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#1944822 3D Model - Xion's Personal Keyblade

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on Yesterday, 02:27 PM

You never cease to amaze me with your work.

#1944692 Which show/movie has your favorite fictional world?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 24 May 2017 - 07:20 PM

I love Pirates of the Caribbean, but The Avengers takes the cake.


Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 24 May 2017 - 03:37 PM

doesn't dinsey have to ask Pixar if they can use it?

Probably, but that isn't the point. The point is that something is made of nothing.

#1944475 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 22 May 2017 - 10:07 PM

Chapter 25: The Lost Two

      I did what I needed to. We all did what we needed to. The Supreme Elite are now their own people and they can now do what they were meant to do. No going back now. Nothing would change my mind nor my friends' minds.

      "Are you sure you-?" Polemistis began to ask. I didn't let him finish.

      "Yes I am," I immediately said. "We made the choice and what's done is done. Now, we go home and live normal lives. You are the ones in charge now."

      "Okay then," Polemistis said with reluctance. My friends and I bade farewell to them and went down the hill and we went home. The Supreme Elite stayed on the hill silently thinking about what has happened.

      "I don't know what we should do now," Kyrios said.

      "Me either," followed Aiton. "We have been living as a part of them and now here we are as people."

      "The one thing that really punched me in the gut some was when Ben said our plan for return is something Master Xehanort would conjure," Kidemonas said.

      "Yeah that got to me as well," Polemistis said. "Hey guys, our plan for returning, was it selfish? I mean, we said in Daybreak Town we would return one day and promised we would do so one way or another. I even told Areti that my descendant would awaken me and I would return again; we all said that actually. Were we selfish?"

      "We kept a promise," Kyrios replied. "We said we would return to each other. Yeah we lost each other in the war, but we ended up keeping a promise millennia later."

      "Yeah, but we used our descendants as conduits," Aiton said. "I mean, the way in which we kept ourselves alive is indeed something Master Xehanort would possibly do."

      "And that is exactly how I would do it," a raspy ale voice said. Chills went down all of their spines and they turned toward the trees and see none other than Master Xehanort coming from the woods.

      "Master Xehanort?" Polemistis said. "But... how? You were defeated by the seven lights."

      "Indeed as were my twelve other selves," he replied. "However, as long as my lingering spirit has ties to darkness, it is not so simple to defeat the darkness as well as myself."

      "You saw it all didn't you?" Kidemonas asked.

      "Indeed my boy," the old man replied. "And he knows of your divide from your descendants. I knew they all had the blood of yours running within them. That is why I feared them back then. Now, learning of the Foretellers treachery in ancient times and the treachery the successors have continued today, I knew it would be only time before the boys would take matters into their own hands. And now stand before me the four masters of yore, the Supreme Elite. If only it was five." Master Xehanort then chuckled at that last bit. This struck a nerve with the four. Memories of Nikitis and their rejection of him from becoming a part of the Supreme Elite.

      "We wanted to save him from losing his life trying to save us," Polemistis replied with aggravation. "He knew already and was okay with it."

      "Tell me, who told him about your fates?" Xehanort asked.

      "It must have been one of the Keyblade wielders because we told a group of Dandelions," Aiton responded.

      "Was he a Dandelion?" he asked. The boys shook their heads. "Did you tell any other Keyblade wielders besides the Dandelions?" They shook their heads again. Master Xehanort chuckled.

      "It must be someone else then," he said. "Do not think that the little darkness that was in his heart then would not grow with every successor that lived after him until it is inherited by a descendant bearing his name."

      "Descendant?" Polemistis said. "Who? No one goes by his name. Just what are you after and who are you in league with?!" Master Xehanort chuckled as he turned around and walked into a dark corridor and disappeared.

      "I can't believe he is here," Kidemonas said. "I would like to know why and how and what his presence means."

      "I don't know the answers to that," Kyrios said. "All I know is something, or someone, has been pulling strings and apparently been making things go in a certain direction."

      "So then, we have to go off and start taking care of business," Polemistis said. "We now are our own people and yes even though the Foretellers used us to clean up and hide their mess, we do what is right anyway because the Realm of Light is in danger. We have to try and do what we are able to do."

      "We kind of owe our descendants you know," Kidemonas said. "We used them to come back and now we have to find a way to make it up to them."

      "Yes... that as well," Polemistis said. "We'll know how to do so when the time is right." They open a light corridor and leave Earth and go to another world to fight back against the encroaching darkness.


      I walked through the front door of my house and stood in front of the entrance. My family looked at me and I just nodded signaling it's done. My parents and sister gather around me and hug me and I hug all of them and just keep it there for a while. It felt like forever being in the embrace. We all then let go after a minute or so.

      "So what are you now?" dad asked.

      "Just a regular Keyblade wielder," I replied. "I am no longer my predecessor. He is his own person and an actual human being. As a Keyblade wielder, he has authority over me."

      "Will he be anything like you?" mom asked.

      "Mom, he will be exactly like me," I replied. "I don't think we will see him or his friends for a while."

      "Are you going to have to travel to other worlds though? That's a concern of mine," mom asked.

      "No... no more..." I replied. "I am a normal person now. We can be a normal, Catholic family." Mom gave me another brief hug and then we went on living our lives. I cannot concern myself with what's out there anymore. The Supreme Elite now are in charge and they have Keyblade wielders at their disposal in the different worlds that can be an extra set of eyes and ears and help them. I am no different on Earth as one of millions of Keyblade wielders. My friends are as well for we all agreed on this and now walk on this path.

      I went to karate the next day. It felt nice to return back to karate to teach the students and train again. Adrian was there as well and he showed up earlier than me. He was teaching already so when I walked in, he looked up, nodded with a smile, to which I returned it, and then looked at the students he was teaching again. I greeted my masters and then when the prior class was over, I went up to Adrian and shook his hand and went into the male changing room.

      "So, how are you feeling?" I asked.

      "Alright. I'm getting along," he replied. "It is still weighing on my mind though even if it is just a bit. It's always in the back of my mind."

      "Yeah, me too," I said.

      "We'll get over it though and get used to it," he followed up. I nodded and we returned to the floor to teach the next class.

      The next day, my family and I went to the Walkway over the Hudson, an old rail bridge for trains now converted into a walkway. It is gorgeous and peaceful up here. People go by on their bikes, walk their dogs, or jog across the walkway. Meanwhile, I am at the midway point over the bridge looking out over the river toward the bridge where vehicles are crossing over. I have my arms on the railing that's the height of my neck and just lookout with thoughts of two days ago coming back. My family was all to my right.

      "So, you thinking about what you did a couple days ago," a male voice asked me. It sounded deep and familiar to someone else, but it wasn't ominous. I didn't bother looking assuming it's a Keyblade wielder that's aware of what I have done.

      "Yeah, it is starting to fade away," I answered.

      "You feel like you made the right choice?" he asked.

      "Yes, it was the right thing to do," I answered.

      "I think so too because it now makes you weaker and more pathetic," the voice said ominously. It now sounded familiar and it gave me chills up and down my spine.

      Oh Lord, please tell me it isn't him, I thought. I turn around to my left and see standing some several feet away from me none other than Vanitas.

      "Hello Ben, miss me?" he asked. I had my eyes wide open and mouth slightly open. My dad stood in front of mom and my sister shielding them.

      "How- how are you here?" I asked. "Ventus killed you. The seven lights killed all thirteen of you."

      "Yeah that moron did," he responded. "Did you think that I go down that easily? As long as my spirit has ties to darkness, I'm going nowhere pal."

      "You learned then," I asked.

      "Of course I did idiot," Vanitas replied. "We have eyes and ears everywhere. How stupid do you think I am?"

      "Watch the attitude sonny," I growled.

      "Believe me, if you did not release him, I would be scared," Vanitas said.

      "You should be right now dearie," a voice like mine said. Vanitas turned around and there was Polemistis with arms crossed.

      "Honey, I'm home," he taunted to Vanitas while smiling.

      "Hmph," Vanitas huffed. "I'll be sure to keep note of this and tell him."

      "Him? Who are you in league with?" I asked. Vanitas looks at me, chuckles, and then disappears into a dark corridor. I then look at my ancestor who walks toward me and my family.

      "I'm rather surprised you are here," I said. "I am not using the Mark anymore you know."

      "I couldn't let my descendant be threatened," he said.

      "Where are the rest?" I asked.

      "They're visiting their descendants," he replied. "We wanted to see you all before we went to another world. It was something we all sensed we should do." I nodded and smiled. My family walked up next to me.

      "Oh, this is Polemistis," I introduced to them. "He is my ancestor or rather yours as well."

      "You look exactly like my son," mom said.

      "Yeah, I knew then my descendant would look like me," Polemistis said. My family then spoke to him asking him questions and he answered. This lasted for about five minutes before he had to cut it short.

      "Well, I have to go now," he said. "It was nice formally meeting all of you."

      "Thanks Polemistis," I said. "See you soon."

      "Yeah, you too," he replied and held out his hand in a handshake. I grabbed it to shake his hand, but then he pulled me into an embrace catching me off guard.

      "Be careful of them," he said softly into my ear. "I don't want someone from their side to harm you. I'll be sure to protect you all."

      "We'll be okay," I said hugging him back. "Thank you though." We let go and then he leaves in a light corridor. Vanitas's appearance raised many questions. Why is he here and for what purpose? Who is he in league with? All I know is this: an old enemy has returned.

#1944104 Xemnas's Ethereal Blade - Aggression

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 20 May 2017 - 09:24 PM

You continue to amaze with your work. Keep it up.


Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 19 May 2017 - 08:04 AM

Toy hammer?

No. You're making something out of nothing now. You did not discover anything. There is nothing here that confirms Toy Story.


Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 18 May 2017 - 07:30 PM

I get what you're saying about the lighting effect (and I'm no expert), but isn't it weird that it makes that SPECIFIC of a shape. A shape that is pretty much EXACTLY like Buzz Lightyears? I promise I'm not trying to troll anyone, I just really think I discovered something :)

It looks close, but it could be nothing more than coincidence. Also, it does look pixelated as well and could be nothing more than coincidence of how it shows up.


Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 18 May 2017 - 07:24 PM

Okay, so we all remember this picture right?
Well, I was messing around with some filters, when I noticed a weird shape in the blurred out part.
attachicon.giftruth 1.jpg
And I noticed when you flip it.
attachicon.giftruth 2.jpg
And define the handle better.
attachicon.giftruth 3.jpg
It looks JUST like Buzz Lightyear's logo on his chest!
attachicon.giftruth 4.jpg

Toy Story confirmed!!!! :D This is amazing!!!

Okay, let's calm down for a second and not jump the gun. First of all, I don't think this confirms Toy Story at all especially since nothing has come from Square Enix or Nomura in regards to any other world besides Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) and San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) on top of the given worlds of Mysterious Tower, Twilight Town, and Olympus Coliseum (or rather Mt. Olympus). Second, it could be an effect of the lighting. Mind you this picture came to us before HD2.8 came along so it could be nothing more than lighting effect they had back then when they were still trying to master the new engine. It might be much different and better now and may not even look like that. Third, you did admit to messing with lighting so it could be an effect of that.

#1943797 Will Roxas reunite with Hayner Olette and Pence ?

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 18 May 2017 - 06:59 PM

Roxas will when Sora goes to Twilight Town. He isn't coming back though and I don't believe for one second he will in KH3.

#1943605 3D models of Ether, Hi-Ether and Mega-ether

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 17 May 2017 - 03:34 PM

Awesome job! Keep making more images.

#1943457 Once Upon A Time -- General Discussion

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 16 May 2017 - 08:59 PM

So it seems that season 7 will be a new saga and for the next generation. Interesting. I like how they bring it around.

#1943454 My Disney Mother's Day Present.

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 16 May 2017 - 08:50 PM

You DREW that?! That's incredible! It looks like it's an image created online. Flawless!

#1943328 My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 15 May 2017 - 09:58 PM

Chapter 24: A New Beginning

      I went home and discussed this with my family. All of us this time discussed it as I wanted my sister's opinion as well. I could not tell how they felt at first. They ended up telling me they would support whatever I decided to do even though they gave their opinion. I was not the only one that went to talk to family about this. Shane and Jack did as well with their parents. Adrian told his family what he was going to do. The four of us actually discussed this right after I came back from Walt Disney World. We decided to wait until the new year and it is a little warmer. In the meantime, we live our lives normally doing what we usually have done while keeping in mind big changes are coming.

      It is finally April and the holidays of Christmas and Easter have come and gone. We are currently in the Easter season about three weeks into it since the season lasts for seven. It is warmer now with the temperatures around the mid sixties Fahrenheit. We are all a year older and yet things haven't felt different... until now. We all talked over the plan again and once again confirmed we will do it. We went to our families again and they once again gave their blessings and support. We went on top of a hill at a ski place near my home using the ski lift. There was no one around since it was not open for skiing and only open for sightseeing, but people were not going up to look out and around. Up there, we gathered together in a circle and paused for a while just getting ourselves ready emotionally and mentally.

      "This is it," Adrian said. "When we do this, we can't go back. This is permanent."

      "It's the right thing to do though," I said. Jack and Shane nodded in reply.

      "You ready?" I asked. They all nodded now. We change into our Elite forms and summon our Keyblades. Then, we grab them by the blade, lift them up pointing toward us, and we stab ourselves in the chest where our hearts are. I felt immediate pain as I felt the blade enter my chest over my heart. I felt my heart be in pain as well. Then, our Keyblades disappeared leaving light coming from the gaps created and we all go limp, but manage to stay up by some force. Strangely, the Mark of Kye appeared and glowed on ourselves as this all transpired. Suddenly, we see hearts come from the gaps in our chests and float up above us about six feet over our heads. They stopped there and just floated while the clothes we wore in our Elite forms disappear into flashes of light. Suddenly, our bodies become no longer limp and we stand up fully again and the cavities of light disappear. Looking around at each other, we are wearing our normal clothes as we have become normal people now.

      Looking up, the four hearts were floating and not moving anywhere when suddenly, like when Vanitas's lingering spirit manifests in Birth by Sleep, light energy wraps itself around the four hearts and manifest into four people... very familiar people. I watch with my eyes wide open, but mouth closed keeping my amazement in check. The light forms into the Supreme Elite from top to bottom. They had eyes closed and hands off to the side slightly with palms open facing up. The four of them then float down gently landing on the ground in the middle of our circle. They then open their eyes and looking around abruptly and feeling themselves. It's one thing to be the Supreme Elite and have your own identity, it's a whole different thing to see the Supreme Elite (the original to be precise) standing in front of you now in the flesh and no longer as mere spirit or what have you. They look around at us with mouths slightly open in shock. Polemistis then looks at me.

      "Wh-wh-why...?" he managed to say.

      "It was the right thing to do," I said. "You all had your lives taken away from you and now we are giving you the chance you never had: a chance to live your life completely."

      "But... you know we have told you that we were happy where we were," Polemistis said. "Why did you still do this?"

      "Well, after learning you all and us were used then and now as part of a major scandal," I said, "I talked this over with my family and the four of us have talked it over. We all decided that we had to right the wrong done so long ago. We were just regular people before the Keyblade showed up in our hands and now, we decided to change our lives for good and allow the Supreme Elite to do what they tried to do back then: defeat the darkness. Maybe now you could find out who that traitor was then and is now. Look, we want to be regular people now. We were never meant to take you guys up as part of us. You entered into us so we could defeat Ronnie and Nick and survive the Keyblade War and then to defeat the Dark Elite. You gave us help and that's all. Besides, I must admit, your plan of returning sounds like something Master Xehanort would do." Polemistis looked like he was punched in the stomach at that. I had to be honest. I mean, I am nothing more than a means for Polemistis to return. The way Polemistis would return as he described sounds similar to a ways in which Master Xehanort would try to return. My friends are no different in regards to Kyrios, Aiton, and Kidemonas. The rest of the Elite looked at their respective descendants and my friends nodded confirming that we did discuss that too. Polemistis looked down, pursed his lips, and nodded.

      "I had to be honest with you," I said. "You wanted to return and knew your descendant would awaken you and bring you back. Now you get exactly what you have wanted and now you can complete your mission left incomplete for thousands of years because of the Keyblade War. We already have Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon taking the reins over the academy. We told them that they will be in charge for a while. If you guys want to stop by there, be our guest. Now, you can go and fulfill your purposes. We'll listen and obey your commands whenever you give them." Polemistis felt the middle of his abdomen, looked down briefly, and then at me.

      "Actually, that won't be happening," he said.

      "What? Why?" Shane asked.

      "Look down at yourselves," Kidemonas replied. We did and we gasp. The Mark of Kye is still on us still glowing.

      "No way! We still have it?!" Jack exclaimed.

      "How is this possible?" Adrian asked.

      "Think about it: how are you four still standing here?" Kyrios asked. We thought about it for a second and then we realized it. Oh yeah, why ARE we still standing here? And then we put the dots together.

      "Yes, that's exactly it," Aiton said. "The Mark of Kye chose YOU guys, not us. If it chose us, we would have it on ourselves and you guys would not have it and be turned into nobodies. Then we would have to make you human again the rough way."

      "So basically, the Mark has become like a shield for you all," Kidemonas said. "The first time it acted that way was when you fought the Dark Elite. They stabbed you, but then the Mark saved your lives from slipping away. Now, it has become a part of you. Not only is it your shield, but also, remember, it gives the bearers power over all Keyblade wielders of Earth."

      "Every Keyblade wielder of light on Earth listens to you now and responds to your call," Polemistis followed. "Because the seven lights, union members, and your apprentices have become parts of your hearts, they respond to your call as well. We are also subjected to your summoning."

      "Nonetheless though, you guys still have authority over us," I countered. "We are regular Keyblade wielders now living normal human lives." We summon our Keyblades that we first held; me the Star Seeker, Adrian the KH3D Ultima Weapon, Jack the Wayward Wind, and Shane the Fenrir.

      "You know? It's been a while since I have held this," I pointed out and my friends concurred. "So, look, you are free now. We will answer your call whenever you need us. We'll just try to keep things as peaceful as we can wherever on Earth we go." The Supreme Elite nodded and we shake their hands and hold them. Now, we have changed our lives for good. No more are we Supreme Elite. We are the common Keyblade wielder of light. Sure we have the Mark of Kye, but we will not use it at all. Now, the Supreme Elite are free and have returned. They can go and complete their mission and fulfill their purpose at last.


      Ephemer and Skuld gasped quietly to themselves when they saw Ben and company stab themselves with their Keyblades and release the hearts of the original Supreme Elite from themselves. They were absolutely stunned and at a loss for words and had their mouths open in shock. They were far enough to hear and see what was happening while keeping out of sight and out of ear range that picks up small sounds. They immediately turned around and went down the hill.

      "We have to tell him NOW!" Ephemer said with panic. Skuld merely nodded with the same panic and they opened a corridor and went through it. Then they come out onto a beach in front of the tower and go through the entrance and up floor after floor. They reach the top and see the armored figure sitting all relaxed on his throne, but without the Keyblade. The two union members walk briskly up to the throne.

      "Your majesty!" they called.

      "Ephemer, Skuld, what is it?" the figure asked calmly. "You looked as though you have seen a ghost." The two were pale as ghosts.

      "Your majesty, the Supreme Elite have returned," Ephemer said.

      "I knew that already," the figure said. "They returned before the second Keyblade War becoming a part of their descendants' hearts after years of slumber."

      "No, what Ephemer is saying is Ben and company have set the Supreme Elite free," Skuld said. "In other words, Ben, Adrian, Shane, Jack, and the Supreme Elite have split." At that statement, the figure immediately sat upright and stood up.

      "What?! What is the meaning of this?!" he demanded. Ephemer and Skuld proceeded to recount everything they heard from the conversation on that ski slope on Earth. The figure, even though he had a mask, looked into space between him and the two union members. He then slowly sat back onto his throne with shock on him.

      "I had a bad feeling all along," he said. "I feared that a certain event would provide an excuse for darkness to act more aggressively. Now with the two sides split... I, as the Keyblade Emperor, am the ruler over all Keyblade wielders and the Mark of Kye is not meant for Keyblade wielders of Earth alone. Now they will not use its power leaving everyone astray like sheep."

      "What do we do now?" Skuld asked.

      "We let fate continue to take its course," the Keyblade Emperor said. "We let the two sides go on their way and hope that they unite again. I have only hope in that case, but not certainty nor exactly optimism. As for what happens now in regards to the actions of darkness, I fear the kingdoms of Earth are now in more danger than ever."


      Nox walked in the dark room up to the black coated figure.

      "Master, the Supreme Elite and their descendants have split," he said. The figure chuckled loud enough to be audible.

      "Perfect," he said. "Now it is time to sow seeds of... division... on Earth. Let's make sure they are kept busy in the meantime."

      "Including Ben and his friends?" Nox asked.

      "Absolutely them as well," the figure replied. "Also, we now need to look for them. The kingdoms hold the answers as to where they are."

      "Yes master," Nox replied. "Are you all ready now?" In the blackness, five figures stepped forward toward the dim light shining down on Nox. They wore dark leopard, bear, snake, unicorn, and fox hoods.


      Sora was hiding in the bushes near the group and saw and heard everything that they discussed and saw the Supreme Elite and regular boys split. He was absolutely stunned. He just witnessed Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian set free the original Elite from themselves and now are regular Keyblade wielders. He also now sees the original Supreme Elite in the flesh. He slipped away and left Earth in a corridor and went to Mysterious Tower. There in Yen Sid's office were the rest of the lights and Yen Sid. They all turned to face him when he walked in. He looked into space with eyes glazed over from shock.

      "So how are they doing?" Riku asked. No answer came from Sora.

      "Sora? Are you okay?" Kairi asked.

      "What is it Sora? What did you see?" Yen Sid asked.

      "Ben and his friends set the Supreme Elite free," he said. Gasps came from all of them.

      "They did what?!" Ventus shouted.

      "What happened on that world?!" Aqua demanded. Sora told the whole story of what he saw and heard. After he finished, the office was dead silent where one could hear the ringing in their ears.

      "What now Master Yen Sid?" Terra asked him making everyone face him. Yen Sid bowed his head and closed his eyes in meditation. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and faced up.

      "For the time being, let us continue to fight the encroaching darkness," he said. "We cannot interfere with their decision to sset their predecessors free. What is done is done. However, with the original Supreme Elite now with us, we can continue to fight the darkness. We will not defeat it nor beat it back; we can only slow the progress and hope that the Elite and their descendants will unite again. For it seems that it isn't so much as the original Elite defeating the darkness than the descendants."

#1943275 Walt Disney World's Happily Ever After Fireworks Show

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 15 May 2017 - 02:09 PM

On May 11th, 2017, Wishes Nighttime Spectacular bade good night for good and was retired after 14 years running in the Magic Kingdom marking the end of an era. On May 12th, 2017, a new era began in the Magic Kingdom with the debut of the new nighttime show Happily Ever After. You can watch the first performance here and create your own happily ever after.


#1942796 Smash bros port for Switch: Does "Sora" still have a chance or any at...

Posted by KingdomHearts3 on 12 May 2017 - 09:01 PM

Just get Sora in there. That's all I'm concerned about.