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Member Since 19 Feb 2013
Offline Last Active Private
What a nice trailer. I'm not as hyped like I was years ago, but still, it was a very nice trailer. Updated 10 Feb · 0 comments

About Me



Hardly anyone knows how much is gained by ignoring the future.
Someone can read your mind.
Fear is interest paid on a debt you may not owe.
It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.
Change is coming.
Never turn around when you don’t know what is chasing you.
First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win.
They are watching you while you sleep.
Death is only the beginning.
The boardwalk is waiting for you.

"We're all caught in HIS web. And the web consumes us all."



Hello there! I will tell a little about me. I love video games, my favorites series are Final Fantasy, Tales of, Shin Megami Tensei, .Hack//, and of course! The Legend of Zelda!

I also like anime and Japanese music, drawing (I'm slowly learning how to draw.) and reading, nothing beats a good story.

I'm a very calm and quiet person, often just listening to those around me, sometimes this makes other people think I'm anti-social, which I'm not.
I can honestly say that I consider myself a social introvert, meaning that I can be with small groups instead of large ones, which is fine for me, those groups are mostly my small circle of friends or my family.

I love rainy days and cold weather ever since I was a child, too bad I can only have cold weather in winter while the rest of the year is really hot T_T

I used to study psychology, but thanks to some personal circumstances I had to stop, for now. One day I will return!



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What a nice trailer. I'm not as hyped like I was years ago, but still, it was a very nice trailer.
Feb 10 2018 03:24 AM


It's confusing to get used to Dissidia NT after not playing any of the two previous games in awhile.
Jan 13 2018 01:29 PM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    Yeah I find it hard as well compared to the first two games. I forgot what did what but then did the tutorial and remember some of it but it's still hard because of the open maps I think I haven't played that much but playing as Zydane it's hard because is bravery attacks are really hard lol
    Jan 13 2018 11:17 PM


The World Ends With You Final Remix...? Take my money!
Jan 11 2018 10:16 AM


Happy New Year to everyone from Mexico!
Jan 01 2018 01:00 AM


( ・∀・)っ旦~~
Dec 29 2017 07:09 PM


I've been with my family almost all day. It's been a nice birthday.
Dec 28 2017 06:40 PM
  • Vaude's Photo
    Happy birthday, bud! I'm very glad to see that you have had a great day. =)
    Dec 28 2017 07:42 PM
  • Elrandir's Photo
    @Zeldablade7: Thank you!

    @Vaude: Thanks, mate! It's not often for me to spend time with my family on my birthday so it was great.
    Dec 28 2017 08:10 PM
  • Javelin434's Photo
    Happy birthday mate! Treasure the time with your family, because you never know what will happen tomorrow!
    Dec 28 2017 09:39 PM


Merry christmas to everyone from Mexico!
Dec 24 2017 09:41 PM
  • narushipu's Photo
    Muy feliz navidad desde Argentina!
    And Merry Christmas to everyone else!
    Dec 25 2017 12:38 AM


Merry christmas to everyone from Mexico!
Dec 24 2017 09:41 PM


He's making a list and checking it twice, Gonna find out who's naughty and nice, Santa Claus is comin' to...wait... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DRuRDe0X4AMJcRC.jpg
Dec 23 2017 06:49 PM


The ending to the Champions Ballad made me feel very happy after that last scene. The bonds that they made with each other will remain forever. May their spirits rest in peace.
Dec 09 2017 01:52 AM
  • Iamkingdomhearts1000's Photo
    I'd like to see DLC that reveals Breath of the Wild's placement in the timeline if possible.
    Dec 09 2017 05:23 PM
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