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#1988652 Kingdom Hearts Epic AMV/GMV - Endlessness

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 11 August 2018 - 09:36 PM

Found this on YouTube. Awesome job done making this. Credit goes to the creator. Endlessness used in the FFXV Omen trailer is now given new purpose especially with Kingdom Hearts 3 upon us.

#1988177 What do people want from the remaining trailers?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 05 August 2018 - 05:35 PM

I just want one more trailer with some core story beef to it and in the format of the FFXV Omen trailer.

#1988140 KH3 wish: Skip Boss after repeat failure

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 05 August 2018 - 12:39 PM

In no way in hell should this even be an option or even warrant consideration. You learn, you adjust, and you try again to earn your way to beating a boss. This is how you ruin a good thing and ruin value. You aren’t just given a pass because of your struggles. Figure it out and earn it. Nothing in this world is for free despite what some may say and it isn’t that way with games either and their boss fights.

#1988127 Which KH character do you wish was or will be explored more?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 04 August 2018 - 11:25 PM

Marluxia all because I want to know why he was in Union Cross and how he became a nobody. Plus, if indeed he murdered Strelitzia, why did he do it?

#1988108 Who is the Darkness That is Missing and Must be Reclaimed?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 04 August 2018 - 02:34 PM

For the record, this is fake. It was made as a joke,

They did a nice job though. Now back to topic, that missing darkness I thought turned out to be Vanitas because since Sora was saved in HD3D, they still had to find a replacement and I thought it was fitting that it was Vanitas. I am assuming world order in KH3 matters.

#1988079 What's your favorite original Organization 13 voice?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 03 August 2018 - 10:37 PM

I love Roxas, but as for voice acting, Xemnas gets the edge. Every time he speaks, you can’t help but perk up and listen closely because it is bound to be something important that we need to know.

#1987744 Nomura talks about his favorite character and world, dark themes in Kingdom H...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 29 July 2018 - 09:30 PM

Thanks for sharing this with us, Aquaberry!

My God, I just love Nomura interviews! They always reveal some awesome tidbit of information that helps serve up more hype for us fans! I think it's pretty awesome that Nomura relates himself to the villains, and I'm so intrigued as to what is Nomura's favorite world, since he said it hasn't been revealed yet! I'm also really happy that the game will be appropriately dark! :3

I think that the thought process that goes into the creation and conception of worlds is pretty neat, because everyone in the team gets to have their say on what world should be in any given KH game! AND WHAT WILL BE THE ORIGINAL WORLD HE SPOKE OF!?

Oh dang, and Marry Poppins as a world? That's something I hadn't thought of before! How very interesting! Maybe she'd be a summon if her world isn't in KHIII? :O


Mary Poppins world? Uh no. No no no, not a good idea. There is nothing about it that can constitute a world. This is now stepping into a danger zone where they are now messing with a good thing. Mary Poppins should be off limits altogether. Period. You start to ruin the game and the film. This is like Atlantica in KH2. The first time was not that good especially with controls, but the second time? Horrid. This could be KH2 Atlantica equivalent which is bad. He better not put in a Mary Poppins world. I’ll still be the game, but a Mary Poppins world would put a stain on the game like Atlantica in KH2. They are best not going through with this. I don’t think it would be in there at this point, but I hope it isn’t they already put it in there and now he is teasing it.

#1987033 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 July 2018 - 09:55 PM

Chapter 54: The Apocalyptic War Part 5

      The seven guardians of Earth have been trying to keep up with the Supreme Elite and company. Unfortunately, they lost track of the Elite and so had to fight on their own. They plowed their way through all of the chaos and insanity around them.

      "Surely this war has spread to every world," Alexander spoke loudly as he fought.

      "For a while now," Matthew replied in the same tone. He managed to get in a lock with an opponent and had the chance to quickly look around. As this is the Cross Between Worlds, the worlds were now connected with no barriers between them. Matthew saw that there are dark stains on all worlds including unfortunately Earth with the stains over where the Disney Parks would be. These stains are getting larger too. In this crossroads, things are looking darker because of the war although it likely will change once Luxu gets his prize. He will surely send all into darkness.

      "So how much longer must we fight?" Jesse asked.

      "As long as it takes," Chloe replied as she struck down an opponent. "We have no choice. Until they approach us, we fight." Everyone nodded in agreement and continued to fight. It was not long before everyone had struck down their opponents and caught a breather. Then, before them, dark corridors opened up and the thirteen darknesses appeared out of them. All of the lights gasped at the sight. The time has come.

      The Foreshadowers, the Dark Elite, Ronnie, Nick, Vanitas, and Master Xehanort all came out of the corridors and everyone had a grin on their faces. The seven guardians looked around at all of them. Then, Luxu came out of a dark corridor in between the guardians and darknesses.

      "Seven guardians of Earth," he said to them, "the time has come for destinies to come together. The thirteen are ready to be fought and united with the seven lights of Earth. Thanks to your allies the Supreme Elite, the seven lights, the Foretellers, and the Lucians, I will finally obtain the prize the gazing eye once foresaw." He then left in a dark corridor. The thirteen then summoned their Keyblades and got ready; the guardians of Earth took stance themselves. Both sides were silent and just glared at each other. Meanwhile, an area of spaced cleared out for them around them. It isn't certain why, but fighters of both sides fought each other away from the seven and thirteen. Seconds felt like hours as the two sides stared down each other. Then, they both charged toward each other and clashed sending off a huge shockwave. They seven and thirteen are fighting each other once again.


      My friends and I just struck down our own opponents when all of a sudden, a powerful shockwave came through with a powerful blast of wind. We were knocked down as it was strong and we were not expecting it.

      "What the hell was that?!" I shouted. We got up and looked around. Then Shane points at what he sees.

      "Look! Over there!" he exclaims and the rest of us look.

      "Oh no, don't tell me it's happening," Jack said.

      "Yup, the seven guardians and thirteen darknesses are fighting," Adrian said.

      "Matthew and the gang are fighting right now," Shane pointed out.

      "Well, let's get over there," I said and we took a few steps before a dark corridor halted us and out came Nikitis. We summoned our Keyblades in response.

      "Oh no no no," he said, "you four aren't going anywhere. I still have unfinished business with you." He summoned his Keyblade and took stance. He had a dark aura around him and it looked powerful. Indeed he was powerful as I went to swing at him and he blocked my swing and pushed me back powerfully making me slide on my feet back to where I came from. My friends then charged forward and Nikitis fought them all three on one. I tried getting into the thick of things as well and now it is four on one. Now one might think this is unfair (if this is someone fighting for the darkness, they probably would be pleased it is this way), but if anything, this fight felt like four on four. Nikitis held his own against all four of us sometimes getting physical with some of us kicking one of us away and then taking on the rest of us. He was fast too. When fighting four people, one has to be fast in order to be able to handle the many strikes coming their way. Nikitis did his best to keep it two on one and forcing the other two off of him. He used his dark magic in the process creating shadow versions of himself that I or my friends would have to fight before striking down. Then we would continue fighting him. After fighting for a few more minutes, Nikitis is now blocking all four of our strikes and we are all in a stalemate.

      "Alright, that's enough," he said. He broke off the block violently and then he used his magic to push my friends away leaving it just me and him. He then raised his hand like he was lifting something up and created a barrier around me and him leaving my friends on the other side.

      "In order to kill the snake, you must cut off the head," he said, "and you Polemistis are the head of this snake. Once you're dead, your friends will follow you too. I will have my revenge!" I blocked an overhead strike of his and held the block pushing against him. I look back at my friends and they nod at me giving me a vote of confidence before they found themselves fighting dark warriors. I nod back, turn my gaze back to Nikitis, and then I violently parry his strike and swing across his face giving him a cut on the right cheek. He put his hand up to feel the cut and sees the blood on his fingers.

      "Heh, I see how it is," he said. "If you want to make this bloody, I'd be happy to make it bloody. You want a Bloody Sunday? I'll rewrite the definition of Bloody Sunday!" He spun around and swung at my head and we fought once again. He was powerful and he was tough. Clearly he made an effort to get stronger and boy did he get stronger. I had to now weave in kicks and punches and basically my martial arts training. With every block I had against him, I countered with a punch or a kick. He delivered it back just as hard whenever he blocked me. After another few minutes, we were in a stalemate again.

      "So the great Polemistis is going to save the day again, is he?" Nikitis said. He then pushed my Keyblade down and slashed across my face at a downwards angle making blood splatter a bit. He then slashed across my left side creating another good sized cut that is bleeding too. I was now on the ground feeling the blood on my face and on my side and in pain. Nikitis now was walking towards me.

      "In what ways do you and your ingrate pals not want to claim glory?" he asked rhetorically and angrily. Then he strikes me across the face making me fall completely to the ground. He continued to express his rage.

      "Ever since the beginning you four were deceivers." A kick to my face. "You claimed to just save my ancestor from himself, but it was just to ensure your perceptions as martyrs!" A kick to my stomach. "Never mind you could have shown unification in the midst of chaos and possibly have changed things. Instead you four were concerned about yourselves and your own perceptions. What did Nikitis get in return? Humiliation and hurt. And then when you four came around again, I had to watch it all over again!" A kick to my right side and now I am laying on my left in agony. I am about to lift my Keyblade and swing it at him, but he just kicked my hand and my Keyblade flew out of my hand.

      "Look at me!" he shouted. He then used the blade of his Keyblade and put it in my right side now with teeth cutting into my flesh about a few millimeters. I screamed now in utter anguish. I now could just see my friends now screaming my name and trying to break through the barrier, but unfortunately to no avail. He turned me onto my back and I was now flat on my back with arms out in pain and all bloodied. My clothes are tattered now and bloodstained; I now am bruised and beat up and bloodied. I looked up at Nikitis and he just looked down at me in anger.

      "Nikitis," I managed to say, "tell me, where did your predecessor obtain this idea?" He did not give an answer. "It was Polemos wasn't it?" No answer. "You know as well as I do that he has lied so many times causing chaos and ruin wherever he and his minions went. My ancestors would have loved to have accepted yours as one of their own. They had fate taking their lives away. How could they possibly bring your ancestor into the picture and be the reason he dies? They couldn't do that. If they did, you would not be here. The first Supreme Elite were offered to join the Dandelions as well. They didn't want to leave everyone else to die in anguish in the Keyblade War. It was there that fate took them. You have to believe me." Nikitis was now just looking into space in thought. He was silent for a few moments, but then he looked back at me.

      "They are still alive though in you are they not?" he asked rhetorically. "So they were supposed to die so as not to let everyone else die in vain and yet they decide to be selfish and escape right where it matters most. Instead of following everyone else so as to not make their deaths in vain, the great Supreme Elite instead decide to leave everyone else behind to make their own graves. Refusing to think of anyone else still. Since your ancestors were supposed to be dead, we will fix that problem." He then pointed his Keyblade down over my sternum where my heart is.

      "Polemistis, prepare to face death that has escaped you for so long," he proclaimed. "You all will die as retribution for your abandonment of your fellow Keyblade wielders." He raised his Keyblade up and was about ready to stab. Suddenly, flashes of my fight with Ronnie appeared when he was about to kill me in the Keyblade War. Then, my family and friends and allies all flashed in my visions. All of a sudden, the vision ended and a strong surge of power and energy. Nikitis went to stab and I responded literally grabbing the front of his Keyblade. I slowly stood up as a powerful light blue aura surrounded me while holding his Keyblade.

      "I reasoned with you," I said, "I did all I could to get you to mend your ways and have you understand. You still resist anyway with nothing, but hatred and darkness in your heart. I will not do it again, I will not be killed the same way as the first time." I strongly pushed him away making him stumble. He looked at me with fear and confusion. Then, I raised my hand and summoned my Keyblade once again. The power of Earth that I have obtained has awoken to save my life.

      "You had your chance to make things right," I continued, "and to choose the right way. You decided to follow the way of hatred and revenge. I will not allow someone who has hatred and revenge in their heart defeat me. The way you chose leads to a path of self-destruction. Your choice is your downfall and I will be your end!" I swung at his head and he swung back at mine. The power of light and dark clashing made a strong shockwave. We clashed a few more times before I opened him up and began letting him have it striking him with my Keyblade over and over again. A powerful uppercut with my Keyblade sent him high into the air where I jumped up and continued my assault. I strike him across the chest and then push off of him making myself fall back a bit towards the surface. I then point my Keyblade at him and charge up the power the Earth gave me. In one gigantic beam of blue light, I fired it at Nikitis and it covered all around him. He froze for a moment and then he started turning into black vapors screaming in sheer anguish holding his head and body. Finally, in one burst, Nikitis was no more and all that remained was dark energy bursting out replacing him with energy and dissipating into the air.

      I fell back to the ground onto my feet and went onto one knee with eyes closed and head down. The barrier that separated my friends from me disappeared and Adrian, Shane, and Jack immediately ran to me.

      "BEN!" they shouted in unison. They ran up to me and surrounded me bending down to my level. Adrian was in front of me and Shane and Jack were to my right and left respectively.

      "Ben! Are you okay?!" Adrian demanded looking into my face. I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

      "Yeah... I'm okay," I responded. I went to stand up, but grunted in some pain and my friends helped me up.

      "Oh my God!" Shane exclaimed, "Ben! You're... oh my..." He couldn't finish. He was so shocked to see me like this.

      "We saw it was bad, but we didn't think it was this bad!" Jack followed in his shock as well. They saw my wounds, bruises, and bloodstained clothes. I just looked down at them.

      "Well better some blood than being dead," I said. "Look at you guys, you're not exactly the cleanest looking either." My friends had bruises too and their clothes were half torn in some places. Adrian had a sleeve hanging off his shoulder only remaining together by some stitching, Shane had pants torn in places and he had a bruise on his forehead, Jack had his sleeves and pants looking like a tattered flag at the ends and in the stitching and he also had a bruise, but on his right cheek. He probably had hidden severe bruises under his clothing and it appears that he has a slit in his pants above the tattered part towards his quadriceps and it appears he has a cut there that is bleeding slightly.

      "I tried to convince him," I told them. "I tried to reason with him. He chose revenge instead. I had to kill him. He was a friend once and our ancestors wanted to let the first Nikitis live so he can help rebuild the Realm of Light. They did not want him to be the reason for his death. Where did it go wrong?"

      "It went wrong when he refused to listen to you," Adrian said. "Yeah Polemos tempted his relative to think otherwise, but he had a last chance to change that. It went wrong for him there."

      "Ben, if you think about it," Shane said, "recklessness ran in his DNA. His relative was going to be reckless and he was reckless. It was his recklessness that cost him."

      "He had a chance to change that and he refused," Jack followed. "Don't be so hard on yourself. You saved us actually and we can't thank you enough for that." I looked at him and smiled.

      "Thank you Jack," I said. "Thank you guys." They all nodded and let me go to stand on my own. I am not in so much pain anymore, but I am still bloody and beaten.

      "We have to head over to the seven guardians," I said and my friends nodded and we looked to where they were fighting the thirteen and rushed as quickly as we were able to. When we got there, we saw the seven standing and the thirteen on one knee... struck down. Chills ran up and down my spine at the sight.

      "No..." I said softly and shaking my head. Luxu then appeared behind them and then raised both hands. The darknesses then stood up with maniacal grins.

      "Congratulations seven guardians of Earth!" Luxu said giddily. The seven lights, Foretellers, Lucians, and Keyblade Emperor and his guard now all gathered behind us and gasps were audible from among them.

      "Now the thirteen darknesses with the seven lights from the kingdoms shall be united!" Luxu exclaimed. "And now, the prize I have so yearned to obtain SHALL BE MINE!" The thirteen turned into balls of dark energy and rose up into the air altogether. The seven lights from the parks and lamp also rose into the air opposing the darknesses. Luxu then clasped his hands together and in a blink of an eye, the seven lights and thirteen darknesses clashed and a flash emitted from the clash. Suddenly, a powerful rushing wind came out from where the two sides clashed and blinding light came out from it. All of us had to cover our faces while trying to see what was going on and avoid being blown away. We could feel the universe being shaken around us as the power of the two sides uniting emitted. Then, like in Birth by Sleep, the orb shrunk down and exploded upwards far above into the endlessness. After a few seconds, it all disappeared and looking above Luxu, I saw it. I was now in stunned silence. I couldn't think nor speak. I know that all of us are feeling that way. Above Luxu was the ultimate weapon, the counterpart to Kingdom Hearts: the χ-blade.

#1986739 It's obviously Yen Sid's keyblade

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 16 July 2018 - 01:06 PM

That is a very good observation. Is it so obvious? I ask for people to pause on this. Yes it has Yen Sid’s features, but it could be anything else. It also does have some features of the Star Seeker. We don’t even know what it exactly is or even where it came from or why it’s there. It could be a third category of the Kingdom Key. We have the one of light, one of darkness, there could be one of in between. Or this may be the actual Key to Return Hearts.

#1986537 Post to discuss the Future of KH

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 13 July 2018 - 12:41 PM

I’m playing it for sure. I’ve been a loyal fan for almost a decade. I will keep playing until the series ends or I get too old.

#1986058 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 06 July 2018 - 11:15 PM

Chapter 53: The Apocalyptic War Part 4
      The seven guardians of light kept fighting and had the Foretellers next to them. They continued to struggle as the war raged on.
      "So how long before the seven guardians of Earth fight Luxu's thirteen?!" Sora called to the Foretellers as they fought.
      "That can happen at any moment!" Ira shouted back, "Once all the thirteen have been weakened, then will the two sides fight!" Everyone then struck down their opponent and turned toward each other.
      "We are not sure when the seven and thirteen will fight each other, but we do know it is soon," Ira continued.
      "How about we expedite the process then?" a darker version of Ira's voice said. They all turn and look around and find the Foreshadowers, the dark counterparts of the Foretellers walking towards them with grins on their faces. Laimar, Aplis, Apath, Thymo, and Zilev the respective counterparts to Gula, Ava, Aced, Ira, and Invi all approached the Foretellers and lights with Keyblades in hand.
      "What a legacy you possess no?" Laimar said. "And yet, it appears you cannot run away from it."
      "What are you talking about?" Gula asked.
      "Look around," Aplis replied. "See this war? All of it started with your predecessors so long ago. It was then your predecessors started the Keyblade War and you merely do the same thing again."
      "It is amazing how you fight the darkness that awaits," Apath said. "You fight it by covering up your own misdeeds hoping none may ever hear of them or learn of them so as to keep others from following the same paths. Yet here we are with darkness about to spread everywhere."
      "Yes, it is unfortunately our legacy," Aced replied. "But not anymore..."
      "Oh? And what do you mean?" Thymo asked. "You mean you are trying to change the past?"
      "Not the past, but the legacy we have created because of it," Invi replied. "It may be the legacy of the Foretellers to be the root of all the chaos and ruin that has existed throughout time, but it can be changed to be a new one: the Foretellers fighting to be the root of chaos's end."
      "You can't change fate," Zilev countered. "Luxu will obtain the χ-blade and then all will be enthralled to darkness."
      "He may get it," Ava said, "but Master Eraqus once told me 'maybe light will prevail... there is more to light than meets the eye'. As long as that hope remains-" she along with the rest of the Foretellers took stances "-we won't ever be defeated!" The Foretellers and the Foreshadowers then clashed together and fought. The seven lights were about to get involved when they had some more unexpected and undesired company.
      "Oh no you don't!" someone shouted. The seven look and they see the Dark Elite coming towards them.
      "Oh great..." Terra grumbled and gritted his teeth.
      "You guys?!" Sora shouted.
      "Surprised to see us?" Polemos asked sarcastically. "Well don't be. We have some unfinished business with you people." Then they summoned their Keyblades and took stance. The seven got ready as usual.
      "You aren't going anywhere nor helping any friends of yours," Polemos continued. "Now I have some business to finish WITH YOU!" He pointed his Keyblade at Aqua and then jumped charging at her. She gasped and then swung toward him and clashed. Thanatos, Agrios, and Tromos fought the other five except Sora charging at them and using their dark magic. Sora looked around at his friends helpless because he has no clue what to do.
      "We meet again boy," a raspy voice said. Sora gasped, looked back in the direction the Dark Elite originally came from and saw Master Xehanort walking toward him.
      "Master Xehanort!" Sora shouted. "How is this possible?!"
      "Luxu supplied my own darkness," the old man explained. "As long as he kept my darkness alive, my spirit would never cease to be. Even when you defeated me and my twelve selves, I never departed from life."
      "So you decided to come back and try it again, is that right?" Sora demanded.
      "Luxu now has taken up the mantle I left behind so long ago," Xehanort said. "Now destiny is on course in his favor to gain a prize that I have been fortunate enough to once behold: the χ-blade."
      "Yeah that's great. Not if we have something to say about it!" Sora said defiantly. He then took stance. Master Xehanort smirked and chuckled and summoned No Name.
      "You see my boy, destiny is never left to chance," the old man continued. "You and the rest of the seven light have experienced it yourselves and yet you continue to fight knowing you push it forward."
      "That may be the case," Sora said, "but I know that the Supreme Elite will come through and fulfill their own destinies. I know in my heart our friends will be, no, are the hope that keeps our light alive. Our friends are our power... and we are theirs!" Sora and Master Xehanort then clashed and fought similar to how their fought in Kingdom Hearts 3, but not as dramatic. Step for step they matched each other in power and capability. It was that way for both sides; Aqua held her own against Polemos, Mickey and Kairi held their own against Thanatos, Ventus held his own against Tromos (they both reverse wield  so you can imagine how), and Riku and Terra held their own against Agrios. No one outdid the other; everyone held their own. The Foretellers and the Foreshadowers did the same with each other too. Since their were the equal light and dark counterparts to the other, they matched each other step for step. The only way for someone to fall was if the other side saw a small opening and took advantage of it or the other side slipped up ever so slightly as to expose themselves even if it is briefly and a small target. And yet what was strange as the fight happened was the warriors of light both the seven and the Foretellers fought as if feeling off of the other. Each other them flowed together and fought with fluidity. It is as if they became of one mind and heart. As distant as they once were, they have become close with each other. Aqua for example fought Polemos before. She managed to beat off a challenge of his, but it severely weakened her. Now however, she held her own with very little issue and Polemos took notice of it and was infuriated. This Aqua that embarrassed him once is now doing it again; he cannot allow it to happen again.
      Slowly but surely, the warriors of light were getting closer to striking their opponents all at once. It went from rough and tumble motions to now swift and fluid strikes. Then all at once they absorbed light and swung at their opponents and struck them across the middle of their opponents' bodies. The Foreshadowers, Dark Elite, and Keyblade master all were on their knees or bent forward in pain and catching their breath. Then after a minute or so, they stand up fully and grin.
      "And now seven lights and Foretellers," Master Xehanort said, "destiny shall move forward. The χ-blade shall be forged again!" They all laughed and disappeared into dark corridors leaving the lights and Foretellers to themselves.
      The Lucians continued their fighting and continued to struggle through the effort. It started becoming a drag as they kept on fighting without anything going anywhere.
      "Why can't they just get this all over with?!" Prompto bemoaned as he fought. "I would rather just rip the band aid off now than slowly peel it back."
      "You want fate to happen sooner?" Ignis asked back as he fought. "We force things forward with our interference, all will be lost."
      "Iggy's right," Noct followed. "If we interfere and try to make things go faster, we will botch this whole thing. Polemist and company will not be able to save the universe if we make things go quicker. We have to let it all happen."
      "Rgh! Then can't fate just make it happen sooner?!" Gladio shouted.
      "We have to leave it be and stand by the Supreme Elite!" Luna shouted back. "We must have faith!" The Lucians continued to fight as the war raged on. Noctis eventually struck down an opponent and had a chance to take a breather when suddenly, a dark corridor opens up and out of it comes Vanitas.
      "You're that guy that's one of the thirteen," Noctis said.
      "Yeah that's right," Vanitas replied. "And you're supposedly the king of Lucis. Hmph, some king you are." Noctis gritted his teeth in irritation.
      "What kind of king let's his loved ones die and country fall?" Vanitas taunted.
      "I take it you knew Ardyn well," Noctis claimed.
      "Oh we were good friends alright," Vanitas replied. "Such a shame you had to destroy your own flesh and blood even when he gave you a sweet reminder of daddy dearest. And even after all of that and knowing your home was in trouble, you decide to listen to that pathetic Hades and became his puppet. Oh how daddy and mommy would have been disappointed in their son." Vanitas then laughed in the same way he did in BbS after Aqua defeated him the first time. Noctis growled at this and summoned his Sword of the Father. By now, his friends and wife were standing next to him.
      "Noct calm down," Gladio said. "He's trying to get into your head."
      "You can't let him manipulate your emotions," Ignis said. "You must be undisturbed."
      "Okay then your majesty," Vanitas said, "if you are truly the great King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV, why don't you prove it then?" Vanitas then summoned Void Gear and took stance.
      "Or are you too scared and chicken to do it?" he asked tauntingly.
      "Bring it on," Noctis replied. Vanitas charged toward Noctis and Noctis warp struck and they clashed. Keyblade wielders are the strongest sword fighters in all the universe. The power of the Keyblade knows no equal and stands supreme to everyone else. It is not out of the equation of Noctis losing this battle, but as he fought, he gave all he had and managed to just suffice in holding his own. Although he cannot do this forever and if he fights for too long, Vanitas will indeed kill him in front of his friends and his wife and once again leave Lucis with no heir to the throne. He cannot allow it to happen. He used all he knew as a warrior and all that he learned from his time away from home from May 16th, M.E 756 (2006) to M.E 766 (2016). With the power of the Kings of Yore by his side, he knows he cannot lose and with his friends and his wife with him, he knows he can overcome anything. Soon the king and darkness clash in a stalemate.
      "Really?" Vanitas asks sarcastically. "Is this all that the great King Noctis Lucis Caelum has to offer?"
      "Don't worry, you haven't seen anything yet," Noctis replied and he broke off the stalemate and used Armiger Unleashed. Using this allowed him to keep up with Vanitas step by step, but Vanitas often took an extra step Noctis was not entirely expecting such as using his signature attack warping behind an opponent and striking them over their head and encasing himself in a dark barrier and silhouettes coming out of it and attacking Noctis. At one point, Noctis and Vanitas fought hand on hand like Jecht and Squall/Leon from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, but with variations such as Noctis blocking and countering. Vanitas eventually kicked Noctis to the chest and slashed upward catching the left side of his face. Noctis was sent backwards and onto his knees with hand to his face.
      "NOCTIS!" his friends and his wife all shouted in unison. They were about to run to him, but he put his hand out halting them. Noctis now has his clothing slightly in tatters and now blood on the left side of his face. He chuckled thinking to himself now he knows what Polemistis experienced in the Keyblade War in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Like the Elite, Noctis now is feeling and showing the effects of fighting.
      "How pathetic," Vanitas said walking towards Noctis. "The great king of Lucis said to be undefeatable now is about to die at my hands. And what a shame that his loved ones now stand by helpless as they see their beloved king be executed before them. Don't worry, I'll make sure this is quick. You won't feel a thing... but they surely will." Vanitas raised his Keyblade overhead and swung overhead down at Noct's head like an executioner beheading the condemned. That is exactly what Vanitas was going to do: behead Noctis. Noct's ring glowed with power and he quickly and powerfully blocked Vanitas's attack. They held it there and then Noctis looked up at Vanitas's masked face and slowly stood up. He then violently broke off the stalemate.
      "I, King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV," Noct said, "am swore to defend my people and defend my loved ones. I swore to stand by the Supreme Elite and ensure that they will succeed. I will not let some low life take it away from me. With the power of the Ring of the Lucii and the power of the crystal of Eos, I will not lose to you. I will not lose to anyone ever again!" He now performed his classic armiger attack, but stronger than before. He now has his friends' power, the power of the Kings of Yore, and the power of the stone of Lucis and all of it has been unlocked. He may be no Keyblade wielder, but he will not lose to anyone and especially not to someone who with his despicable so-called "relative" were in cahoots with the other. After barraging Vanitas with attack after attack, he gave one final slash with energy that went through Vanitas. Vanitas was left standing in instability and then he fell onto the ground onto his knees bent over. Noctis was now gasping for air as he was very weak. He did it though. He defended his own and for the first time ever, a non Keyblade wielder defeated a Keyblade wielder. Noctis himself collapsed onto his knees making his friends and wife run to him. They tended to him and then looked back at Vanitas. The dark boy then slowly stood up.
      "Congratulations Noctis," Vanitas said, "you have officially done it. And now the seven guardians of Earth and the thirteen darknesses can fight. The χ-blade will be forged!"

#1985846 What's your favorite piece of barbecue food?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 03 July 2018 - 09:19 PM

Ribs big time. Pork ribs are one of my weaknesses.

#1985748 Teen Rating?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 02 July 2018 - 02:12 PM

While language wise it will remain E10, T for teen is a possibility if KH3 is that dark of a title. I find it unlikely though and Disney might not want it that way, but I will be shocked if indeed KH3 is rated T.

#1984530 [Updated] Famitsu to feature Kingdom Hearts III: Nomura comments on secret mo...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 20 June 2018 - 10:04 AM

So now no one can wonder if ther will be a final mix. But wow, they have made this title so big that they are limited on space. #GOAT

#1983857 Which was the best E3 conference/showcase?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 15 June 2018 - 06:40 PM

I have to say Square Enix because they stole the show and made E3 the Kingdom Hearts III show. They had their seed planted in the Sony and Microsoft conferences and they had a trailer blitz. Kingdom Hearts III won awards and was nominated for them too. Last time I checked, NO Kingdom Hearts title had that happen so Square Enix stole the show.