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Philip Ellwell

Member Since 14 Aug 2013
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Hows does autoplay work? I've forgotten... Updated 18 Feb · 5 comments

About Me

My name's Philip, and this is my profile (Duh). 

I'm 22, and live in Florida, too far inland to go to the ocean, and too far from Disneyworld to be a tourist town. It's just a small place. We've got a Legoland, though, so..eh? Not the same. 

I currently take G.E.D classes every Tuesday and Thursday, so don't expect to see much of me then. 

I like to write, and am working on three stories, one being a sometimes updated FF 9 novelization, a trilogy of stories, and a Gothic drama. I hope to attempt publishing this year, on Amazon Direct Publishing (Wish me luck?)







I like movies, but I like weird movies: 80's horror and fantasy, late 90's gothic, early 2000...you get it. 

My book selection is even weirder, so let's not go there here. 



I listen to a lot of music: I need it to write, think clearly, hell, even relax. Not going to attempt listing it all: I like a lot of random, scattered songs, and you nor I have that kind of time. 


Not sure what else to put here: what info does a bio page need?

I guess a little more: I live in a one story ranch style, facing a lake, with a big porch. My room's good, facing front, a window to the road and lake. It's a lazy road, often quiet. 






Well, that's about all. Have a good day, and be good to people. Enough crap in the world without someone being a jerk.





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Philip EllwellMythrilMagician

*Sneaks carefully by the memes, determined not to be caught*
Yesterday, 10:39 PM

Philip Ellwell

Hows does autoplay work? I've forgotten...
Feb 18 2017 02:27 AM
  • Lealixx's Photo
    works for me. If you mean the video on your profile it says it's not available.
    Feb 18 2017 11:14 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    It plays for me. Might not be playable outside US.
    I got it to work, I just had to do it three times.
    Thanks for helping, though.
    Feb 18 2017 11:25 PM
  • Lealixx's Photo
    Oh okay XD
    Feb 18 2017 11:34 PM

Philip Ellwell

Anyone else have the site crash out for about five minutes, or am I just lucky?
Feb 01 2017 10:53 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Good. no one wants to be directly related to that weirdo.
    Feb 01 2017 11:21 PM
  • EMIYA's Photo
    I know right. He doesn't even KAW. Like ever. WHATS THE POINT?
    Feb 01 2017 11:22 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    But he DOES have unicorns and fairy dust.

    So there's that.

    Plus, he was a zombie Natzi for awhile...
    Feb 01 2017 11:24 PM

Philip Ellwell

Riverdale is 100% pointless, and 100% stupid, but I still want to see episode 2
Jan 27 2017 03:26 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Just add sex, a murder, and Archie with a six pack to the comics, and that's about it.
    And Veronica is a Queen Biotch.
    Jan 27 2017 09:29 PM
  • Joker's Photo
    So its a bit more realistic? Idk how I feel about Archie taking that route as the orginals were nothing like that but ill try it out I guess
    Jan 27 2017 09:47 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Not really. They still seem sort of cartoonish.
    Yeah..Archie is "hot" here: he's a muscled jock, for some reason. doesn't fit much.
    The reboot comic did it better, but the show is one of those trainwreck's that's oddly fascinating to watch.
    Jan 27 2017 09:51 PM

Philip Ellwell

I'll be offline a week or so: Computer's going in for malware removal.
Jan 22 2017 09:55 PM

Philip Ellwell

Six stations blocked for the inauguration was six too many.
Jan 21 2017 01:45 AM

Philip Ellwell

Ouija 2 was better than the reviews said
Jan 18 2017 09:42 PM

Philip Ellwell

I randomly passed 100 subs on youtube, somehow.
Jan 13 2017 09:16 PM

Philip EllwellGeralt

Your profile is a beautiful mess
Jan 12 2017 10:19 PM

Philip Ellwell

youtube is just flooded with copies of the new Simple and Clean: is it really that good?
Jan 11 2017 09:54 PM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    Jan 12 2017 12:17 AM
  • MythrilMagician's Photo
    Yeah, I just listened to the track on YouTube. Good ol Everglow
    Jan 12 2017 12:18 AM
  • Philip Ellwell's Photo
    Philip Ellwell
    He (She....?) THEY seems to put the tracks fairly quick
    Jan 12 2017 12:20 AM
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