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#1955182 Tetsuya Nomura is “confident” about 2018 release, and is not changing his ori...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 17 July 2017 - 08:40 PM

So all the whining about "oh they'll just delay it now" can go away.

#1955170 Tetsuya Nomura is “confident” about 2018 release, and is not changing his ori...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 17 July 2017 - 06:44 PM

Well a few years back, he did say he knew the release date, or at least the year, but would not say when it is.

#1954431 Tomorrow's trailer speculation

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 14 July 2017 - 10:01 PM

I heard (and don't quote me on this) that trailer will be bigger than the one showed at E3. Hmm.

You are correct. It will be longer too.

#1954259 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 13 July 2017 - 11:13 PM

Chapter 31: A Rude Awakening
      The seven lights were all together walking through the Keyblade Graveyard. It has been a very long time since they have set foot upon the barren soil of that world and have set their eyes upon the millions of Keyblades strewn across the lifeless plain. The reason why they were there was to understand the pain the Supreme Elite carry with them. They have constantly heard from the Elite that they murdered their own friends and the Keyblades of those friends now stand as ancient gravestones from a long lost era left to wither away for all time until the Final Judgment. They have not ever fully understood it and convincing Ben to reconcile with the Foretellers went nowhere. He remained in his ways and made it quite clear of his decision. Not just that, they know now the seven of them seemed to have been used to cover up the ancient predecessors' crimes. They were used by the current Foretellers to put everything under the rug so that way it never comes to light. They know all this stuff, but what they lack is understanding of the gravity of it all. That is why they decided to go to the Keyblade Graveyard; to search for understanding.
      All seven of them are standing in the middle of the cemetery right where Ventus, Terra, and Aqua stood in Birth by Sleep and watched Master Xehanort and Vanitas walk across the cemetery towards them. They all were looking out at the millions of Keyblades all over the place. No one said anything for about twenty minutes. That was the plan actually. They decided before showing up that there will be no speaking at all. They needed to understand the gravity of the pain and they now are figuring it out. It is actually making them all depressed and heartbroken. In fact, Sora shed a tear, but kept a still expression and made sure not to look sad out of courage for his friends. Riku and Terra put their fists over their chests and bowed their heads closing their eyes. Mickey had despair on his face like when he first saw all of the fallen worlds while trying to help Aqua escape the darkness. It was heavier though and could make one depressed just looking at him. Aqua had her hand open over her heart and sorrow was on her face. It was the same expression she had when she discovered Master Eraqus's Keyblade, the Master Keeper, lying on the grounds of the remnants of Land of Departure. Kairi had a similar look on her face and had both hands over her heart. Ventus does not weep out loud much, but when he does, it's like when Terra rebuked him one time years ago after a practice when he was all nervous and quiet and this was that time.
      "You know, these grounds hold very dark memories for us as well," Aqua said. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey looked towards her direction. Terra merely nodded and opened his eyes and looked up.
      "You're right," he replied. "On these grounds, Xehanort tore the three of us apart. This was where I fell to the darkness."
      "I fought Vanitas here," Ventus said. "This was where we forged the X-blade, but I instead destroyed it and him... and it cost me. I asked Terra and Aqua to put an end to me before we and it was at this spot where I asked them."
      "Another dark memory I would add is the seven of us fighting Master Xehanort," Mickey added.
      "That's right. The seven of us fought Master Xehanort and his thirteen selves," Riku said.
      "It was also here where the Keyblade War was fought again," Kairi said. It made Sora look up and start thinking.
      "You know, we actually understand just how bad the Keyblade War was," Sora said. Everyone looked toward him now and he turned around to face them all.
      "Looking back, we actually saw for ourselves what the Keyblade War was like," he continued. "We actually lost some friends in that war so we know what it's like to lose those who are close to you. Ben and his friends knew Mike, but then he was killed by Ronnie and Nick. We have seen loss and we know what it's like. Sure we will never understand what it's like to kill your friends yourself and not finding out until later, but we at least understand what it's like being betrayed right?" There was quiet among them and they all stared at the ground in front of them. Sora knew they agreed with him. They were used to help cover up the misdeeds of that era by the Foretellers of today so at least they now understand what betrayal is like.
      "Oh, now where's a hankie I can use? I'm getting all misty here," a dark male voice said sarcastically. All the lights looked at each other with chills up and down their skin and turned to face the same way Ven, Terra, and Aqua did in Birth by Sleep and saw Master Xehanort walking towards them all. It is all like in Birth by Sleep, but this time, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey are there as well. Master Xehanort and Vanitas walked toward the seven lights for a bit, but then stopped at a distance away from them all... the same distance like in Birth by Sleep.
      "The memories of this wasteland are coming back now," Vanitas said. "This is where we fought the first time against you three and then where we fought again the second time against all of you." They knew who "you three" were as they are very familiar with the stories.
      "Yes," Master Xehanort followed looking out at the Keyblades. "I remember well guiding you pupils of Eraqus to your proper places. I also remember seeing my prized possession become mine when the seven of you clashed with my thirteen darknesses."
      "How did that all turn out?" Sora asked in a taunting way. The old man chuckled.
      "Yes, it did not turn out well," he replied still smiling. "However, my purpose was to guide my successor to his destiny and give him the necessary instruments to carry out his role." Just then, Ronnie, Nick, the Dark Elite, and the Dark Foretellers all came out of dark corridors and stood side by side together and faced the seven lights. This sight made the lights gasp and be on guard.
      "W-what is this?" Aqua said.
      "The new thirteen darknesses," Vanitas replied. The seven now started making connections.
      "Wait a minute, you knew we'd be here didn't you?" Ventus demanded.
      "And now that we are here, we are supposed to fight now aren't we?" Sora also demanded.
      "No idiot," Vanitas replied in his classic way. "We aren't clashing with you to forge the X-blade. We're nothing but spirit and darkness and it will be our darkness that will clash with other seven lights."
      "Other seven lights?" Kairi repeated aloud.
      "Yes my dear," Xehanort replied. "My successor will use seven other pure lights for us to clash with and be joined together."
      "The seven princesses of heart?!" Mickey shouted.
      "No you moron!" Vanitas shouted back. "It's a lot stronger than them. Maybe this will help you: they are on Ben's world, Earth." The seven lights now are starting to realize and are starting to make connections.
      "No, don't tell me it's the..." Riku said unable to finish because of his shock. Xehanort merely chuckled.
      "While you attempt to figure it out, we will leave you with these five," Vanitas said and the Dark Foretellers stepped forward and summoned their Keyblades. "Show them how to play nice will ya?" Then, everyone except the Dark Foretellers left the graveyard in dark corridors leaving the seven lights with the Dark Foretellers. The seven lights summoned their Keyblades and got ready for the attack. The Dark Foretellers charged forward like a glide over the soil and were about to attack the seven when suddenly, a flash of light erupts and standing in between the seven and Dark Foretellers are the Foretellers themselves. The seven lights were absolutely dumbfounded at the sight.
      "Do not touch them!" Ira demanded.
      "If you dare touch them, we'll make sure you rue the day you harm them," Aced followed. They then pushed their counterparts off and got in front of the seven lights.
      "So, decided to crawl back from hiding eh?" Aplis asked
      "We are not hiding anymore," Invi said in a dark tone. "We are making things right."
      "We betrayed the seven lights and we turned on the Supreme Elite," Ava followed up, "but we will make it right for them one way or another."
      "Long ago my ancestor prayed they would forgive him and his colleagues," Gula said. "So did I, but no more hope. We can't pray for it anymore. We have to earn it and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. And it all starts by you not laying a finger on them!" The Foretellers then charged forward and fought their dark counterparts with all their might and strength. The seven lights had to look away a few times because the power with which the Foretellers fought was amazing. The seven lights stood by and watched the Foretellers fight. In fact, after hearing what they had to say and now following up those words with actions, it touched them and it made them misty. Meanwhile, the Foretellers have beaten back the Dark Foretellers and have weakened them. The Dark Foretellers were panting while hunched over and then looked up at their counterparts and stood up straight.
      "Alright, you five win," Laimar said.
      "But just remember, you will die whether it's by us or by Luxu," Apath followed.
      "Darkness will win this battle and the Supreme Elite will become nothing, but fools to future generations," Thymo said.
      "We'll see you again at the final battle," Zilev finished and they all disappeared into dark corridors. The Foretellers stood up, unsummoned their Keyblades and turned to face the seven lights, who still were in utter disbelief.
      "Seven lights," Ira said and all five of them bowed. "Masters, we are sorry for what we have done. We knew we couldn't just pray for you to forgive us. We hope we have received it and want to reconcile with you. There was silence for a second or two, which seemed like forever. The Foretellers stood up straight and waited for a reaction. In unison, the seven lights all bowed toward the Foretellers. It surprised the Foretellers. Then, the seven stood up fully.
      "You're our masters," Mickey said speaking for all of them. "Just as Master Yen Sid is our master, so are you."
      "Not only that, you're our friends," Sora said. "Friends forgive and reconcile with each other right?" The child-like logic Sora possesses and just displayed caught the Foretellers off guard and gave them some humility.
      "You know Sora, you're child-like logic is exactly what people like us need to hear," Gula said. From then on, the seven lights and Foretellers reconciled with each other and have renewed their bonds.
      My family and I went to New York City for a Saturday to see a show on Broadway. It was something we wanted to do for a while and now we have arrived. Times Square was not that busy since people left the city for their homes in upstate New York. Compared to other times of the year, Times Square was quiet and not that packed. I was looking forward to seeing a Broadway show for the first time. Nothing could possibly make me think of Kingdom Hearts or anything related to it. Well, the Disney Store of course was an exception, but I did not think about Kingdom Hearts, I thought about our trips as a family to Walt Disney World and how much I am looking forward to going there as a normal family.
      We walked around Times Square before we got in line to head into the theater for the show we obtained tickets for. The Disney Store was the first place we went into. We ate at a restaurant earlier and still had time to kill so we decided to head to the Disney Store first. We then went to the other stores in Times Square and walked around enjoying ourselves. We had to walk by the... street performers. That includes the "characters" in Times Square whether they are of a celebrity, familiar characters we already know, or characters that are best not discussed and ignored. As a New Yorker, you have to walk as if you belong and you aren't some tourist so we kept our eyes forward, stone faced and went forward. It still was a nice time walking around.
      We were in the middle of the square about ready to head to the theater, when suddenly, we heard a single loud crack. I looked at my parents to see if they knew what it was. They looked as just as confused. Then, another crack rings out and more than one. In fact multiple ones and we realized that they were all around my family and I. Panic started to erupt in the streets. It was then I realized that it was gunfire and someone is aiming that gunfire towards my family and I. People are running trying to take cover and I am trying to find the person from where the gunfire is coming from. I see a man in a sweat jacket, but without the hood and he had tanish skin and black hair with a thin beard and mustache and was firing his gun at my family and I.
      "GET DOWN!" I screamed and everyone around us looked at the guy and immediately took cover. My family and I ran away and went to hide behind some vehicles. In a few seconds, we hear sirens go off in the distance. New York Police Department (NYPD) police were called and are on their way here. We stayed where we were when the guy started shouted.
      "Polemistis! I know you're there!" he shouted and fired a shot making a couple people scream. "Show yourself or everyone around you gets shot!" I was about to get up when my parents pulled me down.
      "Ben! You can't do that!" mom insisted. "You'll get killed!"
      "Mom, this guy is Luxu's henchman," I reasoned.
      "You don't know that," dad said.
      "He called me 'Polemistis.' I don't think just anyone can remember who I was and find me," I answered.
      "Be careful then," my sister warned. I nodded, put my hands up and slowly got up and started walking toward him. It got quieter as people from all around us were watching. The attacker slightly smiled.
      "There you are," he said. "Now we can do this the easy way where you come quietly, or this turns deadly. Which will it be?" I couldn't tell if he was from Brooklyn because the accent was not exactly like someone from Brooklyn. I slowly walked toward him a few steps and stopped.
      "I'll do it," I said. "There is one thing I need to do." I then disappeared and reappeared behind him. He was about to fire when I kicked his hand upward making him fire the gun to the sky. People around ran for cover and were screaming. The sirens got closer as the NYPD surrounded the square. I fought this guy using my martial arts. It's kind of like when Black Widow fights the bad guys in the Marvel films of Iron Man, Captain America, and the Avengers films. This guy fought like he was from the street though as I used my martial arts and it took a toll on him as I pulled out my Keyblade, disarmed him and then stabbed him after fighting for a minute. He screamed at being stabbed and when I pulled out my Star Seeker, he fell to the ground slightly conscious. The police came a minute later, but the attacker was already dead and disintegrated. The police questioned me and I told them the complete truth. They actually did not see the fight, but I was still truthful to them.
      "Well, there is no physical evidence of an attack," an officer told me. "However, there is surveillance footage. Please wait for us to examine everything." They eventually got the video footage and actually came back within short time. It's very unusual for that to happen with any crime scene.
      "Kid, it didn't take long for us to realize you told us the truth," a different officer said. "We do want to figure who this guys was though. So you won't be arrested alright?"
      "Thank you officer and thank you for your service," I said. They nodded, smiled, and went to the station with the footage of everything that happened. My family came up to me and tightly embraced me.
      "Thank you Lord you are safe," mom said exasperated. I didn't reply; I didn't have to.
      "Ben?" a male voice called. I let go of my family and look around a second before seeing Wyatt coming towards me through the crowd.
      "Wyatt?" I said shocked. Why is he here? How did he find me? I would ask that in a second as he approached me and embraced me and I embraced him too.
      "I'm so happy you're okay," he said. We let go and I now asked him.
      "How did you find me and why are you here?" I asked.
      "Master, I knew those four that showed up at the academy weren't you four," he said. "I did not feel the Mark on them and sensed it. It led my heart to you."
      "Wow..." I said amazed that his growth has brought him to this point and to this place.
      "Master, please come back," Wyatt persuaded.
      "I am not your master anymore," I responded rather sharply. "I don't do that anymore."
      "You are my master," Wyatt persuaded. "You are Polemistis, one of the Supreme Elite."
      "I don't go by those titles anymore," I cut back again. "I am just like you, another Keyblade wielder." Wyatt then lost it then.
      "No you aren't!" he shouted. I looked up jumping at the shouting. "You aren't like everyone else! You four are not like everyone else! You are the Supreme Elite! You four are the strongest Keyblade wielders to ever live! You four are one with them! You are them and they are you! Why are you running away?! You made a promise once! You told me you made a promise to defend the least among us. Now because you learned of mistakes and wrongdoing from ages ago, you decide to just give up and break a promise?! Last time I checked, my master always keeps his promises. You can't run away from who you are, Master Polemistis." He then turned around and disappeared into a light corridor. I was absolutely stunned at everything I just heard. Everything else is like a blur now. I think I just had a rude awakening and one that apparently had been a long time coming. I sense I am not the only person among the four of us that has received a rude awakening.

#1954036 What's Inside Sora's Shoes?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 12 July 2017 - 08:44 PM

Oh! Oh! I know! HIS FEET!

#1954035 If a Mascot is on stage for Kingdom Hearts at D23, who'll it be?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 12 July 2017 - 08:42 PM

Whomever is from the new world.

#1953961 This picture I made for the coming KH Hype

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 12 July 2017 - 04:01 PM

Why must you do this to me? Your unbelievable art skills have turned against me.

#1953528 All Unanswered Questions in Kingdom Hearts

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 10 July 2017 - 02:52 PM

Too many questions though I believe some already have answers.

#1953526 Anime world in Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 10 July 2017 - 02:31 PM

I see no possibility of anime in KH3 at all. None are owned by Disney and they give the green light in regards to what worlds go in or not. Anime has no shot of getting in.

#1953385 Hey! 10 year Huge Fan of Kingdom Hearts is in the House of Mouse!

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 09 July 2017 - 08:55 AM

Wow, what a story. A decade eh? What a fan you are. Welcome aboard.:)

#1953190 Which Spider-Man Villain would be a cool Kingdom Hearts 3 boss in a Marvel wo...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 07 July 2017 - 09:44 PM

None of the above. No Marvel villains please.

#1952819 How do you celebrate the 4th of July?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 04 July 2017 - 10:46 PM

I watch the Disney Parks Blog stream of Walt Disney World's 4th of July celebration.

#1952276 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 30 June 2017 - 10:58 PM

Chapter 30: An Unexpected Hero

      Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon were watching over the students at the Keyblade academy. They have been the ones in charge of the school ever since they received word that the Supreme Elite and their descendants split and now live separately from the other. They realized upon hearing this why they were told they would be in charge of the academy for a while and graciously accepted the duty. They couldn't tell the students. It would create disorder and worry among them. Some might decide to go out and find the Elites and/or Ben and company. They had to act as if everything is normal and natural.

      They were all in the courtyard practicing magic spells. By now, some students have been learning and practicing some advanced spells and other advanced material.

      "Alright Wyatt, let's see it," Axeron said. Wyatt nodded and with much ease, he used a powerful spell, Mega Flare and hit the target creating a huge flash and explosion.

      "Awesome job!" Axeron complimented. "Now show me the rest." Wyatt showed Axeron the rest of the advanced spells he learned and has just about mastered. Axeron was very much impressed with Wyatt's skill and ease at showing him these advanced spells. He has even learned attacks and spells, though with some improvement needed, that no one else in the academy has learned as they are for select Keyblade masters like the Supreme Elite.

      "I must say, you're a special one," Axeron said. "You of course need to improve the new material, but I think you'll be on your way to your Mark of Mastery exam."

      "Thank you Axeron," Wyatt replied. "Axeron, when are the Supreme Elite coming back? They haven't been back in weeks."

      "They should be back soon," Axeron replied trying to keep his cool. "I sense it could be today, but I believe their return is imminent." Just then, four light corridors opened up and out came the Supreme Elite. Everyone looked in their direction and excitement was in the air for their return. The four apprentices went up to them and bowed.

      "Masters, it's so good to have you back," Axeron said on behalf of his friends. All the Elites had smiles on their faces. They students rushed over calling out the Elites' names. Wyatt had a face full of joy and was about to rush to them, but then froze in place and the joy washed away immediately into concern. He felt something different about them. They are not the Supreme Elite he knew; these people only have one heart in them, not two and he does not sense Ben's heart in Master Polemistis and the same with the rest.

      Soraxan noticed Wyatt standing at a distance from everyone.

      "Wyatt, is something wrong?" he asked. "The Supreme Elite have finally returned you know." Wyatt did not answer for a few seconds and then finally said something.

      "Yeah... I just can't believe they're back," he replied uneasily. He had a feeling something was wrong. Why does he sense one heart in each of them and not two? Where are Ben and his friends? They are his masters, not these people. Yeah they are the Supreme Elite, but not the ones he knows and has come to love. It hit him there and then: these are the original Supreme Elite. These are Ben's, Adrian's, Shane's, and Jack's ancestors. That means Ben, Adrian, Shane, and Jack are somewhere. Not only that, he doesn't sense the Mark of Kye on these people.

      The Supreme Elite helped teach the students for the next couple of hours and as the sun started setting, everyone went inside.

      "Wyatt, aren't you coming in?" Derron asked him as everyone moved inside the building.

      "No, I think I will continue my training out here," he said. Derron shrugged his shoulders and went in with the crowd.

      "What was that about?" Braxon asked him.

      "Don't know," Derron replied. "He wanted to merely train outside some more."

      "On his own?" Braxon asked.

      "Beats me," Derron replied again. "All I know is he is prime for his Mark of Mastery and is a special one. I don't blame him for still training and asking for alone time."

      The sun did not set completely for another couple of hours so there was still plenty of daylight left. All the students were in the throne room while the Supreme Elite went to the library with the apprentices to talk. Wyatt lied earlier about training outside some more. That was a decoy. He quietly went to the library, which is the academy's basement, hid, and overheard the conversation between the two sides.

      "Alright, what happened?" Axeron asked in a lower voice and firmly.

      "I did not see it coming," Polemistis replied. "Ben and I were in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World and he expressed to me thoughts about me living my own life. I told him how I felt happy as I was and wondered what he was thinking. Before we know it, we were released from their hearts and became our own people."

      "Living once again in the land of the living," Kidemonas followed up.

      "So how is the Foretellers connected to all of this?" Soraxan asked.

      "Their ancestors, our original masters, told us that the Keyblade War was a conflict between light and dark," Aiton explained. "It turned out to be a war in which friends fought friends, a civil war if you wish."

      "Here we are thousands of years later learning that we were lied to," Kyrios said. "Then we learn the descendants, Ben's and his friends' masters, kept it all quiet to keep the past crimes secret and to cover it all up so it never sees the light." The apprentices were absolutely stunned at hearing this.

      "Where are Ben and company now?" Derron asked.

      "We don't know," Polemistis replied. "We haven't even seen them in days, weeks actually."

      "Wow, this explains why we were put in charge for a while," Braxon said in awe. Wyatt is losing his mind over all of this as he eavesdropped on the conversation. He knew something wasn't right and now learned that it was more than he originally thought. He snuck away keeping quiet and hidden and went outside through the front entrance of the academy.

      "I have to find them," he said to himself out loud and in a low voice. He then ran off down the hill onto the road, crossed it, and then went into the woods trusting his heart to lead him.

      Meanwhile, the apprentices and Supreme Elite were speaking about other things after they spoke about their classified topic as they walked back up to the main floor of the academy. Axeron started getting a not good feeling about Wyatt.

      "Hey guys, I have been thinking about Wyatt," he said. "He was acting rather strange earlier."

      "I noticed too," Polemistis said. "I have a feeling he knows the truth." The eight of them swiftly went to his room and did not see him there. They looked throughout the many rooms and could not find him. They met up again in the throne room after their initial search.

      "Anything?" Kyrios asked. The rest shook their heads. It came to Axeron right there.

      "Oh no," he said. "He must have..." He couldn't finish the thought. Wyatt must have overheard them and now has decided to find Ben and company.

      "He couldn't have!" Polemistis protested.

      "Yes he did and I am going to find him," Axeron said. "You guys calm everyone else here. Wyatt was asking me about you guys earlier so I have to find him." The Elites and rest of the apprentices nodded in agreement and Axeron went out the front. He had a sense of where Wyatt went and started down the hill to the road and then into the woods.

      Wyatt trekked through the woods. He sensed in his heart the Mark of Kye leading him and now he is pretty sure the overall direction in which it is leading him. Meanwhile, he is looking around his surroundings as he is in the middle of the woods in the middle of upstate New York. Wyatt grew wary of his surroundings and had a slight fear over him since he was alone and he has really no clue where he is or where exactly he is going. He then hears a call of his name behind him.

      "Wyatt!" a voice called. Wyatt whipped around about ready to summon his Keyblade when he sees Axeron running towards him.

      "Oh my goodness! Wyatt!" Axeron said joyfully. "What are you doing?"

      "I heard it all," Wyatt said sternly and with some worry and fear. "They are not the Supreme Elite I know. Where are Ben and the rest of my masters?" Axeron was quiet for a second realizing Wyatt did overhear it all and more.

      "You are truly a special Keyblade wielder," Axeron said in a soft voice. "For you to sense who they are and to sense the Mark of Kye when no one else among your comrades at the school has that ability is extraordinary."

      "Where is Ben?" Wyatt asked with more sharpness. "I have a general direction of where he could be, but I want to know exactly where my master is."

      "I don't know Wyatt," Axeron replied. "He could be back home, he could be in Walt Disney World, I don't know." Wyatt started breathing heavily and look overwhelmed.

      "Here, calm down," Axeron said gently and approaching the student. "Look, let's go back and we can find them another time." Wyatt nodded and they began trekking back toward the school. A couple minutes later, they see someone looking like Polemistis walking through the woods too.

      "Master Polemistis?" Axeron said and they walked towards him, but when they got close, they froze and gasped. The figure looked at them and then smiled with a maniacal grin. It was Polemos, not Polemistis.

      "Well, well, well," he said. "Just who might you be son?" He was looking straight at Wyatt ignoring Axeron. Wyatt immediately summoned his Keyblade and took stance.

      "Oh you're a Keyblade wielder eh?" Polemos said.

      "Name's Wyatt," Wyatt replied. "I'm a student under Master Polemistis."

      "Oooohhh, are you now?" Polemos said approaching the two. Axeron summoned his Keyblade as well as he a Wyatt started retreating slowly as Polemos advanced. Just then, they look to their left and see another person approaching Polemos.

      "Polemos, what's happening?" he asked. "Have you figured out any more leads?"

      "Ronnie! Look at this here!" Polemos motioned. Ronnie looked at Wyatt and Axeron and an evil grin spread across his face.

      "Well isn't this a surprise?" Ronnie said.

      "You're Ronnie, Ben's nemesis," Wyatt said.

      "Oh is that how that idiot speaks of me?" Ronnie asked.  "You must be, what? A student of his? Well I must say you look rather strong. How about we test that?" Ronnie and Polemos summoned their Keyblades.

      "If you think he was such a great teacher, than show us you fool!" Polemos demanded. The two sides clashed and fought. It was a fight in which Axeron and Wyatt were going back and forth between Polemos and Ronnie as they fought in the little clearing they were in inside the woods. Wyatt was struggling for both of these enemies were strong. He had to constantly retreat or he would have been a goner in a few seconds. These two were that strong. It was a shock for him that Axeron has managed to keep himself upright although he could tell it was not by much that Axeron has kept himself up. They found themselves surrounded by Polemos and Ronnie as the two dark Keyblade wielders were circling them.

      "Wyatt! We have to work together now!" Axeron exclaimed.

      "How do we do that?! Wyatt replied.

      "We have to use a joint attack," Axeron said.

      "I have never been taught that stuff!" Wyatt pleaded.

      "Just trust in me and in yourself," Axeron said. Wyatt merely nodded.

      "Oh isn't that sad," Polemos mocked. "It seems the young student has already reached the end of his line. What a pity."

      "What a waste," Ronnie added. "You're a disgrace to Ben and Polemistis. You're better off dead than ever putting your hands on a Keyblade. Don't worry, we'll make this quick... AFTER ALL THE PAIN!" The two of them laugh maniacally at the suggestion angering Wyatt.

      "Now!" Axeron shouted. Wyatt and Axeron then performed Unison Rush on the two enemies hitting them over and over and from different directions. They both give the final attack drilling Polemos and Ronnie and sending them back about fifteen yards. The two get up, but slowly grunting and huffing.

      "Alright, you win," Ronnie said.

      "Don't expect him to save you next time," Polemos said to Wyatt. Then the two of them disappeared into dark corridors. Wyatt and Axeron then unsummoned their Keyblades and exhaled.

      "Good job," Axeron complimented. "If I had the authority, I would say you have passed the first trial of your Mark of Mastery exam." Wyatt smiled and nodded. Then the two of them went back to the academy and Wyatt, the four apprentices, and the Supreme Elite all spoke alone together about the battle.

      "Thank goodness you're safe," Polemistis said relieved. "Ben will surely be glad you are alive."

      "Will you tell him about our fight?" Wyatt asked.

      "I'll be sure he knows," Polemistis promised.

      "Speaking of him, where is he?" Wyatt asked again.

      "I don't know," Polemistis said insisting. "I don't know where he is. However, I think you have sensed we do not have the Mark and went after him, yes?" Wyatt looked down. "No worry, we'll be sure you find him." Wyatt looked back up and nodded. "Besides, I think you have become an unexpected hero." Wyatt smiled and nodded in thought. I guess after the recent fight he had, he kind of became an unexpected hero.

#1952085 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

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Chapter 29: A Few Surprises

      My family and I had to go to the grocery store. To be precise, we had to go to nearby Walmart supermarket and get some food and other necessities. It's something we usually do whenever we are running low on anything. It isn't our favorite thing to do as well because of the crowds that show up particularly on weekends and the distance. However, this had to be done so we decided to go on a weekend in the afternoon around 2 pm. We get there and grab a cart and begin our shopping.

      "Okay, so let's get your mother's a sister's stuff," dad suggested. Mom and my sister went off to get their own personal stuff. Meanwhile, dad and I got a couple toiletries like toothpaste and hand soap. We came back and mom and my sister put their stuff in the cart. We then went off to get other things from aisles filled with household items. We went to the food section of the store and looked for foods we usually buy. We split up and I head down a frozen food aisle. I stop and look around for a second for a particularly a frozen food bag. I then feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around and see someone in a white t-shirt with a grey strip at chest level, black cap, black sneakers with white soles, and white fingerless gloves.

      "Excuse me, where might I find a store manager or even a street vendor?" the guy asked.

      "Oh the manager is up front, but as for a street vendors, I don't think there..." I said before trailing off. Looking at the face some more, I realized immediately who it was.

      "Noctis?" I said. He then smiled, winked, and nodded. I looked around and brought him off to the side and we spoke in low voices.

      "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Are you crazy? How on earth did you find me at all?"

      "I caught wind of what you guys did," he replied referring to my split from my ancestor. "I heard everything the Foretellers did long ago and leading up until now. I know I'm late to the party, but I couldn't sit by when I did hear."

      "What of your friends?" I asked. "Where are they?"

      "Well... I sort of went off-" he said, but then I cut him off.

      "You took off without anyone knowing?!" I asked shocked.

      "I couldn't just let you guys be alone," he said. "I have to protect the citizens of Lucis and you count as one. You're also one of my best friends and I do this because I care."

      "Thanks Noct," I said.

      "I also came here to tell you something you guys need to know," he added. "Even though Niflheim and Lucis have become one nation, it seems that old forces that once served the empire have started to create divisions."

      "Luxu..." I said. "He must be doing this."

      "I figured you heard about that and I wanted to ask," Noct said.

      "Well thanks for telling me," I said "but I am not the Supreme Elite anymore. You'll have to find them and tell them. Hopefully you find some Keyblade wielders in Lucis, more like Eos in general, who can fight this." Noctis looked a bit stunned, but had to remember that this is the new normal now.

      "I'm sorry Noctis," I apologized. "This is the new normal now."

      "Ben? Who is this?" I heard my mom ask. I look behind me and the three of them are together.

      "Oh, just someone asking if I have an idea where the store manager is," I replied. I looked back at Noct and nodded. He nodded in return and looked as if he understood. He then whispered into my ear.

      "I liked what you were before," he whispered. Then he stepped away, nodded, and went on his way. I was left in thought thinking about what he said. I could tell what it meant: Noctis liked me as the Supreme Elite. He liked me more as Polemistis and myself. My dad called me again and I snapped out of it and went to them and we finished our shopping. We went home and put all the groceries away and did our thing until dinner. In the meantime, I thought a lot about what Noctis said. Why does he like me as the Supreme Elite more than as I am now? I mean, the Supreme Elite themselves are here still. They are their own people now. Yeah they don't have the Mark of Kye, which has not appeared on me or my friends for some time now, but that doesn't mean Keyblade wielders should not be answering to them. They are superior in skill and power and they know what to do. Besides, they deserve lives of their own. The Foretellers predecessors lied to them and it cost them. Now they get a second chance.

       The Foretellers... Thinking about them angered me. They first hide the truth thousands of years ago from my ancestors. They are told the Keyblade War was a fight between forces of light and darkness. It really was a war between unions; friend against friend. The Elite thought they were killing off enemies of the darkness, but were really slaughtering their own friends because of the deception they were given. Then, thousands of years later, in an effort to hide their crimes and scandalous behavior, they keep quiet and let my friends and I fix their mess so it can be swept under the rug never to see daylight and for them never to face accountability for their heinousness due to them. It is so hard to forgive them because this affected millions of people. Not only that, but I feel used as do my friends, the seven lights, and our appren- well... our fellow Keyblade wielders since they are no longer subordinate to us, but to the Elite. They deceived Master Yen Sid! It is so hard to forgive them and I am trying to. At least I don't have to reconcile with them because reconciling and forgiving are two different things.

      Suddenly, I hear the doorbell ring and a knock on the door. That's strange, who could this be? I get up and head to the door. Mom is following me behind a couple steps behind me. I open the door and my jaw drops and I am absolutely stunned. Standing on my front porch are the seven lights except Mickey. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua are all standing on my front porch with Sora right in front of me on the other side of the screen door we have. He had a big grin and put his hands behind his head like he usually does. In fact, everyone had a smile or a grin on their face.

      "Hiya Ben!" Sora said cheerfully. Mom approached next to me.

      "Oh... hi..." she said surprised. "You didn't tell me Ben you had friends coming over tonight."

      "I never told you because I never planned it," I said still shocked and still looking at the six.

      "Well come on in," mom said and we opened the screen door and the six of them all came in. They looked around the main floor of the house looking at pictures of my family and I, our pictures of us in Walt Disney World, and our images of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

      "Wow, some place you got," Ventus said to me. I said nothing still. I finally managed to figure out something to say.

      "Hey, um... why don't we all sit in the living room and talk," I suggested and everyone agreed. They all went into the living room while I told mom what I was doing.

      "Ben, why are they here?" mom sternly asked me.

      "I'm as stumped as you," I replied. "I am going to ask what's going on." Mom nodded and then went off to the upstairs. I went over to the living room where everyone was paying attention to me.

      "Okay, how the hell did you guys find me?" I demanded.

      "Well, thanks to a certain Lucian and following the connection of us to you through the Mark of Kye, we found you," Sora said. Noctis told them and they actually pursued me using my connection to them.

      "I told you I don't use the Mark," I said. "I answer to the Supreme Elite as do you. I don't think they would like you being here."

      "I think you know better than that," Aqua said. She's right, I lied there.

      "Okay, but I am not liking this," I replied. "Still, I want to know right now why on God's green Earth you are here."

      "Well, while we have been trying to go around mending these divisions on worlds," Ventus said, "we actually talked about your situation with the Foretellers."

      "We think that maybe you should forgive them and reconcile with them," Riku said. I was silent for a bit. This was something I was actually thinking about.

      "You know, I can do the former, but not the latter," I said.

      "Huh? What do you mean?" Sora asked.

      "As a Catholic, I have to forgive them," I explained. "The reason why is because it's my own soul I have to be concerned about. I don't have to reconcile with them. That's a completely different thing in of itself. I can't and won't reconcile with them is because I have no clue for sure that they won't lie to me and my friends again just like it was done just before the Keyblade War and then in the past few years."

      "Ben, their ancestors thought they were doing what is best for yours," Terra said. Then I snapped.

      "NO! WRONG ANSWER!" I screamed at them. They all became wide-eyed at my reaction. "They did NOT do what's best for my ancestors! They didn't want to face responsibility for their actions and so caused the deaths of millions! Their descendants are just the same! They lied and deceived us to cover up their predecessors' lies and sins! WE! WERE! USED! All of us including you seven! Now we should reconcile with them?!" It was silent for what felt like an hour even though it was just a minute.

      "You should at least consider it," Kairi said. "They have to help beat back the darkness. If you all can't reconcile with them, we won't win this fight."

      "You know, I became too close to darkness," Terra said. "I realized that I was doing things and acting in ways that concerned Master Eraqus and wanted Aqua to watch me for."

      "I betrayed Sora and Kairi," Riku added. "I was so concerned about leaving our little island that I caused darkness to tear us apart and enter into my heart. It is somewhat like what Terra allowed, but on a greater scale."

      "The point they are making is they reconciled with us," Aqua said. "Even though they did things we found appalling, we forgave them and reconciled with them."

      "Have you guys done so with them?" I asked.

      "No... They haven't been seen since then," Ventus replied. "If I can guess one thing and be right, they have felt horrible about what they have done because I could tell how much they regretted not telling you guys the truth."

      "Besides, you need them and they need you," Sora said. He then got up from the couch, stood in front of me, and put a hand on my shoulder. "I hope you can see that and eventually reconcile with them." I merely nodded.

      "I'll be sure to pray about it and go to a priest about it," I replied. I just thought that today had a few surprises. The first was finding Noctis in a freaking Walmart super store. The second was all of these guys here finding me and my house. The final one was their suggestion my friends and I reconcile with the Foretellers. That's something I'll have to pray about.

#1951805 3D Modelling - KH3 Counter Shield

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Stop! You are making me lose my mind with all this unbelievable stuff you make!