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Member Since 12 Nov 2012
Offline Last Active Mar 17 2018 12:41 AM
I love being hit by waves of depression out of nowhere :') Updated 11 Mar · 3 comments

About Me

Hi guys! I'm Lolita but i go by pretty much any nickname you wanna give me. I love Zack Fair and Lara Croft way to much and am Disney obsessed! Between college and a full time job i definitely don't come on as often as I used too but i do try to pop in every now and then. My all time favorite movie is Anastasia and I love the musical even more! I couldn't tell you why 14 year old me chose the username i did because i'm not a big Lolita fashion fan  :/ however I do LOVE to cosplay! And I'd say my dream cosplay is Lara Croft or maybe Aerith but mostly Lara  xD  I'm the biggest bookworm in the world and have stress read a whole series (300+  pages each) in a week. But I love anything from historical to post apocalyptic to fantasy and any Peter Pan themed book in between! Of course like anyone on here I also really like video games and lately I've been playing Resident Evil 0,1,4, and 7. I also play The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XIII,XV,X, Tomb Raider, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts and pretty much any fantasy or apocalypse game out there. 
All in all I'm really nice but very shy so I don't like to initiate conversations but oddly enough I do love to talk! And I can talk about almost anything for the most part ^.^







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I love being hit by waves of depression out of nowhere :')
Mar 11 2018 12:54 AM
  • Iris's Photo
    You alright?
    Mar 11 2018 01:36 AM
  • lolitacosplayer's Photo
    I'll be okay, they don't last that long usually. I guess i just kinda need to vent because i feel like i can't talk to my friends or sister about it.
    Mar 11 2018 02:26 PM
  • VisitJoan's Photo
    Yeah that sux.
    Mar 11 2018 07:56 PM


Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be such a pretty game and i'm glad they took their time on it (even if it has been a painful wait for us lol)
Feb 11 2018 03:12 PM
  • Yuya Sakaki's Photo
    Yuya Sakaki
    I just hope it plays as well as it looks.
    Feb 12 2018 12:04 AM


The highlight of my life is almost being 20 and people asking if i'm old enough to be serving them alcohol
Feb 08 2018 07:49 PM


I'm so excited about KH tsums it's not even funny
Jan 26 2018 06:34 PM

Clouded Sunlolitacosplayer

... ... ..... ....... ......... .......... ............... Boop!
Nov 23 2017 07:09 AM


The Anastasia cast is performing at the thanksgiving day parade tomorrow and I’m not emotionally or mentally prepared lol
Nov 22 2017 11:18 PM


Heyyy I may have came back lol
Nov 17 2017 10:41 PM


Ni No Kuni has literally been my obsession for the past couple weeks and I’m very excited for the second game
Nov 17 2017 10:39 PM


Boom! An explosive surprise lol
May 11 2017 01:02 AM
  • SB1395's Photo
    Oh man I'm glad you're safe :( I'm sorry that happened but thank goodness ! And the message cut off at the end what was it that you said at the end?
    Jun 28 2017 01:49 AM
  • lolitacosplayer's Photo
    Right? I'm not gonna lie my mom slammed on the brakes the other day and I just started balling my eyes out out of nowhere sooo may be suffering slight ptsd(?) and I was saying I can't leave the country till the lawsuit is taken care of :( I'm not sure if it means the state too but I'm not leaving Florida anytime soon lol
    Jun 29 2017 04:24 AM
  • SB1395's Photo
    Yeah thats what it seems like :( but hopefully in time you'll be better ...don't want you to keep suffering D: and dang...guess you'll be stuck in Florida with me lmao
    Jul 06 2017 09:18 PM


I did it guys cx I'm finally done with high school!!
May 08 2017 08:50 PM
  • Clouded Sun's Photo
    Clouded Sun
    Congrats. I still got two months, wish me luck (kill meh pls)
    May 08 2017 10:24 PM
  • Cyber Shaman's Photo
    Cyber Shaman
    Oh hey long-time no see!
    May 09 2017 12:41 AM
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