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#1974274 A Theory Regarding World Reveals!

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 09:08 PM

Indeed! And really, with the sheer gargantuan size and scope all these worlds will have, 13 to 16 is more than enough, ya know? :)

No I don't know because it's Nomura and he could throw in a monkey wrench at a whim. I mean initially there were no plans for HD1.5+2.5. Then two years later, we get a trailer for HD1.5+2.5. He can change things at a whim. I am going off of what he has said initially in an interview.

#1974270 A Theory Regarding World Reveals!

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 09:01 PM

Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, we're hot off the heels of what could be described as an epic showing of Kingdom Hearts III that happened this past weekend at D23 in Japan, and well, our heads are still reeling from all the insanity we witnessed in the trailers! With this being said, many people are wondering how many worlds will be revealed before the game releases? Since Nomura had stated he'd reveal all worlds before releasing the game, I have a theory!


Okay, so far, we've got these worlds confirmed for Kingdom hearts III:

  • Twilight Town
  • The Mysterious Tower
  • The Kingdom Of Corona
  • San Fransokyo
  • Mt. Olympus
  • Andy's Room
  • Monstropolis

So this makes for a total of seven worlds! Now, let's assume that Nomura decides to ramp it up a notch and from this point forward, he decides to reveal two worlds for each new trailer that surfaces! This would be how I'd imagine it!


For March, since it's the anniversary of the KH series, we could see a small trailer with either gameplay footage or story bits revealing two new worlds. This could be Treasure Planet and Atlantis, or any other world Nomura has in store! That'd count up to 9 worlds!


For April, the Union X event will have Tetsuya Nomura being a guest, so odds are that he'd probably throw in two more world reveals, thus leading the world count up to 11!


Then we come to E3, where we might get the most massive and jaw dropping KHIII trailer we've ever seen, hopefully with a release month, and then we get two more world reveals, leading up the count to 13!


Now, if the game should come out on July, then when the game releases, the launch trailer could hold two more world reveals, therefore finalizing the world count to 15! Or if the game would come out in September or November, some slight adjustments would be made, but I believe that the overall world count could end up being 13 to 16!


But anyways, that's just what I think! What do you all think of this? Would there be the possibility of us getting five more trailers before the game releases? D23 surprised us with 2 trailers, so it's not out of the realm of possibility! Let me know what you think!

13 to 16 sounds about right. As long as there are not as many worlds as KH2 as Nomura has stated.

#1974263 Which of these cosplayers looks like Noctis the most in your opinion?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 08:47 PM

So here is a pic of Nipah as Noctis, but with him comparing game vs him. Don't know if this would make a difference to anyone.



#1974234 Which of these cosplayers looks like Noctis the most in your opinion?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 03:46 PM

I found three guys who have all cosplayed Noctis. They are all so good, but I can't tell who looks like Noctis the most. Below are the images that correspond to the letters and names in the options.

A. Nipahdubs



B. Narcisse Puppet



C. Misch Axel


#1974220 what world do you think/hope for e3

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 02:01 PM

San Fransokyo probably, but I would love to see Atlantis.

#1974219 would you like to see a kh smash or mario kart type game

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 02:00 PM

Sora and co. in Super Smash Bros would be cool . Racing game , no , thank you .

Exactly everything I was thinking.

#1974218 does anyone other than me want halloween town back for kh3

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 February 2018 - 01:59 PM

Time to move on. We have seen enough.

#1974151 Who’s the best villain in Kingdom Hearts?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 18 February 2018 - 10:38 PM

The mastermind behind it all Master Xehanort is the best villain of course.

#1974063 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 17 February 2018 - 09:19 PM

Chapter 46: The Keyhole
      We immediately left the imperial palace with the sword, mirror, and jewel in hand. We traveled with the emperor and his escort while keeping the regalia hidden from public eyes. Should anyone see these, it will become a worldwide covered incident and for sure we will place a target on our backs if not get attacked with the emperor. The emperor, Invictus, Matthew, and us Elite first traveled by plane to Osaka airport from Tokyo. Then, we were all in a limo being driven to the Daisen Kofun from the airport. It was a large limo and there were seats along the side of the interior allowing us to all sit across from each other and next to each other. The royal escort picked up from the airport as the escort in Tokyo communicated with the escort in Osaka. Akihito spoke to us as we traveled to our destination.
      "My ancestor longed to see the keyhole opened," he said. "Alas he never saw it for the time had not come. It is a privilege to see it happen. Now I must tell you something you must know as you open the keyhole. You will unlock Earth's power, but that is not the only thing you will do. You will also summon the seven lights of Earth. They are seven Keyblade wielder that have been chosen by pure will of the Earth. It is not not something that is passed down like the dynasties of seven lights of yore. These seven are the ones that reside with one on each continent of Earth. Yes, every light lives on each of the continents. Unlocking the keyhole will summon these seven and they will see and sense the summoning. They will be under your command and will fight by your side."
      "Your majesty," I said "who exactly are these people though?"
      "There is nothing about them," he replied. "Once one of them passes on, Earth chooses the successor. It can be any Keyblade wielder, but only one per continent. Their duty is to protect Earth and the light. Just as there are seven lights from the kingdoms and from the heart of the founder of the kingdoms, so there are seven lights." We understood what was to be expected and were ready. Approaching the entrance to the kofun, we took the wrapped up sword, mirror, and jewel and got out of the limo.
      "Thank you your majesty," Invictus said and bowing a Japanese bow. The emperor smiled and bowed as well.
      "I have all the confidence in the world you can save us all," Akihito said. He bade us farewell, went back into the limo, and was taken back to the airport leaving us Elite, Matthew, and the Keyblade emperor. We went to the public relations firm for the park and asked for the guide that helped us last time. He came out from an office, saw us, and nodded knowing where we wanted to go and what to do. We went to the dock and hopped into the boat with him and crossed to the other side landing at the same spot as last time. There we got off and trekked through the woods coming upon the entrance to the tomb.
      "You have the regalia?" Jack asked. I merely showed them all together. I gave the mirror to Jack, the sword to Shane and kept the jewel on hand.
      "So now all that is left is to put the regalia in their respective places," Invictus said. I put in the jewel first in the slot in the doors and Jack put the mirror in the stone with the the circular hole in its side. Shane was the last one with the sword ready to put it in the slot meant for it. We all took a deep breath in as we were about ready to unlock the door and then come face to face with the keyhole of Earth.
      "You guys ready for this?" Shane asked.
      "Let's do it," Adrian replied determined. Jack and I nodded as did Matthew.
      "Unlock the door," Invictus said. Shane raised the sword pointing down at the slot and then put it in the slot. Suddenly, a light beam came from the bottom of the same stone that hit the top left corner of the door frame. It then was directed to the left column of adamantite, reflected to the right column, directed to the adamantite piece above the center of the doors, reflected to the mirror and then the light from the mirror traveled to the jewel causing it to glow. The jewel glowed its bright green hue and then the light beam disappeared leaving the jewel glowing on its own. The writing on the doors glowed as well in the same hue and then the doors themselves opened up. I felt chills go up and down my body and could tell my friends feel the same way. The six of us then proceeded to enter through the entrance and enter a pitch black hallway that quickly turned that way as we walked on. Invictus summoned his Keyblade and had it glow just so we could see. There were torches on the walls so he waved his hand and they caught fire lighting up the hall. Invictus waved his hand again so as to make sure every time we came across more torches, they lit up automatically.
      The hallway slightly declined as we walked on. It was obvious why it was so as the tomb was farther up ahead and surely had to be ground level as this was an artificial mound made by men in Nintoku's time. It eventually became level and we walked on. When the hallway no longer declined, we saw on the walls some writing all in Japanese. There were no pictures at all which we found a little strange. The writing was referring to the emperor buried here in this tomb and about his life as known by historians of this modern day and of details that have been lost to time that have been forgotten. We keep walking and come across the Keyblade wielder writing all over the walls. This speaks about the emperor, his connections to the keyhole, the Keyblade Emperor, the purpose of the imperial regalia, and the guardian of the regalia. Even the seven lights that Akihito spoke of were written about on here. Eventually I came across one line that grabbed my attention and it went as follows: For in saving the light, sacrifice must be made. The bearer of the Key shall become one with the Light in saving the light. Only then can the darkness be dispelled. The words 'key' and 'light' had the first letters capitalized. It clear was referring to the χ-blade as the Key and Kingdom Hearts as the Light. And becoming one with the light meant that whomever among the four of us bears the χ-blade will have to become one with Kingdom Hearts and then they can save the universe from darkness. It was interesting to see what exactly must happen in order to defeat the darkness. I am just curious as to what exactly 'becoming one' means. That might not be something we will ever learn until it happens.
      We walk into a room that is circular with a diameter of fifteen feet across. Torches along the wall light up as we stepped into the room. Looking straight in front of us is none other than the keyhole of Earth. It was like the keyhole found in Agrabah, but much smaller. Along the wall are seven different symbols carved into the wall with ancient Keyblade wielder writing below the symbols as captions. They were the names of the different continents. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica were all written below each symbol clearly describing which symbol symbolized their respective continent. These can't really be described as they are things I have never seen before nor can make similarities with anything I have seen before.
      "Wow..." was all I could say. We have found Earth's keyhole. The shape of the tomb was no coincidence. Nintoku is buried here. It is just a matter of where the sarcophagus.
      "So Matthew where is the-" I said before realizing as I look around the room that he isn't there. "Oh great. Where on earth could he be?" My friends and Invictus also looked around and saw he isn't there.
      "Great, he's gone," Adrian said. "Invictus, give me a reason I shouldn't be looking for him or thinking he set us up."
      "I do not think you should nor is it the case," he replied. "I kept quiet on my thoughts about him, but in the time we have spent with him, I have had a feeling there was something about him he did not tell us."
      "What do you mean? He basically opened himself up to us by telling us about himself and his roots," Shane said.
      "Yes, but I may be suspicious in saying this, but I sense that there is something about him that he did not tell us that relates to what we see on the walls," Invictus said.
      "You mean you think he is one of the seven lights?" Jack asked. Invictus nodded.
      "Well, I probably am being a bit paranoid so I would not take my suspicion with my value," he said. "Now, the time has come to unlock the Earth. Supreme Elite, you have obtained the Mark of Kye and are the ones foretold to awaken the power of Earth. Go and fulfill your destiny." Us Elite nodded and so we stood side by side in a line in this order: me, Shane, Jack, and Adrian. Invictus was just off to the left side with his armor on. We raised our hands toward the keyhole and gathered our power together. The keyhole was clearly not active when we showed up so we have to awaken it. The Mark of Kye then appeared on ourselves and glowed in the Kingdom Hearts blue hue. Just then, the keyhole itself glowed in the same hue. We looked at each other with excitement as we awakened the keyhole. We summoned our Keyblades and pointed them at the keyhole. Light beams then erupted from the tips and traveled to the keyhole. The keyhole glowed brighter as the beams hit it. We unsummoned our Keyblades and waited. Nothing really happened for a second, but then the symbols on the walls glowed in the same hue as the Mark and keyhole. Four streams of light came out of the keyhole and floated around for a bit before rushing towards the Mark on our chests and entered into us. It felt like we had a rush going through us. It was like we got hit by a truck, but we still are getting hit. It was an indescribable feeling as all the power of Earth was unlocked and flowed right into me. My friends were feeling the same thing as I can sense also their mentality. We soon got used to it and closed our eyes and controlled ourselves. The feeling we embraced and the power we made our own.
      Once the power finished entering into ourselves, we had auras like flames around us that were the blue color like before. We opened our eyes and they glowed the same blue. Invictus took off his mask and awe was written all over it. The flame auras disappeared after a few moments and our eyes turned back to their normal colors. We then exhaled and took our breaths deliberately. It would take some getting used to feeling like you just got a shot in the arm of stimulus. It kind of was like when Noctis obtained the royal arms from his predecessors' tombs. Now, we have the power of Earth.
      "Now that you have Earth's power," Invictus said, "the seven must be summoned here."
      "How do we do that?" Jack asked.
      "Remember the way in which I summoned the seven lights composing of Sora and company?" he said. "That is how you will do it. You will line up facing the symbols of the seven continents. You will say the incantation and then in the motions I did at the pillar in summoning the seven guardians of light, you will do the same with the seven lights on Earth."
      "What do we say though? We can't just make up stuff," Adrian reasoned.
      "Your heart will know and when it does, then you will speak the right words," Invictus said. We looked at each other unsure of this, but we took his word for that face value. We stood side by side like before, but each of us facing the symbols. The shape was a curve to be precise. We closed our eyes and opened our hearts. Then it came to us.
      "Seven lights, guardians of Earth," we said in unison, the sigils started glowing and acted up as we spoke, "the Earth has awakened. Fulfill your duty and save the world. By command of the Supreme Elite..." we open our eyes "come to us!" Then like Noctis in Final Fantasy XV and Invictus at the pillar, we snapped our right hands out summoning our Keyblades, raised them over our heads, and then stab them into the floor. Like meteors coming to earth, seven Keyblades came through the ground above our heads and landed in front of the symbols of the continents. Corridors then opened up and out of them came seven Keyblade wielders: four males and three females. They had their eyes closed and heads bowed as they came out of the corridors, but then after a few moments, they opened their eyes and looked at us. My friends and I unsummoned our Keyblades as we saw them. There was silence between us Elite and the seven for a while. I look around at them and then notice one of them.
      "What?! Matthew?!" I exclaimed shocked. He was standing in front of one of the sigils. He smiled a little bit.
      "Surprise," he said slightly sheepishly. Invictus then stepped forward.
      "Welcome seven lights of Earth," he said.

#1974024 Incredibles 2 - Olympics Sneak Peek

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 17 February 2018 - 12:15 PM

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come with Incredibles 2.

#1973947 What Disney movie would make the best new musical world in KH?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 16 February 2018 - 05:24 PM

I hate you right now for this especially with daring to put musical world and KH3 in the same sentence, but if I must, then it would have to be Frozen.

#1973685 Square Enix's floor plans for E3 2018 have been revealed

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 14 February 2018 - 08:10 AM

Of course I’m excited, but not exactly that surprised.

#1972960 Two Kingdom Hearts III trailers relevealed at D23 Expo Japan 2018

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 10 February 2018 - 08:34 AM

I am dying of joy right now.

#1972593 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 07 February 2018 - 05:27 PM

Chapter 45: The Imperial Regalia
      My friends and I and the emperor are rather curious about this Matthew we see standing before us. He seems trustworthy as he did save us from the thugs of Luxu's. However, I just want to know more about him and I think it would be wise we do not do anything until he opens up to us.
      "Before we go anywhere, tell us who you are exactly," I said. "How also can you get to the regalia?"
      "I am a descendant of a Dandelion," he said. "A faction of Dandelions took a different path of escaping the Keyblade War. They came to Earth all scattered and blended in with the people of the world. My ancestor came and settled down as well. After Erabareshimo became Keyblade Emperor, Nintoku turned to another boy servant and told him he will be the one to guard the imperial regalia and everyone after him will be successors to this."
      "So you are the guardian of the imperial regalia?" Invictus asked.
      "Yes I am," he replied. "Now who are you guys?"
      "I'm Ben."
      "I'm Shane."
      "Name's Jack."
      "Hey you four are the Supreme Elite aren't you?" Matthew said. "Yeah I have seen your images or likenesses so many times. Not only is it my duty to protect the regalia, but also lead the Supreme Elite to it so the prophecy about Earth's keyhole can be fulfilled."
      "Yeah we also go by those names too," I said. Matthew then looked at Invictus.
      "And who are you?" he asked.
      "I am Invictus, the Keyblade Emperor," he replied. Matthew froze with shock on his face. This is his king, his emperor, his ruler he answers to. The Keyblade Emperor is the ruler over all Keyblade wielders and now he meets his emperor. He then went on one knee and bowed to Invictus.
      "Your majesty, my emperor," Matthew said with reverence.
      "Rise," Invictus said and Matthew stood up. "I am pleased that we know you are one of our own and on our side. Unfortunately, we cannot tell friend from foe."
      "Those guys that attacked you had been trying to get to the regalia for a while," Matthew said. "I have had to keep an eye on them. They have tried multiple times to get the regalia through different means with some becoming violent. I needed to intercede when necessary and merely beat them back. I couldn't kill them in public so you happened to be exactly what the doctor ordered."
      "So tell us, where are the regalia and how do we get them?" I asked straight to the point.
      "That is where it gets tricky," Matthew replied. "Unfortunately, as sacred as the regalia are, getting them will not be easy. The sword is located at Atsuta Shrine, the mirror at the Ise Grand Shrine, and the jewel at the Three Palaces Sanctuary in Tokyo, which is also known as the imperial palace in Tokyo."
      "Whoa wait, one of these is at the imperial palace?" Shane asked.
      "Yes one is," Matthew said.
      "And explain how we could possibly get it," I said slightly condescendingly. "If you have an idea on how to get it along with the rest of the regalia, please share. We are all ears."
      "Uh... yeah..." Matthew said unsure and put his hand behind his head in nervous thought. I thought so. I knew it the moment he mentioned the imperial palace.
      "So we are facing possible imprisonment if go after these," Jack said. Matthew kept quiet.
      "Okay then, so let me ask you this, how do we know you are not setting us up?" I asked. Matthew remained silent, but then spoke.
      "I am supposed to help you get the regalia," Matthew said sternly. "Whether the officials that protect the emperor and his family believe us, I will get that sword and the mirror and jewel too. I swore when I took up the mantle to fulfill the duty. I will make sure it happens, I promise you that."
      "Alright, but if this fails, the fate of the universe is in the balance and you will be held responsible, by royal command you will be," Invictus said.
      "Yes your majesty," Matthew replied. "First, we will try the easier part of this: getting the sword. That is at the Atsuta Shrine which is about a couple hours from here. We will take a look around and scout the ins and outs. Second, will be heading to the Ise Grand Shrine where the mirror is stored and do the same there. The final step of getting the sword will be the hardest part of it all. We may have to use our magic to get in and out of the imperial palace." I sighed and shook my head.
      "You don't know how much I would prefer not to do things this way," I said, "but if you insist, we will do it. I just hope it doesn't go wrong."
      "Well if it does, we will have to find a way to convince them to allow us to see the emperor," Matthew replied. We went into a corridor and came out in Nagoya near the shrine. We my friends and I changed into our normal forms and Invictus changed out of his armor. We walk a bit and see to our left the shrine itself. It is amazing to come to such a place as it is pretty spread out. We head to the treasures building called the bunkaden and walk inside looking like regular tourists. We look around and come across an exhibit like a sanctuary with two lights inside. There doesn't appear to be much inside, but Matthew bumped me and nodded to the sanctuary.
      "It's there," he said. "Can you feel it?" I closed my eyes for a second to feel it. I felt an energy like it is calling out to me. I open my eyes and look in the exhibit.
      "I feel it," I said. My friends concurred with my sentiment.
      "I can too," Invictus said.
      "We come back after closing," Matthew said. "The entrance closes 4:10 pm and close the entire Treasure Hall closes at 4:30. We arrive at 4 pm, stick around past the entrance closing, obtain the sword, then we get out." We all nod and then leave. It was about noon Japan time when we left the hall. We came back at around quarter til four in the afternoon and hung around until after the entrance closing. After the entrance closed leaving only people who have not finished walking through the hall, we went to the exhibit again this time in our Elite form and the emperor with his armor. We stood in front of the exhibit looking in at it.
      "Now in order to obtain the sword, it needs to be awakened," Matthew said. "For it to come to you through the glass, you need to have your heart reach out to it."
      "Is there anything we should say to get it to come to us?" I asked.
      "Your heart will speak to it and if your heart can successfully do that," Matthew explained, "it will come to you."
      "Before you do so," Invictus interjected, "it may not decide to answer to you at first since it is the imperial regalia of Japan and would answer to royalty. If it indeed is not obeying your call, by command of the emperor, I order it to obey your call. It will know it is the Keyblade Emperor it must obey." I nodded in understanding at the instruction. I then closed my eyes and raised my right hand palm facing the exhibit. I then used my mindfulness I learned from my martial arts master to get in the moment and block out all around me.
      Sword of legend, sword of the emperor, I call upon thee, I said using my heart. I felt the pulse like it awakened. Awaken sword of legend and come to me. I sensed it refused my call. I am kind of not surprised.
      Sword of legend, by order of the Keyblade Emperor, come to me and fulfill your purpose, I said with my heart again.
      Who are you that you know my emperor? the sword asked.
      I am Polemistis, Supreme Elite of yore and one of four that live, I responded. It became more cooperative.
      You who are foretold to open the keyhole, take my power and fulfill my first master's quest, the sword responded. I open my eyes and from above the altar that was in the middle of the sanctuary, the sword appeared in a glow of light. It was just as the images that have been assumed to be what the sword looks like. It floated through the glass and I grabbed the handle of the sword.
      Suddenly, visions appeared before me. I saw a man slay a multi headed monster and that monster disappeared. I learned from the sword that this man was named Susanoo, a god in Japanese mythology, and the monster was orochi. I realized that Susanoo and orochi were not what the legends say they were. After the monster disappeared, a sword was left behind, which is the very one that I am holding. Then the vision shifts to Susanoo handing me the sword. He is smiling at me warmly and holding the sword in two hands as he hands it to me. I reach out and grab it and hold it. I then look at him.
      "This sword was produced by the Earth's heart and sent to me through orochi," he told me. "Go and unite kusanagi with her counterparts and open the keyhole." Then the vision disappeared and I am standing with my friends, Invictus, and Matthew.
      "I see you got the sword," Invictus said. "However, what happened? All of a sudden, you froze." I continued staring at the kusanagi in my hand with awe.
      "I saw Susanoo," I said. "The myths misunderstood him. Susanoo was a Keyblade wielder and was given this sword by the Earth's heart. He defeated a heartless named orochi and obtained the sword. Susanoo told me that and told me to unite it with its counterparts."
      "The mirror yata no kagami and the jewel yasakani no magatama," Matthew said.
      "When touching the sword, I also learned so many other things," I said. "I learned that the regalia have had different copies exist before them, but every time the originals were lost, the power transferred. This is the true sword and the other counterparts are in the places where Matthew has described."
      "So it has responded to your call and now we know the real story behind it," Matthew said. "We have two more to go. Let's find the mirror." We knew that a void would be noticed in time. It depends on when. For now, we covered up the sword within our clothing and went out of the hall quickly. We enter a corridor and head to the Ise Grand Shrine. There was still day light, but the sun was toward the west, though not just yet to set. We head to the steps that lead up to the shrine while staying on the sides out of respect for those that believe the middle of the stairs is for the goddess Amaterasu. We get up to the fence and Matthew stops us.
      "The mirror is inside, but it is forbidden for people to take pictures and the security is extremely tight," Matthew said. "We will have to do this at night." We nod in reply and then bide our time by staying at the bottom of the stairs. When the place closed and it was dark, we sneaked in by jumping over the fence without being caught by the guards. Inside, we head to the main shrine, go inside, and find the compartment that had the mirror. We saw it displayed this time in the midst of a shrine dedicated to Amaterasu and see the mirror in a compartment. I use the kusanagi to call out to the mirror and it glowed with light and came to me and I hold it in my hand. I just smile and nod at my friends.
      As we turn around, we see guards telling us to freeze in Japanese. We were caught. Great, just great. The sword and mirror disappeared subtly. We put our hands up in surrender and they arrest us.
      "Wait! We need to see the emperor!" I shout in Japanese. Since all languages of Earth come from Atlantean and Atlantean is a sibling of the Keyblade wielder language, I am able to speak it.
      "You will see mere images of him in jail!" they reply in Japanese.
      "If you don't, we will destroy the regalia!" Matthew threatened in Japanese. The guards paused at the threat, though we did not mean it. Quick thinking made me realize that we can see Akihito and find a way to get the jewel.
       "You will see him tomorrow then," the guards acquiesced and then led us away into detention. We also used our leverage to force them to put us under house arrest and keep this between us and the emperor and police agency. We were in detention for the night and then the next morning the National Police Agency came to our quarters and escorted us to the imperial palace in Tokyo. We were led through different places and halls. We couldn't keep track of where we were and what we went through. They just led us quickly throughout the palace and pushed us along strictly if we tried to look around. We were eventually brought to the office of the emperor and there was the emperor Akihito. He was sitting at his desk with hands folded. My friends, Invictus, and Matthew and I all were lined up like kids in the principal's office. The emperor motioned for the guards to leave not allowing them to say a word.
      "Welcome to my office," Akihito said in the Keyblade wielder language. We all had our mouths open wide with shock written on our faces. But... how? How could he know any of the language? He just smiled and laughed some.
      "I know a little bit of the language," he said with a smile. That's right, he knows English fluently too.
      "Welcome Supreme Elite," he said to my friends and I. "I believe you have the mirror and the sword." I bowed my head in resignation and with my magic, made the sword and mirror appear and placed them on his desk.
      "Your majesty, my friends and I have-" I began to explain before the emperor cut me off.
      "I know what you seek," he said. "Believe me, the stories of Nintoku and his discovery have been passed down from my ancient ancestor to me and I have passed them down to my son, heir to the throne. It is the duty of emperor of Japan to pass down the tale to their heir so that one day, the prophecy may be fulfilled."
      "Your majesty, I am Invictus, Keyblade Emperor of the Pillar built by my first ancestor, Erabareshimo," Invictus said introducing himself. Akihito's eyes widened when he heard this and so he stood up and bowed to Invictus the way the Japanese bow.
      "I am Matthew, guardian of the imperial regalia," Matthew followed. Akihito bowed the same way again to Matthew.
      "The destiny is coming together," Akihito said to himself. "I would like to know first how you obtained the sword and mirror."
      "Well your majesty, I told them all where the regalia were," Matthew said.
      "We found the sword first," I said. "I felt it in the Atsuta Shrine and then I called out to it. It awoke, but did not heed my call to it, but when I told it who I was, it answered me and came to me. When I grabbed it, I had a vision where I saw Susanoo and how the sword came to be."
      "You saw the god?" Akihito asked excitedly.
      "Yes, but he was not a god," I replied. "He was a Keyblade wielder that lived in ancient times and the story about how he obtained the sword is true, but the orochi he fought was a heartless. However, when the heartless was destroyed and defeated, the sword was left behind. The heart of Earth formed it and gave it to him hoping it can be used to one day help unlock the Keyhole in some way. Then I saw Susanoo hand me the sword and told me to unite it with its counterparts. Then the vision disappeared."
      "And what about the mirror?" he asked.
      "We had to... take it..." Matthew said uncomfortably. "I suggested the idea because we figured no one would have believe us with our stories."
      "And you would have been right because the stories are unknown to the world," Akihito said.
      "We assume the mirror was forged by the Earth's heart and given to an ancient Keyblade wielder as well," Adrian said.
      "Ninigi-no-Mikoto, or Ninigi as you would call him," the emperor said.
      "That leaves only one left, the jewel magatama," Shane said.
      "And you will need that," Akihito said looking rather concerned. We all just nodded.
      "Your majesty, we have darkness approaching and an Apocalyptic War is coming," Jack reasoned. "I know it will be hard to do such a thing to such sacred objects, but there is a prophecy that a predecessor of Invictus's that speaks of them."
      "Uranaishi foresaw what would happen," Invictus said.
      "Plus, it has been foretold that one of us Elite will sacrifice himself to save the light and universe," I said. There was silence for a bit. It felt like forever, but Akihito spoke up at last.
      "I understand that the time has come," Akihito said. "With that said, let the regalia unite together and may the seal be opened." He then motioned us to follow him and we followed him through different corridors to the outside and he led us through a courtyard and we walk into a nearby shrine and there, the emperor went inside the shrine leaving us to wait for him outside. After a couple of minutes, he comes back out with the jewel in hand. It is exactly as an artist rendition showed it to appear. I had the sword and mirror in hand and gave the mirror to Matthew while I held the sword. Akihito, Matthew, and I all had the regalia touch each other and a white glow from each of them appeared on them for a few moments before it disappeared.
      "The regalia are one now," Akihito said. "I shall have the national police guide you to the Daisen Kofun. Go and unlock Earth's Keyhole and save the world."

#1972580 What KH song / theme is the best for starting an event?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 07 February 2018 - 02:15 PM

Use whatever will be used for KH3 and it will be a perfect set up for the event.