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In Topic: The Unpopular Opinions Thread

Yesterday, 10:46 PM

People need to stop being overly sensitive and stop believing their opinion is the final solution/say.

About time someone said it.

If people aren't going to reply to your thread, don't be constantly directly or indirectly talking about it on your status. If people won't reply, they won't reply.

In Topic: What will Hercules make Sora do to regain his strength in Kingdom Hearts III?

Yesterday, 05:19 PM

Sora defeating a titan won't help him regain his lost power. It will have to be something in regards to being a hero such as a major test of sacrifice. I don't know what though.

In Topic: What is Sora's greatest weakness?

Yesterday, 09:49 AM

Kairi is his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness. If you can get Kairi, you can manipulate Sora.

In Topic: My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

24 September 2017 - 11:33 PM

Chapter 39: Revenge
      After the four of us embraced the Foretellers, we felt at ease again. It was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It feels great to decide to forgive and reconcile with them. They truly understand that they have carried on a sin from ancient times and realized it was a mistake to keep it secret. They realized just what they have done and have really repented for it. I was happy to see they understand that and am happy to reconcile with them. Looking back, because of our refusal to reconcile with them, we second guessed ourselves and split ourselves from our predecessors. I guess they were not truly happy being split from us and living their own lives. Circumstances were not favorable and they were initially opposed to the idea. I now realize how obvious it was that my friends and I made a mistake. The chorus grew in the number of voices telling us it was not a good idea. Six of seven lights showed up to my house and told me, I found Noctis at a Walmart and there he told me, and to top it all, Wyatt found me in New York City in Times Square after my family and I were attacked. It was clear we made a mistake, but we kept on turning our face away from the truth and turned our backs every time we were told to reunite with our ancestors. Well, they took matters into their hands and made it so. Then it was the reconciling with the Foretellers. Invictus told us things we did not know and it touched us. Not just that, but we really had no choice nor were in a position to say otherwise. To win this fight, we needed the Foretellers and we needed Invictus. Invictus even admitted it and said that for him to get on board, we had to reconcile with the Foretellers. Now, I do not regret one bit reconciling with my master, my friend.
      "Gula I am actually feeling free," I told him. "Beforehand, I had always felt like something was keeping me imprisoned. Now I haven't felt this free in a while. I think I speak for all four of us." I looked toward them and they nodded and endorsed my statement. The Foretellers had warm smiles on them now.
      "Shall we take a visit to the Mysterious Tower?" Gula asked.
      "I think that's a great idea," I said. A corridor was opened up and all nine of us walked through. We walked and talked for a little while about other things. My friends and I actually told the Foretellers everything about the history of Earth and how the Keyblade wielding race and human race on Earth are connected. It amazed them how really, even though it is two worlds, two universes, bordered off from each other for millennia, they started as one human race from Atlantis.
      "Tell me, who is this Invictus?" Gula asked. We went on to explain the Keyblade Emperor and its history. We even told them about the Emperor's Pillar and the images on the walls particularly about the prophecy. We summed up the prophecy Invictus told us.
      "Can you tell us what this means?" I asked.
      "I'm afraid we cannot," Ira said. "Nothing we possess could tell us or help us at all. This was foretold by someone else, not by the original Master. I'm afraid we are entering uncharted territory." Well, it was worth a shot. I didn't blame them because this comes from a Keyblade master of an unknown lineage. This was all undocumented stuff here and even the Foretellers never knew. Only those whom the Keyblade Emperor chooses would know so it isn't the Foretellers fault for their inability to help in this regard.
      We come out of the corridor in the front lawn of the Mysterious Tower. Together we went through the front doors, walked up the stairs, and entered into Yen Sid's office. He was there in his chair with head bowed and eyes closed in contemplation. All of us entered the room with the Supreme Elite on one side and the Foretellers on the other. Yen Sid opened his eyes and looked up at us all. The nine of us did not need to say anything, but smiles were on our faces.
      "I see amends have been made," he said.
      "Yes master," the four of us replied in unison. Yen Sid nodded.
      "I have kept watch over you four ever since we last met," Yen Sid said. "The stars told me you split from your predecessors and reunited. I also lost track of you four because a much more powerful magic interrupted my own. I never have felt such power before."
      "Sa bo nim, we have a tale to tell you," I said. "It's the tale of the Keyblade Emperor." I then went on to tell him everything Invictus Verum showed us and told us. There was so much, but I made it through it all I believe. Yen Sid sat unmoved in expression though I could sense his awe growing with every detail. When I finished, he closed his eyes and bowed his head again. After a minute or two, he opened them back up and looked up at us.
      "I once knew a Keyblade wielder," he started. "He introduced himself as Verum to me. I saw a young lad up and coming and sensed a great potential within him. It was after the second Keyblade War he introduced himself to me. He was a good Keyblade wielder and I got to know him well and him with me. I now see that boy was more than what met the eye and I sit here astonished."
      "You are not the only person who felt that way," Jack said. "I realized it was Verum when he took off his helmet and told us his real name. I couldn't believe that this kid, who I thought was suffering from darkness, was the strongest Keyblade wielder who lived and he was merely playing along watching from the sidelines." Yen Sid nodded in agreement.
      "I am pleased that peace and reconciliation has been made between the two sides here," Yen Sid said with a slight smile.
      "So where shall we go now?" I asked Yen Sid.
      "I think you should go to Eos," he replied, which surprised me. "I think a certain king and his friends would be pleased to see you four again." The four of us nodded. We then looked at the Foretellers in the eyes and bowed to them. It caught them off guard, but they smiled and nodded in acknowledgment. We then left the office, exited the tower, opened a corridor, and entered into it leaving Mysterious Tower.
      "You know Ben, I feel unchained," Adrian said to me. "Ever since we made up with the Foretellers, I have felt more free than ever before." Shane and Jack concurred with Adrian.
      "I feel that way too," I replied. "Thinking about it, I also realized another thing: we cannot run from what we are. Even with learning the truth, we are the Supreme Elite. They never truly were comfortable with being separated from us and no one really acknowledged us as anything but them. I feel okay accepting that, though I wish Polemistis was able to live a full life."
      "If I did, I would never be with you," I heard Polemistis say. I look to my side and he is walking next to me. "I appreciate the thought of yours. It means a lot, but see here, I was happy as a part of your heart. We all were happy to be parts of your hearts." This time, all our ancestors were walking next to us with the respective descendant. "We did not feel as strong on our own. We didn't even have the Mark of Kye. Those two facts alone show that you four are the ones that will save the Earth and Realm of Light. I think we also came to this conclusion: our time came to an end a long time ago. We are not the heroes anymore. When we fell to fate, our duties were done. It was a matter of staying alive. Now, you four have grown and have done more than we could ever do. You are stronger than we were and I could not be more honored to be one with my descendant."
      "Thank you bud," I replied with a nod and smile. They then returned back to ourselves and we stepped out of the corridor in front of the Citedel in Insomnia. It was a bright day and it was quiet.
      "Ah, it's great to be back," I said. "Well, I better get my clothes on." Light overcame me and now I am wearing Noctis's original outfit seen in Final Fantasy Versus 13. My friends did the same thing.
      "It feels nice getting back into these," Shane said. We all concurred and went up to the front doors and knocked. The guards opened the doors and let us in without really checking who we were. That's right, Noctis made our faces known to everyone so of course we could enter. We were guided by a soldier and we brought into the throne room.
      "Wait here masters," he said bowing and then he left. It was only a couple minutes before the doors behind us opened again and we turn and look and find Noctis there wearing a formal suit. It is clear he was busy with something.
      "Oh you guys are here," he said. "I'm glad you guys came back. I was just talking to advisers of mine. For some reason, elements of the Niflheim Empire have been rising up and causing attacks in some cities and towns. It has become more often and aggressive and I'm not sure who or what is causing it. Daemons have also been showing up more often too." The four us looked at each other at the same time.
      "Luxu..." we said in unison.
      "Who?" Noct replied.
      "Luxu is a descendant of the original Luxu," I explained. "He has been the cause of worlds fighting darkness. It's like Pinocchio; he is Geppetto and he is pulling Pinocchio's strings making him do whatever he pleases."
      "Pin-what?" he said.
      "Pinocchio is a puppet that came to life by a fairy," a voice with an accent said. We look by the doors and see Ignis there with Gladiolus and Prompto.
      "When he lied, his nose grew longer and eventually turned him into a jackamule," Ignis continued explaining. "Eventually, he becomes a real boy."
      "Got it. Thanks," Noctis said with sarcasm.
      "Clearly Yen Sid telling us to come here was not coincidence," Adrian said.
      "Well things appear for now to be calm," Ignis said. "It will be interesting to see what happens next especially with the festival coming up soon."
      "Festival?" Shane said.
      "Yeah, the Assassin's Festival," Prompto replied.
      "I so hope it doesn't get ruined," Noct followed.
      "Explain please," I said.
      "You see, Noct and Prompto are rather fond of the Assassin's Creed series," Ignis said. I froze right there. Assassin's Creed? Did I hear that right? You mean to tell me the game series I have constantly have heard about on Earth through Adrian (he's a big fan) and through commercials? I felt a twitch just below my left eye and it made my lower eye lid twitch too.
      "I'm sorry, did you just say 'Assassin's Creed series'?" I asked. Adrian gasped.
      "Oh my God! I love Assassin's Creed!" Adrian exclaimed showing his fanboy side.
      "I know right?!" Noctis said in excitement and he, Adrian, and Prompto started talking about the series. I was just left there wondering what just happened.
      "Nice," I said.
      "Clearly Adrian here is a big fan," Gladio said.
      "So it seems Lucis picked up something from my world," I said.
      "Not just that," Ignis said, "but long ago, there was said to be an assassin that helped from Lestallum from oppression. Ever since, they honor what that individual did for them with a festival. He is a figure of legend and it's uncertain if he ever lived, but the tradition lives on nonetheless."
      "Oh what are the odds..." I said sighing because of my fanboy best friend and Noctis and Prompto STILL talking about it.
      "Adrian!" I shouted at him.
      "Ey! What?!" he replied disturbed. "Can't you see I am talking here?"
      "Yeah, but it needs to be cut short," I replied. "I already have an idea of where this is going. Festival coming soon, Noctis, Prompto, and you love Assassin's Creed, this adds up to-."
      "We're all going to the festival!" Prompto cheered. I nodded knowing the math would add up to this.
      "Okay, but shouldn't we be careful though?" Jack suggested. "I mean, we could come across these elements of the empire or even some of Luxu's henchmen."
      "Don't worry, they have costumes there," Noctis said. "You can dress up as an assassin there. Anyway, I'm going to head there later today anyway. I don't want to miss anything. The festival starts tomorrow, but I'm staying at the Leville for the night. There should be cars to bring you guys along with the Regalia."
      "Uh... okay," I said. I am a little perplexed that the True King is acting this way with all this talk about Assassin's Creed. I have never seen this. Noctis bade us farewell and went out of the room to go on his way.
      "I recommend all of us left here make our way tomorrow," Ignis said. "I am not ready yet nor have the proper necessities. Would that be okay with you Supreme Elite?"
      "Sure," Adrian replied. We all went to our quarters and prepped ourselves for tomorrow. We ate in the dining hall and then turned it in for the night.
      The next day came and after we had breakfast, we went on our way to the festival. We had a couple cars taken with myself and Shane riding with Ignis and Gladio and Adrian and Jack riding with a driver and Prompto. It took time to get to Lestallum. It was a multi hour drive actually, but we eventually made it by around late afternoon to early evening. After we park, we walk up the stairs and see the crowd.
      "Wow..." I said in awe.
      "This is awesome!" Adrian exclaimed.
      "This is the festival for ya," Prompto said. We look to our right and up at a tall wood tower with a platform and there someone is standing with a costume on.
      "What is this?" I asked.
      "The leap of faith," Adrian replied. "Assassins always did that."
      "I should ask you the questions about this stuff," I said. We walk forward into the crowd. Most of the people are wearing the costume of the assassin of legend. We see Cindy and Holly standing in the midst of the crowd talking. We head in their direction and they catch us.
      "Howdy y'all!" Cindy called to us.
      "Hey Cindy!" Prompto replied.
      "Now are these the Elite fellers you've been telling me about?" Cindy asked looking at the four of us.
      "Yeah, Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian," Prompto replied pointing to each one of us respectively. "These are the Supreme Elite."
      "Now looks like we got some heavy duty fighters here," Holly said.
      "Hey! I got an idea! We should put the costumes on!" Prompto suggested. "You guys would look great as assassin's!"
      "Uh no, I'll pass," I said sharply.
      "Hell I'm wearing one then!" Adrian said and Holly gave him an assassin's costume for him to wear. He went off to put it on. Jack and Shane kindly rejected the idea, but thanked for the offer.
      "Oh come on, you sure?" Prompto said.
      "Seems like someone wants to wear one of his own," Gladio tauntingly said.
      "Look, you guys do as you please," I said. "We won't hold you back." In fifteen minutes, the three Lucians and Adrian all came back wearing the costumes.
      "Man this is so cool!" Adrian said all giddy.
      "I know! These are just like the real thing," Prompto replied.
      "I wish these weren't so revealing," Ignis said.
      "It seems someone is shy," Gladio mocked.
      "No of course not," Ignis quickly replied with some embarrassment. "It's only a new sensation."
      "Whatever," I said shaking my head. "Where is Noctis?"
      "He was given his own quarters at the Leville given to him as per royal privilage," Ignis said. "We will be using two rooms. I believe Noct already asked for two rooms for us."
      "Alright, let's punch it out for the night," I said. "The sun's down and surely Noct is there."
      "Good idea," Prompto replied. "I'm tired anyway from the driving."
      "Says the guy that only talked about the festival for half of the trip," Shane said.
      "I did not! I talked about-!" Prompto said in protest before he was cut off.
      "Relax Prompto. Keep your hood on," Shane said. "I was only joking."
      "Shall we?" Ignis asked and we all headed off to the hotel and punched it in for the night. I slept like a baby that night and woke up feeling refreshed. We all met up in the hotel lobby and went to the festival.
      "I have a feeling that trouble could show up today," I said to my friends and the Lucians.
      "If that's the case, we should split up," Adrian said. I decided to go on my own.
      "I'm going to head off first to look around," I said. "I'll meet you guys up later back here." I turn to leave, but Gladio called after me.
      "Oh um Ben," he said. I turn my head around. "You know this is an Assassin's Festival right?"
      "Yeah? What about it?" I replied. Gladio had a slight smirk on his face. He glanced at Prompto and then back at me.
      "I'm saying an assassin could be around watching you from the shadows," Gladio said. "You might want to be careful."
      "Psh, please," I scoffed. "As a Keyblade master and one of the Supreme Elite, I can handle an assassin. In fact, you can say I have done some assassinating myself." Gladio nodded as if to ask "oh really" in a playful way. I don't know why, but I merely dismissed it and went off into the town. I passed under a balancing act and then the number of people became sparse. I looked around keeping an eye for any undesirables. As I walked, I stopped cold in my tracks. I felt a presence here. I looked up and around, but saw nothing. I kept going keeping in mind that even though I see no one on the streets here, I am not alone. As I am about to go down a street, I heard something behind me and I summon my Keyblade, turn around and block an attack. The attacker is wearing one of the assassin costumes. I push him off making him land about ten feet away from me. I am in fighting stance now heavily breathing because of my adrenaline.
      "Who are you supposed to be?" I demanded.
      "You might as well consider me a friendly neighborhood assassin," the assassin hooded figure replied.
      "You don't want to test me," I said ominously. "I have done assassinating myself only a few years ago and I will not hesitate to do it again."
      "Now you're sounding like an assassin," the person replied. He looked up at me and I see Noctis under the hood. He is wearing his assassin costume.
      "Oh geez, Noctis!" I said relieved. "I'm thinking you're an enemy or something."
      "After you guys went to your rooms, I caught up with Iggy, Gladio, and Prompto," he said. "I told them I wanted to act like an assassin and do it on you guys, or rather you in this case."
      "So that playfulness of Gladio's was just an act," I said. "Well you don't want to try me bud. I can be as much of an assassin as anyone."
      "You should've worn the costume then," Noct insisted.
      "Uh no thanks," I replied. "I'll pass. Besides, I am looking out for anyone who shouldn't be here." Just then, I see the rest of the group come up from behind Noctis.
      "Yeah, Gladio told us everything," Adrian said. "He held us back for a while because of it." I sighed like when anime characters sigh.
      "Can we just get this over with and look for anyone we need to?" I asked. My friends agreed and we split in two groups. The Lucians went on their way and we went on ours. We were walking through the different places of Lestallum when we came upon the EXINERIS Industries front gate.
      "So this is the power plant keeping everything up and running," Jack said. It was cool seeing the power plant. I turn around to look and see where we could go, but then I gasped. A familiar person is walking towards us.
      "Looking for me?" a male said. He looked familiar. Wait a minute! I know who that is! My friends turned around too and spotted the male.
      "Hey! You're that Nox guy!" I said to him.
      "That's right," Nox said. "I have been waiting to meet you guys again. I most certainly have been waiting for this moment." Adrian changed out of his costume with light energy and went into his Lucian outfit. We all summoned our Keyblades and took stances.
      "Now I fulfill what my ancestor so long ago promised would happen!" Nox shouted. He started taking in dark energy and then fired black chains at us that wrapped around our arms and legs in a flash and lifted us in the air. We couldn't do anything. We couldn't move because of the chains. While we were picked up in the air, Nox started walking toward us.
      "I have told you before my name is Nox," he said, "but that was meant to give me cover. I go by a different name. I am Nikitis, at your service." We gasped.
      "Wait a minute! You mean the Nikitis that wanted to join the Supreme Elite?!" I asked.
      "He did," Nikitis replied. "You see, he wanted to join them, but then was turned down by them. They told him they didn't want to be the reason he lost his life. He accepted that explanation, but then realized how selfish they were. It was none other than to gain glory. They sacrificed so they could gain glory and sanctuaries with statues of them. Nikitis turned away from the light after he became a Dandelion, but he kept the darkness from taking him over. He promised that one day, he would get revenge on the Supreme Elite."
      "No! That's not true!" I protested. "They didn't want Nikitis to die because of them! They knew he could rebuild the Realm of Light and live on!"
      "Nonsense! They did it for one purpose and that was to immortalize themselves," Nikitis replied in anger and hatred.
      "Polemos must have convinced him then," I said. "Polemos has deceived and wrought chaos and ruin. You can't trust him!" My pleading did nothing to change him.
      "He gave my ancestor the truth," Nikitis retorted. "I waited for my chance to fulfill the promise he made and now I finally am able to. Revenge is mine!" He then had the chains turn into dark energy that completely covered our arms and legs and with his free hand, Nikitis had the dark energy move up our arms and onto our bodies. It was choking the life out of us. I couldn't hold onto my Keyblade and I dropped it and it disappeared. I felt the darkness crawl up my neck and slowly cover my face. It was about to completely cover my face when it suddenly disappeared and I fell to the ground. I got up and see Noctis and his friends in their regular clothing with weapons in hand and in fighting stance. Nikitis was enraged now.
      "I will not have you interfere!" he said and he used his dark power again firing it at the Lucians. They tried to block it and I in response broke through and fired light magic at Nikitis. The first orb hit him, but he blocked the second one. He charges at me and we are engaged in combat. His strikes are strong, passionate, and tough. I felt the pure determination and hatred toward us. When I blocked a strike, I jump side kicked turning into a jump back kick in the air and sent him backwards a ways. He lost control of his Keyblade as he fell. He got up and was panting.
      "Fine, you win for now," he said. "We'll finish this another time. However, savor this because someone is waiting for you at the Magic Kingdom." He grinned maniacally and disappeared into a dark corridor. I knew who that someone was. I turn to my friends and Lucians with worry on my face as well as theirs.
      "We need to head to Magic Kingdom," I said worried. I opened a corridor and we quickly go into it scared at what awaits us in Walt Disney World.

In Topic: What unused Disney villain should be a boss in KH3?

22 September 2017 - 06:37 PM

I wish Atlantis is in there. Rourke would be a perfect boss. However, knowing what world is in there, I think Cyclops should be a boss in KH3. That would be interesting since he is the biggest one and probably the strongest of the titans.