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Master Eraqus

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#1958257 Things I hate when fans say

Posted by Master Eraqus on 08 August 2017 - 05:13 AM

-"Roxas shouldn't come back, he's served his purpose. Same with Xion and Namine."
Just because they've served their purpose doesn't mean there's no way for them to come back, otherwise it wouldn't have been hinted at. Besides, no character in KH is meant to SOLELY serve a purpose. That's like saying Riku shouldn't have gotten out of the Realm of Darkness prior to CoM because he's "served" his "purpose".

I agree 100% with this. I've said pretty much most of these words multiple times.


I've stated before that I hate the 'rules' of storytelling. I don't care about character development, pacing, etc. I watch/play and enjoy. I don't treat characters as tools, I treat them as people with their wants and needs. I don't treat them as if they have to follow a certain script as if they have to do something cause otherwise bringing them back is pointless. That makes no sense to me.


Roxas and the others need to be saved and return. I think exactly like Sora here; "Roxas, you're you. We're not the same. I wanted to tell you that, that you deserve as much as I do, to be your own person."


Roxas, Namine and Xion deserve to be their own people. They've suffered, sacrificed and hurt and thus, deserve a second chance. They deserve this after everything they've been through. They're NOT TOOLS, they're people. I don't care if they don't do anything major in KH3. As long as they return and become their own people, I'll be satisfied.


These are people, not some objects that are made to "serve their purpose." Like lollygagger19 and I have stated in the past, saying that they shouldn't return because they've "served their purpose" is like saying Riku shouldn't be saved from the Realm of Darkness in KH1 because he "served his purpose." That's just so dumb and stupid to me. Saying that just reminds me of DiZ in KH2 and he was an a**hole. "Then you should consider yourself a tool at best."


While you could find their ends 'satisfying', finally having their second chance and becoming their own people would be WAY MORE satisfying to me.


-"I feel like Situation Commands are going to make the game too easy."
You can LITERALLY choose not to use them! That way, you can have your little "challenge" for KH3.

While I understand the concern of people thinking that KH3 will be too easy with Situation Commands, I don't understand the hate for an OPTION. Just like in 0.2 and Drive Forms in KH2, you don't need to use them at all. They're an option and if you don't want to use them, you can simply not use them. It's not rocket science.


If Situation Commands make KH3 easy, it wouldn't be new. Drive Forms in KH2 made everything easier in an already-mostly-easy game. I don't care if a game is easy or difficult. As long as I'm having fun, that's all that matters. I mean, isn't that the point of playing a game; to have fun?


In KH2, you always use the same ground and air combos, with the exception of Drive Forms and the occasional square button use in combos. But in KH3, thanks to the Situation commands, we're allowed to easily change the combos and thus, having variation. But if you're happy with you're basic combos, that's fine. Just know that the Situation Commands are OPTIONAL.


It's so weird to me when people complain about an option. I remember when I heard people complaining over a new Star Fox game with a game difficulty which allowed you to never be hit and this difficulty was optional. Like, what? Why complain about it when you can just completely ignore it?


-"Attraction Flow looks so childish. Get ready to not take KH3 seriously in the slightest."
You people say that as if it'll affect the story in a big way,

Wait... Some people actually say this?


-"Keybalde Transformations are just there so you can defeat enemies as quickly as possible."
Maybe so, but they're still one of the most fun and creative things Square has made.

If only there was a way you could just ignore them. Like making them an option or something.


The only other thing I could add that I hate hearing is lately how fans are bashing on Square and pretty much ordering them to give them the release date...


We've just been given the release year after all this time! How are you not satisfied enough?

#1957618 I hate when people say this

Posted by Master Eraqus on 03 August 2017 - 12:27 PM

And then when they inevitably say, "I'm confused," I'll be like, "Wow, who knew skipping multiple canon games would have you confused?"


It's their choice, they can play what they want, but if they think that only playing KH1 and KH2 is needed for KH3, it's gonna be hilarious when they start playing KH3 and I'm hoping there will be at least one person on YouTube who'll post their playthrough who had only played KH1 and 2.


Saying that you don't need to play the 'spinoffs' is like saying that it's okay to watch the first 2 Harry Potter movies and then skipping to the last one.

#1956794 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 27 July 2017 - 02:44 PM

That actually makes a lot of sense xD I assume that would explain why Xehanort has also put a piece of his heart into Vanitas. I mean we can't know for sure since it was never stated, but it's the most plausible solution.
Anyway thanks for the discussion man!

No problem and thank you for the discussion as well. :D Thank you so much for having a civil argument/discussion as it's a nice break from all the other arguments on the internet I've had, mainly involving insults, lack of understanding the term "opinion" and claims of having relationships with my mother. disgusted grunt 

#1956788 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 27 July 2017 - 02:26 PM

Hmm okay. Assuming the whole Xehanort-puts-his-heart-into-others concept was already present in BBS, what was the purpose of it? The only case that makes sense to me is Terra, since Xehanort wanted his younger and powerful body. But why Braig and Vanitas? And I still mean from the developer's side, since DDD hasn't been a thing back then. Why did they introduce this concept?
Yeah but later explanations suck xD I just wanna know what the original intention was.

Most likely, they were just back-up. Birth by Sleep shows that Master Xehanort is quite the planner, so he might have thought that it wouldn't hurt to have others at the ready. Plus, having a piece of his heart most likely changes a bit of their personality. While Braig pretty much had the same personality after having yellow eyes, he did seem to be more loyal to Xehanort, especially after hating him after losing his eye. Though, it's possible that Braig was scared of him and thought it'd be best to stay on the winning team. xD


Though in my opinion, the more likely answer was to leave things open to set up the future, which isn't really something new for the series:


  • KH1: Where are Sora, Donald and Goofy going in this field and what's in the letter Pluto has?
  • KH2: What's in the letter Sora, Riku and Kairi got?

#1956776 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 27 July 2017 - 01:47 PM

This thread is about Vanitas having yellow eyes. Vanitas was created before DDD was made. That means when the creators decided to give him yellow eyes they did that without knowing about the whole 13 vessels thing. Hence, the original reason for the yellow eyes can't be related to that. And I'm talking about the original reason.

It's clear that Xehanort having multiple vessels was an idea in BBS. It was hinted at in Blank Points, when Xehanort talks about "many roads."


Quotes from Birth by Sleep Ultimania:




It's quite clear that by Birth by Sleep, the concept of being part-Xehanort was hinted at in this game, as Braig is initially seen with brown eyes and then later seen with yellow eyes. These yellow eyes are not only exactly the same as Xehanort's, but also exactly the same as Vanitas'.


The Kingdom Hearts games have always left some things unanswered to then be answered in later games. In BBS, the yellow eyes could not be explained as that would spoil something, but then DDD answers that question with yellow eyes being a result of being part-Xehanort.


We can't just ignore answers from games for questions in previous ones. If that would be the case, then we should ignore answers such as Xion's disappearance and Ventus' heart being the reason why Roxas can dual-wield.


These games always leave questions to be answered in the future. In this case, it's clear that others being part-Xehanort was planned in BBS, with or without the concept of the 13 vessels in DDD. Since the first game, it's been shown that hearts shape the body:


  • The Robed Figure (Ansem SOD) takes over Riku's body and then changes its form to look like Xehanort in his thirties or fourties.
  • Riku's body changes to look like Ansem SOD in 358/2 days and KH2 since he still has Ansem's heart inside him.
  • Roxas' body looks like Ventus because he has Ventus' heart.
  • Terra's body takes different features as soon as Xehanort transfers his heart, giving Terra white hair, pointed ears and yellow eyes.

As shown with the quotes earlier, it's clear that Braig being part-Xehanort was planned out, but obviously, Nomura doesn't want to give away the secret. When talking to Terra, Xehanort is referring to Braig and others as "many roads," meaning that like Terra, there are other vessels.

#1956720 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 27 July 2017 - 07:01 AM

Why would Xehanort put pieces of his heart into others during the time of BBS when the whole idea of having 13 vessels was created with DDD? Doesn't make any sense to me... xD

Xehanort didn't just come up with the idea of 13 vessels during DDD. As he stated in DDD, "In my eagerness, I had lost sight of the correct way to achieve my goal." He knew of the 7 lights and the 13 darknesses. That was the whole reason he used Maleficent to gather the 7 Princesses of Heart while he created Organization XIII. As he states in the Xehanort reports, he is getting too old and thus, could die soon. Until he saw Terra, Xehanort had no suitable vessel to put his whole heart in. But as we all know, Xehanort always prepares back-up plans.


As he states in BBS to Terra, "You are just one of many roads I might choose to take. Trust me, I made certain of that." For a man like Xehanort, it would make sense to have back-ups.


Quote from Dream Drop Distance Post-Game Interview:

  • What happens to the hearts of those who have had Master Xehanort’s heart planted within them?

They’ll gradually be swallowed by it. As for Master Xehanort, he plans to control them completely. The planted parts of the heart are captured rather than disappear.



No, they represent HEARTLESS, I have to emphasize that because you don't seem to get it. Vanitas was originally made entirely of Darkness, just like Heartless, and Heartless, especially natural ones which were all that existed at the time are entirely black with golden eyes. Therefore, Vanitas reflected that when he actually got a human face in his hair and eyes, it's not in any way complicated.

This is pure speculation. It was never stated that yellow eyes represent darkness. Vanitas is the manifestation of Ventus' heart, but is not a Heartless. Similar? Yes, but not exact.


If Vanitas has yellow eyes because of his origin of darkness, then why doesn't Sephiroth, a manifestation of Cloud's darkness, have yellow eyes?


If you have a statement proving that yellow eyes are a sign of darkness, please show it to me.


Heartless don't have pupils... except you know, Xehanort's Heartless and Vanitas. Regular Heartless don't have pupils because they don't mimic human form to that extent like Xehanort's Heartless and Vanitas do.

That is true; Heartless don't have pupils. Xehanort's Heartless (Ansem SOD) didn't have pupils in fact, when he was the Robed Figure. The Ansem we later see in KH1, COM and DDD is the Robed Figure possessing Riku's body and changing its form. That is why he has pupils because at that point, it's Riku's body, not just a Heartless.


As for Vanitas, he's not a Heartless. As I've stated before he is similar but not exact. Vanitas is half of Ventus. Vanitas is Ventus' darkness and half of Ventus' heart, while a Heartless is the result of a person losing their whole heart before the darkness physically manifests.


If Vanitas is a Heartless, then why can't other Heartless create Unversed?


Let's also remember the fact that once a Heartless is created, the body fades away to then become a Nobody. Every time somebody turns into a Heartless, a Nobody is created as well. Ventus clearly never turned into a Nobody.

#1956619 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 26 July 2017 - 04:25 PM

No. Xion, Eraqus, and Xigbar all have black hair naturally, it has nothing to do with the darkness. When Vanitas was born he was for all intents and purposes a heartless, a vaguely human shaped heartless. Vanitas started out his life as basically this:


Then Ven joined his heart with Sora, and Vanitas gained Sora's shape. Vanitas got black hair and golden eyes representing his origin as a being of complete darkness. Vanitas' appearance had nothing to do with Xehanort, Xehanort did not even attempt to start possessing people to make the X-blade until after Terra, and that possession is what causes the white hair and golden eyes that people have, that's the "influence" that Normua is talking about. This is because he didn't know he needed 13 darknesses and 7 lights yet, Master Xehanort even outright says this in Dream Drop Distance.


Xehanort: "I once tried to create my own pure light and darkness to forge the X-blade, but the attempt ended in failure. In my eagerness, I had lost sight of the correct way to achieve my goal."


So yes, there is one other character who has golden eyes naturally, Vanitas.

Except it was never stated that Vanitas got black hair and yellow/golden eyes because of his origin of darkness.


As you said, Vanitas looks like Sora due to Ventus' connection with Sora in the beginning of Birth by Sleep. However, it is never stated that the yellow eyes are a result of being part of the darkness. Vanitas' eye colour is the exact same of Master Xehanort and Braig in BBS.


Yellow eyes have never been a result or effect of darkness as many characters have used or embraced the darkness but never had yellow eyes, such as Riku, Riku Replica and Maleficent. There's even Sephiroth, the physical manifestation of Cloud's darkness, who has blue eyes, not yellow.


As heavily implied in Dream Drop Distance, yellow eyes means that they are part-Xehanort, as shown when the camera zooms straight into Xigbar's/Braig's eye as he says, "Me? I'm already half-Xehanort."

#1956565 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 26 July 2017 - 10:10 AM

Plus, didn't the camera zoom into vanitas' eyes and face? Does that count?

Not exactly. The camera was zoomed into his face to then zoom out to show the dramatic reveal of his face, though the fact that we see his eyes first might have been like a "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" kind of hint, especially since in a previous cutscene, the camera cuts to Braig's eye, showing that it changed colour.

#1956477 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 25 July 2017 - 04:36 PM

Well there is not confirmation that it doesn't either. Assuming Vanitas was born just like we see him he has yellow eyes and Xehanort never on that moment passed a part of his heart to Vanitas... I do consider the yellow eyes to be part of a being of darkness. The heartless have yellow eyes so maybe for a person looking being of darkness they decided they would go with that as well having them with yellow eyes. Those are my thoughts at least.

There have been moments in the series when people used darkness but their eyes never turned yellow:


  • Riku
  • Riku Replica
  • Terra
  • Most, if not all, Organization members
  • Maleficent
  • Captain Hook
  • Xion

There's also the fact that in the Kingdom Hearts series, hearts shape bodies:


  • Ansem SOD possessed Riku's body in KH1 and made it look like Xehanort in his thirties/forties.
  • After Sora turned into a Heartless, his body (Roxas) had Ventus' heart, thus shaping Roxas to look like Ventus.
  • In 358/2 Days and KH2, Riku still had Ansem SOD in his body and had to look like him to be able to use the darkness fully.
  • In BBS, Xehanort transferred his heart into Terra's body, giving traits of Xehanort; grey hair and yellow eyes.

Finally, in Dream Drop Distance, as Xigbar/Braig tells Sora that he's already half-Xehanort, the camera zooms straight into his yellow eye, which was originally brown in BBS and later yellow, implying that the yellow eyes means that the person is part-Xehanort.


EDIT: Forgot to mention this quote:


  • Comparing the Organization members when they were human to when they were in the Organization, apart from Xehanort, only Isa and Braig have differently-shaped ears and differently-coloured eyes - why is this?

It’s a question of whether or not they’re deeply connected to Xehanort. In Braig’s case, comparing the scene where he’s injured in his battle with Terra and flares up at Xehanort, his appearance afterwards changes, which hints that something happened with Xehanort in between.

[Birth By Sleep Ultimania]

#1956452 Why aren't Vanitas' eyes blue?

Posted by Master Eraqus on 25 July 2017 - 09:46 AM

I've always wondered the same thing myself, I always felt that his eyes were yellow because he was connected to Master Xehanort.

But the previous games and BBS have proved that Vanitas does not harbour a fragment of Xehanort's heart in him.


So then why are his eyes golden yellow and not blood-red like unversed eyes?


A being who has been given in to the darkess has yellow eyes (Ansem, Xemnas, Vanitas, Xehanort, Terra-Xehanort, Young Xehanort, gosh even the heartless have yellow eyes...) Why exactly this happens? Beats me.

Yellow eyes means that they are part-Xehanort. Yellow eyes have nothing to do with the darkness.

#1956127 What if Org 13 finds Ventus first

Posted by Master Eraqus on 22 July 2017 - 11:38 AM

To be fair, the revelation was revealed to Sora because Young Xehanort wanted to gloat at his accomplishments. There's no evidence denying that the recusant sigil was also placed on Terra, Ventus, Aqua and Eraqus. And to be fair, Xehanort didn't mark Sora with the X, it was just part of his attire because of Yen Sid's magic.

Sora's attire was made by Yen Sid yes, but the Recusant's Sigil was not. The Robed Figure (or Ansem SOD) had placed the sigil on Sora so that the Organisation would be able to follow Sora and Riku into the Realm of Sleep.


  • The Robed Figure–a Heartless born from that experiment–says “This world has been connected”. While in KH1 that meant the Islands were connected to the darkness, in this title does it signify that Xehanort and company have connected to the Sleeping Worlds?

It means both of those things. In that scene, the Robed Figure became a “Portal” himself as a result of contact with Sora’s group, making it possible for the other Xehanorts to intervene within the dreams.

[Dream Drop Distance: Ultimania Scenario Mysteries Interview]


As Yen Sid states in DDD, Xehanort had to have been at the same time and place when Destiny Islands was lost to darkness because otherwise, Sora and Riku would have been beyond Xehanort's reach. Thus, the Robed Figure had placed the sigil on Sora so that they would be able to follow him and, as Young Xehanort says, tell them where he is at all times.


As for Terra, Aqua and Ventus, the X's on their outfits are just that; part of their outfits. A sort of uniform. Aqua and Terra had them before Xehanort even met them and Ventus didn't have it until training under Master Eraqus. In the flashback "The Boy with No Memories" in Birth By Sleep, Ventus doesn't have that part of his clothing.


If it truly was the Recusant's Sigil on the BBS trio, then shouldn't have Xemnas or any other form of Xehanort know exactly where Ventus was as he still has the X on his outfit? Even the designs are different. Sora's is just an X on his shirt while the BBS trio's are all straps of clothing.


As for Master Eraqus, it could be the Recuasnt's Sigil, but it has yet to be confirmed. But its design is more like Sora's if not exact.

#1956110 What if Org 13 finds Ventus first

Posted by Master Eraqus on 22 July 2017 - 06:22 AM

Aqua has the recusant sigil with her current attire. By definition, once she enters into the room where Ventus resides, Xehanort can pop up. Sure, Xehanort can't find the room himself, but there's no rule about having a tracker attached to Aqua in order to find the room.


And Xehanort doesn't need Ven's heart and soul to be in his body, he just requires his body as an ideal vessel (for Vanitas presumably).

It's not confirmed if she has the Recusant's Sigil. As far as we know, the X she has are just part of her clothing as it doesn't look like the sigil Sora had in DDD.


The only other person who had a sigil like Sora's was Master Eraqus. Terra's, Ventus' and Aqua' look like they're part of their clothing/outfits, rather than the X Sora had.

#1955655 Tetsuya Nomura answers fan questions about Kingdom Hearts III; discusses Squa...

Posted by Master Eraqus on 19 July 2017 - 03:12 PM

Video games writer at Mirror Online and long time Kingdom Hearts fan Ryan Brown (@Toadsanime) had the chance to ask Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura a few questions from curious fans in the Kingdom Hearts community regarding Kingdom Hearts III and the series in general. This followed the release of the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer and Toy Story world reveal at the D23 Expo 2017.

You can read the questions and answers below:

Ryan: Is there already a plan for what happens after the Xehanort Saga that concludes in Kingdom Hearts III? Are there ideas for what future mainline and non-mainline titles might consist of already??

Nomura: Of course there are different plans that are in my mind and things that I would like to work on or depict in terms of narrative, but it's not like we have anything finalised with Disney as of yet, so I'm not able to introduce it or mention it at this time, but again, I do have different ideas in my head.

Ryan: What did you think of Kingdom Hearts III being announced back in 2013? Were you consulted about the announcement and did you think it was the correct time for it to be announced?

Nomura: I understand some of the voices that are raised state that the announcement timing was a bit too early and I acknowledge that, but I do not like information going out in the form of a leak. Rather than having that leaked out unofficially, I'd rather make an official statement.

Ryan: How far in development is Kingdom Hearts III at the moment, percentage-wise?

Nomura: In terms of percentage of completion, and this is from previously as well, I tend to not describe it in terms of percentage because it's difficult to sort of say it as a straight number. But we do have a plan of development and we have said a period in which the project is being developed. Based on that, we have made our announcement for the release timing.

Of course, there are things that are out of the development team and my control which includes company decisions, the decision to change the engine that we're utilising or having personnel being shifted so that we have more resources to develop; things like that may have contributed to our development period being shifted, but that period itself we feel is still on track.

It's not like the development team had any sort of issues or troubles amongst ourselves in terms of the scheduling, but due to things out of our control that period sort of got shifted a little bit, but I feel that we are still working as planned in terms of our development period.

Ryan: With so much action going on in the game, such as Keyblade transformations, situation commands and the attraction flow rides, how have you balanced things so that nothing feels overpowered or so that players don't forget all the different things that they can do?

Nomura: So with these various different actions that are available in the game, each of them are very unique and very different if you compare the different actions that are available. For example, with the attraction flow that you brought up, you see the train and the spinning teacups and a ship was introduced. What's unique about those is that they're not part of a repretoire that you accumulate and choose from.

It will depend on what situation you're in, so depending on what enemies you're facing and what world you're in, what attraction will show up is unknown until you've actually activated it. Once you do activate it it's a very flashy move and you can attack your enemies in that way.

Ryan: What are some of your favourite Disney and Pixar movies? I'm not asking hoping for a world reveal!

Nomura: In terms of favourite movies then, I like Lion King. Something more recent would be Alice in Wonderland; it'd be kind of cool to have The White Queen appear in Kingdom Hearts.

Ryan: How many of the worlds and Keyblades will there be and how many of them are going to be new?

Nomura: I can't reveal all of that information! (laughs)

Ryan: Is there a chance of more Final Fantasy characters making an appearance, or other Square Enix properties like NieR and Dragon Quest?

Nomura: Of course, we do have precedence. There have been characters that have appeared throughout the series, so I don't think it's impossible but I'm not actively seeking to incorporate existing characters, only because we have such a large roster of original characters in their already.
If there is a perfect fit, I'm sure the idea might come up, but at the same time I have to consider, is it worth allocating the resources to create the character and give it a role within Kingdom Hearts? Would it merit the effort that's put into it? We're not really actively looking for existing characters.

Ryan: Are there going to be more secret bosses? Will Sephiroth return?

Nomura: I can't say for certain, I hope, hint hint hint. I can't say for certain. In terms of Sephiroth, do you feel like you want to battle Sephiroth again? (laughs)

Ryan: I might cry, but yes, definitely.

Nomura: Even though you fought him twice? (laughs)

Ryan: My mum managed to beat him! She plays the games and she beat him!

Nomura: She's really good!

Ryan: She is! My friends were always impressed by her Kingdom Hearts skills.

Nomura: I don't think I can beat him! (laughs). In terms of the secret boss, we can't say anything at this time, but in terms of Sephiroth specifically, my development team are worried that we've had him come back so many times so they're maybe worried it might be redundant at this point. We're still deliberating on it.

Ryan: Have you ever imagined there being a Kingdom Hearts CGI movie, similar to Advent Children of Kingsglaive?

Nomura: Nothing has been thought about in terms of a cinematic piece, only because it's difficult to put into a narrative that has become as complex as Kingdom Hearts. Of course, we do have a 15 year history so it has come up in discussions about doing some sort of cinematic piece, especially from Disney.

They are interested in making a CG movie of sort, but again, it's difficult to make the call on how we want to execute it and how to form it. I still haven't come to a resolution about what would be the most appropriate way in which we depict the narrative, so nothing specific has been formulated.

Ryan: So, zips and belts are prevalent in the character design. Is that just because you like the aesthetic? Does it have meaning behind it? Why does Donald's hat have zips?

Nomura: That was my preference back when I first designed the characters, so 15 years ago. At that time, people teased me about zippers and belts and whatnot and I'm the type of person if somebody eggs me on I'm gonna do it more! Nowadays, I'm not as conscious about adding them in.

I'm not the type of person that would shrink down when people tease me about it. I'm gonna fight back! I'm gonna go back at it and do it more. So, if people egg me on saying 'oh, Kingdom Hearts III is delayed' well, I might even delay it further! (laughs)

Ryan: How did Lea obtain his keyblade?

Nomura: Just out of curiosity, did you go to any of our Kingdom Hearts world orchestras?

Ryan: Yes, I did.

Nomura: In terms of Lea and him obtaining the Keyblade, it's not really depicted specifically that's for sure. During the events of Dream Drop Distance it's conveyed that he is training under Merlin's care and it was just a brief mention. There will be a bit more of a mention in Kingdom Hearts III on how Lea is aiming to become a Keyblade wielder.

In the concert, you may remember one of the videos where a girl is narrating. That's actually Kairi writing a letter about her training, so Kingdom Hearts III touches upon that part of the story. Unfortunately, it's not going to be going into details about what happened in the events of Dream Drop Distance, but it will be addressed in some way in Kingdom Hearts III.

Ryan: Have you ever read any Kingdom Hearts fan fiction and did any either inspire or disturb you?

Nomura: I've not read any sort of fan fiction, but if you go on the internet of course you see images. I've seen different drawings and art that was created based on the games, but I haven't read any fan fiction unfortunately.

Ryan: Lastly, will Kingdom Hearts III be playable at any events in the near future? When can people expect to get their hands on it?

Nomura: Perhaps when we're finally able to reveal the month and date of the release.

Click here to view the article

#1955647 The Wolf among us season 2 by telltale games to release in 2018

Posted by Master Eraqus on 19 July 2017 - 01:15 PM

Yes! Finally, I was hoping they would make a season 2 for a long time. I absolutely loved The Wolf Among Us Telltale series.

#1955042 Analysis of the Kingdom Hearts III – D23 2017 Toy Story Trailer

Posted by Master Eraqus on 17 July 2017 - 03:39 AM

As much as I am stoked for Toy Story (and I am, that was so awesome), my hope for some internal consistency has died with the return of Young Xehanort. I hope there's a really good explanation for why he's back when previously established rules say that he shouldn't be here. This has been a Broken Record Production.

What exactly was stated that she shouldn't be here? DDD established that he was one of the 13 Seekers of Darkness, as he is seen in one of the seats, and him returning is easily the result of time travel. Yes, it was stated that once he returned to his own time, he would forget the events that happened, but that doesn't automatically mean he can't time travel again.


We obviously don't know the exact details and just because something isn't explained yet doesn't mean it's inconsistent.