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Member Since 30 May 2013
Offline Last Active Nov 03 2017 08:44 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V is the bomb, never too old for a children's card game. Updated 22 Aug · 15 comments

About Me

Hello Dear visitor, As you can see from above my name here is Eternal Reckoning, but you can just call me Eternal because while the full title is majestic I'm nice like that. ; )


Long story short I was an active member of Kh13 about a million years ago and have finally awakened from my slumber and rejoined the living, the story going around from what I can tell is that I was dead, and I've got to tell you hell is better than everyone says it is. Anyways I woke up and I was just like wut, whered everybody go? Much like Ash from the evil dead it seems I have slept to long x D, but on the upside all you new faces seem really nice and im looking forward to getting to know you all better so keep the messages coming! : D


What do you need to know about me? Why dont you read on and find out? lol

The Big Reveal:


What Species is he?:


What does he do?


What does he want??



But wait theres more!

What do I like?! I'll Tell you what I like! Yeah! Pump It! >_<



Much Like pretty much every one else here, I like anime(Although i rarely have time for it anymore), I like Games(Although I rarely have time for it anymore), I like Good T.v.(Although I rarely have time for it anymore), I Like people(I like people), you want specifics I got specifics!


Ze Anime!



Ze Games!



Ze Good T.v.!



Oh yeah and music xD 


Eternal reckonings sora sketch P1

Eternal reckoning coloured sora

examples of manga pages:

Another example page for the manga i'm writing, hope you like it.

I've been writing a manga here is one of the rough sketches of one of my pages

My manga
(i'm not proud of this picture anymore lol)

Character from a manga i'm writing

Some more concept sketching from my comic

I've made a request thread for characters with org cloaks

Organisation Cloaks: Part 1: Kairi colour

heres some of them lol they ancient by this point xD ive gotten much better

Organisation cloak: part 3: lelouch organisation IN COLOUR

Crash colour by eternal reckoning requested by BitTripNano

Organisation cloak: Part 4: Naruto (colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 5: Fuko Ibuki in org cape (Colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 6: Father Balder org cloak, (colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 7: Hikaru and kaoru: coloured

Organisation Cloak: Part 8: Gohan: colour upload to, quality improve

Organisation Cloak: Part 9: Megaman X: Colour

Organisation Cloak Part 10: Inori from Guilty Crown: Colour

MY 32 Bit sprite gallery!

Kairi School sprite by me

Sora kh2 32 bit by me :)

32 bit riku

32 bit vanitas

32 bit vanitas no mask

32 bit vanitas lingering sentiment

32 bit Xemnas in cow cape!

32 bit Xemnas!

32 bit Young xehanort

32 bit Young xehanort

32 bit lelouch :)

32 bit Zero. :)

Kamina 32 bit requested by hei

Zexion 32 bit sprite

Edward Elric 32 bit

Wisdom form Sora 32 bit

Neku 32 bit sprite.

White Mage 32 bit sprite

other requests:
i will post any requests that are not catagorized in one of my projects here,
feel free to request btw ;)

A picture for a fantastic friend, soon to be coloured.


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-drops a tomato cake-
Oct 30 2016 09:59 AM
  • EternalReckoning's Photo
    -steps on tomato cake, eats it and drops a fart-
    Oct 31 2016 06:42 AM


Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V is the bomb, never too old for a children's card game.
Aug 22 2016 02:40 PM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    But mainly the Wii. He didn't use a D-wheel in the DS games xD
    Aug 23 2016 11:36 PM
  • Yuya Sakaki's Photo
    Yuya Sakaki
    Yeah, it really BOMBED on that ending huh?
    Sep 30 2017 02:24 AM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    Seeing some of my comments make me cringe ;(
    Oct 01 2017 12:16 AM


Sup F Dawg, nice too meet you xD just decided to message you cause i saw weve got similar music taste. If you havent checked them out already I'd reccomend The Pixies and Dinosaur JR. And if youre open to heavy rock thats still fairly alternative I'd highly reccomend giving Queens of the Stone age a try :) Utmost respect lad
Aug 18 2016 08:22 PM
  • Felixx's Photo
    Hey man! XD I know the Pixies, and love their music. Haven't heard from Dinosaur JR though, so I'm gonna check that out, thanks :D Not sure if I like heavy rock, but that depends on the band/songs snd so on, so I'll give it a try. Thanks again :)
    Aug 19 2016 05:45 AM


Break out the party hats and flat champagne, today marks the day I am one year more pretentious.
Aug 18 2016 04:05 AM
  • Veemon's Photo
    Happy Birthday! (That's the one you were looking for, right?)
    Aug 18 2016 06:23 AM


Just got my platinum in sonic generations :)
Aug 04 2016 07:54 PM


I'll take you for a ride, in my garbage truck, truck, truck, truck, 'cause you're my quuuueeeen, I'll take you up town, show you the sights I know you want a ride in my garbage truck, truck, truck, I've got a sterio, you just gotta turn the knob and baby well go, I'll be your garbage maaaan, I'll take out your junk and I'll crush it down!
Aug 02 2016 07:46 PM
  • EternalReckoning's Photo
    If Scott can say lesbians instead of love I can get a few lines wrong.
    Aug 02 2016 08:49 PM
  • Dustin Newton's Photo
    Dustin Newton
    your comparing your self to an idiot, so it doesn't really work. It was better when you said you had fun.
    Aug 02 2016 08:52 PM
  • EternalReckoning's Photo
    Nah I changed it because my second idea was funnier
    Aug 02 2016 08:54 PM


Playing Tales of Symphonia atm, its amazing but Im finding it weird how it and ffx came out around the same time and have fundentally the same story xD
Mar 21 2016 06:38 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    (Still need to play both games lol)
    Mar 21 2016 11:09 PM
  • Isaix's Photo
    You don't need to play the sequel XD
    Mar 21 2016 11:44 PM
  • Xiro's Photo
    I meant both FFX and Symphonia.
    I guess the lack of sequel playing might go for both of them xP
    Mar 21 2016 11:50 PM


Mar 16 2016 12:31 PM


Its amazing how much better you feel when you realise you should just stop giving a crap. Left behind mentally something's that have been troubling me and I really feel like a new person.
Mar 06 2016 03:59 PM
  • teh lazy prince Xylek's Photo
    teh lazy prince Xylek
    i almost reached that point a year ago but then it sucked me back in xD glad to hear you're movin forward!
    Mar 10 2016 08:37 AM


I can't play kh x unchained but I want to update myself in terms of the story, do you guys no anywhere I could go to do this?
Mar 06 2016 07:08 AM
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