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Member Since 12 Nov 2012
Offline Last Active Today, 08:43 PM
In other news i'm also really excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake as I cannot play my original copy c: Updated 14 Jun · 3 comments

About Me

                                                "To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure."

Hello! I'm Lolita but I go by Loli most of the time. I originally joined this site in the 8th grade and if i'm being honest i don't even know why I picked this username cx It was probably because the lolita fashion seemed popular and I thought I should like it  xD  However, I do love to cosplay! I've been going to cons since I was like 7 or 8 and they're a big part of the person I am today (along with Kingdom Hearts and Disney). Like everyone here I do love to play video games when i'm not working or attending college and I can safely say I'll play just about any genre although my favorite is a mix between fantasy and horror. The same goes with books too though I'll read anything Peter Pan related cx Did I mention I love Peter Pan? I do! As well as Zack Fair, Lara  Croft, and now Prompto  :3  If I could I would live at Disney World and even if I just worked there for the summer I'd be the happiest person alive! In other news I like to think i'm a pretty nice person even though I hardly talk on here so if you ever wanna talk i'm on at least once a week c: 
 Fun Facts About Loli:

My real name is pronounced and spelled wrong 99.9% of the time

I'm planning on studying forensic biochemistry 

I'm that person that blasts Broadway and Disney in the car

My favorite book series is Everland and The Selection Series

I cried during a horror film because a minor character died 

Every Studio Ghibli film has made me cry 
I've been playing the Kingdom Hearts games since the year it  came out and it still remains my favorite game 

I cosplay and if you wanna see any upcoming cosplans you should check out my instagram! (littlemissanyaa) I would appreciate the support!







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In other news i'm also really excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake as I cannot play my original copy c:
Jun 14 2018 03:06 AM
  • Keyblade101's Photo
    What's wrong with your original copy?
    Jun 14 2018 07:13 AM
  • lolitacosplayer's Photo
    Nothings wrong with it really, but i'm not used to the old controls and i just have a very difficult time navigating through the game (like i can't go anywhere lol ) . And they said the controls and camera angle are going to be like RE4 which will defiantly make playing the game 10 times easier!
    Jun 14 2018 07:44 AM
  • Keyblade101's Photo
    Ah, ok. Well I hope things go better for you with the remake! :D
    Jun 14 2018 09:36 AM


I'm so excited now that we have a release date and more content to look at c: With all these Organization members being alive I really hope Demyx is too!
Jun 10 2018 06:07 PM


The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra and upcoming con are the only things that are keeping me motivated right now cx
Jun 01 2018 04:57 PM


Being stressed out 24/7 and bursting into tears at random might as well be my new full time job
May 25 2018 08:36 PM
  • Sora's Photo
    Jun 05 2018 10:29 AM


So quest 733(KHUx) is a pain in my butt and I'm out of ideas at this point, any suggestions?? I'm open to anything
Apr 27 2018 02:10 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Uh, it's always a bit hard to give advice without knowing what medals you have, but if you have Kairi or Xion EX and/or one of the new stained glass medals,there should be nothing to worry about. If you don't have them, I'll really try pulling for one of the new medals.
    Apr 27 2018 03:46 PM
  • lolitacosplayer's Photo
    That actually helps out a lot! I just got some stained glass medals in the luckiest pull of my life! Thank you! :)
    Apr 27 2018 03:56 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    You're welcome (although I didn't do much xD)!
    Apr 27 2018 05:08 PM


Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be such a pretty game and i'm glad they took their time on it (even if it has been a painful wait for us lol)
Feb 11 2018 03:12 PM
  • Yuya Sakaki's Photo
    Yuya Sakaki
    I just hope it plays as well as it looks.
    Feb 12 2018 12:04 AM


The highlight of my life is almost being 20 and people asking if i'm old enough to be serving them alcohol
Feb 08 2018 07:49 PM


I'm so excited about KH tsums it's not even funny
Jan 26 2018 06:34 PM

Clouded Sunlolitacosplayer

... ... ..... ....... ......... .......... ............... Boop!
Nov 23 2017 07:09 AM


The Anastasia cast is performing at the thanksgiving day parade tomorrow and I’m not emotionally or mentally prepared lol
Nov 22 2017 11:18 PM
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