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In Topic: What if Org 13 finds Ventus first

Today, 02:05 AM

Since only Aqua can access the Chamber of Waking (old Org was looking during CoM and Days and had no luck), maybe they could ambush the gang when they unlock the room. But that would require them to know that Aqua knows where the room is.

... Well, Xemnas did still have Aqua's Keyblade Armor, so it's actually still up in the air as to how much of the details they know.


If I recall correctly:

-Only Aqua knows where the Chamber of Waking is and she is the only one that can unlock it

-Aqua is the only one capable of waking Ventus up, however, if she needs help, Sora is the only one who can because their hearts are connected


As for the 13th Seeker of Darkness, it'll likely be Vanitas, if he wasn't one of those that wasn't revealed in DDD. As for how they'll revive him, the Toy Story world may provide a clue, based on what Young Xehanort said:

"One heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another."

"There is a missing darkness we must reclaim. The way hearts connect in this world can provide a clue."

I'm pretty sure this means that either Zurg will be a Darkness, or YX will try to reset Buzz so he can be Norted more easily.


jk i'm betting Vani will be back too

In Topic: Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

Shit's about to get real!



In Topic: KH 0.2 Kairi Banner, Chernabog Damage Contest (7/20)

Yesterday, 01:00 AM

At least we've got the good-ol' mercy pull back lol

Now the question is do I even have enough jewels

Realer question is if I still want to play this game lol

In Topic: In what other potential Kingdom Hearts 3 World will Sora & Co change appe...

20 July 2017 - 09:59 PM

LOL Emperor's New Groove


Actually, it'd probably be interesting if SDG got turned into animals by Yzma (along with Kuzco ofc)

In Topic: Which space-themed world will be in KH3?

20 July 2017 - 01:04 AM

Space Paranoids

wait that doesn't count as space? dang


guess it's time to get on that GG hype train