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Member Since 01 Jan 2013
Offline Last Active Today, 01:18 AM
KH3 PS4 Pro looks SOO GOOD~! Updated 12 Jun · 0 comments

About Me

Hey, I'm Solarclaw (also known as Rhea Trilement). And uh...thanks for visiting here ^/////^


I wouldn't say I actually have it, but I might have borderline anxiety disorder....maybe....I'm not sure....I do have spouts of...raging/random/ranting....-ness. So, just ignore me if you want and don't worry; I'm used to it.


But anyways, here are my likes (It's probably outdated and I haven't really found the motivation to improve it):


Cats, Warriors by Erin Hunter, Guardians of Ga'Hoole and Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky, reading, fanfiction, art, painting and some sketching, yaoi, yuri (sometimes), fire, Pokemon, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Riku, Kingdom Hearts, warm and humid weather, Hawaii (I want to go back D8) ,my weird philosophies/beliefs


Couples I support:

KH- Riku/OC(Rhea), Roxas/Namine, Sora/Kairi, 2/9(Xiggy, why?! D8), 6/9, 3/10, 1/7, 8/12, 4/11 or 11/4

Naruto- SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaTema, NaruHina

FF- Cloud/Tifa, Vincent/Yuffie, Leon/Rinoa, Zidane/Garnet, Tidus/Yuna

Pokemon- Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Hoennshipping, Ikarishipping, Pearlshipping

Powerpuff Girls- Boomer/Bubbles, Brick/Blossom, Butch/Buttercup

TWEWY- Neku/Shiki(RG), Joshua/Rhyme

Bakugan- Keith/OC(Keli), Lync/Alice, Dan/Runo, Billie/Julie

Code Lyoko- Odd/OC(Caslyn), Ulrich/Yumi, William/OC(Shaylex), Jermie/Aelita

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds- Crow/OC(Mel), Jack/Carly, Yusei/Aki, Ushio/Mikage

Danny Phantom- Danny/Sam, Dani/OC(Kyel), Tucker/Valerie, Tucker/Star

Megaman: NT Warrior [Anime]- Chaud/OC(Nasca), Megaman/Roll, Lan/Maylu, Protoman/OC(Bion)

Soul Eater- Black*Star/OC(Saira), Soul/Maka

One Piece- Zoro/OC(Kitasa), Sanji/OC(Kitasa), Luffy/Nami(Maybe)



.....I have lots of OCs o_o I should probably make a list of all of them so far....maybe even their nicknames...


Rhea Trilement, Nathan Trilement, Falon Trilement, Rosa, Agua, Rora, Leo, Death (Uncle D), Time (Tim), Space (Space), Anti-Matter (Auntie Matti) 

Xira, Arix, Monori, Xanthon, Anthony, Shade, Allen, Riri, Arci 

Silver, Gray-Rey, Ari, Akira (Kira), Arika (Rika), Phlora (Lora), Kyel 

Kitasa Adnil (Tasa), Mel, Lexm, Gryph, Keli, Nasca, Bion, Saira, Xarisa, Daevy Jr. (DJ), Jaggernaut (Jag), Xaj, Brimble, Caslyn (Cas), Shaylex (Shay or Lex), Jiroko (Jiro), 


Can't remember anymore so I'll just stop for now....*looks up and winces* Yeah....that's a lot....


.....I should probably add some pretty-ness and pictures to this but I don't know.....I want to add in the symbols I made, at least, but I still need to make/upload them....^^;


Anyways...I. Am....weird....I have weird beliefs....most of which are rather pessimistic. Or at least..a weird mindset. Here are a few quotes (that I hope to add to my stories when I actually get to them) that can kinda explain or......give a hint to what kind of mind I have:


"Nothing is true? Everything is permitted? PAH! Honey, Nothing is real, but Everything can be."


"Things and things. Everything, Nothing, Something, Anything...Anything can be unlimited, including the everything, the nothing, the something. We're all little somethings and nothings; ones and zeros, ones and zeros. Put the all the ones together and you get everything; infinity. Put all the zeros together and you get nothing; an absolute zero."


"Infinity! Zero! Infinity divided by zero! Some say the equation of the universe, of energy, is E=mc2! Well, I say that the equation of belief, of reality itself, is Infinity divided by Zero! Why belief? Why reality? Because without belief, everything is nothing and nothing is everything.


We are so easy to trick. I wave my hand, swatting. All you see is air because you believe there is nothing there; nothing but these tiny little molecules that we pass through so quickly and they pass us by just as fast. But I put my mind, my heart, firetruck, my soul into it...and suddenly, I didn't swat at the empty-less air. I slapped the forehead of a bug. An invisible bug with giant cracked wings that are flapping, buzzing. It is a low hum; rough and full of grit, yet also empty because there is no actual substance. It's a noise that those wings are beating, muffling other sounds to my ears....What? Wind? It's just the fiercely blowing wind? Such an empty, yet powerful force is what's creating this static in my ear? This is wind?....Hah....Hah-HAH-HAH! You did not understand what I was talking about. Obviously we are not on the same planes of reality. OBVIOUSLY, you do not believe me."


"A word is just something. Something written down? It will eventually fade away. Rock, paper, DIAMOND; erosion, decay, and growth. Something spoken lasts forever? Legends and tales; promises and secrets.....Those words...take away their meanings and they're just sounds. Sounds originated from the voice box and a complicated systematic to produce a different sound. You can repeat that sound a hundred, a thousand, forevermore times. Infinite times. But such a sound loses it's meaning. So many people with their so many different beliefs. Clashing, a single word has many meanings. Continuing on and on, the first meaning is overgrown by these other, different meanings. Definitions decay and substance eroded; words become meaningless. Empty. Nothing.


Go ahead. Repeat something....anything....even your name. Yes, your name. Say it. Say it over and over. No stopping, no cheating now! Just an endless loop of repetition. Just one word and one word only. You do want to remember it don't you? How can you forget, if you keep repeating it? Go on, repeat that word. That sound


....How long has it been already? Are you still saying it? That word? That sound? Here, let me repeat it for you.....Well? What is it? Do you know what it means? No? Now do you understand? Anything can be a thing; this thing, this tiny little thing....it could mean the world, something to you. Love it enough, hate it enough, it will turn, transform and evolve into everything to you. But that everything will eventually fade away. Love it, hate it....forever! It will fade away and become absolutely nothing to you."


"Everything has a fear. We all fear death. But it's not 'dying' we are so scared of; it's the nothingness afterwards. For the believers of rebirth, it's that minuscule, micro-, nanosecond between that life and the next. We fear nothing; we fear oblivion. History repeats itself, no matter how many changes we make. History repeats itself because it, too, fears oblivion. If it's not repeated, it's not there anymore. It's forgotten."


Holy ship I'm crazy O_O.......And I'm tired.....but first. This describes me...mostly: http://lundibix.tumb...nxiety-disorder


....Yup, I'm tired. Gonna go and drink some warm chocolate milk. Don't drink caffeine/coffee. Hate the smell of alcohol. I love chocolate milk, especially if it's warm (even on a hot day).

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KH3 PS4 Pro looks SOO GOOD~!
Jun 12 2018 06:53 PM


It's the mooost wonderful tiiime~ of the yeeear~
Jun 09 2018 03:32 PM


The theme of KH3 is PLAID
Apr 16 2018 01:52 AM


Riku looks so gooooood~ <3
Feb 10 2018 04:30 PM


Feb 09 2018 08:19 PM


January, y u bein nasty weird....The year JUST started!
Jan 19 2018 03:44 PM


Happeh Holly Daze all o/
Dec 25 2017 02:52 AM


Ahahahaha, real life can you plz stahp being absolute *** kthxbai
Sep 20 2017 05:27 PM


So much Mania~ <3
Aug 29 2017 05:26 PM
  • WakingDawn96's Photo
    Well, like they always say: http://annadesu.tumblr.com/post/164670885379/i-feel-like-he-fucked-his-line-up-and-they-just :P (Sonic Mania!!!)
    Aug 29 2017 06:04 PM
  • Cricket's Photo
    It's glorious.
    Aug 29 2017 06:10 PM


Still on that KH3 hype
Jul 22 2017 11:10 PM
  • MythrilMagician's Photo
    I'm somewhat over it. For now. My hype will come back in about 5-6 months time xD
    Jul 23 2017 04:45 AM
  • KingdomHearts3's Photo
    I'm mostly over it, but still am constantly looking for new info on here.
    Jul 23 2017 08:35 AM
  • Clouded Sun's Photo
    Clouded Sun
    The hype train never ended, just got delayed.
    Jul 23 2017 08:38 AM
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