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Member Since 03 Mar 2013
Offline Last Active Mar 31 2018 08:07 PM
Ha ha ha funni joke not like it's been used at least 4 years in a row not at all ha ha ha. Updated 31 Mar · 2 comments

About Me

It's been a while since I've edited this... Life has changed a lot for me as of late. Lost family, lost love, health issues, the usual life prognosis. Oh, well. Bellyaching ain't going to save a person's day. It's been a while since I first made my original profile, but it's not exactly whom I am anymore, so since I can right now, I figure i shall reformat it to be better suited to me.

So, let the ball roll!



Yo yo yo! Username is whatever it is right now, but mostly I'm called either NeverBetter (Shorthand version of my first name, IItNeverGetsBetterThanThis) or Crona. Weather you know me well or not, I prefer to be called by those names (Mostly NeverBetter)

I'm told that, despite my wackyness at times, I'm a good friend, a good listener, and a crazy nutjob(the good kind!) Some of my best friends on this site come from all over the board, but mostly the Roleplay section. I love to roleplay, it's all sorts of fun. Creativity, inspiration, and excitement! I hope to see you around there!

Current running RP's of my design:

Kingdom Hearts: The Tirain Pieces: Kingdom Hearts: The Tirain Pieces (OOC/Sign up's) - Roleplaying - KH13.com Forum - KH13.com, for Kingdom Hearts

Alternate: αlτερνυτυβε (RP sign-ups) - Roleplaying - KH13.com Forum - KH13.com, for Kingdom Hearts

Also, as per my Member Title, I am the Lord of Shipping on this site

For the unfamiliar:


Shipping Section(Please note: The shipping of the site has been slow as of late.):

Posted Image

If their hearts can lock together and fit, I will ship it...

No bonds will break... Not under the strength of any God, they will only break once the bond is forgotten...


ShulkxThe Bridge: Stony Shulk (KISS THE BRIDGE)


NeverBetterxYuffie(Oath, you can eat five thousand bricks!)

Soul Eater EvansxNeko-Chan: Soul Neko Evans(Request by Neko-Chan)

Firaga SenseixYang Sensei Yang (interchangeable name:Firang, as per request by Firaga Sensei and other members)

Mine x Tatsumi: Tatsumine (Well color me bacon)

Unofficial(As far as known)

None as of now.

And now you are the Shipping Apprentice



You are officially my apprentice, Shipping Squire: NeverBetter

-Sikota Urinakano

After this occurred, Sikota had to disappear for a while, eventually leading for him(The previous Ship Lord) in a separate conversation giving me the titles and the powers that come with it.

I love Anime. Something that I can't help but, so here is just a small list of what I have watched:

· Sword Art Online
· Guilty Crown (Dat Void)
· Pokemon
· Digimon
· Zoids: Chaotic Century, New Century Zero, and beginning Genesis
· Beyblade. The original, not any of that dayum metal series they have now. TYSON FTW!
· Metabots Yup.
· Rave Master
· Transformers (Mostly G1 and Armada. Armada my fav, MINICON'S FTW)
· Yu-Gi-Oh The original, and GX, but not anything after (Dat Jap only Season 4)
· Soul Eater (CronaxMaka foreves)
· Dragon Ball/DBZ
· Ghost Hunt
· A bunch a little stuff
· SnK/Aot/Attack on Titan
· WattMote(Derp cant remember how spell name)
· Gundam Build Fighters
· Mobile Suit G Gundam

Just a small number of my many viewed series.

Not sure what to put here next, so I guess accounts..?

Steam: iitnevergetsbetterthanthis

Youtube: spininoutoctrl

Miiverse: gottacatchemall3

PSN: Star_Seeker_3

Minecraft: Derik_Absolon

That's about it.

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  • Age 21 years old
  • Birthday April 18, 1997

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Ha ha ha funni joke not like it's been used at least 4 years in a row not at all ha ha ha.
Mar 31 2017 07:42 PM
  • Nero Kunivas's Photo
    Nero Kunivas
    My god...they're multiplying...
    Mar 31 2017 07:51 PM


Ha ha ha funni joke not like it's been used at least 4 years in a row not at all ha ha ha.
Mar 31 2017 07:42 PM
  • Nero Kunivas's Photo
    Nero Kunivas
    Highly original and creative.
    Mar 31 2017 07:49 PM
  • Shulk's Photo
    Original joke don't steal?
    Mar 31 2017 07:54 PM
  • IItNeverGetsBetterThanThis's Photo
    * No problem, kid. Just don't let that guy get at you.
    Dec 06 2015 12:59 AM
  • Xiro's Photo
    When u getting help from a lazybones
    That's impressive
    Dec 06 2015 11:55 PM


Dec 05 2015 12:08 PM


>getting on Autotopia in Disney Land. >niece asks if I'm sure it's not bumper cars (she and the rest of my family were joking because I use to be really bad at driving) >I say yes. >she brings up my car accident where I totaled my car and did significant damage to the other firetrucking childish bitch.
Dec 05 2015 12:16 AM

Arya StarkIItNeverGetsBetterThanThis

I definitely was not playing Sacred Stones again, and definitely not arena abuse Chapter 5. And I most certainly would never use this tactic to level Seth all the way up to 20 in one chapter.
Nov 30 2015 02:49 PM
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