundant at this point. We're still deliberating on it.

Ryan: Have you ever imagined there being a Kingdom Hearts CGI movie, similar to Advent Children of Kingsglaive?

Nomura: Nothing has been thought about in terms of a cinematic piece, only because it's difficult to put into a narrative that has become as complex as Kingdom Hearts. Of course, we do have a 15 year history so it has come up in discussions about doing some sort of cinematic piece, especially from Disney.

They are interested in making a CG movie of sort, but again, it's difficult to make the call on how we want to execute it and how to form it. I still haven't come to a resolution about what would be the most appropriate way in which we depict the narrative, so nothing specific has been formulated.

Ryan: So, zips and belts are prevalent in the character design. Is that just because you like the aesthetic? Does it have meaning behind it? Why does Donald's hat have zips?

Nomura: That was my preference back when I first designed the characters, so 15 years ago. At that time, people teased me about zippers and belts and whatnot and I'm the type of person if somebody eggs me on I'm gonna do it more! Nowadays, I'm not as conscious about adding them in.

I'm not the type of person that would shrink down when people tease me about it. I'm gonna fight back! I'm gonna go back at it and do it more. So, if people egg me on saying 'oh, Kingdom Hearts III is delayed' well, I might even delay it further! (laughs)

Ryan: How did Lea obtain his keyblade?

Nomura: Just out of curiosity, did you go to any of our Kingdom Hearts world orchestras?

Ryan: Yes, I did.

Nomura: In terms of Lea and him obtaining the Keyblade, it's not really depicted specifically that's for sure. During the events of Dream Drop Distance it's conveyed that he is training under Merlin's care and it was just a brief mention. There will be a bit more of a mention in Kingdom Hearts III on how Lea is aiming to become a Keyblade wielder.

In the concert, you may remember one of the videos where a girl is narrating. That's actually Kairi writing a letter about her training, so Kingdom Hearts III touches upon that part of the story. Unfortunately, it's not going to be going into details about what happened in the events of Dream Drop Distance, but it will be addressed in some way in Kingdom Hearts III.

Ryan: Have you ever read any Kingdom Hearts fan fiction and did any either inspire or disturb you?

Nomura: I've not read any sort of fan fiction, but if you go on the internet of course you see images. I've seen different drawings and art that was created based on the games, but I haven't read any fan fiction unfortunately.

Ryan: Lastly, will Kingdom Hearts III be playable at any events in the near future? When can people expect to get their hands on it?

Nomura: Perhaps when we're finally able to reveal the month and date of the release.

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