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Member Since 06 Jan 2013
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In Topic: I don't know why i made this picture

Today, 08:55 AM

I don’t know why either.

In Topic: Did Nomura Just Spoil Kingdom Hearts 3's Ending? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Yesterday, 07:39 PM

Hey, with Nomura, who knows. :D And we won't know fully until we're actually playing the darn thing.

That’s the truth and we really know very little about the title truly, but I will say this: as we get closer, an apocalyptic feeling is starting to set in and that means we will likely see he Keyblade War in action this time seeing Keyblade wielder against Keyblade wielder. That will be the darkness against the light.

In Topic: Did Nomura Just Spoil Kingdom Hearts 3's Ending? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

Well if you keep reading, he also mentions that it will be a test to see if light can go against the odds stacked against them. Remember that in the E3 2015 trailer, a Young Eraqus proposes that light could prevail as there is more to it than what is seen at face value. This ending that may be tough to swallow is probably someone perishing. Don’t know who, but we will see.

In Topic: Who would be a cool boss for a Wreck-It Ralph world?

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

Go with the film’s main villain.

In Topic: So I read about some ''Goddess'' is in Kingdom Hearts...

23 May 2018 - 02:36 PM

Won’t happen. Makes no sense anyway.